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Andro NO2 Review – Unleash Your Nitric Oxide Potential

What Is Andro NO2?

Andro NO2 is a pre-workout supplement designed to increase energy, improve performance in the gym, and speed recovery times. It also increases focus, helping you to make the most of each workout. Unlike many pre-workout supplements, this one has a relatively simple six-ingredient profile, so you know you are getting reliable, scientifically tested ingredients. This supplement combines two powerful nitric oxide boosters which are supplements that dilate blood vessels and help increase muscular blood flow, with taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that is known for its ability to boost energy and strength, and it is sometimes found in energy drinks. Its inclusion in pre-workout supplements is less common, and that makes this supplement somewhat unique in terms of its ingredient profile.

While this supplement is sold as a pre-workout, its effects extend beyond that of a simple pre-workout supplement. Its ability to increase focus comes largely from taurine, and this increased focus has benefits both inside the gym and out of it. Not only will focus help make you more efficient- it also will help you move through your workday with purpose. This supplement also will help improve your muscle recovery time in a major way. Because its nitric oxide boosting ingredients increase blood flow to the muscles, this means that your muscle tissue gets increased oxygen and nutrients delivered to it. This can help increase athletic performance, but it also supports recovery. Your post-workout meal or shake is delivered to that tissue more quickly, and this helps ensure that you make the most of not only your workout, but your supplementation as well.



This supplement is manufactured by a company that only manufactures Andro NO2. many people are wary of companies like these. This is because many people who supplement find a company whose products they love, and they then stick with that company. This makes sense, but there are some surprising benefits to buying from a one-supplement company as well. For instance, if you call the help center of a major supplement manufacturer, chances are good that you will be matched with a representative who doesn’t know all there is to know about each supplement made by that company. Since most major companies make countless products, it would be unrealistic to expect that every representative has each supplement on recall. With Andro NO2, you are calling a company whose representatives only need to know about one product, so your chances of great customer service are much better.


How Andro NO2 Works?

This supplement primarily works as a nitric oxide booster, although it also increases energy and stamina. Two of its main ingredients, L-Arginine AKG and L-Citrulline, function as nitric oxide boosters. Another ingredient, beet root extract, also works to increase nitric oxide. As briefly noted in the introduction, nitric oxide functions by stimulating blood flow and dilating blood vessels. The vessel dilation is important, because an increase in blood flow without a corresponding vessel dilation would result in increased blood pressure. Strength training already creates a temporary blood pressure spike, so a further increase could lead to a dangerous vessel rupture.

This increase in blood flow accomplishes a few things. First, because blood carries oxygen to muscles, it increases the oxygenation of working muscle tissue. This can help you lift heavily or do cardio for longer periods of time. Second, since blood also carries nutrients to muscle tissue, it can help ensure that you get the most out of your pre-workout supplement and any intra-workout (like BCAAs) that you might take. Third, because the blood flow increase results in more fluid being delivered to muscle tissue, it results in an impressive pump. And fourth, because nitric oxide still stimulates blood flow after your workout, you can rest assured that you will get as much as possible out of your post-workout.

Although nitric oxide boosting is a significant part of how this supplement works, it also contains another ingredient that is known for its ability to increase energy, stamina, and focus. This ingredient is taurine, an amino acid that is popular in the bodybuilding and fitness communities. This ingredient can help you feel energized for your workout, and when supplemented over time, it can help you gain muscle mass. This is because it enables you to lift heavier, which in time leads to strength and size gains. Taurine is also useful for focus and drive, which can help carry you through your workout and through your day in general. It also contains nettle extract, which, while it has not been as extensively researched as taurine, may increase testosterone and general energy and vitality.

In short, Andro NO2 is a pre-workout supplement that can help give you a great muscle pump, increase delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue, and give you increased energy and focus.


Ingredients of Andro NO2

This supplement has a somewhat simple ingredient profile, with six ingredients listed. One thing that it is important to note is the fact that, while this supplement lists its ingredients, those ingredients are part f a proprietary blend. This means that the amounts of each are not listed, so when you take this supplement, you aren’t necessarily sure how much of each ingredient you’re getting. Below is a list of the ingredients and a little bit about each:

L-Arginine AKG

L-Arginine was the first nitric oxide booster. It was used for years in the fitness community because, despite the fact that nobody knew exactly how it worked, they knew that it did work. People who used it saw strength and stamina increases, as well as an improved muscle pump. In 1998, a medical research team decided to investigate L-Arginine to see how it worked. They found that it stimulated the body’s production of nitric oxide, a chemical that dilates blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow without simultaneously increasing blood pressure. This study ultimately won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

This ingredient binds L-Arginine to alpha-ketoglutarate, or AKG. This supplement is believed to enhance peak athletic performance, so its combination with L-Arginine is a logical one. The inclusion of AKG in Andro NO2 may also help bolster the energy increase that comes with taurine.


While L-Arginine may well be the original nitric oxide booster, L-Citrulline has since been shown to work similarly and possibly even to be more effective. Like L-Arginine, L-Citrulline stimulates nitric oxide production, which increases blood flow to muscle tissue. Both of these compounds contribute to great muscle pumps, delivery of oxygen, and delivery of nutrients. However, more recent research suggests that L-Citrulline may be more effective, as it degrades more slowly in the body than L-Arginine does. Thus, it stimulates the production of more nitric oxide before it is destroyed.


This amino acid is popular with recreational and serious strength athletes alike. It’s commonly found in energy drinks, too. While it increases energy and strength output, it also works similarly to creatine in that it pulls water into muscle tissue, creating better pumps and helping you look incredibly muscular. It also helps to increase endurance, so taurine can help you get through both cardio and strength training.

Nettle root

This plant is said to be a natural testosterone booster because it increases the amount of free testosterone in the bloodstream. While it doesn’t have as much science behind it as the first three ingredients, it is still generally known for increasing vitality and energy.

Beet root extract

Like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, beet root is a nitric oxide booster that increases blood flow to working muscles. This ingredient has a fair amount of scientific evidence behind it, and it may augment the effect of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.

Caffeine anhydrous

This dehydrated form of caffeine is commonly found in workout supplements. This powerful addition can help boost your performance, your energy, and your focus, thereby leading to a better workout.



There are many advantages to choosing Andro NO2 as your pre-workout supplement. One of them is the fact that this supplement has a simple ingredient profile of time-tested and scientifically tested ingredients. Another advantage is that this supplement comes in says to take capsule form. Many pre-workout supplements come in mixable drink form, and while some people prefer this form, it can be more time-consuming to mix and clean up these supplements as opposed to just taking the capsule form. Lastly, another benefit of this supplement is the fact that it is manufactured by a one-supplement company. The manufacturer only makes this one supplement, so your customer service experience is bound to be more complete than an experience with a larger company that makes more products.



This supplement has yet to be awarded any certificates. However, it is important to realize that agencies that award certificates are not generally capable of evaluating every new supplement in a timely manner. This is because new supplements are created at an extremely fast rate ever since the supplement industry began to grow rapidly. However, the supplement website indicates that this supplement is in high demand, so despite the fact that no certificates have been awarded, Andro NO2 has still found a substantial following.



Buying a pre-workout supplement can be daunting for a lot of people, so it’s important to do your research to determine whether a given supplement is a good choice for you. One thing that can help in the course of doing that research is reading the account son those who have taken Andro NO2. Below are the impressions of a few people who have taken this supplement:

I didn’t really start lifting until I was about 20, and for a long time, I just supplemented with creatine and protein. But I decided that I needed to get an actual pre-workout to give myself an edge in the weight room. I did my research on ingredients, and I found out that I really wanted something with L-Citrulline. I ultimately picked Andro NO2 because it combined L-Citrulline with not one, but two nitric oxide boosters. I wasn’t even aware that beet extract worked that way! Once I started taking this supplement, I knew that it was the right supplement for me because my energy instantly improved, and over about a month or so, my lifts gradually improved. My recovery was faster, too, so I could up my training volume, and now my physique is right about where it needs to be. – Joshua Q., 22 – Charlotte, NC, USA

I was sort of supplement-hopping from one nitric oxide booster to the next for a few years. I kept being underwhelmed by the results. Then, I decided that I needed something that increased nitric oxide on multiple levels, and not just with one ingredient. That’s how I discovered Andro NO2. I think it’s the combination of caffeine with the nitric oxide boosters, but my muscle pump is insane, and I look incredibly vascular for an hour or so after I lift. I was admittedly kind of skeptical when I read about this stuff shortening recovery time, but it’s true! I feel so much better so much sooner after I lift, and this is the only thing that has changed. Plus, the autoship program is a real time saver. I’m so glad that I discovered this, and I’ll be a customer for a long time. – Steve N., 33 – Kansas City, MO, USA

As my gym’s most ripped old guy, I feel a sort of responsibility to be an example. I want old guys like me to come to the gym and realize that it’s still possible to be aesthetic at our age. But when I felt myself really slowing down a few years ago, I decided that I needed a pre-workout of some sort to help me stay energized and stay motivated. That’s how I found Andro NO2. I asked around, researched ingredients, and decided this was the best stuff for me. I’m glad I found it, because I’m looking and feeling so much better these days. – Joey A., 60 – Yuma, AZ, USA

I used to be 300 pounds of fat until I decided I wanted to really get in shape. So I started taking Andro NO2 before the gym. I was nervous and didn’t really know how to lift, but this stuff gave me the confidence I needed. The pounds just started coming off, and I managed to stay motivated and really enjoy lifting, which happened to my surprise. Now I’m at a healthy weight and continue to lift almost every day. I look so much better and I also found a new hobby. – Nick, 27 – Miami, FL, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

As noted above, this supplement has not yet received substantial media coverage. Part of this has to do with the sheer size of the supplement manufacturing industry, and some of it has to do with the fact that Andro NO2 is a relatively new supplement that has not yet had time to garner substantial media attention. However, it is worth noting that one of the main ingredients of this supplement, L-Arginine, was the subject of a study that won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1998. While this isn’t an award that this supplement received directly, the fact that one of its ingredients has been proven to be effective by a Nobel Prize winning study shows that this is a quality supplement.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturers of Andro NO2 stand behind their product. As such, they offer a generous refund policy. Once you receive a product, you may receive a refund if you mail it back within 30 days of receipt. This company does not refund trial bottles, and you are limited to one refund unless you receive a defective product. In order to receive a refund, you must first contact the company to obtain a return merchant authorization, or RMA. You must then mail back the product unopened to receive your money back.



This company ships products promptly after your order is placed. Once you’ve ordered, your bottle will ship in one business day and should arrive two to four business days after the order is placed. If you opt to not cancel your free trial bottle, you will be automatically enrolled in the monthly autoship program. In this program, you will be automatically billed every 30 days, and a bottle will be sent to you each month until you cancel. For the free trial, you have 14 days from your order date to decide whether you want to cancel or not. If you cancel within the allotted time period, you will not be billed further, and you may keep the trial bottle. If you do not cancel within the time period, you will be billed each month and sent a new bottle eat month until you cancel.


Customer Support

The customer support team at Andro NO2 is made up of dedicated fitness enthusiasts who want to help you reach your health and fitness goals. You can reach them by phone or e-mail. You are welcome to ask them questions about the product itself, and you also can ask about the best way to implement this product in your existing supplementation routine, or ask for advice on building a supplement routine around Andro NO2.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When making a purchase online, many people are understandably somewhat concerned. However, the makers of this supplement have set up a site that is independently verified as secure by three major names in the Internet security industry. McAfee, TrustE, and Norton have all certified the site’s encryption as being secure, so you can rest assured that your information is safe. In addition, if you are concerned about company employees seeing your information, you may be relieved to know that the only time an employee sees your information is if he or she is trying to resolve a billing issue for you.


Pricing & Free Trial

The makers of Andro NO2 do not list a price for their product anywhere on the website or in the terms and conditions, and they note that the price also may change. However, if this product is anything like most other pre-workouts sold via a free trial and auto shipment program, then the shipping and handling is likely around $5 USD for the free trial bottle, and then $80-90 USD per monthly supply after that. If you want to verify the price before buying, it would be wise to contact the customer service department to determine how much the product will cost per month.






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