Androdrox Review – Could You Trust This Brand?

What Is Androdrox?

Androdrox is a pre-workout bodybuilding supplement which promotes testosterone levels, lean muscle mass, and fat loss. Composed of powerful ingredients, the supplement offers a simple way to quickly gain strength, improve muscle definition, and improve energy levels. Natural and Nobel prize winning technology combine to safely promote testosterone production and muscle quality to improve workout experiences. By promoting testosterone, the supplement works for anti-aging and boosting protein levels to increase muscle quality and quantity, so many users use this to achieve results they could not otherwise achieve at their age. With just 5 ingredients, which have been used since ancient times, the supplement is a time-tested combination of potent performance boosting plants and technology.

By promoting energy, Androdrox gives users the boost they need to start a new workout regimen or improve their current routine. As a person ages, they feel more lethargic, making it difficult to go to the gym or even make healthy decisions. This lethargy slows fat metabolism and eventually, pounds of fat accumulate. Energy-boosting properties in this supplement combat this lethargy and reverse this accumulation of fat. Users find that they have more energy to be focused to do their best work and reduce stress. This stress reduction also promotes fat loss and makes sticking to a healthy diet easier. Overall, users see better workout results in a shorter amount of time than non-users.



The manufacturer of Androdrox is based in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States of America. The manufacturer is dedicated to promoting strength and fat loss quickly and naturally, and this inspired the creation of this supplement. Most important to the manufacturer is customer achievement, which is the reason the manufacturer uses powerful ingredients within proper proportions in its supplement. By packaging the capsules in airtight and sealed packaging, the manufacturer guarantees high quality for each bottle of capsules to assure maximum potency. The manufacturer delivers top tier supplements to its customers directly from its headquarters in optimal condition to ensure that the supplement works for customers the way it is intended to with quick results.

The manufacturer is invested in making customer lives easier so its policy is to understand that its customers are often busy professionals working to achieve both fitness and professional goals. The supplement promotes effortless fat burning, and this effortless method to achieving results gives customers more time to invest in work, family, and friends. Along with more time to pursue goals, the supplements decreases stress, which also promotes fat loss and allows customers to make healthy decisions without stress calling the shots. The manufacturer has also proven their supplement boosts energy and workout quality, allowing customers to make an informed decision to invest in quality supplements. Most importantly, Androdrox understands the needs of its customers, so the manufacturer created this supplement to promote energy, muscle, and stamina.


How Androdrox Works?

Plant-based and Nobel prize-winning ingredients in this supplement promote testosterone production throughout the body. Increased testosterone production then boosts strength, endurance, and energy throughout the body. During a workout, this enables a man to access more strength to lift heavier weights and perform more repetitions, so a man who uses this supplement gets more out of his workout. Aerobic performance also improves with use of this supplement, allowing a muscles to absorb maximum oxygen. During a workout, this increased oxygen absorption reduces fatigue and the amount of time needed to recover between reps. Users spend less time at rest and accomplish more in their workout time, so they use their gym time more efficiently. This increased oxygen absorption promotes blood flow reaching to muscles. When the muscles have more blood and oxygen readily available, they can react and respond to workouts more quickly. During a workout, this increased muscle fiber reactivity translates to the ability for the muscles to lift heavier amounts of weight and ability for the muscles to recover and continue lifting these heavier weights in higher repetition amounts. Outside of a workout, increased oxygen promoting higher blood flow to the muscles reduces inflammation from a hard workout to promote recovery with faster bodybuilding gains in appearance and ability. Overall, this speeds up the muscle-building cycle by allowing for increased workout quality, quantity of repetitions, and recovery of muscles.

Outside of a workout, Androdrox not only enhances recovery but also increases fat burn and promotes lean muscle mass formation. Improved lean muscle mass formation from the supplement-enhanced testosterone levels allows users to obtain a higher resting metabolic rate than they had previously, cutting fat and improving muscle definition. Ingredients promote energy levels with amino acids that improve energy delivery and availability, so users feel energized and invigorated everywhere while they are taking this supplement: at the gym, the office, and with friends and family to promote productivity at work and success in relationships. Users lose fat while sticking to their regular workout and dietary regimen, which makes supplementing a simple way to achieve goals while living life to the fullest and sparing users the trouble of deciding on a new diet and investing in products that are not effective for achieving the users’ goals. Optimally, a man takes the supplement, 2 capsules a day, for at least 90 days to achieve best results. Taking one capsule in the morning upon waking up and one before going to bed at night is the ideal method for enhancing supplement absorption and delivering the needed testosterone to muscles.


Ingredients of Androdrox

Androdrox draws its potency from just five ingredients: L-Arginine HCL, Maca Root, Siberian Ginseng, Tribulus Terristris, and Yohimbe. L-Arginine HCL has two components: L-Arginine and HCL, also called hydrogen chloride, and is a Nobel prize winning technology. L-Arginine is an amino acid which promotes oxygen and blood flow to muscles during a workout, which aids the delivery of other ingredients in the supplement promoting testosterone to muscles. HCL, also called hydrogen chloride, optimizes L-Arginine absorption into muscle for a quick workout boost and faster general results throughout the day.

The second ingredient, Maca root, is a plant from the mountains of Peru and improves energy, endurance, and muscle gain. Siberian ginseng, used since ancient times in Russian and China, boosts energy and diminishes fatigue to make working out more pleasant and daily goals more easily achievable. Roots and fruits from Tibulus terrestris, the third ingredient, is a plant traditionally used in India, Africa, and tropical European climates and increases testosterone levels. Increased testosterone levels from Tibulus terrestris encourage lean muscle mass production and eliminate excess body fat to help users reach their goals without complicated or difficult diets. Yohimbe, the fifth and final ingredient, is a plant-based ingredient from the bark of a west African evergreen tree, and activates blood flow and promotes fat loss. All of these ingredients combine to make the supplement optimal for increasing workout performance, reducing stress, and promoting fat burn to allow users to pursue and reach their fitness and professional goals.



After age 30, men’s testosterone levels drop by 2-4% annually and this reduces metabolism and fat burn along with muscle strength, quality, and ability. By promoting testosterone production, Androdrox reverses this degrading process to promote lean muscle growth, muscle strength, metabolism, fat burn, and muscle definition. The five ingredients in this supplement work together to promote energy availability and quality during both workouts and daily living to improve all-around success and allow users to reach their fitness and professional goals. Muscle definition improves with use of this supplement as ingredients combine to reduce water retention, often an issue for men who workout hard without adequate muscle recovery, and boost lean muscle mass definition and visibility so that gains from this supplement and a user’s hard work can be seen and boost motivation to continue working out hard. This supplement is composed of plant-based ingredients and natural technology so there are no unnatural side effects. Lack of unnatural side effects make this supplement a safe and easy workout enhancer and assures users that they are feeding their muscles optimal ingredients and nutrition through the most natural muscle enhancer, testosterone, which this supplement boost. The product works quickly to promote testosterone, lean muscle mass growth, and fat loss; users see results usually within 1 month, and it is ideal for users to take the supplement for at least 90 days or three months continuously, two times a day, to achieve intended results.

Metabolism boosts effortlessly with supplement use. Even during the day, when a user is not working out, his metabolism is working faster than it would without the supplement. As a result, he loses body fat and increases lean muscle mass by using a simple, natural, and safe method. The increased lean muscle mass from this supplement further promotes fat loss, which means this supplement has a double punch for users trying to shed the unwanted fat. Unlike many supplements available on the market with similar promises, this supplement does not a require a crash diet or extra-intense workout regime for a user to reap benefits and achieve their goals. With just 5 ingredients, users know the powerful effects of each ingredient they are adding to their body so they are assured that everything they are giving their body is useful without harmful toxins from unneeded fillers. Each of the ingredients within the supplement have been used anciently or as world leading technology, so users are assured that they are using time-tested methods to improve their lives and pursue their goals, since people throughout the ages and top leading scientists have found the results of these ingredients consistent with the manufacturer’s findings.



Androdrox is Made in USA certified, meaning the supplement is made in a high quality environment close to the manufacturer’s headquarters in the United States of America. Upon manufacture, this Made in USA certification lowers the shipping time to the manufacturer after it is made ready for retail, meaning the manufacturer has the supplement 100% In Stock Ready to Ship guaranteed through order on its main website. The Made in USA certification and resulting short shipping time also assures that the supplement is new and in peak condition once a customer receives it and begins using it to supplement and improve workouts. Another certification of the supplement, 100% natural ingredients, assures users that the supplement is safe and effective since ingredients are obtained naturally, so customers are assured that the supplement they order is authentic, natural, and will allow them to achieve quick results from their fitness programs without disastrous side effects or toxic fillers that hurt the body and slow gains.

Another certification of Androdrox is its 100% Premium Quality Guarantee ensuring users that they are investing in a top tier product for testosterone enhancement, muscle gain, and fat loss. This certification sets the supplement above many other pre-workout boosters and testosterone enhancers on the market, many of which are often full of harmful fillers and are rendered ineffective or even harmful for use to enhance fitness gains. Further setting the supplement above others available in the market, each capsule of the supplement contains high quality ingredients in their optimal proportions and top conditions, along with Nobel prize winning technology to enhance absorption of these natural and top quality ingredients. Users can reap rewards quickly from workouts due to this 100% Premium Quality Guarantee and achieve the results they are after since the ingredients are natural and readily available to muscles to enhance blood flow and workout quality. The supplement comes straight from the manufacturer, in sealed and airtight containers, to back this guarantee, so there is no middle man who might be selling off-market products, lower quality, or tampered products, and users know what they are getting is the best quality and an authentic supplement because it is shipped straight from the manufacturer who produced it.



Tyler Brown, a 42 year old professional began using Androdrox 6 months ago. Since beginning his busy career 15 years ago, he has gone to the gym over three times a week. Despite his efforts throughout the years, fat continued to accumulate over his gains and hard work from going to the gym. Part of this fat accumulation was from stress of a busy career and angling for promotions, the other was from a poor diet and rushed workouts due to a busy schedule. As time progressed, working out and achieving professional became more difficult despite him working out harder and working more at the office to achieve his goals. He began looking online and saw reviews for testosterone enhancers, and tried a few supplements but did not see results that he needed. Eventually he found the supplement and started a free trial of the supplement. After the free trial concluded, he decided to give the supplement another month as he was already noticing results. Now he is 6 months into supplement use, and he has noticed his performance at the gym and at work improving. Many of his colleagues have complimented his appearance and he can see muscles which have been hiding for almost a decade, he is much more satisfied with his appearance and has more confidence in his appearance and performance at work. Tyler feels motivated to continue going to the gym and is glad he tried supplementing before giving up on his fitness goals.

Robert Tanner, a 68 year old retiree, began using Androdrox 2 months ago. He decided to try the supplement after noticing decreased muscle tone and mass that comes with age. Being older, it was also difficult for him to work out at the gym vigorously which he found discouraging. Using the supplement and experiencing its associated effects on strength and boosted testosterone gave Robert the confidence to start a workout regime and continue going to the gym regularly. When he first started the supplement, he could only manage 2 trips of 30 minutes to the gym, and now he is motivated to workout more and visits the gym 5 times a week for 60 minutes. His strength has increased much quicker than he or his trainer expected, and he feels a renewed sense of life satisfaction and is driven to continue working out at the gym. He said the supplement has him at strength levels he had 30 years ago when he was working longer and more frequently than he is even now, and outside the gym he has found many new projects to keep himself busy and satisfied with life in retirement, whereas before taking the supplement he spent most days on the couch watching television out of exhaustion and fatigue.


Awards & Media Coverage

Customer experiences have led Androdrox to win many awards and gain in popularity among the fitness and busy professional community. The supplement has earned the title of #1 testosterone enhancer to live up to its claim about testosterone enhancement and the associated positive side effects of enhanced testosterone. Consumer Health Digest, a fitness and supplement media outlet, reported that the supplement improves weight loss and blood flow. Supplement Pool raved that the supplement helps users rise above fatigue and stress to meet their goals. The supplement certainly lives up to its claims to promote user wellbeing through its testosterone promotion and is promoted as a top supplement for testosterone production improvement.

Best Health Diet, a diet and health media outlet, found that taking Androdrox was a safe method for achieving fitness goals as it was free from harmful fillers that inhibit supplement absorption to the muscles. The diet and health media news source also found that the supplement only brought positive changes to users ability at the gym and with energy levels with no harmful or unintended side effects, calling the supplement the “secret weapon of testosterone,” since the supplement naturally enhances testosterone with no unwanted side effects. This positive report from Best Health Diet backed manufacturer’s claims about lean muscle mass gain, weight loss promotion, and muscle growth that many users are aiming to achieve. Best Health Diet reported that the supplement improves focus and energy levels, backing manufacturer claims and assuring users that they will achieve the success they desire by using this supplement.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer has a money-back guarantee for customers using Androdrox for weight loss. If a customer is not satisfied with weight loss effects of the supplement, the customer is refunded the money used to purchase the supplement. In order for the manufacturer to process a money-back request due to customer dissatisfaction with weight loss results, the customer must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and include this number with the return. The RMA number is available by calling customer support and is issued by the manufacturer to the customer within 2 business days of the customer request. The manufacturer requires a $19.95 restocking fee from the customer for processing returns.

In order to obtain the money-back guarantee, the customer must send the supplement bottles unopened and in original packaging to the manufacturer’s customer support address. This return of the original merchandise must be sent within 30 days of initial shipment of the returned order. In order to stop auto-shipment charges, which are first charged after the 14 day free trial and every 30 days after, a customer must cancel the auto shipment before 21 days into his order by contacting the company through its customer support phone number. All fees associated with the supplement are refundable except shipping and handling required to send and return the supplement and the restocking fee, which makes ordering this supplement a fairly safe option in the case that a customer is not fully satisfied with its effects. The manufacturer makes a special money-back guarantee for users specifically trying the product to promote weight loss.



Shipping is free for 3 month and 5 month supplement supplies. A 14 day and 1 month supply comes with a $4.95 shipping charge. The product is at a customer’s doorstep with 2-5 business days upon purchase. After a customer completes the 14 day trial period, the customer is enrolled into an auto-ship program for $69.95 per month, and receives the supplement monthly. Most supplement users live busy lives with many obligations, making this program convenient to continue muscle increase and fat loss without the hassle of constantly ordering the supplement or forgetting to order the supplement and losing results a user has already achieved, as the manufacturer recommends taking the supplement continuously to achieve quickest results and get the most out of taking the supplement.

The capsules are shipped in sealed, airtight bottles to ensure potency of ingredients. The manufacturer is invested in delivering capsules in top condition to its customers so that the supplement works as the manufacturer intends. A 100% in stock ready to ship guarantee allows customers to get the supplement quickly to improve their workouts as soon as possible and find out for themselves that the supplement is very effective for boosting testosterone. Androdrox values each customer, so the manufacturer rushes shipping every order. This rushed shipping method guarantees that users will receive the supplement they need in a timely manner to continue use for optimal gains and results.


Customer Support

There are many options for customer support. The manufacturer supports customers by email, phone, and mail. Customers can contact support through the email address found on their website, the phone number 877-236-0599, or the address:

P.O. BOX 52040
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2040

If customers need to arrange a return, they simply call customer support at 877-236-0599 to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to include with their return shipment, and the RMA generally takes 2 business days for the manufacturer to issue. All returns are sent to the customer support address.

All customer support information is readily available on the manufacturer’s website. If a customer decides to cancel his auto-shipment, he simply calls the customer support phone number. The manufacturer directs all other inquiries, questions, or comments to this customer support phone number. If a product arrives damaged or is lost in transit, a customer should call the customer support phone number. The manufacturer is available 9 AM to 5 PM Mountain Standard Time on each business day, Monday through Friday. Conveniently, these addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are devoted to Androdrox so a customer does not go through the hassle of specifying which product they are inquiring about or returning.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The supplement can be safely purchased through the manufacturer’s website. The checkout process has 3 steps. The first step is to input name, phone number, and shipping address into a form on the manufacturer’s home page. The second step is to select which deal to purchase. Upon selecting the deal to purchase, the third step is to input payment information and the manufacturer will then send the customer their desired purchase. Throughout this process, customer information is maintained securely and safely to eliminate any issues with using a credit or debit card online.

The manufacturer values customer data security. Customers are offered 100% secure and safe transactions to eliminate fraud and maintain customer safety. The online store is SSL secured to protect customer data, including payment information. Checkout for supplements is also Privacy Verified Trusted, meaning customers can have peace of mind for keeping their personal data safe when purchasing through this site and do not need to worry about the security of their credit or debit card information.


Pricing & Free Trial

A 14 day supplement free trial is available through the manufacturer’s website. A 1 month supply is $48.00. A 2 month supply, which comes with a free 3rd bottle, comes out to $32.00 a bottle. A 3 month supply, which comes with 2 free bottles, is $28.80 per bottle. Clearly, the 3 month supply is the best deal and provides enough capsules to achieve beyond optimal results. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, as users need to take the supplement 2 times a day, with the exception of the 14 day free trial which comes with 28 capsules.

The free trial only requires payment for shipping, the manufacturer covers the rest of the cost. After the free trial, the manufacturer automatically enrolls the customer in an auto-shipment program for a $69.95 monthly fee. This auto-shipment program means the customer can conveniently continue working to achieve goals without needing to repurchase the supplement. If the customer is satisfied with the free trial, he can continue the auto-shipment program and will not need to worry about ordering the supplement again.






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