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Enduro Force Review – A Muscle Performance Enhancer or Not?

What Is Enduro Force?

Enduro Force is a supplement specifically designed to help bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and see growth. Nitric Oxide is meant to be taken before workout to help provide a boost to one’s energy for their workout and promotes endurance. Because Enduro Force promises to help blood flow, it is said to be beneficial for helping bodybuilders train for a longer period. As a supplement containing all-natural ingredients that promote more nitric oxide, the Enduro Force is often considered a natural alternative that is compared to the use of steroids. Because it is a supplement that encourages a boost in nitric oxide, uneducated users may consider it a “wonder pill” for working out and that if taken before exercise and bodybuilding could make a difference.Whether it works or not is up for debate, with the major consensus being that it doesn’t contain enough of the nitric oxide inducing ingredients to actually enhance muscle growth. The answer as to whether the claims that it works are true lies in the ingredients, as well as user experience.



This particular supplement, is made by a company called Cellista Labs. While they have created a broad range of supplements ranging from fitness enhancers to dietary supplements, they haven’t always received the best reviews. Some of their products don’t seem to work as they promise, making many people skeptical of their veracity as a supplement manufacturer and the quality of their products. While there is yet to be an attack on the actual benefits of Enduro Force, consumers are hard pressed to trust a lab that has had problems and negative reports in the past.

While many of their other products have had some negative reviews, till now this supplement is considered to be a natural option that may actually do what it says in that in boosting energy and endurance it can actually enhance muscle growth. While this is subjective to the person who uses it, so far Cellista Labs has seemed to dodge the bullet they have been in front of with other products that they make. One thing to also be aware of, is that there have been complaints-though they haven’t been proven to be legitimate-that the online site has been known to charge user’s credit cards without them knowing about these extra charges. While this has yet to be proven, the fact that this doubt has been expressed makes some worried about ordering on the website.


How Enduro Force Works?

The supposed benefits of Enduro Force are as follows:

  1. With its ingredients that include substances such as Arginine-which is an amino acid-it helps your body to produce more nitric oxide. What this purportedly does is help the body’s blood flow which is important for muscle growth.
  2. The existence of more nitric oxide and a better blood flow is one reason why a person could feel more energetic and have more endurance in their bodybuilding sessions.
  3. A misconception that many people have about this supplement is that it contains nitric oxide. It doesn’t, but the ingredients that it is made from encourage the creation of nitric oxide in the body. Something for potential supplement users to consider is that they should take two supplements before every workout and stick to the plan to see results.

While the fact a bodybuilder takes a supplement may help them think that they have more energy, this supplement doesn’t contain enough grams of the ingredients that actually help the body to create more nitric oxide. For it to actually work, it would need to contain enough of the Arginine ingredient and amino acid to promote a substantial amount of nitric oxide and because it doesn’t, there is little proof that it does what it claims to.


Ingredients of Enduro Force

To understand how Enduro Force could possibly be a beneficial supplement, it’s important to understand what ingredients it contains. What helps this to be a supplement that is considered safe for use is that it is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any harmful ones. Following are the ingredients found in this supplement:

  • Arginine;
  • Magnesium Steearate;
  • Di-Calcium;
  • Cellulose;
  • Phosphate;
  • A-AKG;
  • A-KIC;
  • GKG;

The thing is that for a supplement to be truly beneficial for one’s body, it needs to have a certain amount of the number one ingredient-in this case, the Arginine-and Enduro Force only has about 2.4 grams and a typical dosage for improvement and results would be around 3 grams. This is one reason why many would be skeptical about the benefits of this bodybuilding supplement. Apart from the fact that it may not actually make a big difference in endurance levels in the user, the ingredients are not harmful for people in any way.



While the proposed benefit of muscle growth may be dependent on the habits of the user, there are some advantages to taking Enduro Force. For one, the ingredients it contains are all-natural which means that users are providing their body with healthy substances that are known to benefit the body in several different ways. The presence of amino acid is always a good thing for the human body, whether or not this supplement actually helps to boost muscle growth. But, even if it is good for one’s health, is the high price worth these advantages that could be found by simply taking vitamins and other supplmenets?

The purported advantages are that it increases energy and endurance. This could very well be true due to its ingredients, but the fact that the levels of these beneficial ingredients are low leads many to wonder if it actually does what it is advertised to do. While many may have seen advantages from taking it, this could be because they purposefully increased the length of their workouts. As of yet, there hasn’t been substantial proof or even testimonials of an impressive difference made from taking it.

Other than the fact that there are healthy substances in the supplement, there is no reason to believe there are major advantages to using it. Most bodybuilders could see the same effects, if not more, from a healthy diet.



The Enduro Force doesn’t have any known certificates and while it doesn’t necessarily have to as a natural supplement, helps to instill trust in consumers. With this in mind, it is perfectly legal and can be consumed without any type of certificate. While many companies would brag about certifications, Cellista Labs has not mentioned any.

While many other supplements have certifications from the NNFA amongst others, the Enduro Force from Cellista Labs currently has none. Many consumers are leery about taking any type of product which has not been given a certificate, so it has yet to truly gain their trust of being a reliable and safe product to take. If not having a certificate from any associations is truly a sign of an un-trustworthy product, consumers may not be so apt to take this supplement, even if what the company insists it does is true.



There have been some reports of the benefits of the Enduro Force, but whether the muscle growth was due to the supplement or simply due to the users’ increased desire to see results has yet to be proven. One thing that users may not realize, but that professionals note is the fact that because it doesn’t contain the percentage of grams that is needed for the creation of nitric oxide, it is in fact, not everything it is reported to be.

Some people may see a slight improvement in their overall health due to the benefits of the ingredients and some bodybuilders claim that “I feel so much better, even after long workouts” and “I have seen an increase in my energy level,” but these reports are typically only after taking it strictly every day and taking two a day. Others who tried to take more than the suggest dosage may have had issues with stomach discomfort and diarrhea. It may increase overall performance while not being the miracle pill that its advertising suggests.

While the product website has three testimonials from bodybuilders praising it, it is difficult to find personal testimonials about its benefits anywhere else which causes room for doubt.


Awards & Media Coverage

In researching Enduro Force, one would be hard pressed to find any information about awards for it. While certain men’s magazines have talked about the benefit of nitric oxide in a person’s body and how it helps, but the actual supplement, it has yet to receive media coverage or awards. Cellista Labs makes claims on the product’s website that it is a top product, but trusting the manufacturer for veracity on such a statement is difficult, as anyone could claim positive benefits about their products in order to get more sales.

Where nitric oxide itself has often been praised in the media and on different websites and magazines such as Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and Men’s Health, this specific product hasn’t received any media attention. In fact, it’s difficult to find much information about the product other than a handful of reviews. The product website’s claim that is the “#1 Supplement in the U.S.” has nothing to back it up, other than their word which is questionable, due to the fact that Cellista Labs doesn’t have the best reputation in regard to their supplements.

While the fact that is a legal supplement means that it can be taken safely, a supplement is typically much more reliable when it’s been mentioned by authorities on the matter, making this supplement questionable for some consumers—especially because of the website’s “claim to fame.”


Money-back Guarantee

For a customer to get their money back after purchasing the product, they would need to send it back unopened and unused. Shipping is an expense that the customer has to cover when returning the product and the customer must have received a RMA number from the company. Apart from it being a complicated process, the customer also has to pay a fee of $9.95 for returning the product, making it nearly more hassle than its worth. Of course, the cost of the product largely exceeds shipping and fee costs, but the fact that a person has to pay for returning the product is questionable in many people’s minds.

The website does offer a money back option for a trial order, as long as it’s returned with 14 days after the day that you made the order. A user has to get in touch with customer service for the return which can be time consuming, but the company will honor the return if it is within the time period of 14 days. Customer service will provide the customer with a number which they should keep in a safe place, as without it, it can be a very time consuming and difficult process to get money back, if at all.



Shipping time is considerably quick when you make the order during the week. The website claims the product will ship in 3-5 business days from the day that the order is placed. They provide a number should the stated time expire and the customer has not received the product. Shipping the product for return is the user’s responsibility to cover the cost.

For user’s who have any trouble with shipping or not receiving the item in time, the company offers customer support to help sort out the situation. The company does not refund any undelivered products if the customer does not notify them before the 14-day trial period is up. This makes ordering from the company a hassle which is never a good thing for supplement companies, as not everyone is ready to jump on signing up for a product they aren’t sure about. The benefit to the company’s shipping policy is that the product does typically arrive on time, which means that most users can avoid problems.

Potential consumers should pay close attention to the terms and conditions, as well as the refund policy on the website, as there are unexpected fees, such as the fact that there is a restocking fee on top of the shipping fees that must come out of the customer’s pocket.


Customer Support

The company insists that they make all their potential customers aware of terms and conditions, which is true in that they do explain about the fees and refund policies on their website. While the fine print could be more straightforward and clearer in its style and syntax, the information is included for anyone to read. They do provide customer service and have a phone number clients to call them, as well as an email. While they do respond to customers during the week, they only attend customers for a few hours on Saturday.

While this supplement still brings up questions about how well it works, Cellista Labs does a good job of responding to their client’s emails. They assign numbers to every person who contacts them and because of this can more easily provide straightforward customer support for customers. The only thing users should consider is how quickly they contact them, as they will not be able to help with lost shipments and other details after the 14-day trial period. This is a factor that is easy to forget and may make for unhappy consumers who didn’t get around to calling in time. As in many companies, they are closed on major holidays.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The website does provide customers with the peace of mind that they are aware of their security and safety concerns by including VeriSign Secured, McAfee Secure, and having been deemed safe by the well-known Scan Alert. These factors make it easier to trust payment and checkout on the website, as it otherwise doesn’t give the appearance of the most trustworthy site for filling out your information.

Besides the above factors for a safe checkout, it also uses a Konnective server which ensures an even more protected browsing and ordering experience. While the fact that they do collect personal information may be cause for concern, the 128 Secure Socket Layer technology encrypts information, which helps consumers know that it is a safe and secure website to order from. Those without SSL technology won’t be able to use the website, which goes to show that it is as protected as a website should be when including individual’s personal financial information.


Pricing & Free Trial

The supplement’s manufacturers offer a free trial as a way to get consumers interested. What potential users should keep in mind is that there are many fees and ways that you may still get charged money even if you are just trying the supplement for free. Because you have to pay for shipping ($6.95) to receive the product and then if you choose to return the supplement, you will have to pay another shipping fee, as well as a general fee for returning it. The shipping should be around the same amount mentioned above, as well as the re-stocking fee (mentioned on the website) of $9.95.

For those who are doing the free trial, the reality is that the company still charges the actual price of $79.95, which is used as the first payment if the user decides to continue with the product on a monthly basis. For those who are signing up for the monthly shipment, they can expect their card to be charged $79.95 every month. It isn’t the most straight-forward way to do a trial and a potential user should pay close attention to fine print and consider the amount of time allowed for a return or refund. With all the little charges here and there, everything adds up and if someone isn’t sure about the supplement, this could mean a frustrating experience and even a big waste of money. The return on investment on this supplement, according to reports and observation, isn’t the best which makes most people think twice about investing in it.






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