Armor Adaptogenics

Armor Adaptogenics Review – Are You Ready to Boost Your Workout Results?

What Is Armor Adaptogenics?

Armor Adaptogenics is a pre-workout and testosterone enhancing supplement designed to increase sports and physical performance primarily in men. It uses a blend of various natural and herbal ingredients to help increase muscle mass, sports endurance and energy level. It is designed to be taken regularly and its effects are supposed to build up overtime. Unlike some pre-workout supplements that are only taken on workout days, this supplement is formulated for daily use. It is an entirely natural supplement that is made in the USA.



The Armor Adaptogenics supplement is produced by a company of the same name. The manufacturer does not publish many details about their company, other products or manufacturing practices online. The manufacturer does publish contact information including an email, phone number and address to verify that they are a US based company that operates out of Phoenix, Arizona. They appear to produce only the single product.

The manufacturer stands out as being one that offers a lot of direct contact information to consumers and seems to stand behind their dedication to their product.


How Armor Adaptogenics Works?

Armor Adaptogenics contains a blend of L-Argenine and a variety of plant extracts that work together to enhance muscular performance and energy. The supplement works on two primary principles First, it contains ingredients that increase blood flow to the muscles and increases overall energy levels. This is a fast-acting effect that many users will notice quickly, often with the first dose, and the effect will become stronger after a few weeks. This allows the athlete to work harder and for longer periods of time before fatiguing. When combined with a rigorous workout regimen and proper diet, these muscle-enhancing effects may ultimately result in bigger and better-toned muscles in a shorter period of time than could be achieved otherwise.

The supplement’s other method of action is to increase testosterone levels. There is some evidence that testosterone enhancement will increase energy levels and muscles mass. There is strong evidence that a lowering of testosterone is responsible for weight gain, decreased muscle mass and energy in men. This tends to become much more noticeable after age 30. A natural testosterone booster can help combat this loss by stimulating the body’s testosterone production and ensuing testosterone levels remain high. This also means that this supplement may have a less noticeable effect in young men, such as those aged 18 to 25, who likely already have relatively high natural testosterone production.


Ingredients of Armor Adaptogenics

L-Arginine HCL

This is the only synthetic ingredient that is not plant-derived in Armor Adaptogenics. Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that can be found naturally in some foods, especially meats. However, natural sources often do not provide the high concentrations, and resulting effects, capable with supplements.

The synthetic form of Arginine used in this supplement is nearly identical to the natural amino acid with the exception that it has been combined with a hydrogen chloride molecule. This makes the supplement easier for the body to digest and absorb. Since the amino acid is not being taken with food, this addition is important for the ingredient’s bioavailability.

Arginine works in the body in a variety of ways. Two of those ways are most important in Armor Adaptogenics. The biological effects of Arginine are well-researched, understood and scientifically proven.

The supplement stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the cells lining blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels to dilate and allow for increased blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles during intense workouts. This tends to allow the muscles to worker longer and harder. It may also have a noticeable effect on the athlete because the effect of fuller, denser muscles is something most bodybuilders feel and look for when working out.

The other way Arginine helps performance is to stimulate the production of human growth hormone. HGH has many benefits in the body, and it is a hormone that tends to decrease as a person ages. By keeping HGH levels high, an athlete may notice increased metabolism, better muscle recovery times and optimal functioning of vital organs such as the heart and kidneys.

Maca Root

Maca is a plant native to Peru where it has been cultivated as a medicinal crop for thousands of years. It is a relative to the radish and often smells similar to butterscotch. In countries where it is harvested, it is often included regularly in food dishes.

There is strong historical evidence that Maca may be effective for energy enhancement and hormone regulation. It also may have a variety of other benefits unrelated to sports or physical performance.

The actual research-based and scientific support for the effects of Maca Root are lacking. There has been very little if any qualified research to verify the actual effects of the root or any dosage requirements.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng is a plant native to Russia. Its root is used as a medicinal supplement in Armor Adaptogenics. Some research, originally done by the Soviet Union for its own athletes, supported the idea that Siberian Ginseng may be useful for enhancing athletic performance.

Siberian Ginseng has a wide variety of effects on the body. There is some research to support the herb’s use for improving overall health and increasing the body’s overall resilience to stress and disease. This could indirectly impact sports performance by helping an athlete stay healthy and active overall.

Research related to the herb’s direct athletic performance is conflicting. The best evidence shows that a powdered form of the root contains chemicals that may help increase sports endurance, but there are also several studies of these chemicals delivered in other forms that showed no direct benefit.

It is also important not to confuse the Siberian Ginseng found in Armor Adaptogenics with other forms of Ginseng common to America such as American Ginseng and Panax. Siberian Ginseng is generally considered to be the cheaper form of Ginseng. This is not very helpful for the supplement because it indicates that the manufacturer may have tried to cut corners and costs with a cheaper version of an ingredient.

Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is widely used in testosterone enhancing supplements. It is claimed to work by increasing the body’s natural testosterone production. The herb is native to the warmer regions of Europe, Asia and Australia.

The scientific support for the herb is heavily lacking. There have been some studies done to examine the testosterone enhancing properties of the herb and the lean muscle mass gains. Most of these studies did not find in the herb’s favor. In one study, there was no significant difference in the testosterone levels of two groups of athletic men when one group was given over twice as much of the herb. That study concluded that vigorous exercise had just as much impact on testosterone levels and the herb did not enhance this effect.

Another study that examined gains in lean muscle mass showed no significant difference between the athletic men who took the herbal supplement and those who took a placebo. This study also implies that simple exercise may be as equally effective as this supplement at enhancing testosterone levels.

While there is scientific evidence to show that increases in testosterone levels do improve muscle mass, energy and strength, these changes usually happen gradually over a prolonged period and Tribulus may or may not contribute to testosterone increases. If it does, the effect is likely to be moderate.


Yohimbe, as used in Armor Adaptogenics, is the extract Yohimbine from the bark of a tree native to Africa. There is strong scientific evidence that this chemical cause dilation of blood vessels and a lowering of blood pressure. It is so effective that highly regulated versions are used as a prescription medication for blood pressure and similar problems. From a workout standpoint, this ingredient helpful in increasing blood flow to muscles. It works in tandem with other ingredients in Armor Adaptogenics to give muscles the optimal blood supply.

There are, however, the potential for a variety of problems with Yohimbe used in supplements. Unlike in the medical prescription, the amount of Yohimbine in supplements is not regulated and can vary widely. The only thing that matters in the supplement is the concentration of Yohimbine present, and this concentration was found to be as low as 7 percent in some supplements examined. There is no good way to determine the amount of Yohimbine present without taking it to a lab.

The good news for consumers is that the effects of Yohimbe on the body are quite noticeable. Most users will feel a tingling effect and will definitely notice the improved circulation when working out. If these sensations do not occur, then it is likely the concentration of Yohimbine in this supplement is lacking.



Armor Adaptogenics has a variety of ingredients that may contribute to increased sports and athletic performance. The most noticeable and most supported effect of the pre-workout supplement is its ability to increase blood flow and circulation to muscles. It has several well-supported ingredients that have this effect. It is also a noticeable effect and will probably work within the first few doses.

The inclusion of Ginseng and Maca also contribute to the enhancement of energy levels. This is important in any pre-workout formula. Enhanced energy levels lead to reduced muscle fatigue. This allows for longer and more intense workout sessions, which will give the athlete the ability to build muscle more efficiently. It also reduces muscle recovery time, which is just as important as workout intensity and length in terms of putting on muscle faster.

Armor Adaptogenics may also have a minor effect on testosterone levels. It is not strong enough to serve as an actual testosterone booster, but over time an increase in testosterone levels may help improve energy level and lead to increases in lean muscle mass. This is likely why the manufacturer recommends the supplement be taken for at least 90 days in a row because the effects of increased testosterone are not likely to be noticeable until after several weeks or longer, and they will not reach their full potential for several months.



Armor Adaptogenics has no known certificates. While several of its ingredients are well-researched and supported, none of them have certification or FDA approval in supplement form. Yohimbe comes close to being FDA certified, but only the prescription form of the extract carries approval.

While neither the product nor its ingredients have formal certification, at least one product in the formula stands out for its scientific support and efficacy. L-Arginine HCL is a very well-supported ingredient with plenty of research and understanding behind its use.

A lack of certification is not all that unusual for herbal products likes this one, and that does not necessarily mean the product or its ingredients are not effective.



I found Armor Adaptogenics to be the real deal. I was able to feel the effects of the supplement right away. The increased energy level and the tingly feeling in my arms made me ready to get to my workout like nothing else I’ve ever tried. So many pre-workout supplements leave you wondering if they are really working, but you can really feel this one work. It definitely keeps me motivated to go to my workouts and work harder when I’m there.

– Richard U., Charlotte, NC, US

I like that this supplement combines energy and blood flow enhancers with a testosterone enhancer. To me this seems like the complete package and I don’t have to worry about buying a separate testosterone booster. I’ve only been taking the supplement for a few weeks, but I already feel like I have a lot more energy and my workouts feel better than ever.

– Terry W., Atlanta, GA, US

I can really feel this product working right from the start. My muscles feel tight and full and I noticed that I don’t get as tired as easily as before I started taking the supplement. I definitely plan to continue using this, and it is my favorite pre-workout supplement. I hope to see even better performance as I finish out the 90 days of recommended use.

– Albert R., Nashville, TN, US

I love the way this product feels. I’ve tried a wide variety of pre-workout supplements, and I think most of them are junk and don’t work because even after weeks of using them I don’t feel any different. That is not the case with this product. I can feel it work on my muscles, and I’ve never felt so good during my workouts before. I will absolutely be using this after the 14-day trial is up, and it is going to be the only pre-workout I need.

– Randy T., Washington, DC, US


Awards & Media Coverage

This product has not won any major awards. It has been featured or advertised in a variety of prominent fitness-related journals including Men’s Health, Maxim, Playboy and Men’s Journal. The ingredients in the product have some support behind them, but they have not won any awards or accolades. Most of the ingredients in Armor Adaptogenics are used extensively and have been covered in great detail online and in health and fitness-related sites. There is generally nothing exotic or obscure in the formula for this supplement, and it is easy to get information on the ingredients from a wide variety of media outlets.


Money-back Guarantee

The company does not explicitly offer a money-back guarantee on this product. There is a refund policy outlined in the Terms of Use. Customers can return the product for a refund of the purchase price but not of shipping and handling. Refunds for opened packages are at the manufacturer’s discretion, and a customer may not receive a full refund. They will need to call the company and explain the situation and reason for the refund request. Returns are subject to a full refund if returned in the original and unopened package within 30 days. The customer must call and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number. This is standard practice for most return policies. There is, however, a restocking fee of $19.95 that makes this, in-fact, not a full refund.



The company provides national and international shipping. It does not expressly exclude any country or territory in its policies. International customers should be aware of any legality or customs duties that may be associated with supplement products from the U.S. The manufacturer does not cover the cost of any such duties or customs fees, and these are not included in standard shipping charge.

Shipping times and prices are standard and typically products will arrive in 2-5 business days. The shipping cost is $4.95. International orders may take longer to arrive.


Customer Support

Armor Adaptogenics has above average customer support and contact information provided on their website and in their Terms of Use. The company provides phone, email and regular mail contact information, all within the U.S.

The company also provides standard and regular hours for the availability of customer support. This is something that is not always offered by smaller or single-product companies and it shows that the company is thinking of customers. There is likely little customer support will do except listen to concerns and handle return and refund issues. It does not put itself out as consultation service, but regular availability and ease of contact are still important.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The order page for Armor Adaptogenics displays all of the correct security logo information in the URL and can be considered a safe and secure online shopping option. The page goes a few steps further to also display additional security logos such as Hacker Safe and McAfee Secure to help alleviate any concerns customers may have about the security of the information being provided. Customers can be assured that online transactions with the manufacturer are safe and secure.


Pricing & Free Trial

Armor Adaptogenics is offered as part of an introductory free trial that provides 14 days worth of the product at no cost besides the $4.95 shipping and handling.

Once this 14-day trial offer is completed, customers should be aware that they are automatically enrolled into an automatically-billed subscription plan. This subscription charges the billing information provided $59.95 every 30 days until canceled. This effectively makes the price for a one-month supply $59.95. Customers must call directly to cancel the subscription, and they must call before 14 days of receiving the trial bottle in order to avoid the billing cost.

Subscription-based plans for pre-workout supplements like this one are a normal business practice from just about every company that offers a free trial of any sort. While it serves to provide a consistent amount of the product, it can also be unwelcome to many unprepared consumers or those who prefer to buy the product at their own schedule. Currently, this product does not seem to be offered any other way besides the subscription method, so customers’ buying options are limited.






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