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CeluRaid Extreme Review – How Good Is This Natural Pre-Workout Formula?

What Is CeluRaid Extreme?

CeluRaid Extreme is a pre-workout supplement that uses a natural formula to help bodybuilders get the most out of their training sessions. This supplement claims it can help bodybuilders and other athletes build muscle mass rapidly, boost energy, and increase stamina. The key to the success of CeluRaid Extreme is the increased level of testosterone. Testosterone is a vital hormone that develops and maintains muscle mass and bone density, and metabolizes fat.

With an increased level of testosterone, users will experience higher stamina while training. This means more repetitions and longer workouts, ultimately leading to better health and a sculpted body. Energy is also boosted, which can increase the focus of a bodybuilder. Focus is all important when training towards an athlete’s desires and goals. Add these benefits to the main function of testosterone, which is to build muscle mass and to metabolize fat, and any athlete using this pre-workout supplement in their usual lifting routine will see rapid results.



After a thorough search of the supplement’s website, the customer will find that the manufacturer is going by the same name as the product. The site does explicitly state that CeluRaid Extreme is made in the United States. This implies that the product is manufactured with the country’s standard quality and safety protocol. The site also guarantees that the product has been tested and inspected, and is therefore a safe purchase.

The parent company for the supplement is called Derma Brand LLC. With headquarters located in New York, the customer is assured that the supplement is produced entirely in the U.S. Using the products name as the manufacturing name is a common process in this industry. Of course, not knowing the manufacturer’s true name may cause unease in some customers. These customers can always call the customer care number to get more information before trying the product.


How CeluRaid Extreme Works?

CeluRaid Extreme uses a testosterone boost to give bodybuilders the results they are looking for. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that has many responsibilities in men’s bodies. The main responsibility that this supplement focuses on is to regulate muscle tissue. Testosterone increases protein synthesis through promotion of neurotransmitters, which escalate muscle tissue growth.

This hormone has the added responsibility of regulating men’s metabolisms. With a boost of testosterone from this supplement, the body sees a higher level of testosterone to burn more excess fat. With each workout, the athlete using this supplement will see a higher amount of fat burned and muscle gained. With each workout becoming more and more effective, the user can train harder than before they added this supplement to their routine, and work towards new bodybuilding goals.

Testosterone also improves focus and increases stamina. The hormone travels through the bloodstream, and encourages the bone marrow to produce more and more red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen, so with higher red blood cell levels, the body’s tissues are receiving a higher level of oxygen to function more efficiently. This means all of the muscle tissue and the brain are receiving more oxygen rapidly. The brain is more capable of focusing, and the muscle increases in stamina, which means a longer, less fatigue-inducing workout.


Ingredients of CeluRaid Extreme

CeluRaid Extreme boasts a 100% natural formula with no calories, carbs, or sugar added. This makes this particular supplement diet friendly. Though the company does provide the list of ingredients through a link to a separate webpage, it looks as if it is the wrong ingredient list for this supplement. Here are the first few ingredients listed on the company’s link.

Water – As every athlete knows, water is one of the most important parts of any training session. Staying hydrated is key, and dehydration is not a valid, healthy option. The very first ingredient in this supplement is water, which means that water makes up the biggest portion of the natural formula.

Glyceryl Stearate – Glyceryl stearate is another organic ingredient in this formula. It is categorized as an emulsifier, and is also known as GMS. Used primarily as a hydrator, this key ingredient also plays a part in the conditioning and thickening of tissues. However, this ingredient is generally used in beauty products, which is why this ingredient list seems so suspicious.

PEG-100 Stearate – PEG-100 stearate is another completely natural emulsifier, and is third in the list of ingredients. Also generally used in beauty and skin care products, this emulsifier is often used to help water and oils combine. This is helpful in shampoo, for example, when showering. The water combines with the oil from the hair, ultimately removing excess oil.

Cetyl Alcohol – Cetyl alcohol is another reason the company’s provided ingredient looks incorrect. Similar to the first three ingredients, cetyl alcohol is usually used as a skin moisturizer. It is a mystery as to why a muscle-building supplement designed for bodybuilders would contain so many skin moisturizers, which is why the author suspects a mistake in the company’s listing.



The supplement’s website claims that any customer will see fantastic results, and rapidly. The product is manufactured in the U.S., which means that all safety standards and quality control is ensured. Although the ingredients list seems like it was linked to the wrong product by mistake, the site ensures that there are zero calories, carbs, or added sugars in the 100% natural formula. Another advantage is the free trial period, which allows any new user to see if this supplement really is right for them.

The website states that their formula will help any bodybuilder, new or professional, to rapidly build muscle mass and gain definition. In addition to this accumulation of mass, excess body fat is melted away with a more efficient metabolism, and stamina is increased. This means that each workout can be longer and more effective, as each “pump” and repetition burns more fat and builds more muscle. The increased stamina means a training session can go on much longer than previously, which will lead to even more gains. CeluRaid Extreme also claims that between reps and between training sessions, the athlete will feel considerably less sore and exhaustion.



CeluRaid Extreme does not have any certificates currently, but the science behind testosterone based supplements has plenty of research, testing, and analysis behind it. Studies have shown that testosterone is responsible for much of the body’s functions, especially in men. As all bodybuilders know, each training session’s goal is to create micro-tears in the muscle tissue. This muscle tissue is then repaired by the proteins that are brought in by the bloodstream, increasing muscle mass and ultimately size and strength. Testosterone is one of the key building blocks used to heal and grow the muscle tissue.

Studies have shown that testosterone promotes protein synthesis, which causes the muscle tissue to heal. With a higher level of this special hormone, the athlete’s bloodstream is able to flow more rapidly to the damaged area and heal more effectively than before. In addition, studies and research have shown that testosterone has a responsibility in helping the body metabolize fat. This means that excess body fat will be burned much more efficiently with a higher level of this hormone. Though this supplement does not have any certificates yet, the science that it is built upon ensures the user’s success.



I am relatively new to bodybuilding. I’ve never been overweight, but summer was coming and I finally decided to do something about my lack of an impressive beach body. A friend of mine is a trainer, and helped me get started. He told me I really needed to invest in a supplement to get my body used to bodybuilding, so I tried the free trial of the CeluRaid Extreme. Now three months later I love how I look, and more importantly, how the ladies look at me.

– Jason T., 27, after using the product for three months

Work is always crazy, so I’m always working overtime. I don’t really get to go to the gym that often, and when I do it is only for a few reps. I was telling my brother about how I wished I could get that killer body he has, and he told me to pick up some CeluRaid Extreme. I ordered it through their website, and I can’t say I’ve ever felt better. Even with my limited available time for working out, my muscle definition has exploded as has my self-confidence.

– Tim Z., 32, after using the product for two months

I have always been chubby and I’ve never been good at sticking to a workout routine. It is just so easy once classes are over to go back to my dorm and play video games instead of working out. Finally my roommate convinced me to purchase this supplement and to hit the gym with him. My body fat seemed to melt away overnight! Not only do I feel better and look better, but the energy and stamina this stuff gives me is a miracle!

– Brian J., 19, after using the product for 7 months

Recently I have noticed my arms, chest, and legs are starting to get flabby looking. I train at the gym almost constantly, but I have never been able to get that body definition that so many professional bodybuilders have and show-off. My wife always tells me she loves me the way that I am, but I see her watching other dudes as they flex their shining muscles at the beach and in the gym. I am trying this supplement for the first time, and what can’t I say about it! It’s a miracle worker through and through – ladies including my wife watch me at the beach now, and I know their guys want to be like me!

– Tyler B., 29, after using the product for 1 month

I have always been skinny, and have always had an extremely hard time trying to gain any weight. I’ve always been a wimp at the gym, and I find that I regularly need to take breaks that others never have to. Even after I put in the time for a good, long, quality workout, I am sore for days after, which prevents me from being able to put in any more training time. Finally after scouring the internet, I found this supplement mentioned in an article on Men’s Health magazine, and I immediately ordered it through their website. Not only do I have an amazing amount of stamina and energy now, but I am actually putting on muscle mass, with definition.

– Ben J., 22, after using the product for 4 months


Awards & Media Coverage

At the top of the website CeluRaid Extreme claims to have been seen in the prominent magazine Men’s Health. Men’s Health is the world’s largest magazine for men, sold in 47 different countries. This magazine’s website is viewed an astonishing 38 million times in an average month. Men’s Health is regarded as the top published work for details about the newest research in men’s fitness, nutrition, and overall health. Having been featured in such a reputable source is a big deal for a new supplement, and speaks to the reputation CeluRaid Extreme has built for itself.

In addition, the supplement’s website touts that it has also been featured on CNN. CNN is widely regarded with high esteem, being the first all-news channel on television. This news station is available in over 212 countries, and broadcasts coverage to more than 96 million televisions in the United States. It is no wonder why this supplement’s parent company, Derma Brand LLC, is sure not to forget being featured on this news platform.


Money-back Guarantee

CeluRaid Extreme shoppers will find a money-back guarantee in the supplement’s terms & conditions. As long as the product is returned within 30 days of initial purchase, the company reports that they will gladly accept returns and issue refunds. The refunds do not include shipping and handling costs, nor do they include a 20% restocking fee. The customer is assured that all orders are risk-free. If a product arrives at the shopper’s door damaged, then the company has promised to send a replacement to the customer at no additional cost so long as the damaged product is be returned.

The terms and conditions also state that if a new customer is not satisfied with a free trial promotion product, the customer must call the customer care service to request a refund within 14 days. The customer may also request an extension of the trial period, which will waive the previously agreed-upon trial period expiration. The free trial period time is revealed to and agreed by the customer on the ordering page before a final order is submitted. The customer must be careful to look through and understand all terms and conditions before agreeing to order the product.



Once an order is placed, the customer is automatically enrolled into the auto-shipment program. It generally takes three to five business days for the order to be delivered. If the free trial is not cancelled within 14 days of ordering, then the customer is shipped a monthly supply thereafter. The initial trial shipment contains enough product for 10 days, and allows for 4 days of shipping. Every shipment after the initial trial product will contain enough supplement for the full month.

After the initial 14 day trial, the customer is automatically billed. CeluRaid Extreme costs $79.73 per shipment. The shipment and billing is automatically done for 12 months, unless cancelled by the customer. The customer may call the customer care service with any questions at: 855-984-0957.


Customer Support

Customer support is very important to Derma Brand LLC, and is therefore available 24-7. In order to cancel or return CeluRaid Extreme, the customer must call 855-984-0957. If a return is desired, a Return Merchandise Authorization (often shortened to RMA) is given to the customer to write upon the package. This RMA number gives both the company and customer tracking information as it is shipped. The RMA number also contains all return information for the company, so it can be processed.

Without an RMA number, the company is unable to accept a return. The customer will not be able to get a refund, so it is of the utmost importance that the customer call the customer care service to attain this information. The customer care service can also assist shoppers with product information. The well-trained staff are ready and willing to answer any question a customer has about the product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The CeluRaid Extreme is only available online, where shoppers are assured a secure ordering process. Scrolling up and down through the product’s home webpage, the company assures in the bottom left that it is a “Safe Purchase: Tested & Inspected Guaranteed”. Unfortunately nowhere on the site does it explicitly state what SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is used. This is important, because the SSL actually encrypts the connection to ensure quality security. This information may be available, however, once the ordering process begins.

It is always important for shoppers to take note of the security of online orders. One way this can be accomplished is as stated above; look for the SSL. The industry standard encryption is a 256 bit SSL value. Another way shoppers can ensure the safety and security of their private banking information is to click on the lock icon in the URL. If a double-click reveals information about the security of a site, then the customer is assured the safety of the order.


Pricing & Free Trial

This supplement’s pricing is billed 14 days after the free trial promotional period ends. This is exactly 14 days after an order is submitted. The customer is given ten days’ worth of product, and allows for 4 days of shipping. On the order day, the customer pays a processing fee in addition to the $4.95 for the required for shipping and handling. If a customer does not cancel by the allotted 14 day expiration, then the customer is billed $79.73 for the product.

If a free trial period customer decides to cancel the service but fails to return the product, then the customer is billed for that initial month. The customer also has the option of returning the order for an exchange credit. In this case, the customer must still contact the customer care service in order to receive the required RMA number for valid shipment. The shipping, handling, and processing costs are never refundable, and because of the popularity of the product, the free trial promotion is limited to one per household.






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