Enduro Max Muscle X

Enduro Max Muscle X Review – Looking for Ways to Boost Your Gym Performance?

What Is Enduro Max Muscle X?

Enduro Max Muscle X is a scientifically formulated supplement designed to build muscle, burn fat, and increase endurance. It contains Magnesium Stearate. Magnesium Stearate is proven to make blood pump harder, leading to quicker building of muscle mass. The product also increases Nitric Oxide in our bodies, which in turn increases alertness during workouts.

The supplement also helps replenish our bodies and reduce recovery time after a workout. It increases blood flow throughout our bodies and because of the increased energy it provides, you can perform at a higher level, getting more results faster than normal. It provides quicker brain responses and more focus during a workout, increasing overall energy throughout its duration. Essential ingredients in the product make you exercise faster and stronger, and will make you burn fat and build muscle at an increased rate.

Overall the boost in Nitric Oxide that comes from taking the supplement make it beneficial for increasing energy, blood flow to building muscle at an increased rate. It also reduces the lactic acid buildup that reduces recovery time in your workout. In the end, you will exercise faster and stronger, burning fat and building muscle at an increased rate.

If you are looking to build muscle and burn fat quickly, it is a good product. Also if you want to have increased energy and focus during workouts, and faster recovery times, it can naturally increase your body’s muscle building formula. Combining this supplement with your natural gym workout will help you see amazing results in your muscle building, fat reduction and endurance, and you will see faster results than before.



The manufacturer of the product is Enduro Max Muscle X and Lifestyle Reset LLC. At first glance the site seems to have many gimmicks that might make someone doubt that the product is authentic. Also there is another website named after Nitric Oxide that can be found online as well, that seems to be the same product.

There are no online reviews to be found about Enduro Max Muscle X, good or bad. And no other products are found under this manufacturer’s name with any reviews or information. This makes it difficult to find out if the company is in good standing. It also is unknown if the overall rating is good or bad.

Perhaps with more distribution of the product and review there will be a better idea as to the products overall use. However the ingredients listed by the manufacturer, when working correctly with the body, should produce good results. The supplement should show a reduction of fat, increase in energy and building of muscle mass. If the product if used correctly with these ingredients the manufacturer listed, it should prove effective.


How Enduro Max Muscle X Works?

Our bodies build muscle in a specific way. Exercise and specifically strength training helps to burn unwanted fats and build solid, toned muscle mass. The product is scientifically designed to enhance the transformation of burning fat and building muscle through its primary ingredients. Therefore this product, which unlike protein powders and other supplements, keeps the body from accumulating excess fat. This is a supplement without protein powder, so it does not increase fat.

You will see an increase in energy during workouts through the supplement. You will also see faster recovery times after workouts, and increased capacity to build muscle mass. Finally, you will also see an increase in fat burning which will lead to great results in less time than you would have thought.

These combined with the increased muscle mass will also show you great results, burning fat at a faster rate than protein powders and what you have seen previously through gym workouts alone. It is also a better supplement for burning fat and less harmful than other products. Simply take Enduro Max Muscle X and then proceed with your normal workout routine to build muscle.


Ingredients of Enduro Max Muscle X

The compounded fat burning and mass building is accomplished through a formula that features certain ingredients. One is called Magnesium Stearate that works to help transform your body. Magnesium Stearate boosts strength training through causing your body to pump blood harder, leading to faster muscle production.

Though Magnesium Stearate may have positive effects, there is also controversy surrounding a study on magnesium stearate. Studies are not proven, but one says the ingredient could be linked to a suppressed immune system. Other studies have said the ingredient causes a chalk that will create a biofilm throughout the body that causes it to not aborb needed nutrients.

Other ingredients that are natural and not as detrimental as steroids in the product include kernel and seed oils, fruit oil, flower extract, and of course water. The more natural ingredients a product has, the better. It is the synthetic ingredients such as acids, which can be harmful to the stomach and intestines.

Whole foods are also argued by researchers to be a better source of nutrients. Non-fatty foods and foods lower in saturated fat are good with helping the body lose unwanted fat and strength training can also lead to increased muscle mass, but Enduro Max Muscle X can, through its ingredients, lead to faster results, though the ingredients’ effects aren’t entirely known.



Many people have a desire to see their bodies transformed through fat loss, better tone and built muscle. For some, work schedule and a fast-paced life leads to less time at the gym. With Enduro Max Muscle X, your workout recovery time is reduced and your results are increased at a faster rate, leading to more results with less time at the gym.

Also, some seeking to build muscle try unhealthy and damaging products such as steroids that in the end lead to many harmful side effects. Also the excess protein from protein supplements can lead to stored fat which increases the amount of it in your body. This supplement has none of these negative side effects.

Another powerful effect of the product is an increase of Nitric Oxide in our system. It is a molecule our body produces that helps cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the body. Nitric Oxide, or N.O., is seen to help the body and therefore an increase of it in your body helps maximize your workout.



Enduro Max Muscle X contains an ingredient called Magnesium Stearate. Magnesium Stearate is proven to make blood pump harder and faster. This leads to quicker building of muscle mass. When the muscle mass is built more quickly you won’t need to worry about breaking up your schedule too much or spending too much time working out.

Supplements such as this product that boost Nitric Oxide contain Arginine and Citrulline. These ingredients help restore the loop that naturally occurs in the body, allowing better and longer workouts. They also help reduce lactic acid buildup, both of which reduce fatigue and recovery time during and after a workout. Since This product contains these structures, so we are guaranteed a faster recovery for our workouts.

Nitric Oxide helps increase blood circulation which in turn boosts oxygen levels in our bodies to increase overall blood flow. N.O. also causes reduction in blood pressure, keeping our hearts healthy. The increased blood flow widens the blood channels through which the blood flows, increasing the muscle mass. It also increases endurance levels in our muscles’ cells, allowing us to perform more strenuous activities at a higher level than we normally would.



At 40 years old, I don’t have all the time I would like to spend in the gym. Between work and other sports, I don’t have the energy or time. Fortunately, Enduro Max Muscle X fixed that.
Now I have all the power I need down the gym and I walk away feeling strong each time, with an improved performance in my other activities.

– Bryan Smith, New York, NY

I enjoy my sports, but I also like to keep a competitive edge. Between work and family life, I need every little help I can get. A friend recommended Enduro Max Muscle X and I haven’t looked back. It makes me feel more energetic and delivers better muscles. I now play harder, stronger and better.

– Kevin Hopper, Dallas, TX


Awards & Media Coverage

You will improve strength, develop more muscle mass, and burn more fat with Enduro Max Muscle X. You will also increase your performance power and reduce recovery time, producing faster results. Many people lack the time to spend to increase their muscle mass results.

This supplement works for you to do the extra muscle building, and many are recommending this product and those seeking to improve their bodies aren’t looking back. They see improved muscle tone and size, as well as increased energy during workouts.

Another powerful effect of the product is an increase of Nitric Oxide in our system. It is a molecule our body produces that helps cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the body. Nitric Oxide, or N.O., is seen to help the body and therefore an increase of it in your body helps you gain energy, build muscle and lose fat.


Money-back Guarantee

Enduro Max Muscle X has a good return policy and will give full refund minus the shipping and handling 20% restocking fee. They said they will not ask questions. The return must be within 30 days of the order date and cannot be a rebate or trial promo.

You get a free trial at the beginning when you place your first order. After that you will take your first round of the product to use it and see if you like the supplements or see any results. After the trial period Enduro Max Muscle X will deduct the amount monthly from your account and send you a replenished supply of the product.

During the trial period you can contact the customer service team at any time to cancel any further use of the product. This feature will help you to not reorder the product if it fails to meet your expectations. You should make a note as to the number of days you have from the time you order to cancel another order if you wish to do so.



The charge of the product for the customer is $5.94, which is broken down into $4.95 for shipping and $0.99 for handling. This is the only payment required for the free first bottle of the supplement. So the product is initially 100% free for all people wanting to try it.

The charges for your first trial run of the product might appear in two separate payments, one for shipping and one for handling. These are only for the costs of getting the item to you. After the order is processed the company ships you the product within 24 hours.

You should contact Customer Service if you are unhappy with the product and wish to not have any more shipments sent to your address. If you contact the company and cancel, the automatic shipments will be cancelled and you will receive no further products in the mail. The customer service contact information and the cancellation policy are clear on the website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is safe and secure with Verisign Secured, Hacker Safe and McAfee Secure. There was a survey conducted that received 2,510 responses. The survey was to find out which seal gave the customer the best sense of reliability and trust when paying for products online.

The test was conducted in January of 2013 and polled all adults from the U.S.A. Norton was rated the highest trust factor, and this one is not listed on Enduro Max Muscle X’s website. However, McAfee Secure was rated the second-highest, which is on the site. The others on the site were not listed in the highest rankings in the survey.

However it is important to note that the technical aspects of the safety features that each seal offered were not what the survey was measuring, but simply the overall trust that the customer had for the name of the seal when they saw it. The actual technical seals that are the most secure were the SSL seals, which include not of the seals listed for Enduro Max Muscle X. However the trusted seal by consumers does include McAfee, so it is a popular seal used.

Having more than one seal also helps to increase the probability that any security risks will be diminished. As always do be careful when using a credit card online since it is potentially sensitive information that can be hacked. If there is a Paypal option it might be better to use that, but as of yet there is no option for this form of payment.


Pricing & Free Trial

You order your first bottle of Enduro Max Muscle X and will receive it within 3-5 days. There is also an allowance of four extra days for shipping in the free trial. There are 10 days duration for the free trial period. So therefore there is a total of 18 days to try the product.

If you do not contact Customer Service to cancel further orders before the end of the 18-day trial period is over, the Terms and Conditions say you will be charged the full price of the product for the next 30-day supply. This supply will be renewed each month as long as you do not cancel. If you do not cancel that makes you a member and part of the Auto-Shipment Program. This means that you automatically are charged for the 30-day supply each month.

Your credit card that you provided for the trial offer will be the credit card charged for further transactions. You will also be charged shipping and handling for the product. Each month after the trial period you will pay the full price for the product of $79.93, plus shipping and handling. You can call Customer Service at any time during the trial period if you decide you do not like the performance of the product.

You can also contact Customer Service and tell them you would like to extend the trial period and your credit card will not be charged. Any cancellations will take place immediately. No further orders will be processed by your credit card and no further shipments will be made to your address.






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