Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel

Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel Review – Does It Increase Energy or Not?

What Is Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel?

Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel is a pre-workout supplement designed to stimulate the natural production of nitric oxide for better workouts and faster pre-workout recovery. Its primary goal is to optimize peak workout performance to help users build lean muscle mass and burn fat faster. It may also accelerate the body’s ability to heal and repair muscles after workouts, maximize strength and stamina and provide a sustained energy release. It features a formula of potent amino acids including L-Citrulline, L-Norvaline and Pure N.O. Super Molecule. All of the ingredients are extracted from plants, herbs and other natural sources.

This supplement is manufactured in the United States by an established health and fitness supplement supplier that retains corporate facilities in several states. It is intended for healthy adult males who want to take their workouts to the next level to attain maximum fitness and lean muscle mass. It is also popular among competitive fitness professionals who are looking for a safe, legal performance booster on the playing field or in competitions. It is manufactured as a dietary supplement only and is intended for use alongside a balanced diet and an intense strength-training regimen.



Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel is manufactured by a health and fitness supplement supplier that goes by the same name. It is believed that this supplier researches, develops and manufactures all of its own products and is based in the United States. Its corporate headquarters are located in Dover, Delaware. Its fulfillment and return center is located in Hendersonville, Nevada. At the time of this review, this company does not appear to have an official website of its own.

Similarly, although this manufacturer offers other successful health and fitness supplements, it does not provide links to its other products on the Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel website. It does not maintain a presence on social media, which it may want to reconsider in order to maintain a greater connection with its customer base and to make itself available for customer questions.


How Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel Works?

Essentially, this pre-workout supplement is designed to fuel workout performance by stimulating the body’s production of a natural molecule called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps the body to function optimally in a number of ways. First, it is believed to significantly increase the volume of blood to working muscle tissue. With more protein- and oxygen-rich blood surging into muscle cells, pumps may be more powerful and effective, possibly leading to more extreme results. More intense, longer-lasting workouts may mean enable users to pack on more lean muscle mass in a shorter period of time.

Nitric oxide also helps fuel workout performance by helping to cut pre-session recovery time. The amino acids in this formula purportedly relax the arterial walls to allow greater blood flow, thereby lessening muscle cramping, soreness and stiffness for faster recovery and less time between workouts. When the capsules are taken by mouth and dissolved in the bloodstream, the formula purportedly begins its work immediately by stimulating the active production of nitric oxide for greater strength, power and energy.


Ingredients of Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel

This muscle enhancer utilizes a blend of amino acids, plants, herbs, vitamins, minerals and other botanicals to work synergistically with the body’s natural processes to support peak energy, strength and stamina levels for faster and more extreme workout results. One of its active ingredients is an amino acid called L-Citrulline, which was originally extracted from watermelons. It is believed to be a precursor to nitric oxide, which means it is converted into this “super molecule” via a chemical process. It is believed to be a potent vasodilator, enabling more extreme, vein-popping pumps. It is also able to bypass the complex absorption process most nutrients are subject to, instead releasing directly into the bloodstream.

L-Norvaline – an analog of the branched amino acid chain known as valine – is another potent ingredient in this proprietary formula blend. According to the product website, it can be found in various foods and cannot be produced by the body alone; instead, it must be consumed via one’s diet. It is also believed by many in the bodybuilding community to be an effective nitric oxide stimulator, possibly contributing to improved vasodilation. It purportedly accomplishes this by inhibiting the arginase enzyme, which may then increase concentrations of L-Arginine for increased nitric oxide production. It may also help to regulate a host of metabolic functions, possibly leading to increased calorie burn, a faster resting metabolism and more efficient protein synthesis.

The combination of the ingredients in Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel’s formula have purportedly been known to work to significantly elevate natural growth hormone levels as well as to increase circulation. The benefits of increased vasodilation, greater hormonal support and sustained energy boost possibly provided by the product, may function as a whole to enable users to build and sculpt more lean muscle mass. The effects of stimulating the production of more nitric oxide – also known as Pure N.O. Super Molecule – may also help lessen muscle cramping and soreness, enabling less painful and more frequent workouts.



Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel may offer fitness enthusiasts a safer and natural way to optimize each and every workout, possibly leading to more dramatic muscle gains in a shorter period of time. It may increase the body’s production of the “super molecule” nitric oxide, possibly improving vasodilation, cutting recovery time and driving more oxygenated blood into muscle tissue to lessen cramping and soreness. Its formula is 100% natural, allowing competitive fitness buffs and athletes a fully legal and much safer supplement option. It may also elevate energy levels during workouts to provide a power boost for more strenuous, longer sessions. Other advantages may include optimal hormonal regulation and support for heightened vitality.

The advantages to this pre-workout supplement may also extend to the brain as well. The blood vessel-dilating properties of the amino acids in its formula may provide an energy boost to the brain for increased mental clarity and a sharper cognitive focus. Unlike other supplements on the market, it is not gender-specific, so it may be utilized by women as well for potential health and muscle-building benefits. Additionally, the manufacturer offers several different pricing packages to suit varying customer budgets and needs.



Those affiliated with Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel assert that it does not contain any synthetic ingredients, hormones or other harmful and/or illegal additives. This may make it an excellent choice for those who want to get fit safely and worry-free. Still, since a small number of users may experience an allergic reaction to the plant extracts in the capsules, it is always recommended to consult with a physician or other health professional before use. There is also the (however slight) possibility that the ingredients may interact negatively with certain medications. Although there are no synthetic hormones or other harmful components here, it is of course still advisable to incorporate this supplement into one’s fitness routine slowly and carefully.

There are no visible certificates displayed on the product website otherwise. Since all of this manufacturer’s facilities are located in the United States, it may be safe to assume that its laboratories’ practices are conducted in accordance with strict federal guidelines, though this assumption could not be verified at the time of this review. Customers would be wise to contact customer support to ensure that all of this company’s products were manufactured in compliance with federal health, efficacy and safety standards.



Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel has given me the stamina boost I needed to work off those extra few pounds and tone up for the summer. With the paunch I’d worked up over the winter, my confidence level wasn’t where it should be – now, when I hit the beach, I can tell the ladies are finally checking me out again! This has been great in helping me lean out and even add more weight to my bench press. This will continue to be a big part of my workout regimen. – Alejandro S., actor in Palm Beach, CA, USA

I was skeptical to begin with, but the results I’ve seen from taking these capsules for only a month have shown me how effective they can be when you eat right and work out hard. I’ve noticed a major increase in stamina. I even out-lifted my best friend for the first time in years! I could feel the blood rushing through my veins with every pump, and I have to admit, it made me feel like a beast. This has definitely been the edge on the weight bench I’ve been looking for. – Jamie O., clothier in Lincoln, NE, USA

I signed up for the free trial, and I’m glad I did. My order arrived quickly, customer service was very pleasant and knowledgeable and this has kicked my energy up a notch or two. I haven’t had any bad side effects, and it doesn’t make me irritable or shaky. It’s got great value for the money. In my opinion, this is one of the best – if not the best – nitric oxide boosters on the market. – Hiro X., experience designer in Tokyo, Japan


Awards & Media Coverage

As a relatively new product to the pre-workout supplement market, Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel has not received any media coverage as of yet. Although it has been advertised on various outlets online, it does not appear to have been featured in any fitness magazines such a Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maxim, Playboy or other such outlets currently popular in the world bodybuilding community. Similarly, it is not currently known whether it has made any TV appearances. Conversely, it has proven to be consistently popular among weightlifters online. A number of supplement review sites, health and fitness forums and bodybuilding blogs have rated it highly for effectiveness and ease of use.

It has not won – nor has it been nominated for – any accolades or awards as of yet. For those interested to see how their favorite supplements perform in their respective industries, fitness buffs may want to stay tuned to see whether Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel collects any awards in 2018. Customers may want to keep an eye on such awards as the ‘Ripped 2016, 2017, etc.’ to see whether it gains such recognition.


Money-back Guarantee

Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel customers may either purchase this product outright or they may opt to take advantage of the company’s free trial program. This manufacturer offers one of the lengthier evaluation programs in the supplement industry at 18 days. Trial customers may either choose to allow automatic enrollment in the automatic delivery program, or they may opt to contact customer service before the trial’s conclusion in order to avoid any further charges. Customers who choose to opt out of the program must then return the unused portion of the product at their own expense. Those who choose to retain auto-delivery membership will be billed for – and then shipped out – a fresh bottle every 30 days for up to five months thereafter.

Customers who choose to purchase the product outside of the trial program are allowed 30 full days after the date of purchase in which to return it if they are in any way unsatisfied. According to the terms of this risk-free guarantee, those who opt for a refund must send the unused portion of the product back to shipping facilities complete with a valid, clearly-written Return Authorization Number written on the outside of the package. RMA #’s are received by contacting the customer service department. To be eligible for a full refund, return packages must be postmarked within five days of receiving an RMA# from a customer service representative. The returns department is not allowed to accept packages marked ‘return to sender’ under any circumstances.



The cost of shipping and handling for a trial bottle of Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel is $4.95. The company also provides a SecureShip Shipping Guarantee for an additional $0.99, bringing total shipping costs to $5.94. Upon checkout, buyers are given an estimated date of arrival (though shipping times and dates are estimates only). Orders can be delivered anywhere in the United States as well as to American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Republic of Marshall Islands and the Virgin Islands of the U.S. Customers are responsible for all postage and shipping charges.

Additionally, all shipping and handling fees – whether associated with a trial program, straight sale or return – are non-refundable. Orders are shipped within one business day, and the shipping time is estimated at 3-5 business days. In general, orders are shipped using the United States Postal Service. Customers are advised that orders are not shipped on Saturdays, Sundays or on any holidays. A customer service representative also has the authority to modify a shipping schedule in the event an auto-delivery customer would like to modify the 30-day delivery schedule.


Customer Support

The manufacturer’s corporate address is listed at a location in Dover, Delaware in the United States. The return department is located at an address in Hendersonville, Nevada (also in the United States). The customer service center’s hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST Monday through Friday. It is also open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST on Saturdays and is closed on Sundays. Customers will likely appreciate the extra weekend availability for any questions they may have.

The Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel website also provides a toll-free 1-866 telephone number for those who would prefer to speak directly with a live representative. There is, of course, a support email address for anyone who prefers online communication. Customer service representatives are trained and authorized to assist customers with questions regarding product details, usage instructions, shipping and handling inquiries, customer accounts and anything related to the manufacturer, the product and company policies. There is no live online support option at this time; the company may want to provide this option for further convenience in the future.


Safe & Secure Checkout

There is a security logo on the Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel website assuring customers that their personal information is protected by a 128-bit secure SSL connection. Norton Secured. ‘SSL’ is short for ‘Secure Socket Layer’ and functions as an encryption device to scramble customers’ sensitive personal and financial information in case a cyber hacker attempts to intercept it. The 128-bit SSL encryption technology is an industry-standard software package in the world of online purchasing. It is utilized and trusted by millions of businesses throughout the world. Savvy supplement consumers will no doubt appreciate the visibility of this safety seal on the product checkout system.

The website also features a TRUSTe Certified Privacy trust mark. This privacy seal demonstrates that the company (bearing the seal) has complied with certification standards modeled after the privacy frameworks of organizations such as APEC, the OECD and the FTC. In addition, according to the privacy policy on the website, all customer information is stored on a secure server that is entrusted to only the company members directly responsible for aspects of the requested transaction. Thusly, only a select few within the company have direct access to the personal and banking information provided by the customer. Current and potential Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel customers will likely appreciate this manufacturer’s demonstrated commitment to the safekeeping and privacy of its buyers’ information.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full retail price for a 30-day supply of Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel is $94.67. The checkout system accepts both Visa and MasterCard as payment methods. Per the manufacturer’s terms and conditions, customers are are solely responsible for any overdraft charges or fees incurred as a result of any purchase made on the product website. In addition, customers who opt to return their items may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Per the terms and conditions, the company reserves the right to increase pricing without prior notice to customers, though buyers do retain the right to cancel an order and get a refund of the purchase price if they do not agree to pay the increased price.

At this time, Extreme Black Nitric Oxide Fuel is offering several promotional offers to suit varying needs and budgets. With the first option, customers can purchase a discounted one-month supply for $94.67 for a total savings of $23. With the second option, customers can purchase a two-month supply for $114.99 for a total savings of $58. The third option allows buyers to purchase a three-month supply for $139.99, offering $125 worth of savings. The company offers further value for its customers by providing free shipping for each of the three options.






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