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Dominant 360 Muscle Review – Don’t Be Embarrassed by Your Body

What Is Dominant 360 Muscle?

Dominant 360 Muscle is a natural pre-workout supplement designed to help men optimize workout performance, pack on lean muscle mass, boost testosterone levels, maximize strength and endurance and cut recovery time. All of this product’s ingredients are formulated with natural ingredients such as herbs, plants, minerals and other natural extracts. This supplement comes in capsule form, and it intended to be used along with a balanced diet and an intensive workout routine.

Dominant 360 Muscle is designed to benefit a wide demographic of men. First and foremost, it is geared toward any adult man who is looking to get ripped and to up his fitness level quicker than could be accomplished via workouts alone. It is also geared toward athletes who are looking for a legal, safe way to boost their sports performance. Not least of all, it is geared toward bodybuilders, weightlifters and other fitness professionals who are looking for an effective way to up their musculature and workout performance. This product is marketed and sold to men all over the world.



Dominant 360 Muscle is manufactured by a company called Alpha Cut Products, INC. Their company headquarters appear to be located in Savannah, GA. Aside from that, not much else is known about them other than the fact that they manufacture a range of health and fitness supplements. With this kind of experience, one might presume Alpha Cut Products, INC. has the necessary experience in researching, developing and marketing a line of high-quality supplements. Many buyers may thusly be familiar with the company from previous and other workout supplements.

Still, Alpha Cut Products, INC. may want to consider adding additional information to their product websites, such as company history and seller philosophy. This will likely engender further trust and familiarity between themselves and their customer base. It stands to reason that the more a potential buyer is able to learn about a particular company, the more likely they will be to invest their money in the company’s products. This would also help Alpha Cut Products, INC. stand apart from the many similarly information-free supplement sellers on the market.


How Dominant 360 Muscle Works?

This post-workout formula utilizes nitric oxide as a driving factor in boosting strength, stamina, energy and power, thereby fueling optimal workouts leading to ripped, lean muscle mass and improved fitness in general. This formula blend’s combination of amino acids, plants and extracts facilitate the production of nitric oxide, a gas known to be an effective vasodilator. Essentially, this means that it relaxes blood vessel walls, thereby causing them to widen. This then allows for increased blood flow, which in turn allows efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscles. Improved blood flow means more powerful pumps, greater endurance and less downtime between workouts.

Users are instructed to take two tablets with a glass of water (or, presumably, a protein shake), immediately following a workout. The manufacturer claims Dominant 360 Muscle’s proprietary formula blend also promotes protein synthesis, a process whereby the cells in the body generate new proteins. This essentially translates into fast muscle-building capabilities and muscle tissue regeneration after workouts. These capsules are directed toward men aged eighteen and older; as a small segment of users may experience medication interactions and/or allergic reactions to the plant extracts utilized, the company advises consulting with a physician before use.


Ingredients of Dominant 360 Muscle

The manufacturer promises an all-natural formula with zero filler. Its key ingredient is an amino acid called L-Arginine, which is a precursor to nitric oxide. This means that L-Arginine is converted to nitric ixide in a chemical process that then results in dilation of the blood vessels, allowing for greater strength, endurance and muscle recovery. L-Arginine is a popular supplement in bodybuilding communities due to its purported ability to stimulate blood flow and the release of the growth hormone insulin. This amino acid is obtained directly and only through diet alone.

Creatine is another important ingredient on Dominant 360 Muscle’s formula list. For those new to the world of dietary supplements, Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that is primarily stored in muscles but can be taken orally as a bodybuilding supplement. Creatine is thought to draw water into muscle cells, which then stimulates the process of protein synthesis. Studies have also pointed to evidence that finds Creatine may stimulate muscle fiber growth, leading to harder, stronger muscles. It is one of the most popular athletic and bodybuilding supplements on the market.

L-Citrulline is a third key ingredient in the product formula. This non-essential amino acid is known for supporting optimal blood flow to tissues, reducing lactic acid buildup during exercise and promoting fast muscle building and tissue repair after workouts. L-Citrulline works by being converted into L-Arginine, where it is lastly and finally converted into nitric oxide. It is also thought to be a major supplemental contributor to fighting fatigue and promoting elevated energy levels. Men in the bodybuilding and weightlifting communities believe it helps by contributing to both more powerful pumps and by speeding up repair (thereby enabling less downtime between workouts).



The most important and obvious advantage to consistent use of Dominant 360 Muscle is purportedly more powerful workouts, thereby leading to greater lean muscle mass faster than could be accomplished by workouts alone. The manufacturer promises users that their pumps will be ‘Larger and more perpetual” (of course, presumably, also incorporating portion control, a protein-rich diet and an intense training program). Along with optimal workout capacity, this supplement promises increased strength and endurance as well as bigger, harder muscles. Users are promised an elevated ability to meet and exceed goals during workout sessions.

Another benefit reportedly reaped by using this workout supplement is laser-sharp concentration, better focus and improved cognitive abilities in general. This is likely due to the increased blood flow via the formula’s nitric oxide stimulating properties. Widening blood vessel walls not only improves blood flow to the muscles but also to the brain. This is likely the reason behind the manufacturer’s promises of quicker thinking and better reasoning skills. Along with these advantages, of course, come an increase in user self-confidence in the gym and in everyday life.

Another advantage promised by consistent use of Dominant 360 Muscle is heightened energy levels. By taking the directed two tablets thirty minutes after exercise as directed by the manufacturer, users are promised more power and energy to blaze through workouts. Muscle recovery is another key advantage due to the formula’s nitric oxide production. By increasing blood flow to muscle tissue, the tissue is able to not only work out harder and longer but also to repair itself more quickly after training sessions. Any serious fitness-minded man will likely find these benefits to be a major appeal in trying this product out.



The most visible certificate on the official product website is a logo reading “Premium Quality Pre-Workout Testosterone Booster.” This is likely meant to assure customers of a high level of quality and effectiveness in optimizing workouts and lean muscle gain. It is not clear, however, where this certificate originated from and what organization bestowed it upon the product. The company would be well-advised to further elaborate (or link to), further information regarding this certificate in order to facilitate customer trust.

Aside from this, there is little else on the website in the way of product certificates. The manufacturer would be strongly advised to at least include a certificate stating that this supplement is GMP certified. This is a common certificate in the bodybuilding supplement world that stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. This is a standard sets in place to guard consumers against gimmicks, assuring customers of company legitimacy, good manufacturing practices and a quality product. The company might also be wise to include a certificate stating that the product was developed in a sterile, FDA-approved lab (if this is indeed the case).



I started taking Dominant 360 Muscle with minimal faith on the free trial program. I wasn’t making any progress in my workouts, and with the whole money-back guarantee, I figured I didn’t have much to lose. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised. Several months in and I am able to power through workouts like a champ. – John S., solutions architect in Scranton, SD, USA

Dominant 360 Muscle has been the boost I’ve been looking for in my training routine. It goes down smoothly with my protein shakes, doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste and has given me ridiculous levels of energy in the gym, at work and in everyday life. I get more out of pumping iron than I have in years, and it definitely shows. My girlfriend can’t keep her hands off me. I would recommend this to any guy looking to go the extra mile to get ripped. – Tim D., software designer in Minneapolis, MN, USA

I felt this stuff kick in within weeks of starting to use it. It gave me an energy boost almost right away, and helped me get more and more jacked as the months went on. I was able to lift more, train longer and beat goals I’d set for myself. The new pipes I’ve worked so hard for are clear evidence of these supplement effectiveness. I’d recommend this to any guy looking to get ripped fast. – Pom T., physical therapist in Santa Rosa, NM, USA

I’ve already lost almost ten pounds and gained an inch of muscle of my biceps. I’ve tried a lot of supplements, but this stuff is the real deal. It’s not going to do the work for you, but it will give you the energy to get the work done fast and hard yourself. The extra power it has given has improved my life in aspects far beyond just the gym. If you’re serious about bumping up your training program, I’d strongly recommend giving this stuff a shot. – Buck S., roofer in Boise, ID, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The official Dominant 360 Muscle product website states that “Due to recent media coverage, there is a limited supply in stock.” However, the company does not link to the media coverage in question. Providing links to this coverage would likely help to not only increase sales but also to increase customer trust and interest. Any coverage in TV, health/fitness magazines, radio and/or prestigious online publications would only promote product credibility.

Lack of media links notwithstanding, this nitric oxide booster seems to have made a somewhat impressive impact in fitness communities all over the web. It has been featured and discussed in bodybuilding forums to a largely positive response. Many users have testified to its effectiveness, in particular its ability to help users build lean muscle quickly. It has also been featured on popular video blogging websites. It seems to be especially popular in Armed Forces and athletic communities as well as muscle-building communities in general.


Money-back Guarantee

Luckily for the cautious consumer, the manufacturer of Dominant 360 Muscle offers a money-back guarantee if the product does not perform according to expectations. Customers have thirty days from the date of purchase to receive a refund for their order. After the thirtieth day, all sales are considered final. Per the company website, in order to be eligible for a refund, products must be return unopened and undamaged. Customer service is available for any and all questions on the refund process terms and conditions.

The manufacturer also offers a fourteen-day trial program for those who would like to test drive the product before buying. If customers do not call customer service to cancel their subscription before the end of the trial period, they will be enrolled in the company’s auto-delivery program. This ensures that the customer will be charged for the full non-trial product price and shipped out a new bottle every thirty days; concurrently, a recurring fee of the full product price will be charged to their method of payment on file. This program remains in effect until and unless the customer chooses to call the company and cancel. All cancellation requests will receive a cancellation confirmation number and an email verifying the customer’s subscription cancellation.



All orders from USA are shipped to the address provided within 2-4 business days. The manufacturer ships anywhere within the United States, a handful of neighboring islands and almost every Armed Forces country. International orders may require an additional two days for processing and shipping. Unfortunately, specific shipping and handling charges were not available on the website due to the checkout system’s inability to load. This is a major strike against customer trust, and may likely deter customers from purchasing this product in the future as well.

Per the Dominant 360 Muscle website, orders placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will ship out on the following Monday (unless said Monday is a U.S. federal or state holiday). In this case, the shipment will be mailed the very next non-holiday business day. The company offers customer support for any questions whatsoever regarding shipping. All orders are shipped to customers complete with delivery confirmation, which is a major benefit. Any shipping and handling fees for regular orders or returns are non-refundable, and incurred at the customer’s expense.


Customer Support

Dominant 360 Muscle customers are offered a basic but comprehensive customer service program. The first line of customer service is a toll-free 1-844 telephone number, while the second customer service point of contact offered is an email address. The product website informs those who inquire via email that they may expect a response within six hours if the inquiry was made within active business hours. Lastly, customers can contact the company at a Savannah, GA physical mailing address. Current and potential customers can contact customer service for any reason before, during or after a sale.

The company offers some of the best customer support hours in the supplement industry. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 24/7, Saturday and Sunday 5:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. PST. Customers who desire to contact the service department outside of normal business hours may also contact the service department via the email address provided. A support member will also provide a Return Merchandise Authorization number to any customer who would like to refund their product. The customer service department is closed on all major holidays.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The official Dominant 360 Muscle product website appears to have a range of security SSL certificates in place to protect customers’ personal and financial data. Visible upon checkout are three security certificates. The first is a McAfee secure logo. This trustmark certification is utilized in order to let customers know that the manufacturer’s website has passed a specified level of informational security. McAfee scans all marked sites for malware, viruses and various other malicious online activities.

Also visible at checkout is a Norton Symantec Secured certificate. This trust seal lets customers know that all sensitive data transmitted between the company and the customer are protected by SSL algorithms. Lastly, the company utilizes the ‘Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Connection’ certificate. This ensures that the company employs software using key ciphers and encryption to protect customer data. Unfortunately, since the product checkout system would not load at the time of this review, it is not known whether this manufacturer utilizes other security measures.


Pricing & Free Trial

The regular price of a bottle of Dominant 360 Muscle is $99.95 and you’ll be charged that amount if you don’t cancel the product within 14 days after you submit your credit card details. This fee includes all shipping and handling charges. As stated via the product website, all trial customers are responsible for paying shipping and handling charges regardless of whether they choose to maintain their subscription or not. Unfortunately, since the checkout section would not load at the time of this review, it is not presently known whether this company offers additional pricing package incentives for buying multiple bottles. This is incredibly unfortunate; the manufacturer is strongly encouraged to rectify this checkout glitch in order to provide the most comprehensive pricing information possible, to potential customers.

According to the ‘Terms’ page on the official product website, all products are subject to the taxes of the geographic region from which the products are ordered. Customers who opt to cancel either the trial or the subscription are responsible for all goods that may have been already shipped or delivered to them before their cancellation. Buyers who would like to obtain a partial refund or who would like to cancel their trial are also charged a small one-time cancellation fee in order to avoid having to return the product.






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