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Extreme MXL Review – Is It One Good Source of Quality Nutrients?

What Is Extreme MXL?

Extreme MXL is a pre-workout supplement that when taken is supposed to improve your strength during workouts. It is a natural blend according to the manufacturer’s and the main ingredients included are amino acids, which are what makes protein beneficial in gaining muscle. It is for men and has ingredients that are formulated to give you needed nutrients to sustain workouts, and also raise hormone levels to also help during a workout.

You should notice bigger lifts and more reps when lifting in the gym. Also it increases the power of the cardiovascular system, so you might notice more energy and oxygen while running or doing aerobic exercise as well as while you’re lifting weights. It also contains N.O. or Nitric Oxide, which supposedly helps with the blood flow throughout the body, and more blood flow to the muscles ultimately leaves you with more strength and power during a workout. The manufacturer doesn’t have a lot of positive reviews or media coverage, so you might not get a very good idea of the product before you decide to actually use the product yourself, however there is a good return policy for your free trial in that you can keep the full month’s first bottle for $9.95 and not pay the full amount. This should give you enough time to get an idea if the product is right for you and is accomplishing anything during your workouts.



The product’s copyright is the name of the product, Extreme MXL, so this is the name that the manufacturers are going by. The customer support page lists their address in California, and there are no other places listed on the site about manufacturing and production locations. The makers of it are committed to providing all natural ingredients in their product, consisting of amino acids such as L-Norvaline and L-Arginine, which help to increase the blood flow throughout the body and give more power to your workout.

There is also Citrulline Mallate, which helps to increase blood flow in the body, helping with performance and workout recovery. However, this is a proprietary blend from the manufacturer, meaning that you won’t be sure how much of each ingredient is in the product. Also with a proprietary blend you might run into the problem of fillers which have no nutritional value or added value for your workouts, but the producer of Extreme MXL claims there are no artificial fillers or ingredients in the product.


How Extreme MXL Works?

You should take the supplement 30 minutes before you start working out. This should give you a time release that will help give you more testosterone, protein and strength and energy boost to get you through your workout. You are to see an increase in your overall strength and ability to lift more repetitions without fatigue. Also the ingredients produce more testosterone in your body, and when taken just before the workout, will give you the best burst of energy to get through it.

L-Novalline helps to increase the blood flow which will give more oxygen to the body and help as well with performance and strength. The manufacturers also encourage you to, aside from taking the supplement just before working out, to work out harder than normal, maxing your efforts, and also to eat a healthy diet alongside Extreme MXL and cut out drinking and smoking. Drinking and smoking are adverse to your overall health, but especially if you are working out because they will be counterproductive to your efforts. Think drinking a Diet Coke with a Super Size Extra Value meal. So if you have to, quit the habit! They also suggest getting 8-9 hours of sleep per night and tell you to drink plenty of water.


Ingredients of Extreme MXL

The contents of the product consist of a proprietary blend, which will list the ingredients of the product but not necessarily the amount. L-Arginine is supposed to increase the level of testosterone throughout the body, and also help with being able to relax and see more blood flow to the muscles. So though the ingredient increases testosterone it might not increase aggression or irritability too much.

Extreme MXL is also supposed to also have other components that increase strength during the workout and helps to add muscle mass while preventing diseases as well through the natural ingredients. L-Novaline is another ingredient that is also an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants are known to help decrease the risk of cancer and other health problems. The ingredient also helps increase the blood flow and is supposed to help with the circulation system in the body so that more oxygen is available. It even has been known to help absorb Insulin. Citrulline Malate helps produce nitric oxide, which in turn will give more blood flow through the body, give a more productive workout and help to repair the muscles.



The ingredients in Extreme MXL are designed to help you work out in the gym for a longer amount of time and with greater intensity levels, that is more reps and more weight. Also, with an increased recovery time due to muscles recovering more quickly from the lifting, you will be able to be in the gym more. This again means more results. You will see an increase in muscle as well as less body fat. The ingredients in Extreme MXL are amino acids, which help to increase the amount of blood and oxygen going through the body, which in turn will help the power, strength and endurance of your workouts, helping you accomplish more than you normally would and see more results.

Also the product says it’s 100% natural and with no fillers. Some supplements have fillers to help hold the supplement pills together or other ingredients that can potentially be risk factors to your health. Another edge the product has that other pre-workout supplements don’t is the side effect of the post-workout crash. So you won’t need to worry as much about having a burst of energy that will then suddenly lose momentum and leave you tired and sluggish, which is something that is very common with these types of supplements, especially if they contain caffeine, because as well all know, a burnout is imminent after our Starbucks wears off. It’s the same concept here.



The fact that the supplement was evaluated by customers might give you the consumer a bit more ability to relax knowing that it has been approved as a substance that can be consumed and not be hazardous to your heath. However it is always important to check the ingredients in any case to see if there are any that you are allergic to, or any fillers or potentially unnatural substances that might adversely affect you when consumed.

The product is also not meant to be taken in place of other medications you might be on. You may want to consult a doctor if you are on any medications to ensure that the supplement will not adversely affect you when taken in combination with the medication. It is formulated to help with the growth of your muscles during a workout and should not be taken for any other reason. Also it isn’t recommended to take the supplement or any other similar one if you are under the age of 18.



There aren’t many reviews to be found for Extreme MXL. Two that were written in an advert might be biased. One man said that he wanted to improvise his gym routine so he started to take the product. He said he felt that his ability to lift was increased. He used the product for three months and enjoyed his results. It gave him greater ability to increase muscle, saw bigger muscle mass, and kept him from getting tired. He did admit to getting after-workout crashes however.

Another review said that he took it for three months and found much better body tone after. He said he was more muscular and stronger, which was something he had been hoping to achieve since he was a student. He hadn’t seen any results like it even when he was younger in age so he thought the supplements were a great advantage. He didn’t experience any negative side effects from the product and said it’s easy to take. There weren’t any other reviews to be found, so with just two you may have to try the product yourself to see if it gives you any results.


Awards & Media Coverage

It doesn’t appear to be any awards or certificates list on the Extreme MXL website. There is a video review available on YouTube but it’s really just an advert with some promising looking photos of people with toned and buff bodies plus the content of the website and features of what the product is supposed to help with that looks like someone just compiled in their spare time when they were bored and sitting on YouTube in their basement. There aren’t any followed Twitter accounts or Facebook or other social media appearances.

Also it is suggested by the manufacturer that you consult a medical professional before trying the product, even though it is declared safe by the producers of the product. Also if you are on any ongoing medications it’s best to consult a professional to make sure there won’t be any problems with combining the medicine and the supplement. Since there are also a very limited amount of reviews for the product along with not much media coverage, you might need to try the product for yourself to decide if you like it. But it’s always nice to have more people saying they achieved astounding results when using the product, which is more evident with other products of its kind that have media features and reviews. So in other words, do your research!


Money-back Guarantee

If you call their toll free number to cancel within the 14 days of your purchase, you will be able to avoid the $89.82 charge to your account. Also, you can return the bottle, but you will still need to pay the shipping and handling fee, which is almost as much as keeping the first bottle of the free trial at $9.95, so it’s probably better to just keep the bottle. Also they guarantee to give you your money back if you return the bottle unopened otherwise.

If you want to return a bottle to the manufacturer of Extreme MXL, you will have to first get an RMA number from Customer Service by calling them. This includes the bottle of the free trial supplement. For non-trial products, the bottle must be unopened, you have to get an RMA number, and you have to return the product within 30 days and you will get your money back minus a restocking fee of $9.95. You will also be refunded in case of any fraudulent activity with your card or identity.



The shipping and handling and free-trial for Extreme MXL are advantageous over other supplements in that if you cancel your free trial and don’t return the bottle, you will still only be charged a minimal fee instead of the full amount for the product. The standard shipping for the product is $5.89 one way, which means if you decide to ship back the bottle because you don’t like Extreme MXL before the 14 days are over, you will have to pay that twice. There is one nice perk about the supplement as compared to other products, however, in that even if you decide to keep the one-month supply of the bottle, you will only pay and additional $9.95 to keep the product and not the full amount of $89.82.

So since this price is barely over what you would need to pay to ship it back, you may have the chance to try the full month’s product to see if you like it, cancel the renewal, but then renew again at the end of the month if you decide you like it. This is a nice perk because usually free trials with supplements don’t last long enough to actually see if you like the results because the advertising usually claims you will see results from one month of use at the earliest. Another perk is that if you enroll in the auto-ship program, they will wave your shipping and handling fee every month.


Customer Support

There is a customer support page for the product on the website. There you will find a Returns Address where you can return bottles if you decide you don’t like the product. The address is located in California. You can make and customer enquires or ask any product questions Monday through Friday, 6am to 10pm California time.

Take note they do not have an email or phone number listed on the Customer Service page, it is located in the terms and conditions and refund policy section. However there it says that the Customer Service is available anytime 24 hours per day, seven days a week. So maybe you can take your chances and try phoning on the off hours not listed on the support page.


Safe & Secure Checkout

During your checkout, Extreme MXL will take your name, email address, mailing address and phone number. Billing information will also be gathered as well as unique identifiers such as user name, an account number and a password. They also encrypt the transmission of your information by using SSL certificates, or secure socket layer technology to ensure your safe checkout process. The SSL is a necessary and standard certificate used for online purchasing, so if the product doesn’t have that, think twice before checking out.

They are generally following the industry standards and seem to be the same as other products’ level of protection of personal information of customers, during the transmission of the information and when they receive it. They say that their method of storing your information electronically is not 100% secure however. As always there is a risk when ordering online. Also, if the supplement confirms that there has been fraudulent use of your credit card information, you will be refunded any amount charged to your account.


Pricing & Free Trial

There is a free trial for the product of 14 days, after which the offer will be automatically renewed unless you cancel the order in the meantime. The producers say they have already given away 250 offers. They give one bottle per free trial for Extreme MXL but do not promise that the supply will last, which is marketing to get you to act fast and on impulse. Always good to think before you purchase! You will also pay the shipping and handling fee, to and from the manufacturer, even if you decide you don’t like the product and cancel.

This is because you will have to send back the bottle if you cancel the free trial. Standard shipping rates are $5.89 per go, so you’re looking at nearly $12 total. If you don’t cancel during the 14 days you will be billed $89.82 for the one month’s supply and you will also be enrolled in their auto subscription plan and receive a new supply every month for that amount, but you won’t need to pay the shipping and handling. This is also something that stands out compared to other products as most you will pay the shipping and handling on top of the purchase price.






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