Hemo Shock

Hemo Shock by GeneTech Pharma Labs Review – A Classical Pre-Workout Supplement for Experienced Bodybuilders

What Is Hemo Shock?

Hemo Shock is a pre-workout supplement that has a unique formulation that truly sets it apart from the morass of nitric oxide boosters out there. This supplement is a very complete pre-workout, as it includes some of your classic NO2 booster ingredients and strength boosters (like creatine) and electrolytes. However, it includes a unique compound that actually increases the synthesis of L-arginine in the body. Most pre-workouts will just hit you with large amounts of L-arginine. This works to an extent, but when you need a lasting, all-day nitric oxide boost, choosing something with this unique compound (called N-carbamylglutamate, or NCL) is a must. Because Hemo Shock supports steady nitric oxide release all day, your muscles aren’t just nourished during your workout – they receive oxygen and nutrients even while you sleep. This is important, as muscle nourishment helps to support healthy recovery, and therefore better and faster muscle growth.



This product is manufactured by GeneTech Pharma Labs, a manufacturer commonly abbreviated as GPL. This company has gained a positive reputation for having incredible supplement purity, as their prohormone supplements are generally above 95 percent prohormone.GPL has been in the industry for a number of years, and its formulas are backed by science. But they go beyond that – many nitric oxide boosters contain L-arginine, which is one of the more popular nitric oxide boosters around. This supplement contains L-arginine as well, but it also contains a compound that enhances production and transport of this important amino acid in the body. GPL takes current technologies – like L-arginine – and then improves them by adding its own signature compounds to take their supplements a step above.


How Hemo Shock Works?

This pre-workout formula works in a number of ways: (1) it powers you up before a workout, (2) it supports muscle performance and energy during your workout, and (3) it supports healthy recovery. The first thing most of us think when we think of a pre-workout supplement is something that boosts energy. And Hemo Shock does just this. It includes more than caffeine, which is the cheap stimulant found in many pre-workout supplements – it also has 1.3-dimethylamine, a stimulant that mimics adrenaline and gets you pumped.

Muscle performance is supported through the inclusion of ingredients that support blood flow to muscles. This delivers oxygen and nutrients during and after your workout. Plus, the boosted blood flow gives you great muscle pumps – that great, full feeling in a given muscle group after a workout. Additionally, this supplement helps to lubricate muscles and facilitate larger lifts. It works to power your muscle tissue on the cellular level. One particular ingredient also helps to facilitate formation and transport of L-arginine, a metabolic precursor to nitric oxide that helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

This supplement also specifically works to delay the onset of fatigue. One major way it does this is by buffering acid in the muscles. AS lactic acid accumulates, it leads to a burning sensation and ultimately to muscle failure. This buffering property can’t hold off muscle failure forever, but it does let you lift longer and harder. Hemo Shock also includes electrolytes to help give you energy and maintain a healthy fluid balance as you exercise – it has the benefits of a sports drink and a pre-workout supplement all in one.

But this is really more than just a pre-workout supplement – it also supports healthy recovery. Most of muscle growth happens in recovery, so during this time, it’s important that your muscles are well-nourished and supported. The benefits of nitric oxide extend into recovery – the enhanced nutrient delivery to your muscles means that your recovery meal or shake is quickly delivered to healing muscle fibers.


Ingredients of Hemo Shock

This supplement’s unique ingredient profile is one of the main reasons it stands apart from most nitric oxide boosters. Below is a list of its ingredients and a little about each:


Creatine is a well-known workout supplement, but it is often marketed as a separate supplement from a nitric oxide booster. However, including creatine here does have its advantages. Creatine helps facilitate the formation and use of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which is a molecule that is manufactured in the mitochondria and that powers the body at a cellular level. When you take creatine pre-workout, it facilitates explosive lifts and better endurance. It also encourages some water retention in the muscles. This swelling helps to facilitate larger lifts, lubricate the muscle tissue, and make injury less likely.


You don’t see this compound in pre-workouts quite as commonly as some ingredients, but like creatine, it can really increase power and energy. Beta-alanine is used in the body to produce carnosine, which helps to buffer acid in the muscle. Thi is a vital thing if you want to prolong exercising at a high intensity. If you’ve ever felt a burning sensation in your muscle while exercising, then you know what lactic acid buildup feels like. When you’re able to delay that buildup, you can get a few more lifts in. And anytime you can lift more or for longer, you speed up your gains.

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate

This is simply a form of L-arginine, which is frequently touted as the best nitric oxide booster. It has been used for decades in the fitness community, but it wasn’t truly validated int he science community until 1998. This was the year that a major medical study focusing on the benefits of L-arginine was completed. This study won the Nobel Prize in medicine, and the ensuing publicity helped to spread the news of L-arginine and its many benefits for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Since then, L-arginine has been a major component of virtually every nitric oxide booster.

L-arginine facilitates nitric oxide development in the body, and the ensuing effects can enhance any workout. Nitric oxide boosts blood flow, but it simultaneously dilates blood vessels, so blood pressure does not increase. This is important because strength training will temporarily elevate blood pressure, and this combined with a supplement that does the same can be dangerous.

Boosting blood flow to muscles, though, has plenty of positive effects on your workout. Blood carries both oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue. If you’re like many fitness enthusiasts, you take at least one supplement to help with health and performance. When nitric oxide facilitates blood flow, it facilitates delivery of these supplements to your muscle tissue, thus making them work better and more efficiently. This helps with workout intensity, but it also supports a healthy recovery.


This unique compound is what sets this product apart from the legions of nitric oxide boosters out there. It is an amino acid derivative that ultimately increases the amount of arginine in the bloodstream. This is important for causing and prolonging the workout-enhancing effects of nitric oxide. It also boosts levels of human growth hormone in the bloodstream, which supports muscle growth. And lastly, this versatile compound also decreases ammonia levels in blood, which will help delay fatigue. Essentially, this is Hemo Shock’s most unique ingredient, and when you take this ingredient in conjunction with L-arginine, it can take your workout to a whole other level.


This is probably the world’s most common stimulant. It’s taken by many people to help them stay awake and alert, but it also can help with your workout. Multiple studies have shown that caffeine consumption actually increases pain tolerance. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do this as a way to ignore an injury, but as a way to reduce your perception of fatigue, it’s a good choice. Additionally, taking caffeine can help increase focus and drive. This is important, especially for grueling workouts. We’ve all had those workouts that are plain exhausting, and having that boost of focus and energy can go a long way.

1-3 Dimethylamine

This is a less common stimulant than caffeine. It’s a neural stimulant, so its effects are similar to adrenaline. Taking this before exercise can help increase your energy and focus before and during your workout. This is a smart choice, as it may cause fewer jitters than some stimulants like yohimbine, which is effective but can cause anxiety and increased heart rate in some athletes who take it.

Potassium ascorbate

This form of potassium is included as an electrolyte boost. Electrolytes are necessary for maintaining a healthy fluid balance and for helping you to power through a workout and recover quickly. Potassium tends to be harder to find in the diet, so its inclusion is especially important in a pre-workout supplement.

Sodium chloride

Sodium does tend to be ubiquitous in diet, but if you’re focused on eating clean and avoid many processed foods, then it may be harder to come by in your diet. Therefore, it’s included in Hemo Shock to ensure that you get a full electrolyte profile. Often, if an athlete drinks a lot of water, he or she can deplete the electrolyte supply and suffer dizziness and fatigue (in extreme cases, this is fatal). Thus, the inclusion of potassium helps keep your fluid balance appropriate.

Magnesium succinate

Potassium and sodium are two electrolytes commonly found in sports drinks, but magnesium is less commonly found here. Its inclusion in this formula means that you get a complete electrolyte profile.



There are a host of advantages to taking Hemo Shock. One advantage, as mentioned above, is the innovative inclusion of N-carbamylglutamate, the special ingredient that facilitates formation and transport of L-arginine (and therefore of nitric oxide). You can find L-arginine in virtually an pre-workout, but N-carbamylglutamate is another story. With this ingredient, you can rest assured that you get nitric oxide delivered around the clock, and your muscles are nourished all day, not just during your workout.

Another advantage is the fact that creatine is also included. Creatine is frequently sold as a separate supplement. It’s true that sometimes, one may not want creatine in a pre-workout, but it does have plenty of advantages when taken before a workout. Having it in combination with the rest of this supplement saves you the time and effort of buying and mixing a separate supplement.

Yet another advantage is this supplement’s unique stimulant blend. Sure, you could just take caffeine, but the inclusion of both caffeine and 1,3-dimethylamine makes sure that you are fully energized before your workout. These two forms of energy can boost drive and focus, making it so you can get through even the most challenging of workouts. And lastly, it comes in many delicious flavors, including cherry limeade, strawberry pineapple, blueberry, and jolly green apple.



Hemo Shock has yet to on any certificates of its own. However, the manufacturer, while it hasn’t gotten a formal award, is recognized in the supplement community for its extreme ingredient purity. Additionally, one of the main ingredients, L-arginine, has been supported by Nobel-Prize-winning research. The fact that this ingredient is backed by such successful research supports claims of this product’s efficacy as a pre-workout and a muscle builder.



Sometimes, it’s helpful to hear from those who have used a supplement when you are contemplating buying that supplement. Below are some words from those who have loved it:

Jeff, 31, Charlottesville, VA:

I have been looking for a pre-workout with a better stimulant profile for ages, and I finally found it! Hemo Shock really pumps me up, more so than other pre-workouts. And the post-workout muscle pump is awesome!

Robbie, 40, Van Nuys, CA:

As a slightly older dude, I appreciate the extra boost in NO2 this supplement gives me. I need all the help I can get when it comes to building muscle, and I’ve noticed a change since I started it a month ago.

Steven, 22, Greensboro, NC:

This is the best pre-workout I’ve ever had, and I love the cherry limeade flavor. I have more energy all day, too – not just when I’m at the gym. Will definitely keep buying.


Awards & Media Coverage

As mentioned above, this supplement has yet to win any awards or media coverage on its own. However, one ingredient is backed by research that has won of the most prestigious awards offered in medical research. Additionally, since the manufacturer is reputed to have supplements that are over 95 percent pure, you can be assured that this supplement is excellent in terms of purity. It is likely that, especially considering the inclusion of revolutionary ingredient N-carbamylglutamate, this supplement will soon receive some media coverage or awards in the supplement industry.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers and sellers of Hemo Shock stand by their product. Currently, though, the manufacturer itself does not have a standard refund policy. If you are concerned that this product may not work for you, it’s a good idea to talk to the seller about their refund policy. Many supplement retailers will allow you to send back the unused portion within 30 days for a purchase-price refund, but this of course will vary based on the seller. Always ask before you buy.



Just as the refund policy will vary by seller, the shipping policy will also vary. Many sellers are very up front about their shipping policies, and many offer varying shipping speeds. In general, most will ship by first-class mail with tracking available. Be sure to ask your retailer about shipping prices and quantity discounts – many offer cheaper shipping if you spend a certain amount of money. Generally, shipping outside of the contiguous United States will cost a little more. But again, check with your seller before you buy.


Customer Support

The customer support staff at GenTech Pharma Labs is dedicated to the experience of you, the fitness enthusiast. All staff members are knowledgeable fitness professionals who are ready to discuss Hemo Shock or other products with you. You can reach them by phone, e-mail, web form, or regular mail. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already bought the product or not – these people are ready to talk with you and answer questions. Even if their product isn’t right for you, they can help you find a product that is.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Many people are worried about ordering online, but you needn’t worry – all retailers of this product are reputable fitness sites. Because they’re reputable, they use checkout technologies that are 100 percent safe and secure. Often, the security is verified by multiple independent agencies, thus certifying that it’s safe from hackers. The companies themselves will never sell, lease, or otherwise share your information – it’s safe with them.


Hemo Shock Pricing

Because it is sold by many vendors, the price of this supplement may vary. In general, though, it costs about $49.99 for a tub of 45 serving. This averages to a little more than one dollar per serving, which isn’t much to ask for a supplement this advanced. While there are certainly cheaper pre-workouts to be bought, few have this level of research and science behind them, and none have this exact and successful ingredient profile.






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