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Beast Mode Boost Review – Everything About It

What Is Beast Mode Boost?

Beast Mode Boost is a new pre-workout dietary supplement that helps to increase muscle mass, decrease post-workout recovery time, and improve metabolic efficiency during the workout. Its key active ingredients may also help to decrease muscle fatigue while still increasing muscle pump for bodybuilders by improving blood and nutrient flow to the muscles. Specifically designed to enhance the size and definition of lean muscle mass, the supplement focuses greatly enhancing cell volumization and cell absorbtion. This dietary supplement also provides amino acids that mimic the body’s own proteins to help quickly repair torn muscular connections in the post-workout recovery period.

Like many other bodybuilding enhancement supplements, Beast Mode Boost does not claim to increase a customer’s muscle mass or muscle definition all by itself. Rather, the supplement provides nutritional support through critical amino acids and volumizing agents that sustain the customer’s body during a strenuous workout and enhance muscle pump as a result. Using this supplement may improve overall performance over time by limiting downtime for recovery periods and improving stamina. The product comes in pill form and is intended to be taken approximately 30 minutes prior to a workout, rather than regularly as a daily supplement. Orders also include a recommended weekly workout guide to help maximize the product’s results. This dietary supplement may have off-label benefits to users, including increased overall energy and naturally increased testosterone levels.



The manufacturer of this product is not affiliated with the well-known supplement manufacturer of the similar name, Beast Sports, nor with their award-winning Beast Mode pre-workout supplements. However, the supplement is made in the United States and released under the limited liability partnership known as Beast Mode Boost, LLP. The partnership uses a San Diego, California address and appears to be affiliated with a group of nutritional supplement companies. Their contact number and address are used as the headquarter contact information for other limited liability partnerships which are in the fitness supplement industry. One partner company sharing contact information is Supernatural Strength, a performance enhancement supplement.

The contact information for the company is also associated with several limited liability corporations in New Jersey, including personal injury law firms. This, however, is not unusual for LLP enterprises, or nutritional supplement start-ups and should not necessarily be construed as cautionary. The pre-workout supplement includes only naturally occurring ingredients as its active agents. These ingredients are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore it is not required by law for the company to reveal its specific manufacturing details.

In general, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the product is safe for consumption and that it reasonably performs its stated function. However, before taking any supplement or changing a workout routine, it is highly recommended for an individual to seek the advice of a physician. Products such as this dietary supplement have little chance of side effects because they are made of ingredients that occur naturally in the human body.


How Beast Mode Boost Works?

Beast Mode Boost works by combining a number of proven performance enhancing ingredients into one simple pill format. Taken as directed, which is two pills approximately 30 minutes prior to a strenuous workout, the supplement may help to increase the body’s own production of nitric oxide. Athletes and bodybuilders can benefit from the increase of nitric oxide as it facilitates the increase flow of blood and oxygen to skeletal muscle groups. Nitric oxide can also help the body to hasten its removal of resultant lactic acids, which means less muscle fatigue and a shortened recovery time in the post-workout. Nitric oxide has received considerable coverage in men’s health, fitness and bodybuilding media as one of the primary elements to maximizing a body’s capacity, performance, and ability to recover quickly.

It also utilizes amino acid compounds to stimulate the body to create more muscle mass and rapidly repair tissue between workouts. By using these amino acids that appear naturally in human muscle matter, the supplement increases overall cell volume and promotes the development of lean muscle mass by increasing the body’s use of proteins. The breakdown of muscle mass is limited by this process, which in turn also decreases recovery time between sets. These proteins safely and commonly occur in natural food products. However, when combined, they may greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of bodybuilding workouts. This supplement will not increase lean muscle mass when used by itself, and is dependent upon the customer’s commitment to taking the supplement and continuing a regular fitness routine.


Ingredients of Beast Mode Boost

The active ingredients of Beast Mode Boost include the amino acids Arginine Alphaketoglutarate (AAKG), Arginine Ketoisocaproate (AKIC), and Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (GAKG), as well as the ionic salt Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG). AAKG is a nonessential amino acid that aids in the production of nitric acid in the liver, which in turn promotes building lean body mass. AKIC is a branched-chain amino acid that can help with endurance bodybuilding by helping the body to remove the build-up of lactic acids. GAKG is a large component of the proteins that make up skeletal muscle groups, and can therefore not only prevent actual muscle breakdown but also speed the recovery time between workouts. The role of the ionic salt OKG is still somewhat unclear to scientists, but it seems to be a critical element in amino acid synthesis and protein availability. All of the supplement’s ingredients are widely used in the fitness supplement industry, and have been the subject of extensive study into both safety and effectiveness.

Together, these ingredients combine to promote muscle growth, speed recovery, and increase oxygen and blood flow to muscle groups to improve pump. Inert ingredients of the supplement include Stearic Acid, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, and Ethylcellulose. These ingredients primarily function as emulsifiers and anti-caking agents to preserve the pill form of the supplement in a shelf stable manner. None of the ingredients of this workout supplement require FDA oversight as they are all naturally occurring elements used for a nutritional supplement. The stabilizing, inert ingredients are commonly used in all pills, gels, and other regular care products and present no potential for side effect or accidental overdose.



Beast Mode Boost uses several well-respected and proven amino acid ingredients to create a safe, yet powerful boost a serious bodybuilder’s workout. Unlike steroids or pharmaceutical enhancement products, the supplement does not present potentially dangerous side effects. The natural ingredients also occur naturally within the human body, therefore greatly minimizing any negative reactions a user might experience with the supplement. Its active ingredients have long been well-known and respected supplements in the bodybuilding community, promising tried and true results. Above all, this dietary supplement does responsibly remind users that it must be used in conjunction with a fitness routine that has been approved by the customer’s physician.

The nutritional supplement also offers an easy-to-follow suggested dosage. Rather than being taken daily, or even several times a day, this supplement need only be taken 30 minutes prior to a workout. Its safe ingredients present no hazard of overdose, so there is no worry of accidentally taking too much of the supplement. A single bottle provides 60 pills, which is generally adequate for a month of use by a heavy gym user. There is no indication that taking more of the product will increase its performance in any way, thereby minimizing the need to purchase more product than suggested by the standard labeling. Although not its intended purpose, this dietary supplement may also have additional benefits including an increase in energy and increased male libido.



Of course, there are a variety of desirable certifications available to manufacturer’s of nutritional and dietary supplements, including pre-workout supplements. One of the most prestigious is NSF International certification, which ensures product and ingredient safety, including ongoing testing and re-certification. Other certifying agencies include, US Pharmacopeia, and UL. While none of these agencies tests or reports upon the efficacy of a dietary supplement’s claims, they do guarantee that the ingredients listed on the product packaging are indeed the ingredients in the product. They also guarantee that the supplement product is free of known dangerous substances, such as arsenic, lead, or bacteria. Such certifications as these are the gold standard for dietary supplements, but they are difficult and expensive for companies to obtain.

This dietary supplement does not at this time carry any third-party regulatory certification. However, manufacturers must pay a steep price to have their supplements tested by one of these agencies. Only a small fraction of the nearly 100,000 dietary supplements on the market at any given time carry a regulatory certification on their packaging. US Pharmacopeia has certified less than 200 supplements in its entire history. Small companies particularly may find that the cost to receive certification is prohibitive until the company sees growth and scaling due to their product’s success in the market.



I had hit a wall with my workout and just seemed to plateau for months until I tried Beast Mode Boost. Within a few workouts, I saw a noticeable difference in muscle pump. After two weeks, I was putting on lean muscle mass without having long recovery between tough workouts. — Jake C., Long Island, NY

I’ve always been wary of supplements, but after hitting middle age I’d seen increased recovery time with each year and difficulty maintaining the physique I’d worked so hard on for years. After checking out some options, Beast Mode Boost offered a safe and easy option to help me get back to where I wanted to be as a bodybuilder. It’s not a magic bullet, but it’s pretty close. — Andrean W., Charleston, WV

Beast Mode Boost takes all of the best amino acid supplements and puts them into one pill that packs a powerful punch for serious bodybuilders. If you need to amp your routine, it’s a strong choice for a reliable dietary supplement backed by real science. — David L., Las Vegas, NV


Awards & Media Coverage

As a relatively new supplement out on the market, Beast Mode Boost has yet to receive any major awards. Countless health and fitness magazines issue their own “Best Of” awards each year for dietary supplements, however, so that fact could change at any time. The prestige of the awards varies by bestowing authority and supplement category. Nonetheless, with so many supplements on the market at any given time, it is a true honor for any one product to even make it in to the nominations and reviews. As the fitness market grows, we can expect to see more small-shop and entrepreneurial dietary and nutritional supplements being reviewed by niche magazines and media outlets.

Similarly, this supplement has not received any significant media coverage, but again the product is rather new. Multiple blogs have reviewed the product however, and typically compare it favorably to similar pre-workout supplements. As more users try out this new supplement, expect to see more official reviews, media coverage and potentially award buzz about the product. If the product performs favorably, its manufacturers could take a piece of the United States’ $122 Billion dietary supplement industry. This new supplement contains similar amino acid compounds to many high-performing competitors which have been extensively covered in local and national media across the United States.


Money-back Guarantee

Beast Mode Boost offers a full money-back guarantee. After a free, 13-day trial period, the user is billed for the full price of a month’s supply (one bottle) of the supplement. If for some reason the user was unhappy with the product or accidentally received the product, returns will be processed if the customer ships the unopened, unused bottle back to the manufacturer. Refunds must be officially processed through the customer service number and must include an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number provided by the company. The RMA must be obtained prior to sending the product back to the company, regardless of the customer’s reason. Failure to obtain the RMA will result in no refund or replacement being issued.

Returns are shipped back to the company at the customer’s expense. Further, the product must be returned within 27 days of the initial billing for the product, regardless of when the product was received. All unwanted product must be returned after the free 13-day trial period if the customer does not wish to be billed for the entire product price. According to the company’s terms and conditions, they do reserve the right to bill the customer whether or not the product is returned. If a customer is unable to return unwanted, unopened product within the 27-day time frame stipulated in the terms and conditions, a partial $10 refund will be issued and the same product returned to the customer. If the product must be returned to the customer, additional shipping and handling charges will apply.



After the initial 13-day trial, customers are automatically entered into a membership where they will be automatically shipped a new bottle of product every 27 days. This automatic renewal will continue until such time as the customer calls or emails the manufacturer to cancel the membership. There is no cancellation fee, and memberships may be cancelled at any time. A standard shipping and handling rate applies to each monthly unit shipped, and return shipping is at the customer’s own expense. Shipping and handling rates are set by the parcel service, and not by Beast Mode Boost LLP directly.

Shipping is provided through the United States Postal Service. The manufacturing company does not take liability for lost, stolen, or misdirected parcels. Tracking numbers for shipments are available upon request, but all deliveries will be without signature required. Unclaimed packages at the USPS for longer than 13 days will be returned to the manufacturer and billed to the customer. All claims for undelivered packages must be dealt with between the customer and the Postal Service directly, as the manufacturer takes no responsibility for packages once they have shipped.


Customer Support

Beast Mode Boost LLP provides customer support via a local telephone number based in Campo, California (a suburb of San Diego) and via an email address. According to the company’s terms and conditions, telephone support is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. Email support is also available, and queries submitted via that means are also answered weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm EST. The company does require contacting customer service in order to cancel auto-renewal, process returns, or request refunds. This must be accomplished within 27 days of billing in order to be eligible for a full return. Customer support must also be contacted to receive discounted product pricing for military personnel.

The company does with to ensure the customer’s satisfaction and ultimately, success with the product. They encourage potential customers to try the 13-day free trial, which they will even extend upon the customer’s receipt of the product in the mail to ensure that they have a full trial period. The company also provides a weekly workout guide with the initial order, intended to maximize both gym time and the product’s effectiveness. Returns and refunds are available through the policy and terms outlined by the company but must be processed through customer support during weekday work hours only.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing this dietary supplement online is safe and secure. The website’s checkout is both VeriSign Trusted and McAfee Secured. It also is certified by GeoTrust, now powered by Symantec. The 128-SSL secure site can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. VeriSign, McAfee and Symantec are the most trusted names in secure website and secure e-commerce verification in the world. These certifications ensure that credit card and personal data passed through the website will be encrypted and securely transferred to a secure server for bill processing. Card details are not stored locally at the company’s server.

If a customer chooses not to use the secure, encrypted website checkout, orders may also be placed via the telephone by calling the company’s customer support number during standard business hours. Prior to checkout, customers have the opportunity to review the terms and conditions of billing prior to submitting their information. Both website and telephone orders require additional layers of credit card security, including the billing zip code and card security code prior to processing. Credit card details should never be sent via email, as email programs do not encrypt message data.


Pricing & Free Trial

As with many similar dietary supplements, Beast Mode Boost does offer an entirely free, no risk trial of 13 days prior to the customer’s credit card being billed. They will even extend the 13 days to reflect a full trial period from the time at which the customer receives the product in the mail. All the customer must do is to call the company and notify them to restart the trial period. At the time of order, a valid credit card must be provided prior to trial offer shipping. Unless an individual orders multiple bottles for delivery upon the initial order, the customer is automatically enrolled in an auto-renewal membership.

After the 13-day trial, if the customer has not contacted the company for a Return Merchandise Authorization number and sent any unused product back, the credit card provided upon order will be charged for $89.99 plus standard shipping and handling. Subsequently, each 27 days thereafter, the customer will be charged an additional $89.99 plus shipping and handling, as well as mailed a new bottle of the product. Memberships may be cancelled at any time by calling the customer service number, and unused and unopened product returned prior to the 27-day time limit may be refunded in full, minus the cost of return shipping to the company.






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