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Infinite NO2 Review – Is This Product a Legit Auto-Shipping Nitric Oxide Booster or Not?

What Is Infinite NO2?

Infinite NO2 is a pre-workout vitamin supplement claiming to enhance bodybuilding workouts by increasing features of recovery, endurance, and strength. Nitric-oxide has been proven by scientists to enhance bodily functions. Infinite NO2 contains compounds that are made to increase nitric-oxide production. This formula is built to enhance bodybuilding workouts. Strategically composed in a lab, it is supposed to be one of the best pre-workout vitamin supplement in existence.

Compared to some pure powder supplements, this particular formula is in a capsule form. The product is available over-the-counter, without prescription because it is a vitamin supplement, which in general is only lightly regulated by the FDA. Consumption of this product is generally safe in recommended doses.

Infinite NO2 is a highly-rated pre-workout vitamin supplement among bodybuilders. This pre-workout vitamin supplement is a popular best-seller across many different distribution websites. By buying this supplement, you could be joining the millions of bodybuilders who already use this product. Try it risk-free over the course of 30 days with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.



The company is based in the United States. Other products from this manufacturer include other bodybuilding vitamin supplements. The production offers workout enhancers, testosterone increasers, multi-vitamins, protein supplements, nitric-oxide production inducers, fat burners, and anabolic boosters.

The manufacturer claims to use scientific findings while constructing products. No unnecessary fillers are supposed to be used in their products. Ingredients are supposed to be the best quality. The foundation has the Food and Drug Association Good Manufacturing Practice certification, so production should be clean, ethical, and fair.

The company guarantees to provide the results you crave using the most potent products that produce maximum benefits. This claim could be far-fetched, but their are a lot of reviews that would agree with this standard. The company also claims to be the best in the business.


How Infinite NO2 Works?

A person is supposed to take this supplement before workouts. One dose is generally 3 capsules at a time, but this changes with weight. Take capsules by mouth, or break open to mix with a drink, or sprinkle on food. Capsules are intended to provide extended release to allow the formula to continue working over a longer time. The body does not need all of the dose at one time, so you could try spreading the capsules out throughout the workout.

The pre-workout vitamin supplement settles into the stomach, and it begins diffusing into the blood stream. Once in the blood stream the consumed amount will begin depositing into the necessary places that allow the body to use it, and the process begins. The body is supposed to begin a raised production of nitric-oxide. A good rule of thumb is to take this supplement 30 minutes before a workout to allow full activation.

Infinite NO2 is supposed to increase nitric-oxide levels in the body by stimulating the production process. The formula also provides the body with the nutrients needed to fuel nitric-oxide production. Nitric-oxide levels rise when using this supplement. In turn, the nitric-oxide vasodilates blood vessels by opening them up wider. The vasodilation increases blood flow, allowing nutrients, like oxygen, to better reach the deep internal portions of the muscular system.

When nutrients reach the muscular system, the muscles soak them up, and begin using the individual components to increase function. Body processes become enhanced. With more nutrients available, muscles should be able to work harder.

Rebuilding of muscles occurs quicker because muscles have more of the nutrients needed in tissue construction readily available. More strength is available during weight training because deposits are replenished soon after depleting energy sources. The body withstands fatigue longer because blood is fully pumping to support all of the organs. Bodily function skyrockets, and the body approaches maximum potential. Overall, muscles can feed, and breathe better.

Other health benefits can supposedly be experienced from the use of Infinite NO2. Decreased blood pressure results from widening of blood vessels, and this puts less tension on the heart. Heart strength results from increased nutrient supply, so heart tissues can rebuild from the best supplies. More energy should result from improved blood flow because the entire body has an increased availability of supplies.

Some people use this misture as a daily supplement, even when not working out. This is largely due to the other health benefits besides workout enhancement. Mental processes should be improved by improved blood flow to the brain, so using this everyday could put a person on the top of their game everyday. Daily use encourages body recovery on non-workout days, so a person can feel less sore, and more relieved.

Ensure maximum results by maintaining a proper diet. When levels of nitric-oxide are raised, the body will begin using nutrients quicker. Avoid tiring by keep the body fueled with good nutrients.

Use proper dosage in combination with a strong diet to maximize results. A pre-workout vitamin supplement is not a food replacement, and it should be taken with food plus drink. Monitor water consumption, and ensure plenty of fluids are taken in.

It is possible to over work yourself while using this product. Replace fluids when. Sweating, and replenish nutrients throughout the workout. Be careful when pushing oneself too much because this is typically when discomfort occurs.

Side effects are not common, but they do occur in some people when taking Infinite NO2. Taking too much is a normal cause of side effects, and taking over extended periods of time could cause side effects. This formula should be safe for extended use, but very few people have reported headaches, and an upset stomach, probably from hunger.

This product is not recommended if you have serious health issues. Other people who should not take this pre-workout vitamin supplement include pregnant, lactating, women, or people under the age of 18. Consult a doctor if you have major concerns.


Ingredients of Infinite NO2

Most ingredients are natural compounds that are mostly harmless, and should not inflict extensive damages to the body. Natural ingredients are determined primarily safe by the FDA. Ingredients include, but they are not limited to:

L-Arginine HCL

Although this compound is synthetically derived, natural Arginine can be found in flowering plants, like Lupin. L-Arginine HCL is an amino acid complex that improves blood flow to make it easier for your muscles to get the oxygen, and nutrients, that allow them to work at peak levels. Also, it has the abilities to reduce blood pressure. It promotes heart health, and positively influences the removal of waste from the kidneys, while strengthening the immune system, and maintaining balanced hormonal profiles.

L-Arginine AKG

This compound is also synthetically derived to maximiz results. L-Arginine AKG is another amino acid complex that is similar to L-Argenine HCL, and it boosts your body’s tolerance for exercise by extending muscle stamina, allowing you to withstand more weight and resist weakness longer. Your max strength will increase, and your body will be more apt to produce lean tissues. Improved circulation is another benefit of this ingredient.

Citrulline Mallate

Found in melons, and apples, Citrulline Mallate is an amino acid complex that increases your body’s nitric oxide production while reducing the build up of lactic acid in, and around, the muscles during workouts. Due to the lack of lactic acid, you should feel less sore, and your muscles should recover quicker. The reduction of fluid also allows you to maintain the same level of intensity throughout the length of a workout from beginning to end. This complex also reduces fatigue to keep workouts going longer.

Beet Root Extract

Apparently, Beet Root Extract has been studied, and it has produced reported effects on lowering blood pressure, increasing stamina, and improving blood flow, so this is added to intensify the effects of the entire Infinite NO2 supplement.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark Extract is suggested by research to assist improvement regarding problems with blood flow, including blood sugar issues. Not only does it improve blood flow, buy it also stimulates nitric-oxide production. This extract in particular is supposed to increase cognitive function while improving exercise performance.

There are other ingredients in the mixture that are less important to the main purpose of the supplement. These ingredients serve how the supplement digests, and helps maintain the consistency all the way through to consumption.


The ingredients of Infinite NO2 seem comparable to most other nitric-oxide production supplement. Each ingredient is strategically selected to combine with the other ingredients to form mixture of maximum potency. More ingredient information is available on the label of the container.



Primary health advantages of Infinite NO2 include decreased blood pressure, resistance to fatigue, extended endurance, improved heart health, more effective breathing, generous nutrient circulation, strengthened bodily function, balanced hormone profile, increased strength, reduced recovery times, better healing, and cleansing of harmful bodily wastes. The advantages do seem worth the risks, if you are truly seeking a workout supplement, but results will differ from person to person.

Risks are minimal for several reason. This is a pre-workout vitamin supplement, so it can be very difficult to overdose, and side effects are limited. Your initial purchase is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so the risk of wasting money on a product that does not work is reduced. Also, This product does not use harsh chemicals, so it does not normally cause destruction, or harm, to the body. This product is all around generally safe.

Bodybuilders who enjoy working out will appreciate the improved workouts. The length of the workout should be longer due to raised endurance. The impact of the workout should be greater because of improved strength will allow bodybuilders to lift more. The total workout experience will be rewarded when increased recovery speeds allow the same high-quality workout to be maintained from day to day.

Better physical appearance could be an ultimate goal of using this product. Once the workouts becomw more intense, people can watch their bodies change. Improved workouts will lead to improved muscle definition, and those muscles will look great.

The 30-day money-back guarantee makes trying this product worth it to see how it affects you. This is a highly-rated, best-selling product, so at least there are a lot of people to support the decision that make a person feel more confident before buying. If this product meets its claims, the workout experience could be multiple times more rewarding than an unsupplemented workout.



The only certificate possessed by tthe manufacturing company is their Good Manufacturer Practices license. This license corresponds to clean, fair, ethical operations. All GMP ratings are according to the FDA standards.



Nitric Oxide, or NO2 for short, has been shown to be a key for increasing blood flow to influence better heart health, muscle strength, and endurance. This product has helped many users reach their aesthetic fitness goals when taking this supplement as described on the directions. Gains are real, and health becomes optimal.

People start using this, and after months of uses they will see significant gains. Seriously impressed, people claim this is a quality product that works. It’s worth a try in health benefits, and workout benefits while the possibility of it causing you any damage is very slim.

Many bodybuilders already use this product while plenty of other customers are ready to start daily use. There are a lot of repeat customers. This is a bestselling formula among popular distributors.

Some people receive this product at a discount in exchange with their reviews. This opportunity would likely be offered by some of the distributing companies, or the manufacturer itself. Search around to find discounts.

Supposedly the manufacturing company claims there should be 3000mg of arginine per dose, but customers complain about there only being roughly 30% of that per dose at 1100mg. Perhaps, the company’s meant a full recommended session rather than just one dose. Other concerns involve the formula ingredients changing from having Beet Root Extract to having Pine Root Extract, so some bottles of the product may be different, but their are claims that the Pine Root Extract is not nearly as potent.

For some people, the experience will be positive, and with others, the experience will be negative. If you are an experienced bodybuilder, the health advantages may be less noticeable than if you are an out-of-shape beginner because you are already in good physical functionality.


Awards & Media Coverage

The company and their products does not seem to have any awards, but the Infinite NO2 product is a proven best-seller. Also, it has not seemed to appear on any major media. Coverage of this product is limited.


Money-back Guarantee

The company behind the product has enacted a full money-back policy. A customer can buy one container of Infinite NO2, and try it over the course of 30 days. After trying it, if the customer is not completely satisfied, and the person has even one complaint, send it back, and a full refund will be issued. Customers can send the container back completely empty! Shipping and handling costs are not usually refunded with returns of this product.



Product is sold by the manufacturer, and other retail distributors. Infinite NO2 boasts sleek plastic round-tub packaging with red details. Shipping is handled like most other small, carryable items, packed in a box with supportive wrapping, but the distribution may depend on how many counts of this item are ordered at one time. Packaging can be expected to protect the purchase. Infinite NO2 distribution is centered from the United States, but it ships overseas. Arrival time depends on shipping method ordered at checkout. Gift-wrapping options are available too.


Customer Support

The manufacturer website has a help contact email. No phone number is listed, and there is no live chat feature. Most distributors will have their own contact lines to serve customer assistance. One support feature is the 30-day money back guarantee that allows customers to try the product with the opportunity to return the package if they are not satisfied.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Major distributors use certified card verification methods. The inside of the pacrkage should have a quality seal, to make you aware of tampering. Be sure this quality seal is in place before using the product.


Infinite NO2 Pricing & Free Trial

The company producing this product do offer a free trial of the product and they come close with a money-back guarantee that allows you to get your money back if you return the container within the free trial period. Price is comparable to other Nitric-oxide production supplements, the company will charge you $89.43 each month they send you a bottle and you have to cancel the subscription in order to stop these shipments. Sometimes, this product can be found on sale on eBay and other places from people which are reselling it for some reason. Occasionally, people will receive this product at a discount in exchange with their reviews. There are no online coupons available.






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