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Lean Muscle Pro Review – Should You Sign Up for the Product?

What Is Lean Muscle Pro?

Lean Muscle Pro is a pre-workout supplement that especially focuses on the inclusion of various nitric oxide boosters. It also includes key vitamins that are necessary for energy, immune support, and muscle recovery, and it is somewhat unique in the sense that it does not include stimulants. This supplement includes nitric oxide boosters L-Arginine, beet root extract, and beet juice. While most in the fitness community have likely heard of L-Arginine, the inclusion of beet juice may be surprising for some. However, beet juice is also a nitric oxide support. Nitric oxide is a key element of this formulation because it is a vasodilator, meaning it widens blood vessels to allow for a greater flow of blood to muscle tissue without increasing blood pressure. The fact that blood pressure is not increased is very important, as lifting causes blood pressure to become temporarily elevated, and any elevation above this level may prove dangerous.

The blood flow increase delivers increased oxygen to muscle tissue, which means you will be able to exercise longer, regardless of whether you’re doing strength or cardio. It also means that more nutrients are delivered to muscle tissue, so you will be able to make the most of your pre-workout supplementation as well as any intraworkout, like BCAAs, that you might take. It also aids in muscle recovery, because your post-workout shake or meal will be promptly delivered to muscle tissue. This supplement is somewhat unique in that it also includes sodium nitrate, an important metabolic precursor to nitric oxide.

By combining essential vitamins withs several ingredients that support nitric oxide production, this supplement can help you to achieve your fitness goals. It also come sin easy to take capsule form, and the manufacturer offers a free trial so you can effectively try it before you opt to make a purchase.



This supplement is made by a company that only produces Lean Muscle Pro. This may sound odd at first, particularly if you are the sort of fitness enthusiast who likes to choose a given brand and stick with that brand for multiple supplements. However, while some may be tempted to dismiss this supplement based off of that fact, there are some surprising advantages to having a one-supplement manufacturer. One advantage is the customer service advantage. Representatives for larger companies have to have information on recall for dozens, and maybe even hundreds, of supplements. However, if you call Lean Muscle Pro for assistance, you will be connected to a representative who is only responsible for knowing about one supplement. In addition, this manufacturer has been able to dedicate all of its research and innovation to one supplement, so you can be assured that they have made this supplement the best that it can be.


How Lean Muscle Pro Works?

This supplement works in a few different ways. The main way in which it works is by promoting the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide works as a vasodilator, and it’s this function that makes it so crucial to your pre-workout supplement. As noted above, the dilation of blood vessels is important because it increases blood flow to muscles without increasing blood pressure. That increased blood flow has a few benefits, including creating a powerful muscle pump, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to muscles as they work, and helping you get the most out of your muscle recovery protocol. The increased oxygen delivery is especially important, as it prolongs the time you are able to exercise. This is because as you exercise, your muscles gradually start building up lactic acid. This causes a burning sensation that you have likely felt towards the end of a long run or as you approach muscle failure in a lift. When you have increased blood flow to a muscle, you have increased oxygen delivered, and this delays the production of lactic acid.

The increase in nutrient delivery is also especially helpful, as this means not only nutrition, but also supplements, are delivered to muscle tissue. If you take something like creatine, which increases ATP delivery, then having a nitric oxide booster is particularly useful for ensuring that you have explosive lifts and greater power output. This supplement also has sodium nitrate, which is a precursor to nitric oxide formation. This is somewhat unique, as many nitric oxide boosters only contain L-Arginine and similar ingredients, and do not have metabolic precursors to nitric oxide formation.

While many ingredients of Lean Muscle Pro contribute to nitric oxide support, it also contains several B Vitamins and Vitamin C. While many people may simply associate Vitamin C with not getting scurvy, it actually has important implications for muscle recovery. Since it is instrumental in tissue repair, Vitamin C can help to speed up the process of muscle recovery. This helps you get in the gym faster, and it also helps you to make the gains you want quickly and with minimal muscle soreness. The included B vitamins are especially helpful for soreness, energy support, and general wellness. It is worth mentioning that this supplement does not contain any stimulants, unlike many nitric oxide supplements and pre-workout supplements. This is good news for those who are very sensitive to stimulants in workout supplements. For those who would prefer the inclusion of a stimulant ingredient, it is at least fairly easy to add in stimulants separately.


Ingredients of Lean Muscle Pro

This supplement contains a variety of ingredients, many of which are nitric oxide boosters or thermogenic agents. The included ingredients are listed below, with the amounts of each (if that information is listed).

Vitamin C – 120mg

This necessary vitamin helps to support your body in its fight against oxidative stress. This vitamin is an antioxidant, so it can help you stay healthier. It is also a necessary component of tissue repair. When you lift heavily, your muscles get small tears. When these tiny tears are repaired, the muscle tissue becomes somewhat larger, and this leads to muscle growth.

Riboflavin – 3.4mg

This ingredient, also known as vitamin B2, is also an antioxidant like Vitamin C. It is very useful for energy support, since it can help to release the energy stored in carbohydrates. This energy then is used to support you through your workout.

Niacin – 40mg

This vitamin, known as Vitamin B3, is an essential vitamin. This means that your body does not produce it naturally. It is useful in preventing cardiovascular disease and other issues, and it often produces a burst of energy.

The following ingredients are part of the Lean Muscle Pro proprietary blend. The blend is 800mg total per serving, but it isn’t clear how much of each ingredient is included in this blend.

Beet root extract

While it is a lesser known nitric oxide booster, beet root extract works to support nitric oxide in the body. It is frequently seen added to pre-workout supplements that also boost nitric oxide.

Sodium nitrate

This ingredient is related to the nitric oxide boosters included. It is a precursor to the formation of nitric oxide in the body, so taking it will help to ensure your body has the raw materials to produce sufficient nitric oxide.

Ascorbic acid

This is another name for Vitamin C, which is listed above.


This is a combination of Vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid. It is extremely useful for skin restoration and general healing.

Red beet juice extract

Like beet root extract, this ingredient also works as a nitric oxide booster.

Melon juice concentrate

This may seem like an odd ingredient, but some studies have shown that melon juice taken after a workout can help with digesting post-workout protein. This ingredient also may help to reduce muscle aches after exercise.

L-Arginine HCl

This is the original nitric oxide booster. L-Arginine has been used in the fitness community for decades, even before anyone knew exactly how it worked. In 1998, a research team investigated and discovered that the fitness community had been correct in knowing that L-Arginine supported athletic performance. This team found that supplementing with L-Arginine led to increased production of the vasodilator nitric oxide. This helped increase blood flow to working muscles. The study that found this out ultimately was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine.


This ingredient is listed above because it is both a listed ingredient and part of this supplement’s proprietary blend.



There are many advantages to choosing Lean Muscle Pro as your pre-workout supplement. One is that it includes multiple nitric oxide support agents, while many supplements only have one. It also includes several essential vitamins. It lists the amounts of each on the label, which is uncommon, as many auto shipped supplements rely entirely on proprietary blends. This supplement has its nitric oxide support ingredients listed in a proprietary blend, but the rest of its ingredients have amounts listed. Another advantage is the free trial and following autoship program. For many people, finding the right supplement can be expensive, as it may involve trial and error in the form of them purchasing different supplements only to find that they don’t work as expected. With Lean Muscle Pro, you can get a risk-free trial and time to evaluate the supplement before you decide whether or not to buy it. If you want to keep using it, you will be automatically enrolled in the autoship program, which will bill you monthly and ship a bottle to your house. Lastly, another advantage is the fact that the manufacturer only makes one supplement, so you know customer service representatives will be knowledgeable about it.



This supplement has not yet been awarded any certificates. Part of this may be due to the fact that, in recent years, the supplement industry has expanded at an extremely fast pace. It has since become difficult, if not impossible, for agencies that award certificates to evaluate supplements in a timely manner. This means that, even if a supplement is high-quality and works well, it may be difficult or impossible for a certificate awarding agency to immediately review the supplement. Thus, since this is a relatively new supplement, it is somewhat likely that it will have a certificate once awarding agencies are able to review it.



When making a purchase online, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out what supplement is ideal for you. It can be helpful to do some research, and it also can help to read the experiences of those who have used a given supplement. Below are some words from those who have used Lean Muscle Pro:

I had never actually used a pre-workout or nitric oxide supplement until I hit 30. I tried supplement after supplement, but none of them really did anything. Then, i found this stuff. I think it must be the inclusion of the vitamins, because this supplement really helps me stay energized through my whole workout. I’m glad I found it, and I will definitely keep buying. – Steven P., 33 – Tucson, AZ, USA

This is my first real pre-workout. I used to lift without any kind of supplement, and it was great for awhile. After I got my newbie gains, everything sort of stagnated and I just felt like a slug all the time. So I decided that I would shop around. I read about ingredients and went from there. I like that this one has the beet extract, because that was an ingredient I had really hoped to find. Once I got this, I think it was about a month before I started really seeing improvement. I felt better right away, but the visual aspect of my improvement took awhile. I feel so energized, and I’m really starting to look more cut. I know this is my first pre-workout, but I’m definitely feeling inclined to stick with it. – Joseph G., 24 – Missoula, MT

I wouldn’t say this is my first pre-workout, if you count taking a huge black coffee and some ephedrine as pre-workout. But I started to see my friends had better pumps than I did, so I talked to them. I embarrassingly didn’t know about nitric oxide and what it can do for a workout. So I used some of a friend’s Lean Muscle Pro and really started to see the difference. Then I bought my own, and my workouts improved so drastically. I was energized the whole time and I was focused throughout. The best things the pump, because I swear it lasts for hours! I’m looking better and feeling great. Now I recommend this to anyone who asks. – Stewart L., 47 – Glasgow, UK


Awards & Media Coverage

As noted above, because of the sheer size of the supplement industry, it is often difficult for a media outlet or certificate-awarding agency to evaluate new supplements quickly. As such, Lean Muscle Pro does not have significant media coverage. On its website, though, it state that it is the winner of “Ripped 2014.” The site does not offer any information on what this award is and who the awarding agency is.


Money-back Guarantee

Because the makers of Lean Muscle Pro stand by their product, they offer a generous refund policy. If you enroll in the free trial program, you can cancel your subscription to the autoship program during the 10-day evaluation period. If you are dissatisfied, you must contact the company for a return merchant authorization, or RMA. Then, you have five days to send back the unused portion of the product. This company is somewhat unusual in that, while most supplement companies allow you to keep the trial bottle regardless, this one has you send it back to cancel your enrollment in the autoship program.

You must write the RMA on the front of the package to ensure you receive a refund. For purchases made after the initial trial, you have 30 days to return the product. The product must be sealed and it is subject to a $15 restocking fee.



Shipping is fast, and you pay a flat rate for shipping when enrolling in the free trial program. The company state that this fee will be 95 cents at minimum and $8.95 USD maximum, so shipping will likely vary depending on the package destination. If you choose to remain in the autoship program, your future bills for the product will have shipping and handling charges included.


Customer Support

The customer support team for Lean Muscle Pro is made up of fitness professionals who are knowledgeable and dedicated. They can be reached by phone during the hours of 10 a.m. EST to 6 p.m. EST, and the company provides phone numbers for those calling from the United States, the United Kingdom, and from Australia. You also can contact them by e-mail with any product questions you have. This company publishes more contact information than most companies do- many of them provide an e-mail only, and virtually none publish the hours at which they are available.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Making an online purchase, especially from a company they aren’t familiar with, can be daunting to many. However, what they may not realize is that many supplement sellers, including the makers of this supplement, take many steps to ensure that their product is safe to by. Lean Muscle Pro is independently verified by three different internet security agencies. When you go to check out, you will see that VeriSign, McAfee, and TrustE have all certified this checkout process as secure. Your data is encrypted, so it is kept safe from those who might try to take your information. Additionally, the only employees who see your information are those who are helping you with any billing issues, so your information is only seen on a need-to-know basis. If you still have concerns or questions about checkout, you may want to call the company and ask to speak to someone who knows about checkout procedures.


Pricing & Free Trial

This supplement is somewhat more expensive than most other autoship program supplements. While it does offer a free trial, the monthly cost of the bottle is $129.95, while most similar supplements retail for about $80 to $90. The free trial shipping cost can vary from 95 cents to $8.95. It is important to note that, if you opt to continue using the supplement after the trial, you will still be billed full price for the trial bottle.






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