BeMass Review – Could It Prevent Muscle Loss?

What Is BeMass?

BeMass is a dietary supplement that prepares the body to obtain the maximum effects from workout sessions in order to build muscle. It also helps to increase energy to promote longer and more frequent exercise routines. It expedites recovery and healing time necessary following weight training and other types of extreme workouts so that new muscle can develop rapidly and the next workout can take place sooner. Organic ingredients are used in the creation of this product. No adverse side effects have been reported by users of this supplement.

This product is used by men who perform regular workout sessions with the intent of improving their physique and physical performance when exercising. It is created to be used by adult males 18 and over. It is made using 100% natural plant-based ingredients in order to ensure no addictive issues will arise from it’s use. It claims to improve the biological anabolic process of the body for greater reception of the benefits it delivers. It increases energy levels in order to make physical exercise more frequent which helps with weight loss.



The manufacturer of BeMass assures the finest quality and safest organic ingredients are used in creating the product. In this way it is deemed safe from causing dependence or addiction problems from synthetic additives, such as can be found upon close inspection of the ingredient lists of other supplements. The manufacturer of BeMass wishes to ensure the health and safety of all users. Selling large amounts of the product is considered secondary to making certain users are receiving a safe and effective product. Since natural active ingredients are perfect for working in conjunction with the body’s own processes, there is no need to include potentially harmful man-made additives in order for the product to work.

Many companies will make overinflated claims regarding the effectiveness of their supplements for the sole purpose of making as much money as possible.When used in excessively high or super-concentrated amounts, these additives can pose serious health risks. The makers of BeMass assure their users that they will never put monetary gain above customer safety. They indicate that the production process of this product is overseen in order to ensure complete purity of all components used in it’s creation.


How BeMass Works?

BeMass works by preparing the body for the formation and development of new muscle tissue which will be built into muscle mass with intense exercise, such as weightlifting. This is done by revving up the body’s naturally-occurring anabolic processes. The anabolic process consists of two specialized functions. The first, digestive-type phase is called catabolism, in which nutrients are metabolized and the most beneficial ones prepared for anabolism. Phase two is known as anabolism, in which vitamins and other types of nutrients are synthesized and those which are beneficial to the muscle-building process are routed to the areas of the body where they will be most resourceful.

Liposomes carry these essential products throughout the body. Liposomes are small vesicles in the body composed of the same material as cells are made up of. They serve as transportation for foods and fuels the body will make use of in order to build up muscle girth and ensure muscle health. When these products are received by the muscle, they are used to increase the size and improve the health of the muscle tissue. BeMass is also instrumental in helping the muscle to absorb and utilize these nutrients to their optimum advantage.

Muscle growth occurs as a direct result of muscle damage. Intense exercise that brings about muscle damage must take place in order for muscle growth to take place. Concentric and eccentric muscle contractions are responsible for this specific type of muscle “damage”. Concentric muscle contractions happen when the muscle being worked is “contracted” and brought in closer proximity tot he body. Eccentric muscle contractions, which are the more damaging of the two types of movements, happen as the muscle is elongated and stretched out and away from the body.

While both of these muscle contractions must occur in order for the muscle tissue to be properly broken down, the eccentric movement is responsible for the most damage.
A recovery period follows these workouts. During the recovery time, the supply of nutrients in the blood will be delivered and assist the muscle in repairing itself by creating new, healthy lean muscle tissue. This new tissue will become interwoven with the already-existing muscle mass to repair and heal it, and create further mass to the muscle. Over time, this process builds a significant amount of muscle mass.

This product builds stamina and energy as it shortens the recovery time necessary for muscle repair and healing, allowing sustained workouts to occur more frequently. This assists the body in building muscle mass more rapidly. In turn, the user sees the physique he wants created. Increased energy comes from increased muscle content. This creates a situation of perpetuity that ensures maintenance of the new form.


Ingredients of BeMass

BeMass is formulated with safe, organic ingredients that studies have deemed to be safe and effective at working with the system to build muscle tissue into muscle mass. Pre-workout supplements are generally known for increasing the body’s testosterone levels in order to accomplish this, however BeMass employs the body’s anabolic processes to aid in muscle production. This is the process which works quickly to give the body muscle bulk and definition. It’s ingredients include:


Oversees the synthesis of Nitric Oxide which delivers nutrient- and oxygen-packed blood to the muscles.

Dicalcium Phosphate

Assists with the absorption of the supplement’s active ingredients directly into the bloodstream and then into the cells and tissues of the body.


Reduces levels of lactic acid within the body which in high amounts can negatively impact the body’s ability to synthesize the active ingredients delivered by the supplement.

Creatine Monohydrate

Speeds the formation of muscle mass, boosts energy, and aids in the process by which muscles become pronounced and more defined.

Niacin – Vitamin B3

Increases the production of the hormones which the body needs for the anabolic processes and boosts energy levels.



Instead of simply acting upon one method of improving workout performance, such as increasing the male body’s production of testosterone, BeMass involves the anabolic workings of the body as well as it’s liposome delivery process to effectively get the job done. In this way the results are more expedient. The organic ingredients included in the product also work to boost levels of testosterone which is so important within the male body, delivering even more benefits than just one process or the other alone. The supplement serves to strengthen and bring about the conditions in the body by which muscle mass can not only be formed but maintained in healthy condition. Users of the product report consistently that results are both seen and felt within a very short time after beginning use.

The anabolic process happens in two steps. Catabolism is the initial part of the process. This is similar to digestion in that it breaks foods down into simple form, and then readying the nutrients derived from those foods for step two of the process. This step is known as Anabolism. Anabolism sees the nutrients and other healthy components derived during catabolism gathered and synthesized, and those most needed by the body for healthy muscle production and maintenance are delivered to the areas within the body where they will be the most effectively dispersed to the muscles. The supplement increases the effectiveness of the anabolic process so that it can focus on the muscles and assist in their development.

The body derives more and more energy as it creates more muscle. This additional energy allows for more physical activity, which in turn reduces weight by burning off excess body fat and calories that create it. Calories not used by the body for energy are converted and stored as fat. The body requires a small percentage of fat in order to function properly. Too much body fat, however, leads to serious health problems and conditions.

Building more and more healthy muscle and utilizing the additional energy provided by the muscle content of the body allows for more calories to be burned off as they are used as energy to help the body “work”. This prevents the creation of excess body fat. A calorie is a unit measurement of energy of the type that the human body uses constantly, even when resting and/or during times of physical inactivity, in order to keep the body’s systems working in top form. Greater amounts of muscle content require greater amounts of calories in order to function. This is how excess weight is kept off and how this supplement works to keep the body in top performance mode at all times.

Higher levels of energy mean greater amounts of physical activity, and more exercise initiates the release of endorphins into the system. These are naturally-occurring chemical “feel good” mood enhancers, released by the brain. Not only do they create a relaxing sense of well-being, they bring about specific health benefits such as decreased stress levels, less feelings of anxiety, they help to lower high blood pressure, and they help with restful sleep and relaxation of the body and the mind. These results are even more points reported by BeMass users in it’s favor. They report sleeping better at night, experiencing feelings of increased self-esteem, and the ability to think more positively and focus more fully on the day’s tasks.

One of the top benefits consistently spoken of by users is the absence of negative side effects when using this product. This would be due tot he use of safe, non-addictive ingredients in the manufacture of the supplement.Generally adverse side effects from such products are a result of synthetic additives which can cause issues with dependence and addiction which then cause unwanted or even dangerous side effects. The makers of this supplement oversee the process for this very reason, they state. They choose to personally ensure that only safe concentrations of the most effective ingredients are used.



Certificates are often presented in recognition of a product that has reached some level of notoriety within the public, usually a marketable good that has met high standards of criteria. In the case of products such as pre-workout supplements the greatest and most significant type of certification that can be received is the approval of those who actual use the product. Positive reviews indicate publicly that the product works as it claims and is advertised to work. There is no greater advertisement or certification that can be received for a product than the vast approval of it’s customers.

Certificates bring a certain level of media attention and awareness to a product. However, it is the spotlight shone by the actual consumers of a product that carry the greatest amount of influence. A product’s users are the main reliable source when it comes to determining the trustworthiness of the product, as no one is going to write a positive review of something that does not work. Hundreds upon hundreds of reviews and five-star ratings have been posted by users of this supplement. Reports from users who have happily recommended it to friends, coworkers, family members, fellow sports team members, etc. This is the very best and most effective media advertisement any product or service can receive.



Nothing short of a miracle was going to get this blob into shape. I had tried every supplement I read about, saw in the vitamin shop, you name it. Nothing worked. I decided to give it one more go, and if it didn’t work this time, I was done trying. I’d just become a couch potato. I ordered BeMass, and after using the first bottle, I was in awe! No jittery feelings, no trouble sleeping, no weird side effects, and best of all I was seeing some actual activity in the old abdominal area. Some definition was already visible, and I had lost a nice chunk of weight too. I recommend this supplement for any guy out there who is tired of not seeing results no matter how hard he works out.

– Damian C., Mobile, AL, USA

I’m not one to put any store in hype around a product. A company can write anything about it’s own products. But then I started doing some research and reading all the reviews that users were leaving about BeMass and I thought, there has to be something to this. There was something to it alright. It works faster and better than any supplement I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried literally thousands of dollars worth of them over the years. This one is the real thing and the results are as real as it gets.

– Tommy K., Salina, KS, USA

I work as a personal trainer at a pretty well–known gym franchise, and I see guys every week who are ready to just give up because they aren’t seeing results fast enough. I’ve recommended this supplement to more of them than I can count, and the result is always the same. Within just a couple of weeks they’re going at it harder than ever before, showing off their changing physique, and telling me how great they feel on top of everything. Hey, the results don’t lie, and I’ve seen dozens of pretty amazing results from using this pre–workout product.

– Erik M., Yonkers, NY, USA

When I think of all the time and money I’ve wasted on junk supplements that promised to help improve my workouts and give me results in no time, I feel sick. All I ever needed was this one product. It has done everything it said it would do and then some. As soon as I’m finished with my workout I’m ready to go again. So many great benefits from a single product with no nervous feelings or other side effects to deal with. I’m a customer for life.

– Taylor R., Reno, NV, USA

Since I started using this supplement I can see shape and form to my body now. I feel like I could work out all day long, and the results are happening so fast I can’t get over it! Nobody could have convinced me that this could really happen if I hadn’t tried it for myself. I tried a long time to find something that would help me with my workouts and I finally found a supplement that helps me work out more often and for a longer time at each session, and that I can actually feel working. No more overloads of caffeine and all that other stuff for me. I’m sticking with this all–natural product all the way.

– Jayce W., Toronto, Canada

One of the guys I work out with noticed a supplement I was using one day in the locker room. He told me to do some research and check out some of the side effects the ingredients in that product could cause. I did, and as soon as I saw the possible health risks involved I threw the whole thing straight in the trash. Then he told me about BeMass and how safe it is, and how well it works. I ordered a bottle right away and within a couple of weeks I was seeing and feeling results that I just couldn’t believe. This is the pre–workout supplement for me, and I can recommend it to anyone who needs a boost to see some results fast.

– Vince L., Munich, Germany


Awards & Media Coverage

Media coverage usually spotlights products that have been revealed to be a scam of some sort. This kind of coverage is necessary to protect the consumer. The media attention given to this product has been consistently positive and serves to inform the public of it’s safety and effectiveness via the hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers. The focus is on the success stories the users are all too willing to share. A great deal of that media coverage details the lack of adverse side effects when using this product, a great concern today in a society dealing with addiction epidemics.

Any product can make the claim that it is safe for use, but there is often no statistical information or data to back up these claims. These are the claims and revelations most focused on by media reports, and the ones most avidly followed, understandably enough, by consumers as users and potential users of the products in question. However, this supplement has been brought to the forefront of positive media attention due to it’s overwhelming amount of support from actual users. This is the media coverage any supplement would be pleased to have. There is no type of award that can equal positive consumer reviews and word-of-mouth, whether the fruits of the award come in the form of money made from the product, online reviews, blog content, handwritten letters to the company, or, ideally, a combination of all of the above.


Money-back Guarantee

BeMass may be returned to the company for a refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product, or if the product is damaged in transit to the customer, within 30 days of purchase. In order to initiate the refund process the customer must contact the company and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, to be requested and obtained online only (shipping and handling fees are non-refundable). This number must be legibly written in a visible outside area of the return package,containing the unopened and unused product. If there is no RMA number visible on the outside of the package it will not be accepted. The customer is responsible for paying return shipping fees.



It is required that all orders for BeMass Pre-Workout supplement be placed via the official product website. Once an order for the supplement has been placed it will be processed immediately and the customer charged for the product at the time of ordering. An estimated delivery time will also be given at the time the order is placed. Delivery times will vary depending upon the customer’s location, the time of the order, and the delivery schedule of the postal carrier. Most orders will arrive via Special Delivery and will require a signature.

If the product is found to be damaged upon receipt by the customer, the customer must contact the company within 7 days of receipt of the product, at which time the company may request that the defective or damaged product be returned before further action can be taken. The faulty product will be examined and verified to have been damaged during delivery. Following this, unless a refund has been initiated via obtaining an RMA number, the product will be replaced and shipped to the customer at no further charge, and the customer reimbursed for any costs incurred in the return of the product. Any product being returned for a refund must be received within 30 days of the purchase date of the product.


Customer Support

Customer Support is available via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer Support may be reached by telephone Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The email address and telephone number can both be found on the product’s official website, in the footnotes under the “Contact Us” heading. When returning the product for a refund an RMA number must be obtained via email request only. Questions, requests for information or instructions, etc, may be made via telephone during operating hours. Product orders must be placed through the official online website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

As all ordering must take place via the company’s website,they go to great lengths to ensure the security of the checkout page. The personal payment information of all customers is treated with the utmost respect and care to see to it’s privacy within the system. There are a number of safety features in place to constantly monitor the site to protect it from data breaches and hackers. The security measures and programs are active constantly, repeatedly scanning and monitoring the website to detect and protect against any type of attempted breach whatsoever. This system provides the customer with peace of mind knowing that their financial information is safe at all times.

The official website is fully secured and protected by a cutting-edge security system consisting of a number of locked layers. All are certified and overseen by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is a 256-bit encryption security program lauded as the industry standard in securing online payment sites and locking down sensitive customer information so that it is not subject to any type of system infiltration. It is used by companies that process millions of dollars in various types of transactions each and every day. The checkout page is also protected via McAfee Secure, Norton Secured, and TRUSTe security software programs. The VeriSign logo is present as well to ensure proper notice is given as to the top-level security present on the page.



The price of BeMass will be updated on the website daily. Customers should check the official web page for information on pricing as it is subject to change with notification of said changes made known by posting on the official website. The price listed on the site at the time the customer places the order and the order is accepted and processed is the price that will be charged. Prices are subject to change with notice being posted to the official website. At the time the order is placed the customer will be given an estimated date of arrival based on shipping factors such as customer location, postal carrier schedule, and time of order.






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