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Brick Muscle Review – Why & How You Should Take This Supplement for Maximum Results?

What Is Brick Muscle?

Brick Muscle is a U.S. produced pre-workout supplement. The supplement uses all natural ingredients that were specifically chosen as a result of certain studies released in the scientific community. Such studies have shown the benefit of particular amino acids on the body if they are consumed before a workout. However, the supplement hasn’t partaken in clinical trials or testing of its own to confirm its power.

The product requires customers to take a dosage of two capsules around 30 minutes before their workout. The dedicated timeframe allows the body to begin digesting the product in order for the ingredients to begin working. Since the supplement uses natural ingredients, it doesn’t provide any information regarding negative side effects because it is uncommon, but customers should always check with their physician before using such items.

Brick Muscle has some downsides. The product is only available for residents located within the U.S., so international customers don’t have the option of importing the product. The supplement is oddly only available as part of a subscription service. However, the product doesn’t openly advertise the required subscription service on their site, so many customers will enter into the contract believing they are only signing up for a free trial.



The manufacturer of Brick Muscle is JuggerNox. The company is named after another one of their supplements which fall into the category of testosterone booster. There isn’t much information available regarding the company. What is known comes from the contact information for the pre-workout supplement as the manufacturer doesn’t have their own website, and the websites for their other products seem non-existent as well.

In this day and age, nearly everyone has their own website because they are easy to create and inexpensive to maintain. It is concerning that JuggerNox does not have their own web page because it is as if they don’t exist. Their location appears to be in Valley Village, California, but there is no information to be found in connection to the creators. Such a lack of information raises concerns because there is no guarantee that the company will take responsibility in the event of contamination.

JuggerNox doesn’t exist in the Better Business Bureau’s database. Searching by this product’s name also doesn’t lead to any results through the organization. Official accreditation from the BBB is not a requirement to operate as a business within the U.S., but the organization also lists a business even if it doesn’t have an accreditation. Unfortunately, this means there isn’t a rating available for the company. The lack of a listing combined with the lack of an official website may be cause for concern for many potential customers.


How Brick Muscle Works?

Brick Muscle is intended to prepare an individual’s muscles for intense exercise. By providing the body with these items in the lead up to the exercise as opposed to during the workout, it is believed that the muscles will be able to endure the stress of exercise better than without the components. Longer and more intense workouts provide greater results quicker than performing such tasks in smaller intervals.

The perceived effectiveness of Brick Muscle is due to its amino acid based formula. The blend is composed of two amino acids that have become popular among pre-workout supplements. Upon digestion, L-Arginine breaks down within the intestines. From here, it crosses into the bloodstream and moves to the muscles to assist with protein synthesis. Protein synthesis assists with breaking down the chemicals that negatively impact muscles such as lactic acid, and the process also heals the small tears in the muscles that are associated with intense workouts.

At the same time that this is occurring, the other amino acid, L-Citrulline, is also broken down in the digestive tract. Part of this decomposition of the element results in even more L-Arginine being produced. It also releases other chemicals that are thought to increase the energy of a person. This process provides the individual with a boost of energy to make it through the workout. These two processes create the ideal environment for physical activity.


Ingredients of Brick Muscle

Brick Muscle offers a rather simple amount of ingredients. By constructing the product using only a few ingredients, there is a decreased chance of the items counteracting each other. The formula is composed of mostly amino acids which are common among pre-workout supplements because of their individual effectiveness and their ability to work together. The complete list of active ingredients is as follows:

  • PumpViv NO2 Loss Blend – 800 mg
  • L-Citrulline – 5 mg
  • Dipotassium Phosphate – 4 mg

The PumpViv NO2 Loss Blend is composed of three different types of the amino acid L-Arginine. They consist of L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2-1, L-Arginine and L-Arginine Monohydrochloride. All types of L-Arginine are commonly used for their role in protein synthesis. L-Citrulline actually creates more L-Arginine when it is metabolized, and it also prevents muscle strain while increasing energy. Dipotassium Phosphate is a type of salt that provides extra potassium to the body to prevent muscle fatigue.

The inactive ingredients are basically standard items included in the majority of supplements. Gelatin is used to create the capsule that surrounds the formula. This ingredient prevents the product from qualifying as vegan-friendly. Magnesium Stearate allows the product to stay fresh and effective for a longer period of time while Microcrystalline Cellulose and Dicalcium Phosphate serve as fillers. Fillers are used quite frequently but the general public has started viewing such items as undesirable.



Brick Muscle has the advantage of a short list of ingredients. When a product contains only a few ingredients, it lowers the risk of the elements hindering the chemical reactions of each other. The supplement also uses active ingredients that have been previously proven to work well together. This combination increases the chance that product will be effective.

The pre-workout supplement also has the benefit of using natural ingredients. The risk of side effects is low with most natural ingredients. It also lowers the risk of negative interactions with other supplements or over-the-counter medications. However, it is important to ask a professional about possible issues between taking the supplement while taking non-prescription medications.

One of the biggest benefits of Brick Muscle is its checkout security. The checkout is equipped with encryptions and an antivirus. Modern day security requirements are continuously evolving, and the pre-workout supplement works with multiple security companies to keep their security measures up-to-date. Such attempts to prevent fraud allow the product a bragging point over some of the competing products.



Brick Muscle is not a holder of any certifications. This doesn’t necessary work against the product, but it doesn’t allow the product to stand out from other pre-workout supplements. The supplement missed out on two certifications that are fairly easy to obtain: NSF Certified for Sport and CGMP. The company should consider taking advantage of these opportunities in the future.

NSF Certified for Sport is a standout award provided by the National Science Foundation. The certification guarantees that a supplement doesn’t contain any ingredients that are banned by the more popular sports organizations. The NSF provides the certification to supplements internationally which makes it easier to compare domestic and international supplements. This certification would be a great match for Brick Muscle because it claims to be composed of natural ingredients.

A Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) certification is provided by the US Food and Drug Administration to production facilities that meet their qualifications. These qualifications are based on common hygiene and safety best practices. Such practices are expected of all supplement production facilities. Since the product claims to be made in the U.S., there isn’t a reason that the manufacturer hasn’t applied for the CGMP certificate.



Brick Muscle has completely changed my life. I’ve always wanted to be one of those guys that always looked fit and great, but I never seemed to be able to accomplish the same results. After a month of taking this supplement before my workouts, I look better than ever. The compliments keep coming, and I can’t wait to see the results after another month.

– Rich H., Dallas, TX, US

I’ve been battling stubborn belly for over a year, but nothing I did worked. I turned to this supplement as my last chance to make it happen, and after six weeks, my extra belly fat is almost completely gone. I’ve developed a four-pack of abs, and I’m currently on my way to a complete six-pack.

– Charlie J., San Francisco, CA, US

Getting rid of my leftover pregnancy weight has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. No matter how much I worked out, the last 10 pounds refused to come off. About a month ago, I tried Brick Muscle in an attempt to get rid of the rest of the fat. In the last four weeks, I’ve managed to finally lose the extra fat, and I’ve also experienced increased muscle growth. I will be a lifelong fan.

– Tom P., Columbus, IN, US

Working as a professional trainer becomes more challenging as I get older. Many of my colleagues use supplements, and one of them suggested this formula to me. I’m so glad I took his advice because I’m no longer experiencing that mid-day fatigue that I had been plagued with for months. Now, I can make through all of my clients’ training sessions without any issues.

– Jenn A., Boston, MA, US


Awards & Media Coverage

The brand boasts that the product has been advertised in Maxim, Men’s Journal and Men’s Health. Unfortunately, proof of such coverage hasn’t been found. The key term used is “advertised” which most likely means that the company paid for an advertisement in those publications. Even if these publications haven’t spotlighted the product, appearing in the publications serves to boost the product’s credibility. Advertising in such popular magazines allows the product to be seen by a large audience.

Brick Muscle hasn’t been on the receiving end of any awards. Although it’s not ideal, not receiving any awards is common among pre-workout supplements. There is a limited amount of recognition for pre-workout supplements created in the U.S. The only types of organizations that provide reputable awards are fitness publications, but they only have a limited amount of awards to offer.

The lack of official recognition is not unexpected. This product doesn’t offer a unique design or ingredient formulation, so it hasn’t stood out from the flooded market of pre-workout supplements. One of its biggest downfalls is the lack of clinical testing. There are hundreds of pre-workout supplements that all claim to offer similar results, so it’d be beneficial to Brick Muscle to have some sort of proof to back up its claims.


Money-back Guarantee

The company offers a money-back guarantee on Brick Muscle subscription bottles. The tricky part of the guarantee is the short amount of time allowed for the item to be returned. The company allows 30 days for product returns, but this timeframe includes the shipping time to the customer as well as the returned shipping time to the manufacturer. The countdown begins at the time of the order being processed, but since this happens automatically, the customer may not know the exact date.

Refunds should process within five days of the item being received by the manufacturer. For the return item to be accepted, the package must display the Return Merchandise Authorization number. Customers must first contact customer service in order to receive the RMA. Such limitations and restrictions on returns are inconvenient for customers and may deter potential customers.

Returns are not accepted on trial bottles. However, to avoid further charges, customers must call within 14 days of ordering the trial to cancel their subscription. Customers who call to receive a refund on a monthly subscription bottle need to be aware that requesting a refund doesn’t automatically cancel their subscription service as the company considers it a separate issue. To cancel the subscription, customers must request the cancellation to the customer service department and ask them to verify it.



The shipping on monthly subscription products is free, so customers will only be charged the standard monthly fee for the bottle. Customers are required to pay a shipping and handling fee for the trial product order. This fee is set at $4.95. The order ships via standard mail, and it should arrive within three days. The manufacturer includes the shipping time frame within the 14 day trial period, so any delays in shipment will still count against the trial period.

When it comes to return shipping, customers are responsible for covering the cost of return shipments. The company doesn’t require a specific method of return shipment. However, the terms set forth by manufacturer hold the customer responsible for any lost shipments. Since this is the case, customers returning an item are advised to use a method complete with a tracking number.

Trial shipments cannot be returned to the manufacturer as the company doesn’t accept returns of opened bottles. The trial is the only time that the customer will be pay for both the initial shipping cost and the price of the bottle. After the 14 day trial period, customers are charged for the full price of the bottle, but the company doesn’t allow refunds for the cost of shipping.


Customer Support

The manufacturer offers customer support for Brick Muscle by phone and through email. The mail option should only be used for general questions and concerns. All issues concerning the cancellation of the subscription service and refunds should be addressed by phone as both are time-sensitive issues. The company only allows such issues to be resolved by phone. The company lists their customer service hours as operating 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The customer support staff services multiple products sold by the manufacturer. Providing multiple products has both an upside and downside in terms of customer support. On the upside, the company provides more customer support employs so it is unlikely customers will have to wait on hold for an extended period of time. On the downside, the staff works with multiple products so there is less of a chance that they’ll be experts on each specific item.

Unfortunately, the company has yet to offer a click-to-chat option. The location of the customer support team is unknown. Since the product is only sold to U.S. customers, it is most likely located domestically. However, the phone number doesn’t provide any confirming information as to the team’s location. This also opens up the possibility that the manufacturer outsources their customer service.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout is secured with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is the go-to type of website security when sensitive information is required. The SSL encryption is a type of code that shields all the customer information typed into the order form from being viewed by outside information. The encryption can be verified by the URL which begins with “https” instead of the standard “http”. Although this measure was once considered a sign of advanced website security, it is now seen as a requirement for all e-commerce websites.

The checkout displays a VeriSign Secured stamp which is provided by VeriSign Security, a company that monitors website security. To receive the stamp of approval from the company, the site must meet their security standards. Although not displayed on their site, the checkout must also use an up-to-date antivirus to qualify for VeriSign approval.

The site also showcases a ScanAlert Hacker Safe stamp. ScanAlert is another security company that frequently tests websites to verify their security levels. In order to qualify for this company’s type of approval, the site must keep their security measures up-to-date. These security standards are set forth by the reputable names in internet security, and the standards are constantly evolving to increase website safety.


Pricing & Free Trial

The only way to obtain a bottle of Brick Muscle is to sign up for the free trial followed by the subscription program. Customers are automatically charged $89.69 for their monthly supply of the product. It is important to know that the company reserves the right to increase or decrease this price as they see fit. This may happen at any time without an advanced warning to the customer.

The one-month supply of the product is standard among pre-workout supplements. The item isn’t competitive when it comes to the price. The top-selling pre-workout supplements are priced between 20 to 35 dollars. The only other brands in this category that charge a similar amount for their product also take part in the subscription programs, which are considered a poor business practice among industry leaders.

The free trial program is in fact only free for the first 14 days after the product is ordered. Once this time frame is up, the customer is charged the full price of the bottle because the company sends a one month supply and not a 14 day supply. This is the only instance that the company won’t accept returns on unopened bottles. A new bottle will automatically be shipped out around 30 days from the initial trial order.






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