Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster

Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster Review – Does It Really Deliver?

What Is Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster?

Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster is a hormonal supplement intended to help build lean and healthy muscle mass for men who are seeking greater success in their bodybuilding endeavors. It is supposed to exponentially increase energy levels to help begin workouts with a greater motivation to lift weights. Ideally it also should offer help towards endurance, encouraging more workouts, longer workouts, more intense workouts, and ultimately greater strength and larger muscle mass.

The manufacturers of this supplement express understanding regarding the varying needs and goals of bodybuilders. The product is formatted to help men reach their individual goals so as to improve physical appearance, confidence, and overall health. As such the product is designed to help bodybuilders regardless of their personal purposes for weight training, their individual athletic goals, and their unique training preferences.

In addition to encouraging quality muscle mass building, many bodybuilders have also chosen to use this product in an attempt to increase their metabolic rates. It is intended to work with an individual’s lifestyle (of course including bodybuilding but also healthy diet and other athletic and exercise habits). As it supplements these healthy lifestyle decisions and personal bodybuilding practices, it should then help to improve the overall health of the man who takes it according to instructions recommended on the product packaging.



The organization Ivy Wellness Inc. is responsible for the production of Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster. Ivy Wellness offers an exceedingly broad array of products and services to meet widely diverse needs of holistic health. Supplements to help bodybuilders improve their workout experience, therefore, is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg for what the Ivy Wellness corporation accomplishes.

Ivy Wellness is a company whose priorities are holistic health and attention to individual needs. As a result, their production of all of their products, including Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster, are created to enhance holistic health and to meet the specific needs, goals, and desires of the purpose for which a product or service is purchased. This particular supplement, then, should fulfill the company’s named priorities by helping men reach their personal bodybuilding goals and supporting, even improving, a generally healthful lifestyle.

Ivy Wellness Inc. is a business registered in the state of California. It is a burgeoning company less than a year old but becoming known through its strong web presence. But because of its young state, however, it does not yet have a rating with the Better Business Bureau. It has not yet built a strong reputation to help us determine whether or not its claims about its products are well attested by customers and organizations that assess dietary and hormonal supplementary products.


How Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster Works?

The intended initial effect of Metabolo Fueler is the provision of necessary amino acids that serve to increase the levels of nitric oxide that the body produces naturally. This is the product’s first step towards the enhancement of workout performance. This helps to ensure that muscle growth can develop at a more rapid level than is possible without a boost in nitric oxide.

When taken on a daily basis, the increase of nitric oxide should help to build lean muscle mass, make workouts more effective, and encourage new degrees of endurance. L-Argenine and L-Citrulline are the two prominent elements that create the boost in nitric oxides; in addition to increasing nitric oxides, they also work to improve the body’s natural blood flow.

The higher levels of nitric oxide that Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster provides help the body convert it into testosterone quicker. Once this conversion occurs, the increased testosterone paves the way for the leaner muscle mass, increased strength, and overall improved training experience that all bodybuilders are looking for.


Ingredients of Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster

Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster’s product packaging lists several of its ingredients in a single category that the company refers to as the product’s proprietary blend that includes all of the supplement’s L-Argine components. This proprietary blend consists of L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2-1, L-Arginine, and L’Arginine monohydrochlorine.

In addition to this L-Arginine proprietary blend, the workout supplement also uses L-Citrulline as mentioned in the previous section. This is the ingredient that works together with the L-Arginine ingredients in order to increase the levels of nitric oxide. As a result it is in part responsible for the body’s eventual conversion of that nitric oxide into testosterone.

Finally, Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster dipotassium phosphate. This in an ingredient that has not been well studied. While little information is available concerning it, it is known to have counteracted medications in some users. As a result, it is important to discuss the possibility of taking this supplement with your doctor if you are currently taking any medications, since no authoritative list of drugs it counteracts is presently available, but any doctor can certainly provide instruction regarding the likelihood or lack thereof of any negative interaction between the supplement and any relevant medications.

This list of ingredients has a surprising omission. Most workout supplements include creatine which is particularly important for increasing muscle mass. While this supplement does claim to help build massive muscle mass, the lack of creatine is not replaced with anything equal (or even close) in its potency for building muscle mass. As a result, the product may be very effective in increasing energy and even the rather bold promise of “explosive training” that its manufacturer promises, but its expected results towards building muscle mass may be likely to disappoint without any creatine or other substance with similar effects on muscle mass development.



The increase of nitric oxide helps to increase energy in a way that prevents tiredness at all stages of a workout regimen. It creates energy that enhances a desire to workout in the first place. It helps to curb low points in the workout itself when fatigue would normally start to set in. Furthermore, it helps to limit recovery time, so that time between workouts can gradually decrease.

Of course, all of this increase in energy helps bodybuilders reach the goals they have already set for themselves, improving every aspect of the workout. But Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster is intended not only to help bodybuilders in an attempt to maximize their weight lifting capacity, but it also encourages one of the most common end goals of bodybuilders: extraordinary lean muscle mass. Although the certainty of this claim was questioned in the previous section, the company does state that the product may help build lean muscle mass.

As nitric oxide is converted into testosterone, testosterone levels are supposed to be boosted safely so as to create new muscle strength and mass in a way that works with the user’s healthy lifestyle and exercise routines. In doing so, it is intended to meet specific individual needs that help bodybuilders reach their unique goals. Even without
creatine, the increase of testosterone should have a natural tendency towards the building of muscle mass though not as much as if creatine were also present in the supplement.



As mentioned earlier in the section on the company that manufactures Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster, Ivy Wellness Inc. is a very new company. With only a few months in operation, little attestation about the product’s effectiveness and safety exists. As a supplement, it is not subject to the FDA for certification since it neither a food nor a drug product. Furthermore, because it is a hormonal supplement rather than a dietary supplement, it is not subject to many of the organizations that assess supplements.

The product is a supplement because it mimics substances that the human body naturally produces. Yet these are hormonal substances, not dietary substances. As a result, the boards that certify such supplements are few. They do exist, but their information is often difficult to find. Once a hormonal supplement has been on the market for at least two years, certification should have been sought and attained. So for this product the lack of any information about certification is fully expected since it is produced by such a young company.

Although it would not likely be possible for a company so young to achieve certification from any board that assesses hormonal supplements, that very youth of the company demonstrates a lack of any possible sources of accountability. This does not automatically delegitimize a young company, but it does show that potential customer’s should approach the product with caution knowing that it has not been on the market long enough to accurately determine it’s effectiveness and safety, its company’s business practices, or any general level of customer satisfaction or lack thereof.



Again, because of the newness of the company, customer reports are difficult to find. Nevertheless, the company does have a strong we presence and a few recommendations can be found on related websites. Therefore, in this section we will summarize a few of those product recommendations.

Tommy R. from Kansas City, KS, for example expresses a very positive experience with Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster. He said that the product provided an excellent boost of energy and endurance. He stated that using the supplement, he was able to persist through some of his most difficult workouts. Furthermore, he said that it worked very quickly for him and did help him attain the lean muscle mass and ripped physique he was seeking.

Jake W. from Los Angeles California, emphasizes the experience he had being repeatedly congratulated by people at his local gym when they noticed the changes in his muscle mass after using the product. He also said that it was not necessary for him to spend any more time in the gym than he did before beginning to use the product or increase the intensity of his workouts in order to make that happen. He reported that he began to notice these results within the first first few weeks of taking the supplement on a daily basis. Like Tommy, Jake also enjoyed the results of improved energy, strength, and perseverance.

Luke M. from Las Vegas, NV shared his experiences prior to using the supplement. He described himself as a “struggling athlete” who constantly dealt with fatigue and muscle pain accompanying each athletic endeavor. He shared how this supplement helped provide the energy he needed to feel rejuvenated in his varied exercise routines and sports. He experienced a renewed desire to participate in these activities. And when he did complete them, he reported doing so without the feeling of lagging that plagued prior to his use of this supplement.

Finally, Warren W. from Baltimore, MA described a dramatic new level of power and stamina to accomplish athletic feats he could not not even imagine prior to taking this hormonal supplement. He highlights the natural pretty of the ingredients in the formula and its ability to work well with established workout routines.


Awards & Media Coverage

Once again we must stress that Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster is the product of a very young company. As a result, it has not garnered any awards or significant media coverage that could be found during the process of research for this article. But being associated with a company in its infancy, no such media attention should be expected.

Nevertheless, the company and their Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster supplement in particular, does have a significant web presence. With this in mind, web searches for information on this product can be highly beneficial for potential customers. Weighing through this information can help them make the decision regarding whether or not it is worth the risk for them to trust a company that does not have the ability to be held to account by any greater board of assessors at this time.

Even though the product has not yet received any industry or media recognition, its web presence does suggest that the product is known. The sources of the recommendations mentioned above cannot be verified for certain, but if they are trustworthy, then they point to customer satisfaction at least among those particular individuals. This is to say that the lack of attention is not necessarily a bad thing. It will be up to the potential customer to use the information made available in this article to continue research (which is available for this product online) to make an informed decision about this supplement.


Money-back Guarantee

Matabo Fueler offers a guarantee for 30 days from initial purchase date. The company assures that they will process and ship the package within two business days of that initial purchase. However, they do not indicate their method of shipping. As a result, it is difficult if not impossible to determine how long a customer should expect the delivery to take. Perhaps a customer service representative can answer this question, but they have not clearly their policies that determine how long a customer will have to try the product within the guarantee. Since it can take a few weeks for the effects to start setting in, this may not be sufficient.

In the case that a customer wants to take advantage of the refund offered as part of this 30-day guarantee, the company requires that the customer return any products that were both unused and unopened within that same period of 30 days. Furthermore, if the customer takes advantage of any promotional offer that involves an additional product, that extra product (or those extra products if applicable) must be returned alongside the primary product ordered. The company will only process a refund once all applicable items have been returned.

With this in mind, it is important that a customer consider contacting a customer service representative once deciding to take advantage of the money-back guarantee to ensure that he follows their requirements perfectly so as to receive the desired refund. The amount of the refund will be determined based on the amount of the initial shipment that is returned. For example, if only one day’s dosage is returned, the cost of that dose is all that will be refunded. The company provides a phone number when the first shipment is ordered that customers can call in order to request a refund. At the time of that phone call, the customer will receive a unique return authorization number that must be used in order to claim the requested refund. That is, no return authorization number means no refund.

Customers are also expected to pay for the shipment it costs to return the product. While the company is very stringent on its requirements for receiving a refund, they give themselves up to five business days from the time of the refund request to process the request and then more time before the customer will receive that refund.



Potential issues were addressed in the last section regarding the relationship between the company’s lack of detail concerning its shipping policies and its stringent demands within its 30-day money-back guarantee. Because the company’s terms and agreements document does not explain the manner of shipping that the company uses or the expected amount of time for any shipment after the company has processed an order, the customer is potentially left in the dark regarding many issues of when he can expect his order.

Even more alarming, the company’s terms and agreements document does not describe any refill policy. Many similar supplemental products that are sold online come with a subscription where the product is automatically billed and refilled on a monthly basis. Customers deserve to know how long they should expect to wait before receiving a product and the manner in which their payments will occur when making an order. Again, it is certainly possible that a customer service agent could answer this question for a potential customer.

Online research into the product, however, has yielded little to no security regarding the company’s payment and shipping policies. The company’s lack of upfront disclosure of how they provide their products to their customers is potentially alarming. Therefore, contacting customer service is highly recommended in order to help determine whether these questions are answerable or not. If they are, then there likely remains no room for alarm, and the customer will be able to decide from that conversation whether or not the product is a good fit for him.


Customer Support

Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster’s website has a Contact Us section on which all contact information for the company’s customer service can be ascertained. Nevertheless, the website otherwise only mentions customer service with regards to the refund matters discussed in the last section. This unfortunately leaves visitors of their website wondering if they have customer support for any other purpose than to process refund requests and to reiterate the many stringent and possibly confusing steps needed to take to ensure reception of the requested refund. Further research into the company yielded almost no information about their customer support.

Hopefully this is merely the result of being a new company. Their customers may not have had enough time working with the product’s new company to review their customer care experiences. Yet, even if that is the case, if customer care is the aspect of beginning a new business that has fallen through the cracks, this is not a good sign for the company’s overall business functioning and the likely customer experience.

One exception to this basic norm was found. One reviewer spoke very highly of Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster’s customer service. This reviewer praised their knowledge, commitment to customer satisfaction, and ability to walk customers through any stage of interaction with the company from deciding whether or not to make an order to cancellation, should the customer want to cancel at any time. The positive statements of this reviewer, however, could not be verified. They were likely made before the Ivy Wellness Inc. took over the production of this supplement and may not be applicable to the product’s current state of customer service offered.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The company that sells Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster utilizes all necessary technological security measures to ensure a safe and secure checkout. All personal information that customers are required to share in the process of making an order is stored and protected without ever being shared with third-party organizations or released and sold to any other entities. If any information such as a phone number or email address is needed from a third-party entity such as those involved with the delivery of the product, the customer will be notified and will need to provide permission for that information to be shared.

The company’s privacy policy published on their website is far more detailed than their terms and agreements document. They provide a great deal of assurance that customers will always be able to count on a safe and secure checkout whenever they order this supplement or any other product from the Ivy Wellness Inc. organization. Whatever uncertainty may exist with this company with regards to other aspects of their business, their commitment to online security is not one of them.

The company utilizes the best encryption available including a SSL certificate. They are up-to-date with all the developments in web technology that ensures safe interaction. Their entire checkout process runs to ensure the highest level of safety possible. So every customer’s personal information is transferred appropriately to avoid the interception of hackers, identity thieves, and other dangerous online situations. The security of their customers’ identity, financial information, and other sensitive material is the company’s highest priority with regards to their website and checkout process.


Pricing & Free Trial

When a customer first orders Edge Nutra AP NO2 Booster, the initial cost is just $5.95. That first fee pays for the shipping of a trial period. It also enrolls the new customer in the automatic refill program. This means that you will receive your first 30-day supply. The charge of the first 12 days of that initial supply are withheld, plus four extra days without cost are counted to provide time for shipping.

When you make your initial order, you will not be charged anything immediately, although you will be prompted to give your credit card number. That way, when those 16 days worth of shipping and initial supply are complete, then your credit card account will be charged. But be advised that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can still return any unused items and receive a refund so long as you contact customer service first and return the products prior to the 30th day since you made your initial order. If canceling after the trial period, then it is important to contact customer care promptly five days prior to the end of your current billing cycle to ensure that the company will not send you and charge you for any items in the following cycle.

Once a customer is charged for the first supply, the charge is $88.95, this covers the full first month’s supply. Then, a couple weeks later (30 days after the first order was made to be exact), monthly billing begins. The monthly charge from that point forward is $88.95 for each month’s supply of the supplement plus $5.95 for the shipping and handling of that supply. Only during the 30-day money-back guarantee can customers send unused and unopened items back and have the chance to receive a refund for any other reason than product damage and in such a case, then the items will be replaced, not refunded.






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