Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink from CytoSport

Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink by CytoSport Review – Is This a Good Pre-Workout Drink for Athletes & Bodybuilders?

What Is Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink?

Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink is a pre-workout supplement that comes in drink form. The product is designed to be taken shortly before a workout in order to provide the body with performance improving elements. It is an evolution from the previous form of the product which was available as a drink mix in the form of a powder. This advanced version of the drink was designed for convenience so customers can grab-and-go.

The product is formulated to provide energy and increase muscle mass if consumed as part of an individual’s pre-workout regimen. Designed for health conscious customers, the drink is sugar-free. However, the product does use Caffeine in one of its two main formulas, so the chance of side effects increase compared to other supplements. The manufacturer warns that it shouldn’t be consumed with other caffeinated foods or beverages because it can nausea, jitteriness and increased heart rate. Caffeine can also result in a what is known as a “crash” in which the body experiences extreme fatigue when the substance wears off.

Although the product uses two trademarked ingredients in its formula, the product’s formula isn’t patented. It also hasn’t been put through clinical trials or studies. Without such studies, there is no way to prove its effectiveness even when multiple elements of the formula have shown positive results in other scientific studies. The company should consider short-term and long-term clinical trials in the future.



CytoSport is the manufacturer of Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink. The company has been in operation since 1998 when it was founded by a father and son who were both physically active. The company has always focused on nutritional supplements for athletes, and the majority of their products are available in powder form. All of the company’s products have obtained NSF certification for lacking toxic ingredients.

Their most famous product is Muscle Milk, which became one of the highest selling supplement products in recent decades. Muscle Milk went on to inspire Monster Milk, which eventually led to an entire group of supplemental products marketed under the label “Monster”. The company’s first product was Cytomax, a powder based drink mixed designed to provide increased energy. The product later inspired a whole line of pre-workout supplements which includes Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink.

The company isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is common among supplement manufacturers because an accreditation is not required to be in operation. It is typical for the BBB to assign a rating to each company regardless of accreditation, but CytoSport hasn’t been assigned one. This isn’t typical for a business that has been in business for so nearly two decades. It would normally serve as a disadvantage to the company, but it appears that the lack of rating is actually a result of the company not having any official complaints filed against them.


How Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink Works?

Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink’s functionality is based on the product’s two active formula components which are designed to increase energy and muscle strength. Creating this optimal internal environment results in increased muscle mass because the muscles heal quicker and avoid fatigue for longer periods, so an individual can push through to the end of their workout. As this process is repeated multiple times a week, the results are amplified and become visible much quicker.

When the product is digested, it begins to combat issues associated with workouts from multiple angles. Firstly, it provides the customer with a jolt of Caffeine which provides the energy necessary to begin a workout while also reducing the fatigue that occurs during periods of physical activity. As energy is being increased, the amino acids cause a release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from the pituitary gland. As HGH enters into the body, it allows muscles to work more efficiently. It also allows the body to heal quicker and more efficiently, so there is less downtime needed between intense physical activity routines.

Many of the other pre-workout supplements base their functionality in a similar manner by manipulating the brain to increase hormone levels. It is also common among supplements in this category to encourage muscle growth by providing the body with necessary nutrients to heal quicker. The product stands out because it provides energy through the use of Caffeine and not vitamins. This can be seen as an advantage or disadvantage depending on the desires of the customer.


Ingredients of Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink

Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink is loaded with vitamins that are necessary for a physically active body, but the product only has two active ingredients: Power Nitric Oxide Matrix and Energy Amplifying Matrix. Power Nitric Oxide Matrix is a formula composed of Betaine Anhydrous, L-Citrulline, L-Arginine and Glycocyamine. This formulation focuses on amino acids or elements derived from amino acids in order to increase the body’s healing time as well as increase the level of HGH, which serves to improve an individual’s physical performance. Energy Amplifying Matrix is composed of Taurine, Glucuronolactone and Caffeine which are used to increase energy levels. The breakdown of main ingredients are as follows:

  • Vitamin C – 60 mg
  • Vitamin E – 30 IU
  • Vitamin B6 – 5 mg
  • Folic Acid – 400 mcg
  • Vitamin B12 – 12 mcg
  • Sodium – 50 mg
  • Power Nitric Oxide Matrix – 4 g
  • Energy Amplifying Matrix – 1.9 g

The other ingredients of the product are basic components used to create a drink mixture, extend shelf-life and add flavor. Since the base of the product originally comes in the form of a powder mixture, Purified Water is used to form a drink mixture. Malic Acid and Natural Flavors are used to create the different flavor options. Guar Gum and Citric Acid are used to prevent the drink from spoiling. Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose are used as sweeteners while Blue #1 is used for coloring.

Compared to other pre-workout supplements on the market, the product has an average list of ingredients. Customers aren’t going to find Power Nitric Oxide Matrix and Energy Amplifying Matrix listed on the labels of competitors because they’re trademarked. However, these two formulas aren’t patented, so other products can use identical ingredients to form their products. As a ready-to-drink supplement, it has the advantage of not containing lactose products. Avoiding lactose is important in such a competitive market because of the high number of lactose intolerant customers.



One advantage of Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink is its NSF certification. Since the supplement market isn’t regulated by the FDA, there have multiple instances where pop-up companies launch a product, but they’ve cut corners and use materials that are toxic to the human body. An NSF certification guarantees that the product doesn’t contain any toxic materials. The certification is even more important for individuals who compete professionally because it also certifies that none of the ingredients will result in a failed pre-performance drug screening.

Another advantage of the product is that it comes as a ready-to-drink formula, so there is no mixing involved. Customers aren’t required to carry any other products, like water, with them in order to mix the beverage ahead of time. Such convenience serves an advantage in a society that demands a fast-paced lifestyle.

The product also has the advantage of being produced by a well-known company. Since CytoSport has been around for so many years, there is a sense of trust that the manufacturer will hold their products up to a higher standard than a less established company. Any issues that could arise from the use of the product could damage the reputation of the company, so the company is likely to take responsibility and act quickly to fix any issues.



The product holds a Certified for Sport certification from the NSF (National Science Foundation). This type of certification acknowledges the product’s lack of harmful and toxic ingredients. It also certifies that the product doesn’t contain any of the natural products that are banned by the major sports organizations. Although the product is formulated from natural ingredients, there are some natural ingredients that are banned by major sports organizations because of their potentially harmful effects.

The product is both gluten and lactose-free. Gluten and lactose intolerance has increased in recent decades, so lacking ingredients that fall into either category makes the product more competitive. There is not currently any organization that offers official certification for these product labels yet, at least in the U.S. Until such a process is put in place, customers will have to rely on product and ingredient labels for verification. Since the product uses gluten free and lactose-free stamps on their labels, they can be held responsible for any negative customer reactions if the product is contaminated with gluten or lactose ingredients.

There isn’t a patent held for Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink’s formula. The product uses two trademarked formulas within its own formulation, but neither of these has been patented either. When it comes to pre-workout supplements, patents are given after a specific formula has shown proven success in clinical trials. This product hasn’t gone any clinical trials to prove its effectiveness, which is unfortunate considering that it would give the supplement a chance to be competitive within a flooded market. Lacking a patent also results in the product not providing any evidence for its claims of effectiveness.



If you’re struggling to get make it to the gym after a long day at work, I recommend this product to you. In the last few years, my energy levels have plummeted. I could barely make it through the work day let alone consider hitting the gym. I couldn’t handle the lack of energy anymore, so I decided to give Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink a chance. I noticed nearly instant results with my energy levels, and I not only made it through my workout, but I had energy left over to go out and enjoy my life.

–John P., Houston, TX

This is my favorite pre-workout supplement on the market, and I’ve tried a lot. There are just some days that I find it hard to gain motivation to go to the gym, and if I force myself there, I lack the energy to get through the workout. Since I started taking this product six months ago, I haven’t missed a single workout. Sometimes I even go to the gym on days I don’t have a scheduled workout because it has become so enjoyable for me.

– Mark R., Seattle, WA

This pre-workout drink supplement is not only effective, it’s also delicious. I’ve tried all three flavors and enjoyed them, so I typically rotate them in and out. I’ve experienced optimal results by drinking the supplement about 30 minutes before my workout starts. Since I’ve made the drink a part of my pre-workout regimen, I’ve noticed my energy levels have skyrocketed, and my muscle mass has almost doubled.

– Wayne T., San Diego, CA


Awards & Media Coverage

This particular product of CytoSport’s hasn’t received any media coverage. Pre-workout supplements are not nearly as popular as some of the other supplement categories, but it’s not the least common type of supplement either, so the lack of media coverage can’t be blamed on the type of category. It is odd that a product produced by such a well-known manufacturer hasn’t been noticed by any fitness publications. However, this shouldn’t be necessary viewed as a reflection of the supplement as it could very well be a result of the company relying on its reputation to make sells instead of a marketing campaign.

Awards for supplements in the U.S. are hard to come by, so it’s not a surprise that the product is lacking in this department. The U.S. has a lack of supplement regulation compared to other developed countries. With the lack of regulation comes a lack of official organizations designed to judge the effectiveness and quality of supplements. The only awards available are from fitness publications, but there are so few respectable publications that the number of awards is limited. A market flooded with similar types of products decreases the odds that products without large marketing campaigns will get noticed.

While this particular product lacks media coverage and awards, CytoSport has been very accomplished in this area over the years. They were voted Beverage Company of the Year in 2009 by the Beverage Marketing Corporation. Greg Pickett, the father of the father-son duo that founded the company, was listed in the Top 100 U.S. Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs in 2013. The ready-to-drink version of their most famous product, Muscle Milk, was named New Product of the Year in 2005.


Money-back Guarantee

There isn’t a money-back guarantee for Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink, but the company does accept returns. A full refund can only be obtained on returned products that haven’t been opened, and it must occur within six months of the item being purchased. Returns that fall into this category do not qualify for free return shipping and the refund will not include the original shipping fees.

If a customer is dissatisfied with the product, they can return the opened container to the company for an in-store credit. This option is not available for customers who used in-store credit to purchase the original product. Customers are also responsible for the shipping associated with this type of return. If the product arrived opened or damaged, the customer will be sent a new product immediately. Included with the new product, a return shipping label will be sent free of charge to the customer.

International customers are offered the same return policy as domestic customers. However, if an international customer resides outside of the E.U., they will not be sent a free return shipping label for damaged or incorrect goods. Returns that qualify for full refunds should expect the money to show up in their account within a week, but it can take as long as one month. In-store credit will be sent via email with instructions as to how to apply the credit to the customer’s account.



For customers within the U.S., there are three shipping options: One-day, Two-day and Standard. Customers must place their orders by 2 p.m. EST for one and two-day options to avoid an extra day to be added onto their delivery time. One-day shipping for this product is priced at $36.47 compared to $25.78 for two-day delivery. Standard shipping costs $12.47 while offering a two to four day delivery timeframe. Military personnel stationed on base should choose the “military” shipping option which is priced at $10.18 and should arrive within seven business days.

International shipping costs vary by territory, but there are three options available to the majority of locations: Standard, Economy and Priority. Standard delivery can take up to 25 days for the package to arrive, and there is no tracking information provided with this method. The economy option narrows down the shipping timeframe to between five and 10 days, and it includes a tracking number. The quickest option is priority shipping which can arrive within as little as two business days but not longer than six days.

Since shipping is based on weight, it is a disadvantage that company doesn’t offer free shipping. This product not only comes in a large case but as a liquid which weighs more than the powder form of the pre-workout supplement. Although a ready-to-go liquid supplement offers convenience, customers who are concerned with price may find that price trumps convenience if they are on a budget.


Customer Support

There is around-the-clock customer support offered for Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink customers. The team handles all issues evolving shipping and product questions. Domestic customers can access this through a hotline and a click-to-chat option, both of which are operated by the support staff 24 hours a day. There is also the option of email which is guaranteed a response within 24 hours, but the response shouldn’t be expected as quickly as the other two options. Email inquiries should be reserved for issues that aren’t time sensitive.

International customers are provided a different hotline number than domestic customers in order for the customer to avoid international phone charges. They also have the same options of contacting the customer support team through click-to-chat and email. Since the manufacturer uses third-party distributors in international territories, international customers also have the option of contacting the distributor of their area for issues regarding the shipment or damaged items. This provides another layer of customer support for convenience.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout accepts credit and debit cards backed by the major credit card companies including Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. The company does not accept payments through PayPal which is an inconvenience for customers who prefer to not enter their card information directly into a website. Fortunately, the company uses an encrypted web page to protect the customer’s information. Such encryptions prevent outside parties from monitoring and viewing any information that is typed into the necessary fields.

Secured servers are also used by the company. Since customer information has to be stored in order to process the order or to be referenced in case of an exchange or return, the company uses a security software to prevent hackers from accessing the information. This software also includes an antivirus present on the site. The antivirus prevents any outside source from accessing the servers by infecting the website directly. Physical servers have an added layer of protection because they are housed at a facility with security guards.



The product is sold as a case of 12 bottles and each bottle contains 16.9 fluid ounces of the liquid supplement. Each case is priced at $25.79, and there is no differentiation between flavors. The recommended dosage is to drink one bottle before a workout, so the length of the supply depends on how much the customer workout. For the average customer, the supply should last around two weeks. The cost breaks down to about $2.15 per serving.

The product’s pricing is higher than many of its competitors. Other products offer similar sized bottles and cases, but a month supply runs around the same price as Cytomax Fast Twitch Ready-to-Drink. When the price is broken down, the same amount of the other products can be purchased for less than a dollar per serving. The product’s competitors also offer more flavor options.






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