Iron Bull Edge

Iron Bull Edge Review – Is This Product One of the Best Pre-Workout Supplements?

What Is Iron Bull Edge?

Iron Bull Edge is a pre-workout supplement designed to fuel workout capacity for men, which the manufacturer states will lead to more powerful pumps, bigger muscles, amped-up strength and endurance and elevated energy levels. Its ingredients, which are derived from plant extracts, are 100% natural and legal. Its primary purpose is to boost nitric oxide levels in the body in order to increase the ability to blaze through workouts. It comes in capsule form and is recommended to be taken daily before each workout. It is marketed and sold to adult men internationally.

This anabolic supplement is directed toward any healthy male who is looking to increase his workout capacity, to improve his fitness level and to get ripped. It is also marketed to weightlifters, bodybuilders and other fitness professionals who are looking to gain an edge on the competition to up their game. Similarly, it is marketed to athletes who are looking for a legal, safe way to boost their muscle mass and athletic performance. It is equally directed toward military men who are looking to increase their strength and physical capacity. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and an effective exercise program.



Iron Bull Edge is manufactured by a company called Cellista Labs. In their own words, Cellista Labs is “An international provider of high quality nutritional and dietary supplements.” Their official website is currently under construction, although they do provide a support email address and a toll-free telephone number as well as customer support hours of operation. They offer a range of body cleansers and workout supplements. Its headquarters appear to be located in Las Vegas, NV.

Cellista Labs is one of the more experienced sellers on the dietary supplement market. It has researched, developed and marketed a wide range of fitness products and natural cleansers. Without a doubt, this product is one of its most successful yet, as evidenced by both media and online coverage as well as its extensive availability on mass merchant sales sites. Current and potential customers may find out more about Cellista Labs online. As of the time of this review, the company website is presently under construction.


How Iron Bull Edge Works?

This pre-workout fitness supplement claims to work by boosting nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream, which dilates blood vessels and allows for greater blood, oxygen and nutrient supply to working muscle tissue. Increasing nitric oxide levels is also thought to make the process of protein synthesis more efficient. This, the company claims, enables the body to break down and utilize protein molecules more effectively, thereby leading to increased lean muscle mass. Better blood flow also helps muscle tissue heal quicker after workouts, enabling users to work out harder and more often with less downtime in between. Better blood flow to the brain also means, according to many in the fitness industry, sharper thinking and clearer mental focus.

According to the product instructions, users are directed to take two N33 pills before each workout with a glass of water (or a protein shake). If used consistently with a protein-rich diet and an effective workout regimen, the manufacturer promises consistent and increasing results with each workout. For best results, the instructions advise taking these capsules before workouts for a minimum of ninety days. Prolonged use is recommended to achieve and maintain maximal results. This supplement can be stacked with other suitable fitness supplements or used alone.


Ingredients of Iron Bull Edge

This product’s formula is comprised of a proprietary blend designed to raise nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream. Key to the formula blend is L-Arginine, a semi-essential amino acid utilized in the biosynthesis of proteins primarily obtained by the consumption of certain foods, though it can also be synthesized in a lab. It is thought to increase strength and workout conditioning, to dilate blood vessels, to improve blood flow and to promote muscle development. Being a precursor to nitric oxide, it is converted to this gas in a biochemical process. L-Arginine is the key formula ingredient responsible for increased nitric oxide production.

The formula blend also incorporates Arginine Ketoisocaproate, which is also known as A-KIC. This is an amino acid compound that is thought to boost nitric oxide levels in the short-term. Some bodybuilders believe it contributes to a more effective muscle pump, to greater muscle growth and to a quicker muscle tissue recovery process. Others believe it also contributes to myodilation, i.e. the expansion of the body’s muscle tissue. It is commonly found in muscle-building supplements currently offered on the fitness market.

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, also known as A-AKG, is another ingredient in these capsules’ formula. This is another amino acid compound commonly thought to increase muscle pump, vasodilation and efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscles. Its components are intermediates in the process of breaking down nitric oxides, which some believe make it effective in increasing protein synthesis and improving blood flow. Many weightlifters believe it helps them lift longer and experience less muscle fatigue. Other ingredients in this product’s formula are Stearic Acid, Cellulose and Magnesium Stearate.



Iron Bull Edge promises to help men look more ripped, to incinerate fat, to increase protein output and to amp up strength and to help men train longer and harder. According to the product website, it also promises to rid the body of unwanted waste that impedes the muscle-building process. Through providing the power boost necessary to blaze through workouts with greater intensity, this product claims to give men the edge they need to sculpt the body of their dreams. It also promises to amplify the muscle-building effects of nitric oxide much more quickly than would be possibly by workouts alone.

Other advantages touted by the manufacturer include sharper mental clarity, a thermogenic boost, increased focus and maximum energy. This product promises to work in conjunction with exercise to burn the layer of fat covering the musculature beneath, allowing users to sculpt their ideal body and to torch their fitness goals. It promises more energy and vitality not only at the gym but in daily life as well. It also promises greater confidence gained through the knowledge that one is looking, performing and thinking at their optimal level.



This pre-workout supplement has one of the most impressive certificates in the current supplement industry. According to the product website, Iron Bull Edge is the “#1 Supplement In the US.” This is an amazing claim; however, the website does not state specifics. It would likely help customers to know what organization awarded this, and on what basis. Doing so would likely boost both customer trust and sales.

Other certificates read “Best Choice” and “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed,” the latter likely being a reference to the company’s money-back guarantee. In order to facilitate customer confidence, enthusiasm, trust and to boost revenue, the company would be wise to link to the source that bestowed the ‘Best Choice’ certificate upon the product. Regardless, this is a dietary supplement that has been widely recognized in its field.



I have noticed some pretty incredible gains since I started using Iron Bull Edge three months ago. My cardio sessions have gone through the roof. I know this has helped me burn all of my back and abdominal fat to reveal the muscles I always knew were hiding under there. I don’t even need to stack this stuff to raise my energy levels to help me power through my workout sessions. This has been a major workout booster. – Ray, architect in Atlanta, GA, US

Guys who are looking to get the most out of every workout should give this stuff a shot. I started out on the free trial, and now I’m hooked. Customer service was extremely informative in answering all of my questions, my bottle shipped out quickly and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve gained through intense workouts and consistent use. Not only do I look better in button-up shirts at the office, I have a swagger my female co-workers have definitely noticed. It’s hard not to look confident when I feel so much better about the new muscles I’ve gained. – Tom, sales associate in Bismarck, ND, US

Iron Bull Edge has been a powerhouse as far as upping my weightlifting intensity. I’ve added weight after weight to my lifting routine and knocked down my lifting goals one by one. There’s no doubt in my mind I will continue to take these pills with my protein shakes before every workout. I have a ton more energy and endurance as a result, and I have this stuff to thank. This isn’t just for professional bodybuilders, it’s for any guy who wants to buffer and stronger! – Juan, roofer in West Village, TN, US

I’ve gained inches of muscle, burned pounds of fat and am looking leaner and meaner than I have in many years. I was the weak link in my workout circle, but now my buddies have trouble keeping up with me. I’ve been using this every day for six months and counting. All the guys in my workout circle want to know what my secret is, but I’m not sure I should tell them. If you’re willing to work out hard, this stuff does what it says it does! – Andy, physical therapist in Rochester, NY, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Iron Bull Edge has been featured on a number of popular men’s health media outlets. The magazines it has been advertised in include Men’s Health, Muscle Fitness and Men’s Fitness. It is not known whether it has made other appearances on television or in radio. At this time, it is also not known whether this product has achieved any awards in its product category. Regardless, its appearances in major men’s media outlets are impressive. It bears a certificate on the product website declaring it the “Number One Supplement In the US,” though the company does not provide any corresponding links.

Also visible upon the website is another certificate reading “Best New Product 2014.” By all appearances, this seems to be an impressive accomplishment testifying to the quality and popularity of this product in the field of muscle-building supplements. Judging by Iron Bull Edge’s media appearances and “Best New Product of 2014” award, this may be one of the more popular and well-received fitness supplement. In addition to this, it has also been extensively reviewed in fitness blogs, forums and review sites all over the internet.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer offers a 14-day trial offer for customers who would like to try Iron Bull Edge before committing to a full purchase. Trial periods begin the day after the order is placed. The only upfront cost is the fee for shipping and handling. A major bonus is the fact that the company allows customers to request a trial extension by calling the toll-free customer service number anytime before the 15th day of the evaluation period, which not many supplement suppliers do.

This manufacturer also offers 30-day refunds for non-trial customers with the requirement that all refund requests must be postmarked within 30 days of the original order date. These must also include a Return Merchandise Authorization number, which is obtained by calling the toll-free customer service number provided. The company will credit one returned, unopened product per customer within five business days from their receipt of the product. All returns must be shipped at the customer’s expense WITH an RMA number; no returns are accepted after the 30 days following the order date. Potential non-trial customers may hesitate to go forward with their purchase due to the refund policy, since they will not be able to return the bottle after it’s been opened.



This merchant ships anywhere in the United States as well as internationally. In addition, orders may be shipped to almost every Armed Forces location. At $6.95, this company’s shipping and handling fee is one of the more expensive in the workout supplement industry, which some buyers may view as a drawback. Orders are processed and shipped within the standard three business days. Per company shipping and handling policy, shipping time is estimated to be three to five (3-5) business days from the date the order ships out.

Customers may also contact the customer service department in the event of any issues experienced with processing or delivery. All orders are shipped with delivery confirmation by the United States Postal Service; the company states that if the order is shown as delivered, they will consider it so unless the customer calls to state otherwise (before the 14-day trial has ended). Refunds will not be credited for products claimed to be undelivered if the manufacturer has not been notified before the end of the 14-day trial, and the United States Postal Service’s order tracking shows that the package has been delivered. The shipping policy states that there may be occasions when shipments are delayed a few extra days.


Customer Support

Iron Bull Edge customers are offered a range of full-service contact options for customer service assistance. The manufacturer expresses a commitment to providing excellent customer service to each of their clients. The first line of customer support is a toll-free telephone number. For email support, the merchant provides a number of different email servicer options for ease of use, while a direct email customer service address is also listed.

Clients may also contact the company via a physical Las Vegas, NV address listed on the website. For returns, the product website provides a Norcross, GA address. Customer service hours are from Monday through Friday, 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM ЕST. Saturday hours are from 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM ЕST, while their support center is closed on Sundays. They are closed on major US holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Iron Bull Edge customers may be assured of a safe and secure checkout thanks to the manufacturer’s investment in a variety of SSL security certificates. Displayed on the checkout section of the product website are logos for Verisign Secured, Scam Alert Hacker Safe and McAfee Secure. Also displayed at checkout are security logos featuring Verisign Norton Secured, TRUSTe Certified Privacy, 256-Bit Secured Connection, Verified & Secured as well as Website Protection. Clearly, the merchant has made transactional security a top priority.

These security certificates ensure that buyers’ personal and financial information will be protected as well as possible against potential misuse. It also attests to the fact that the company has passed inspection regulations in order to assure consumers that it is who it claims to be. This protects buyers, to an extent, from potential online scams. The manufacturer’s official privacy policy states that the company uses SSL technology encryption to ensure that all order information protected from being decoded by anyone other than the merchant. The privacy policy also states that once customers enter the checkout page, their computer will begin communicating with company’s Konnektive server in secure mode.


Pricing & Free Trial

The regular non-trial cost of the product — which includes access to health and diet information — is $79.95. This fee includes shipping and handling charges. Customers will likely find much added value to the addition of health and diet info included in the company’s membership. On the official Iron Bull Edge website, VISA and MasterCard are the only accepted methods of payment. Also on the website checkout section is a field for a possible promo code, though there appears to be no way to enter it. Additionally, there is a $9.95 restocking fee applied to all returns.

Customers are responsible for any charges, billing or shipments that have already been shipped or delivered at the time of cancellation. The company states that at any point, it may at anytime choose to lower the prices of their products or services, which of course is always great news for the customer. Per standard industry policies, buyers are also responsible for any sales tax that may apply to any given region of order. Customers who do not contact customer service to cancel their trial before the end of their 14-day evaluation period will be enrolled in the manufacturer’s auto-delivery program, where the customer will be billed the full retail price for the trial bottle and be charged monthly for a fresh shipment approximately every thirty days.






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