Extreme Ultra Burn

Extreme Ultra Burn Review – Can This Supplement Reduce Muscle Fatigue?

What Is Extreme Ultra Burn?

Extreme Ultra Burn is a pre-workout supplement designed for all levels of workout enthusiasts. More extreme athletes, like bodybuilders, typically combine a pre-workout supplement with supplements from other categories to achieve extreme results. For the average person, a pre-workout supplement can be effective enough by itself. The supplement promises to increase energy levels and prevent muscle fatigue.

Pre-workout supplements have increased in popularity over the last decade. The ideology behind the supplement is to prepare the muscles beforehand in order for a person to be able to workout harder and longer. More intense workouts result in quicker results. Plus, when muscles are energized, approaching a workout feels like less of a chore. When individuals enjoy their workout, they’re more likely to follow through with a consistent workout schedule.

Extreme Ultra Burn’s formula was designed around scientific studies. Each ingredient was shown to be effective in one way or another depending on the item’s desired use. However, Extreme Ultra Burn’s formula hasn’t been tested as a whole. This prevents any assurance that the individual ingredients are also successful when combined together. The product needs to take part in both short term and long term clinical trials to prove its effectiveness.



The manufacturer of Extreme Ultra Burn is also called Extreme Ultra Burn. Little is known about the company. The business doesn’t have its own website, so the only reference to it is contained in the product’s Terms and Conditions. There is no reference to a founding date or who the founders actually are, and there isn’t any information regarding the location of the business or its production facilities.

The company also doesn’t exist on the list of businesses provided to the public by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB provides official accreditation to companies that apply, but they also offer ratings to businesses regardless of their accreditation status. Not only does the manufacturer lack both an accreditation and a rating, the business doesn’t appear as in existence through the BBB. This is uncommon among supplement companies.

The lack of information regarding the company’s history is odd in an age where a full history can be published to the web within five minutes. Even the smallest of companies typically have some sort of informational page. Not providing customers with a proper website and information doesn’t provide a sense of trust for the customers regarding the company and their business practices.


How Extreme Ultra Burn Works?

Extreme Ultra Burn works by attacking multiple issues associated with workouts. The main issues that people experience with workouts are muscle fatigue and energy loss. This product promises reduced fatigue as well as increased stamina. Like many other pre-workout supplements, the supplement is also intended to increase muscle mass at a quicker rate than it can be achieved without a dietary aid.

The product uses two types of amino acids to prepare the muscles. L-Citrulline quickly begins converting to Nitric Oxide which allows more blood to reach the muscles. Lack of bloodflow to the muscles is one of the main issues that arise during workouts. By increasing the blood flow before the workout begins, the muscles are put into the optimal position for exercise. The blood flow is also increased by the Beetroot.

The L-Arginine supports the muscles from a different angle, as the amino acid causes Human Growth Hormone to be released which increases energy levels. These energy levels are furthered increased as the Taurine and Caffeine take effect, allowing the individual to have enough energy to make it through intense workouts. While the energy levels and HGH levels are increased, Nettle Root works to increase the testosterone levels in the system to provide enhanced muscle gain.


Ingredients of Extreme Ultra Burn

The main ingredients of Extreme Ultra Burn are provided by the company, but the amount of each is unknown. The product only has six main ingredients which is one of the smaller ingredients lists among products in this category. This list includes two amino acids, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, that are common among pre-workout supplements. The full list of main ingredients is as follow:

  • Taurine
  • Nettle Root
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Beetroot Nitrate
  • Caffeine Anhydrous

Taurine is commonly found in meat, and it functions as an anti-fatigue agent. Nettle Root is used to increase muscle growth by preventing testosterone from binding to other elements in the body. This allows higher levels of the hormone to be used by the body to increase muscle growth and endurance. Beetroot works well with L-Citrulline because it increases the level of blood flow while L-Citrulline converts to Nitric Oxide which expands the blood vessels. Caffeine Anhydrous is uncommon among pre-workout supplements, but the ingredient is used to increase energy levels.

The product doesn’t provide the list of inactive ingredients. Since Extreme Ultra Burn comes in the form of a capsule, Gelatin is probably one of its inactive ingredients as it is used to create the digestible capsule shell. Magnesium Stearate is also a popular ingredient. It is used to extend the shelf life of the product as well as to prevent the ingredients from activating before digestion. However, without the full ingredients list, there is no way to be sure what elements are included.



Extreme Ultra Burn has the advantage of using ingredients that were chosen based on their success in scientific studies. All of these studies are readily available, and the company even offers a direct link to the published results by which the ingredient list was inspired. A product with ingredients that have proven effectiveness is more likely to be trusted by customers than products that use ingredients that don’t have a proven track record.

The product also has the advantage of only using a few ingredients. When fewer ingredients are used, there is less of a chance that they will counteract each other when they are combined. This is particularly useful when dealing with products that haven’t tested their specific formulation. It also reduces the risk of any sort of negative interaction with other supplements or medications.

Another advantage of Extreme Ultra Burn is its money-back guarantee. When products are offered with a money-back guarantee, it signals to the customer that the supplement is effective. Customers are more likely to try out new products when they are guaranteed to show results.



Extreme Ultra Burn doesn’t hold any certifications. Since supplements made in the U.S. aren’t regulated by any organization, the certification opportunities are minimal because there isn’t an official judgment group. Such a limited field of opportunities makes it even more important for products to obtain those certifications in order to be competitive. The product’s lack of recognition serves as a disadvantage to its competitive edge.

One of the certifications that are becoming more common among pre-workout supplements is the Current Good Manufacturing Practice certificate. The CGMP is awarded by the FDA to products that are created in certified facilities. For the facility to obtain certification, it must adhere to the standards set forth by the FDA. The lack of the CGMP certification serves as a missed opportunity and puts the product at a disadvantage compared to its competition. It also brings the quality of the production facility into question.

Another missing certification is a patent. Patents are only available for products that have proven their effectiveness through laboratory tests and clinical trials. This product’s formula is inspired by testing results, but the formulation as a whole hasn’t undergone any clinical trials. Not holding a patent is another disadvantage of the product because it’s the only way to showcase its effectiveness. Without this proof, it doesn’t stand out from the competition.



I had put some excess weight within the last decade, but every attempt to get to the gym seemed like an exhausting ordeal. I take Extreme Ultra Burn 30 minutes before I work to give me that push I need to see the gym as a fun place. In the last six months, I’ve managed to lose the fat around my middle, and I have defined muscles in places I didn’t realize I even had muscles.

– Jim H., Philadelphia, PA

If you saw me a year ago, you wouldn’t believe I was the same person. I went from overweight to chasing my new dream of becoming a bodybuilder. This product has allowed me to make it through very intense and long workouts. I’ve been catapulted to a professional fitness level from a couch potato, and all of my success is owed to this supplement.

– Jacob S., Atlanta, GA

As a trainer, my days are filled with training. I workout along side my clients from early in the morning until well into the evening, and it’s hard to maintain my energy levels. This pre-workout supplement has curbed my fatigue and provided me with the necessary energy to make it through my days. It is the most important aspect of my daily routine.

– Harry M., Dallas, TX

As a professional bodybuilder, my livelihood rests on my ability to make it through my training sessions. Daily sessions are exhausting, and even with my specialty diet, it was impossible to keep my energy levels up. I turned to this supplement to give me a boost. I felt my energy levels rise within the first 25 minutes. I’ve been so impressed with the product that I take it every day before my training session.

– Matt R., Columbus, IN


Awards & Media Coverage

Extreme Ultra Burn hasn’t received any media coverage. Lacking media coverage is common among pre-workout supplements because the number of fitness publications is small while the number of supplements on the market is large. Out of the few products that these publications spotlight, none of them are products that use a free trial as a way to sign people up for a subscription service. The lack of media coverage may be less about the quality of the product and more about the business practices of the company.

The product also lacks awards. Official awards are basically non-existent in the supplement community. This is a result of the lack of official organizations designed to regulate and test such products. The only awards that are currently available for pre-workout supplements in the U.S. market are awarded by fitness publications. Since the product is unlikely to receive any media coverage, there is little chance of it ever receiving an award.

Lacking both awards and media coverage is common in the supplement community. However, the lack of such items is seldom a result of the practices of the company. Not only are fitness publications not going to acknowledge products with questionable business practices, but they’re definitely not going to offer free publicity to a product when its manufacturer is unknown among the community. If the product wants to compete with the top-selling pre-workout supplements, the company needs to alter its policies and increase its online presence in order to gain the trust of the publications.


Money-back Guarantee

Extreme Ultra Burn is accompanied with a money-back guarantee. The company offers refunds for opened bottles as long as the request occurs within 30 days of the item’s original shipment date. Not all companies accept opened bottles of products for a refund, so such a policy serves as an advantage for the product. The same timeframe is used for unopened bottle returns.

In order to receive a refund, customers need to contact the customer support team by phone. The representative will need the order number in order to process the return. Once the return is approved, the representative will provide the customer with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. The RMA must be present on the outside of the returned package in order for it to be accepted by the staff.

The return is usually processed within five business days, but the process can take up to a week. Once the return is processed, a refund will be sent back to the credit or debit card that was initially charged. The money transfer is typically processed within a week, but the exact timeframe depends on the customer’s banking policy. If the account of the original purchase has been closed, customers must contact the service department to arrange a check to be sent to the shipping address instead.



Subscribers of Extreme Ultra Burn are offered free shipping for their monthly delivery of the product. However, if the customer cancels their subscription, the company may charge the customer for the price of shipping of the most recent shipment. This charge occurs even if the customer has already paid for that bottle. Such a policy is not common among the product’s competitors. Customers are also required to pay for shipping on any returned items.

For the initial free trial, customers are required to pay a set fee of $4.95 for shipping and handling. This fee is not refundable even if the customer is unsatisfied with their free trial. These shipping policies only apply to residents of the U.S. as the product isn’t for sale internationally. Only being available in the U.S. does serve as a disadvantage to the product because a large piece of the market is international.


Customer Support

The customer support staff can be reached by phone or through email. These forms of communication are only available to U.S. residents as the product isn’t available for international sale. This situation prevents the product from being a competitor within the market as the majority of the competing products are sold internationally.

The company doesn’t actually list the hours of operation for the customer service team. This may mean that if the correspondence occurs by phone, then the customer will need to leave a message before receiving a reply. If this is the case, it could result in multiple problems for the customer because they have a limited amount of time to cancel their trial .

The customer support offered by Extreme Ultra Burn doesn’t compare to that of its top competitors. The highest selling pre-workout supplements offer 24-hour customer service. This offering is typically available by both phone and click-to-chat with email correspondence having a delay of around 12 hours. The lack of operation hours as well as the lack of options in terms of customer service serves as another disadvantage to the product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Extreme Ultra Burn can be purchased through a safe and secure digital checkout. The site uses one of the most important aspects of online security known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). While it’s a complicated process, it can be summarized as a layer of encryption added to the page. When the page is encrypted, outside sources can’t hack into the site and view the information that is being typed onto the page. This information typically includes credit card and debit card numbers, so this layer of encryption is very important.

The company has received both McAfee Secure and Norton Secured security stamps for the checkout. These stamps certify that the website uses a powerful antivirus to ward off online viruses. Virtual viruses are used by hackers to create a path into the servers that run the website. These servers are also where the customer information is stored, so using a trusted antivirus is necessary to protect credit card information.

The website also houses the TRUSTe stamp of approval. TRUSTe is a company that provides consulting services and certifications for companies regarding privacy compliance. They provide each business with the necessary tools and policies in order for the company to meet the industry standards of privacy protection for their customers. TRUSTe assesses each site to verify that its policies live up to the expected privacy standards of the industry.


Pricing & Free Trial

Extreme Ultra Burn is only available in capsule form and can only be purchased in one size of bottle. A single bottle of the product costs $89.95. Each bottle contains 60 capsules worth of product which provides a one month supply of the supplement. As a workout supplement, a 30 day supply is very common, but the price of the product is much higher than many of its competitors. Other pre-workout supplements off the same supply but only cost around 25 dollars.

The product technically offers a free trial of the product, but signing up for the free trial also signs the customer up for a monthly subscription program. To receive the free trial, customers must pay a small fee for shipping. The customer has 16 days from ordering the product to cancel their subscription. If the customer fails to cancel their subscription by contacting the customer service department, they will be charged the price for the full bottle, and the bottle will be shipped out. The company claims to only offer 250 trials per day.

Forcing customers into a renewal program is not often practiced by reputable companies, so the policy reflects poorly on the company. Automatic subscription programs are not common among pre-workout supplements, but they are prevalent among testosterone boosters. As the pre-workout supplement category continues to grow, it is not surprising that more pop-up companies that follow questionable business practices are showing up.






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