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Gorilla Ultra Pump Review – Can It Make You a Shredded Guy?

What Is Gorilla Ultra Pump?

Gorilla Ultra Pump is a pre-workout nutritional supplement designed to provide maximum muscle-building and workout-enhancing capability to dedicated, active users. It incorporates only natural ingredients into its capsule formula, such as extracts from plants, flowers, herbs, roots, seeds and other botanicals that have been used in traditional cultures around the world for hundreds of years. The active ingredients in the product formula are Yohimbe, L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Gingko Biloba and Maca Root. It may promote not only physical benefits such as elevated energy levels, maximized stamina, heightened endurance and greater workout capacity but also mental benefits such as improved cognitive functioning and memory. It may also work to decrease post-workout recovery time and lessen muscle cramping, stiffness and soreness associated with intense strength-training.

This pre-workout fitness booster is not available in stores; at this time, it can only be purchased directly through the manufacturer or through a small number of reputable online mediums. It is now available for trial use as part of an exclusive offer to United States residents. It has experienced popularity among competitive fitness professionals such as weightlifters, bodybuilders and athletes as well as fit-minded individuals seeking accelerated fat-burning and muscle-building exercise gains. It has also been popular among members of the military and is available for shipping to Armed Forces bases across the world. It is designed as a daily capsule to be taken before workouts in conjunction with an active lifestyle, a regular workout program and a lean, balanced diet.



Gorilla Ultra Pump is manufactured by a company called Uncaged Labs, which has developed and manufactured several successful lines of health and fitness nutritional solutions. It also does business under the name Untamed Labs and offers this pre-workout product – as well as others – on several reputable online markets to fitness enthusiasts all over the world. This manufacturer is perhaps most known for its nitric oxide-boosting fitness supplements, which have become popular among sports performers as an alternative to dangerous, illicit anabolic steroids. Uncaged Labs owns and operates an official company website as well as a company newsletter. The newsletter keeps customers and workout enthusiasts updated regarding new products, services and supplement industry news as well as any new developments with the company and its merchandise lines.

Despite this manufacturer’s online visibility in the health and fitness industry, there is very little information available regarding its founding, specific company members and its mission statement as a producer of wellness goods. Uncaged Labs is not active on any social media channels and is only accessible directly via the company website and via its individual product sites. What few public records are available online seem to indicate that this manufacturer may have been active for as long as a decade prior.


How Gorilla Ultra Pump Works?

As with any nutritional supplement, these pre-workout capsules do require some time and effort to see maximum muscle gains, tightening and toning. Results will vary according to individual characteristics and according to the diet and activity level of each individual user. The manufacturer suggests taking 1-2 capsules on a daily basis – ideally before workout sessions – for a minimum of 90 days. Once taken by mouth, the pills dissolve in the bloodstream and are then transported throughout the body. The plant extracts and amino acids interact chemically with the body’s neurotransmitters to instigate chemical reactions that, potentially, result in improved bodily processes to enhance physical performance capability.

One such way by which performance capability may be enhanced is by stimulating a greater volume of blood delivery not only to working muscle tissue but throughout the entire body, including to the brain. This process is called vasodilation and is essentially defined by the enlarging of smooth muscle and arterial walls, which facilitates more efficient transportation of blood, oxygen and nutrients for faster muscle healing and increased strength, energy, stamina and endurance. Active users are then better able to translate these physical gains to more lean muscle mass and faster calorie-burning. Although all of the ingredients in Gorilla Ultra Pump’s nutrient profile are considered generally safe for most users, anyone with a medical condition, anyone taking medication and/or anyone with any doubts or concerns as to whether this supplement may be safe for use, should consult a medical professional to rule out the possibility of negative side effects and medication interactions.


Ingredients of Gorilla Ultra Pump

Each bottle contains 60 capsules totaling a one-month supply. The manufacturer does not list individual ingredients on the website. However, detailed ingredient information is available on the web for anyone interested in doing the necessary research to determine whether this pre-workout product may be right for them.

Here are the essential ingredients in Gorilla Ultra Pump:

  • L-Arginine;
  • Horny Goat Weed;
  • Korean Ginseng;
  • Gingko Biloba;
  • Yohimbe;
  • Fenugreek;
  • Maca.

L-Arginine is an amino acid key to many essential bodily functions such as vasodilation and myogenesis, i.e. the process of building and repairing muscle tissue. It is also a precursor to an endogenously produced molecule called nitric oxide, which means that it is converted into nitric oxide via a chemical process in the body. L-Arginine has become a popular fitness supplement in recent years due to its blood flow-boosting properties, which may translate to faster muscle recovery, reduced cramping and soreness, enhanced muscle-building capability and improved stamina and endurance. Horny Goat Weed, on the other hand, is an herbal extract known by a variety of names including Puncturevine, Devil’s Weed, Epimedium, Fairy’s Wings, Bishop’s Hat and more and is included in the product formula to further boost blood flow.

Another core ingredient, Gingko Biloba, is a plant extract derived from the Maidenhair tree that has been used in traditional cultures for hundreds of years for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. It is commonly used to boost mood, energy levels and memory as well as to enhance blood delivery to muscle tissue. It may also function as a potent mood enhancer in some, and is increasing in popularity as a workout booster due to its reputation for improving blood flow. Yohimbe (also known as Yohimbine) is an indole alkaloid extracted from the Yohimbe tree, which is native to Central Africa. It is included in these potentially muscle-boosting capsules for its fat-burning properties and is often utilized in pre-workout supplement formulas to accelerate weight loss and muscle gains.

Seasoned fitness buffs may recognize Fenugreek, another popular fitness supplement ingredient that is extracted from the seeds of an annual plant cultivated worldwide. Though Fenugreek extract is regarded by many to possess testosterone-boosting effects, research on this aspect of the herbal extract is currently inconclusive. Maca is another root extract included in the proprietary formula blend and is widely used to balance hormonal levels, to fight fatigue, to enhance athletic performance, to boost memory and to enhance many other health and fitness factors. It has a butterscotch scent and is rich in many different minerals, including magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorous, protein and amino acids. Korean Ginseng – also known by the names Panax Ginseng, Asian Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng and Korean Ginseng – is derived from a species of root plant native to the mountainous regions of Eastern Asia; it is often used to boost blood flow and overall vitality and may be especially beneficial for some older users.



Gorilla Ultra Pump promises a whole host of benefits to dedicated fitness enthusiasts which range from physical to mental. Perhaps of primary interest to most weightlifters is its promise to increase lean muscle mass at an accelerated rate, allowing users to get the most of out every workout. Of interest not only to serious athletes and bodybuilders but also to anyone who puts in regular time at the gym, is likely this product’s potential benefit promoting decreased recovery time for less post-workout pain and faster muscle healing. With an all-natural lineup of plant extracts, amino acids, minerals and botanicals, it aims to improve workouts for more dramatic results in a shorter period of time. It may also help to improve hormone production, which may not only ramp up physical fitness capability but also improve muscle strength, stamina, muscle size and strength-training endurance in older men whose hormone levels have declined with age.

On the cognitive side, Gorilla Ultra Pump may also sharpen mental focus via its blood flow-enhancing properties, which pump more blood to the brain to optimize brain activity. The manufacturer also avails new users of a free trial program for only a small upfront shipping cost; trial members can then, at the evaluation period’s conclusion, opt to roll trial membership over into a recurring shipment program for uninterrupted monthly product delivery. Since this pre-workout supplement is manufactured in capsule form, the tablets are as easy to take as a multivitamin and may help to enhance workout-fueling energy and stamina. The cost for a one-month supply is comparatively less expensive and far less invasive than traditional medical hormone therapies designed to boost and regulate hormone levels. Also relevant is the fact that many of the active herbal ingredients in the formula blend have been used for hundreds of years for medicinal and wellness-boosting purposes and have been thusly demonstrated to be safe for use for most healthy users.



The Gorilla Ultra Pump website provides some compelling medical statistics to outline the potential benefits a testosterone booster such as this may offer. One statistic cited states that testosterone levels begin to drop by 2-4% per year after the age of 30. This gradual hormonal decline causes such undesirable effects as muscle softening, weight gain, belly fat, fatigue, mental fog and other such effects, which are often particularly noticeable in men. With a balanced dosage of amino acids and plant extracts, this pre-workout product may help to reverse these age-related effects by stimulating active testosterone production for a boost in physical and mental performance. There is no information on the website regarding whether it is produced in compliance with federal regulations in a Good Manufacturing Practice-certified lab.

The manufacturer of Gorilla Ultra Pump, Uncaged Labs, operates all business procedures in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) Notice. As such, the company does not tolerate copyright infringement in any manner, whether from company affiliates or users of its website. The product website contains detailed information on the company’s manufacturing practices as well as all other pertinent policy information. Lastly, anyone who places an order on the site must be at least 18 years of age. The terms and conditions on the website detail specifically the laws and regulations of which it manufacturing and marketing practices operate in accordance with.



Gorilla Ultra Pump gives me a nice burst of energy when I’m lifting weights and getting my cardio in. I’ve also noticed that I can lift longer than I was able to before I started using it as a daily supplement. Since I’ve made it a part of my routine for the past couple of months, my belly doesn’t hang over my belt, and my biceps are finally getting that ripped look I’ve been going for. My best friend was pretty skeptical when I told him I was ordering this, but since he’s seen how it’s helped me to transform my body, he’s ordered a bottle of his own. I’d recommend at least giving this a shot to anyone who’s willing to lift hard and eat well.

– Steven, operations manager in Kent, Washington, USA

I signed up for the free trial since I liked the fact that all of the ingredients are natural and that the pills are so easy to take (and carry in my gym bag!) on a daily basis. I figured no harm, no foul if it didn’t work out; I could always cancel out of the program. I took these every day for two weeks, and the extra endurance it gave me helped me add more weight while I lifted and to bench press for longer. Exercises that usually give me horrid cramps the day after sessions – like deadlifts and squats – weren’t nearly as painful. Because of that, I was able to fit in an extra session in the middle of the week – this was a big win for me.

– Rick, construction worker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I lost fifteen pounds and gained an inch of muscle during the three months I used this. I was worried about side effects at first, but these pills didn’t make me irritable or anxious the way most pre-workout supps have made me in the past. Working out was a lot more enjoyable with the extra energy and stamina I felt during cardio. I plan on picking up another bottle to help me lose these last five pounds and to firm up a bit more. In my experience and opinion, this stuff really works.

– Tyrone, roofer in Scranton, North Dakota, USA

When I first started researching workout supplements to find the one that might work best for me, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of products on the market. I managed to narrow it down to about five; this one seemed to have the best reviews and, combined with the fact that it didn’t have any sketchy ingredients or filler, I went ahead and bought a bottle. I take two capsules before workouts, and these little pills charge me up and give me an extra jolt of energy to do more reps in the gym. My legs are looking more carved than they have in years — I don’t think I could’ve leaned out and bulked up as quickly as I have by training alone.

– Andreas, account manager in Boise, Idaho, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The media coverage Gorilla Ultra Pump has received in the health and fitness industry has no doubt contributed to making it one of the more recognizable fitness enhancers on the market. It has been especially popular in bodybuilding and athletic communities, where it is often used as a safer alternative to anabolic supplements. Many may recognize it from the bodybuilding publication Muscle & Fitness, where it was reviewed by industry professionals and, subsequently, became especially popular in both American and Canadian fitness supplement markets. As an online magazine focusing on workouts, diet, workout routines, bodybuilding and health for both men and for women, it reaches a global demographic each year and aims to assist fit-minded individuals in their endeavors to shape up, slim down and lead a healthier lifestyle. The magazine often features fit celebrities, professional athletes and other fitness professionals.

This pre-workout product has also been featured in Men’s Health, another popular online publication dedicated to all things workout- and health-related for men. In addition, many users may recognize Gorilla Ultra Pump from Men’s Fitness, which similarly focuses on training, nutrition, weight loss, workout routines, relationships and similar subjects. It has also been featured around the internet on various bodybuilding blogs and forums as well as on several industry supplement review sites. According to the official product website, it was ranked #1 in its category for the year 2015. However, the site provides neither details nor links as to where interested consumers can access more information about this competition.


Money-back Guarantee

Uncaged Labs offers full buyer protection via its 14-day return policy. If a buyer decides for any reason that the product is not right for them, they may return their item at their own expense for a full refund. Per current return terms and conditions, all products must be returned to the corporate warehouse in the original packaging, unopened and undamaged. Buyers should note that there is a 20% restocking fee per unit returned. Products that arrive at receiving facilities opened and/or used will not be processed for a refund under any circumstances.

To initiate a refund, customers must call the support department via the toll-free telephone number provided on the website to receive full instructions. A team member will then provide a Return Merchandise Authorization number, which must be clearly written on the return package in order to be processed for a refund. Any parcel that does not display a valid Return Authorization Number will not be accepted for the requested return. The physical address of the company’s return facilities is not listed on the website; thus, customers who would like to request a return must contact the customer support department to receive the address of the manufacturer’s shipping and receiving facilities.



In-stock orders are shipped directly from the company’s warehouse within one business day of purchase. The cost of shipping and handling is $5.95 and is payable via either Visa or MasterCard. The primary delivery carriers used are FedEx Express and UPS. This company offers convenient shipping to any state within the United States. It also ships to the Republic of Marshall Islands, to American Samoa, to the Federated States of Micronesia, to the Northern Mariana Islands, to Puerto Rico and to the Virgin Islands of the United States.

In addition to convenient and inexpensive shipping to the U.S. and surrounding islands, packages can also be shipped to the Armed Forces Pacific, to the Armed Forces Middle East and to the Armed Forces Americas. Charges associated with shipping and handling are non-reimbursable. To ensure that each parcel is returned to shipment facilities safely and securely, customers are encouraged to purchase additional shipping insurance in case the package is damaged or lost in transit. There is no information on the Gorilla Ultra Pump website regarding whether the manufacturer offers optional shipping insurance.


Customer Support

Anyone with questions regarding Gorilla Ultra Pump, its parent company or corresponding policies may direct queries to either a toll-free telephone number or to a customer support email address. As there is currently no physical corporate address provided on the website, anyone interested can contact customer service by phone or by email for this information. In addition, anyone seeking a return must – per current terms and conditions – contact customer support for detailed return instructions, which include the physical address to which the return parcel must be mailed. Team members are available for direct customer support regarding order issues, product questions, technical support, shipping and billing information or for any reason whatsoever. Support representatives can further assist members of the auto-ship recurring delivery program by changing membership details and/or modifying the method of payment at any time.

Though customers are responsible for supplying correct information to the company for order and billing purposes, service representatives can assist in correcting any mis-entered info and remediating any subsequent issues. Anyone experiencing issues related to orders and/or billing must contact the telephone number on the website for assistance. Team members are trained to handle both trial program and auto-ship accounts and can cancel or modify orders at any time. The product website does not provide specific hours of operation for the customer service department


Safe & Secure Checkout

As evidenced by the security seal on the product website, the transaction system is safeguarded by a 256-bit encrypted connection. McAfee Secure. Encryption technology such as this is used by millions of online vendors to protect sensitive customer information from the potential of malware, cyber intruders, phishing, hacking and other forms of data misuse. The ‘256’ number in the encryption description refers to the number of key ciphers and algorithms used to scramble data to make it unreadable to anyone attempting to infiltrate the server’s secure connection.

Other security seals displayed on the website are industry standard software companies Verisign Secured and TRUSTe. Verisign Secured is a trust mark awarded to eligible websites by Symantec, a leading internet security software provider. This certificate ensures that the website’s authenticity has been verified by Symantec and has passed stringent online safety standards. Another leading Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provider, TRUSTe, certifies websites that pass strict privacy compliance and risk management standards. This manufacturer’s suite of privacy shield certificates demonstrates to customers that this is a company committed to protecting all personal and financial information supplied to the website, to the maximum degree possible with industry standard technology.


Pricing & Free Trial

Fortunately, Uncaged Labs offers fitness buffs the opportunity to test Gorilla Ultra Pump out for themselves to evaluate how it might help in their quest to reshape and redefine their physiques. The company is now offering an exclusive offer to U.S. residents of an 14-day trial period, in which the only upfront cost is a small delivery fee. Once the free trial program concludes, those who take no action to cancel membership will be automatically enrolled in the company’s recurring billing system. Per terms and conditions, membership in the auto-ship program entails monthly deliveries of a fresh bottle of Gorilla Ultra Pump every 30 days (beginning at the trial’s conclusion). Auto-ship members can opt to discontinue service at any time by contacting the customer support department; all cancellations are effective upon request.

Members can also opt to modify or change the initial product ordered for monthly delivery at any time (also by contacting the customer service department). If members do not contact customer support to cancel membership, their method of payment on file will be billed for the full retail price of the product at $89.99, the credit card on file will also be billed this amount each month for auto-deliveries going forward. Current trial conditions do require the customer to ship back the unused portion of the product at their own expense (before the end of the trial period), while the return package must be postmarked no later than the final (18th) day of the trial. Uncaged Labs does, occasionally, offer promotions for free products and services. These, of course, must be used in the allotted time period per applicable terms and conditions.






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