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Amino Prime Review – Should Bodybuilders Take This Supplement Before Hitting the Gym?

What Is Amino Prime?

Amino Prime, also known as Amino Prime XL, is a pre-workout supplement that provides both a short and long-term energy boost with proven, healthy ingredients. These ingredients include the three powerful amino acids Taurine, L-Citrulline Malate, and L-Arginine, which increase athletic performance in numerous ways, especially when combined with exercise. These are complemented by Stinging Nettle Root, which increases stamina and speeds recovery, and BeetRoot Nitrate, which increases the metabolization of nitric oxide and provides energy. Finally, Caffeine Anhydrous provides a healthy burst of short term energy, which gets users exercising fast. This exercise actually magnifies the effects of the aforementioned amino acids, increasing the results from this supplement.

Users report that this supplement works right away, providing an immediate energy boost that is sustained over time for better and longer exercise sessions. Users are instructed to take two capsules before working out, preferably on an empty stomach for fastest results. Currently, a free trial of this supplement is offered online, where customers can request a 30-Day supply for a small shipping and handling fee. If customers do not call and cancel the order within 14 days of placing , they are then entered into a convenient automatic subscription, which bills them continuously and sends a new bottle each month.



The manufacturer of Amino Prime is Edenhaz Ventures Limited, a supplement manufacturer that is located in the United Kingdom. Although, according to the website, this supplement is supposedly made in America, its corporate address is in Reading, UK. The Director of this company is Nicole Marie Froggatt, who is also located in the UK. Edenhaz Ventures Limited was first incorporated in March of 2015, and its articles of incorporation are available online. Other than these publicly available documents, there is not a lot information about this company that can be found online.

There is both an email address and a phone number for Edenhaz Ventures Limited on their website’s Terms and Conditions page. Customers can reach a customer service agent through these methods, whether to ask questions about the supplement or to cancel their automatic payment subscription. Unfortunately, Edenhaz Ventures does not seem to have any social media presence, which makes it harder than usual to communicate with them. However, their product does have a number of reviews online, so customers can use that information to judge the company’s quality.


How Amino Prime Works?

Amino Prime works as a pre-workout supplement in numerous complementary ways. The three amino acids work to provide short and long-term energy, improve blood flow and vascular abilities, and increases stamina. Caffeine provides an immediate energy boost, which motivates users to exercise. Then, this vigorous physical activity actually enhances the effects of the proteins and herbal ingredients and magnifies their impact. Finally, these ingredients increase stamina and energy in the longer term, allowing users to work out longer, which leads to better results.

These results, according to prior users, include greater energy every day, muscle gain, and fat loss. Users report that they felt the effects instantly, so buyers should be able to the judge the quality of the project right away. This allows them plenty of time to cancel the subscription if the energy support from this pre-workout supplement is not exactly what they’re looking for. With time, users report that regular use in conjunction with exercise leads to a lower percentage of body fat and greater physical fitness.


Ingredients of Amino Prime

This pre-workout supplement is made of a proprietary blend that includes six different ingredients working together to increase energy and stamina. There are three amino acids, Taurine, L-Arginine, and L-Citrulline Malate, all of which are proven to improve athletic performance by affecting blood flow, metabolism, and amino acid utilization. There is an article from the European Journal of Applied Physiology, as found on PubMed, which is published on the Amino Prime website, that provides evidence that L-CItrulline Malate enhances the use of amino acids, especially when combined with exercise. In fact, all three amino acids have been the subject of articles that can be found on PubMed. All of these ingredients are backed up with rigorous, peer-reviewed studies, which customers can read and judge for themselves.

These amino acids are complemented by two herbal ingredients and a plant-based caffeine. Stinging Nettle Root has been shown to positively affect hormone levels and speed recovery. Beetroot Nitrate has been shown to improved nitric oxide metabolization and have positive vascular effects, as seen in a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Finally, Caffeine Anhydrous is a more potent, plant-based form of caffeine that provides immediate energy in a healthy way, although all caffeine is potentially problematic for some individuals.



One of the greatest advantages of Amino Prime is that users will feel the effects of its energy boosts right away. The fast-acting ingredients allow users to get immediate energy, which encourages them to start working out. Since exercise is proven to enhance the effects of this supplement, athletes are then able to sustain these high energy levels throughout their workout.

Another advantage of this supplement is that all of the ingredients are backed by peer-reviewed scientific research that demonstrate their effectiveness. The amino acids in this supplement are long proven to affect blood flow, muscle growth, and energy levels. The herbal ingredients are also supported by many decades of studies as well as anecdotal evidence and years of use in alternative medicines.

Finally, perhaps the greatest advantage of this supplement is the free trial that the website offers, which allows users to try it for a low price. For only the small price of shipping and handling, customers will receive a 30-day supply to try, and as long as they cancel within 14 days they will not be entered in the automatic payment subscription.



The website for Amino Prime states that this product is made in the United States of America, which means it is protected under American laws. All food and supplement manufacturers are under the preview of the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which guarantees that all ingredients are safe and acceptable for use by healthy adults. All supplements manufactured in the USA, including Amino Prime, must be made in facilities that have been deemed safe and that follow all workplace regulations.

These supplements are also manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices, which makes them GMP-certified.This guarantees that the labels on the supplement bottles accurately reflect the ingredients that are contained inside. It also certifies that the product is manufactured in accordance to recognized standards of purity and health.

Finally, the best testimony of the value of this supplement is probably the experience of users themselves. Rather than trusting the reviews of other uses, individuals can try this supplement for themselves and see if it has the effects that its label promises. As long as customers remember to contact a customer service representative within 14 days of their original order, they can try this supplement nearly risk free and see for themselves how it works.



This gave me the power I need to start working out for real! About 15 minutes after I took the first couple of capsules I could feel a difference and went right away to the gym. I lifted hard and kept going cause I had the energy to do it. I love this stuff and I think I’ll get another bottle for sure.

–David C., Charlotte, NC, US

I’d been really lazy and was getting fat, so I knew I needed to make a change. I ordered the free trial online and got my Amino Prime within the week. So far I love the way it makes me feel. I’ve gone to the gym 4 days in a row now and I’m not such a bum. Finally I think I even lost a pound.

–Ted G., New York, NY, US

This really does give me more energy. I think there’s too much caffeine in it though, cause I sometimes feel a crash at the end of the work out. It’s a trade off, so I might order more anyway.

–Noah W., Houston, TX, US

Really great pre-workout supplement! This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m trying to cut right now and need an extra boost. This doesn’t make me hungry and doesn’t add calories. It just gives me pure energy so I get to the gym. I love it and will keep using it as long as I can.

–Orville P., Los Angeles, CA, US


Awards & Media Coverage

While there has not yet been any coverage of Pre Brun by the mainstream media, it has attracted a great deal of attention online. There are a number of reviews of this supplement on bodybuilding forums and personal blogs by athletes and other individuals interested in fitness and sports supplements. Many of these reviews have been positive, with users reporting that they received a free trial and are happy with the results. However, this product is so new that there are not yet enough reviews for a customer to make a solid judgement without trying the product himself.

The ingredients in this pre-workout supplement, on the other hand, have received a lot of attention from mainstream media outlets, as well as respect, peer-reviewed, scientific publications. The powers of Taurine, which is an essential amino acid that boosts energy, has been covered in publications like The Huffington Post and Science Daily, as well as multiple articles about its effects in medical journals. Similarly, the website links to a study about L-Citrulline-Malate from the European Journal of Applied Physiology from 2010 that reports on its ability to enhance the effects of exercise. L-Arginine, or AAKG, has been written about in most bodybuilding and fitness magazines, including Men’s Fitness and Muscle and Fitness magazine, as well as articles such as one in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care. Even the herbal ingredient Stinging Nettle Root has been discussed in publications such as Mother Earth News, World Health Daily, and The Guardian.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no explicit money-back guarantee offered on the Amino Prime website, but the Free Trial that is offered gives customers an opportunity to try this supplement relatively risk free. Customers need to just fill out the order form on the website and provide a credit card to pay for the shipping and handling fee. This fee, which is usually $6.95, is not refundable, but it is a very low price to pay for a 30-day supply of this pre-workout supplement. If customers are not impressed enough with this supplement to want to pay $89.95 each month for additional bottles in perpetuity, they simply call the toll-free number or email the address that is provided on the Amino Prime website, both found under Terms and Conditions, and cancel the subscription within 14 days. At that point, customers can keep the nearly free bottle of this supplement do not need to worry about future claims.

For customers who receive damaged or otherwise unusable supplements and need to return them, they are instructed to contact the customer service department, using the email address or phone number that is provided. If the return is authorized, they will then be given a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, which they should affix to both the outside and inside of the box with the supplement bottle that they are returning. Customers are encouraged to get a tracking number for any returns that they send back to the manufacturer, as the company is not responsible for any lost return packages and will only refund the charges if the return is received. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping and handling is never refundable.



When requesting a free trial, customers are instructed to provide their mailing address along with a credit card, used to pay the minimal shipping and handling fee. This fee is $6.95, which covers both the cost of processing the online order and mailing the bottle itself, although some customers report using a $5 coupon to lower the price further. With the coupon, then, shipping the first bottle of Amino Prime would cost only $1.95.

This small shipping fee covers delivery to all addresses, including PO Boxes, Military APOs and FPOs, and rural routes. Shipments are sent out within one business day of the order being placed online, excluding weekends and holidays. Generally, standard shipping deliveries take about 3-5 business days, but the company is not responsible for any delays in shipping that are due to problems in transport or the mail system.

Judging from the manufacturer’s information, shipments are possibly sent from the manufacturer’s address, located in the United Kingdom. This would mean that customers outside of the UK may have some delays in shipping and might need to pay some additional taxes, duties, or customs charges for delivery. On the other hand, the website states that this product is made in the United States, so shipments may in fact be sent from an American address in spite of the overseas location of the company.


Customer Support

Customers who need to speak to customer service representative from Edenhaz Ventures, the manufacturer of Amino Prime, have a limited number of contact options. According to the contact page on their website, there is a single email address that customers should use to reach a representative, and this email address is reportedly staffed by a representative who will promptly respond to all inquires or complaints. Customers can also use a toll-free phone number that is listed on the website on the Terms and Conditions page. Customers who wish to cancel the automatic payment monthly subscription are instructed to use this email address or phone number to contact an agent within the 14 days that constitute the free trial, and should expect to reach an agent who can provide them with this service

It is unclear whether traditional customers service support is offered 24 hours a day, so customers are encouraged to call during regular business hours to ensure that they can speak to a representative. Although the website state that this pre-workout supplement is Made in the USA, its business address, according to the website, is located in the United Kingdom. Customers can send a complaint or request to the physical address of Edenhaz Ventures, the owner and manufacturer of this product. There are no social media accounts linked directly to this product, although some customers have used social media to share information about it.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers who purchase Amino Prime from the manufacturer’s website are protected by a number of security mechanisms. The website’s payment page is protected by 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is the highest industry standard for online purchases. According to the website, it is also McAfee secure, which means it is protected from viruses and other malware by a well known security company. It also is Norton Secured, a claim that is powered by the security company Verisign, which means it is protected from malicious interference. Finally, the website states that it is protected by Truste, another layer of security for all customers who sign up for a free trial through this website.

The website also specifies the privacy protections that consumers can expect in their detailed Privacy Policy. This clarifies that, although the website does use cookies and does retain some personal information, customers’ financial and personal information and is kept private and secure. Customers can feel confident that their checkout is safe and secure, although their is no guarantee of the security of third-party websites that may link from their page. Customers are also protected by the security measures of the credit card company that they use to make their initial payment.


Pricing & Free Trial

Before committing to purchase a full bottle of Amino Prime, customers are invited to try out a free sample, simply by filling out an order form on the website. To receive this free trial, customers must pay only a small shipping and handling fee, which covers the cost of processing the order and sending the shipment through standard delivery. This fee is $6.95, although some users also report receiving a coupon for $5 as an added discount on their trial. That would bring the total charge for a full trial bottle of the pre-workout supplement to $1.95, a very low initial price. Since each bottle of Amino Prime contains 60 capsules, that trial price works out to less than four cents per capsule and less than seven cents per serving.

After the first 14 days of the free trial, customers are automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription service, which allows them to receive a 30-Day supply of the supplement every month without needing to call back or reorder. These bottles cost $89.95, which works out to under three dollars per day or $1.50 per capsule. Customers who have questions about the automatic subscription, or who wish to cancel it within the first 14 days to avoid being enrolled, are instructed to contact the customer service department of the manufacturer, Edenhaz Ventures, using the phone number that is provided on the website.






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