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Alpha Xplode Review – Is This a Good Natural Supplement?

What Is Alpha Xplode?

Alpha Xplode is a pre-workout supplement that is meant to enhance the exercise and workouts of those taking it, without users having to do any extra work. The workout supplement also claims to be a muscle booster. The NO is short for nitric oxide, which is how the supplement works in the body.

Nitric Oxide works in the body by enlarging the blood vessels and thus increasing the flow of blood to the skeletal-muscular system. The increased flow of blood to the muscles means that the body should be able to increase the intensity of the workouts and workout longer. Users also have the possibility to have better stamina with the supplement because of the increased blood flow.

The main ingredients in this workout supplement have been researched extensively and have been found to help with enhancing the body’s ability to produce muscles, burn fat, improve strength, and increase endurance during those studies. The propriety formula includes L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate amino acid, L-Arginine amino acid, and the L-Arginine Monohydrochloride amino acid. Because the supplement is not meant to be taken on its own, but only to enhance workouts, it’s recommended to athletes, trainers, bodybuilders, and/or those serious about their workouts.

The supplement comes in capsules that are meant to be taken orally, once or twice a day. Each time, the user takes two capsules at a time. There is no specific information on whether the user needs to take their Alpha Xplode capsules with food or water or at what certain times of day. This seems left up to the user and whether or not they want to take the capsules at certain times.



The Alpha Xplode supplement is manufactured by a company of the same name. This supplement is its only product, which has both good and bad connotations. On one hand, the company can focus on its one product and on making it a great product in the supplement field. On the other hand, the company has no other products to market if Alpha Xplode does not work out or is not as accepted by customers as they hope it will be.

There is very little information to be found about the actual company that manufacturers the supplement. The site has been online since 2015, so it is feasible that is when the company was founded or started doing business. Their company’s offices are based in San Pedro, Belize, but the company only ships its product to the United States. Their return address is in Tampa, Florida, so maybe the product is manufactured in the United States as well.

Although the product only ships to the United States, the site is able to be viewed by anyone else outside of the United States as well. It’s not clear if the company left this open with the possibility of shipping to other countries in the future. The site has been around for a little over two years now though, and the shipping availability has not changed in that time. There is also no information on the owners of the company.

Unfortunately, the information on this company leaves something to be desired. The customer doesn’t know where their product is shipped from or what the company behind the product plans on doing in the future. The company retains all rights to change or pull their product from the market at any time without informing their customers. Since Alpha Xplode is their only product though, the customer is relatively assured that it will be around for a while, if the company is to survive.


How Alpha Xplode Works?

This pre-workout supplement is said to work by combining the propriety ingredients to help the user boost their workout. The supplement is not a replacement for workouts and exercise, but rather just a helping hand to help users reach their desired results faster and with less work. The main ingredients of the product, the propriety blend ingredients, are L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2-1, L-Arginine, and L-Arginine Monohydrochloride.

L-Arginine is the amino acid that helps certain metabolic systems to be more efficient and is usually an amino acid found in many bodybuilding supplements. There have been many studies done on the effects of L-Arginine, but none have conclusively found that it is directly beneficial to the build-up of muscles or improved fitness. L-Arginine is usually considered safe to take, although some people can have side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, or allergies.

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2-1 is a salt that is created by putting together two molecules of the amino acid L-Arginine and one molecule of alpha ketoglutarate. Alpha ketoglutarate aids in the way the body processes protein, and is usually given to those with kidney disease to help their kidneys process the protein. The combination of the two pieces into L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2-1 is ideally used to help the body process protein more efficiently and increase the metabolic function of the skeletal-muscular system.

The last propriety ingredient, L-Arginine Monohydrochloride, has been found to help induce vasodilatation in vivo. This means that it has the potential to increase the benefits of a workout by dilating the blood vessels and increasing the blood supply to the skeletal-muscular system. It is similar in what it does to the L-Arginine amino acid, so L-Arginine Monohydrochloride is just another similar booster in the product.


Ingredients of Alpha Xplode

Other than the three ingredients in the propriety blend, the rest of the ingredients in the supplement are Gelatin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, and Microcrystalline Cellulose. All of these ingredients are filler ingredients and don’t have any sway on the benefit of the product. Each of these is fairly safe to ingest and are normally found in all vitamins and supplements.

Gelatin is the main filler in the capsules and it is mainly used to hold together all of the other ingredients. The ingredient list doesn’t specify if the gelatin is of animal or vegetable origin. It is sometimes used for the strengthening of bones and joints, but most likely in this case, the gelatin is just a filler ingredient.

Dicalcium Phosphate is a cheap calcium filler used to bulk out many vitamin or supplement tablets. Since it is a synthetic version of calcium, it is not easily absorbed by the body and thus should not be taken in large quantities. Side effects of too much dicalcium phosphate can be an upset stomach or constipation due to the body not processing it well. In this product, it is most likely used to create the bulk of the tablet and does not hold any significance to the benefit of the product.

Magnesium Stearate is used for the only purpose of helping the tablets not stick to the machinery when they are being made. It is a lubricating agent and nothing more. Microcrystalline cellulose is created from refined wood pulp, usually derived from a rubbery plant. It is used mainly as a texturizing agent and bulker in vitamins and supplements.



The supplement is meant to produce nitric oxide inside the body, which acts to dilate the blood vessels. Dilating blood vessels leads to increased blood flow to the skeletal-muscular system, since more blood can be pumped at once throughout the body. Once more blood is able to reach the muscles, there’s also an increase in the amount of oxygen that reaches the muscles.

Increased oxygen means that the muscles are able to work harder and for a longer time before getting tired, which is the main reason for the supplement. The amino acids in the propriety formula are all acting in this capacity. One of the components of the blend can also be for the purpose of helping the body process protein more effectively.

The addition of alpha ketoglutarate, a chemical that is usually found in the body, helps a body to potentially synthesize protein. Other studies have shown that it might be beneficial in helping the body rid itself of ammonia as well. Ammonia is the byproduct of physical exercise in the body, and the reason people feel muscle fatigue after strenuous workouts. Some studies have shown that alpha ketoglutarate combines with ammonia to ease the ammonia toxicity in the body. These studies have only been done on hemodialysis patients though.

The main purpose of Alpha Xplode is to help the body increase its nitric oxide productivity and aid in workouts. For this reason, the propriety formula is comprised of three different L-Arginine compounds. So far though, studies have only been done on the effectiveness of L-Arginine in the body at rest, not during physical activity. It is still yet to be determined how well L-Arginine works in the system during the course of actual physical activity.



Bodybuilding supplements or vitamins are not required to be tested and certified by the FDA, but there are other independent certifications that vitamins and supplements can earn. Although Alpha Xplode has been on the market for coming on three years now, there doesn’t seem to be any certifications attached to the label or company. This might be because supplements with nitric oxide are so prevalent on the market now, and many companies are taking advantage of the effectiveness that has been proven to be with nitric oxide.

The amount of certifications a vitamin or supplement can earn independently are not many though. In total, there are only a handful of trusted and verified ones. Some of the best include the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) certification, the certification, and the Underwriters Laboratory certification, and the NSF certification. The NSF certification was one of the first independent certifications to be established and, as such, is also one of the most trusted.

There is still plenty of time for Alpha Xplode to be certified by third-party trusted certifications. There are still no guarantees with this product, although all of its active ingredients have been studied and researched. Even so, it is not a guarantee that the ingredients used in the studies are of the same purity in the supplement. Alpha Xplode is still waiting to be tested and verified independently as a truly potent product that will live up to what its claims are.



Between work and life in general, there doesn’t seem to be as much time as I would like to spend in the gym. I didn’t want something to completely take the place of my workouts, I know I still need to put in the time and effort, I just wanted something that would give me an edge and a boost. I searched and tried a few products and stumbled upon Alpha Xplode by mistake almost. I decided to give it a try, since I had heard about nitric oxide. I love that I’m getting way better results in the same amount of time in the gym, as if I had been spending twice the time in there.

– Ryan S., USA

Really been loving this product lately. I found it while searching for products with nitric oxide and I can say that it has done wonders for me. As a serious bodybuilder, I need to be able to create results with as little effort as possible or in as fast a turnaround time as possible. I’m loving the results with this product and that I get to be able to enjoy more of life by being able to spend less time in the gym and still get awesome results. I have definitely been recommending this product to my other colleagues, and will continue to take it myself.

– Martin F., UK

I can’t believe how much Alpha Xplode actually does for me. I’d heard about nitric oxide and its uses and benefits before, but I was skeptical until I tried this product. It’s so awesome that I get to workout as I normally would and yet still get such awesome results. I wasn’t really looking to increase muscle or anything, but I do like to maintain my physique and having this product helps me to do that so much more effectively.

– Rebecca M., Canada

I’ve tried a few products with nitric oxide now, and I can say that Alpha Xplode is one of my favorites. It might not be the most potent out there, but the supplement has helped me to be more effective in my workouts and with fewer side effects afterwards. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they used three kinds of the amino acid, while other products only use one or two, but it definitely has a kick. I am a trainer and I recommend it to my more serious clients to help give them a boost.

– Richard J., Sweden


Awards & Media Coverage

Alpha Xplode is one of many products on the market that uses nitric oxide to increase the effectiveness of workouts, but it has not received any awards for its work so far. The product has been featured in multiple ads in various mainstream publications. Some of those include Men’s Health, Maxim, Playboy, and Men’s Journal. This does not mean that those publications endorsed the product in any way, just that they gave the company the ad space to display their product.

The product does have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and there are many reviews and reports on the product throughout the web. Most of the reviews, unfortunately, don’t chalk up much to this supplement and instead insist that it is no better than any other nitric oxide product on the market. Even so, the product has been reviewed on many trustworthy sites, including Supplements Watch, Diet Spotlight, Consumer Health Digest, High Intensity Supplements, Supplement Critique, and Muscle Supplements 101.

A few of these sites are very impressed with the product, while others are not as ready to put the seal of approval on the pre-workout supplement. Other than online reviews, there has not been much media coverage on this product and it has no other awards attributed to it. There are a number of awards that can be won by supplements or vitamins, all of which are given out by magazines or organizations.

Some of the most notable awards include The Best of Supplements Awards from the Better Nutrition magazine, the STAR Awards from NIH, the Supplement Awards, and the SpotMeBro Supplement Awards. All of these awards are given out once or twice a year and are the holy grail for vitamins and supplements to win. This supplement is still awaiting its shot at one of them.


Money-back Guarantee

The company selling Alpha Xplode, of the same name, has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they also want to make sure that all of their customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. Should customers not be satisfied with their purchase, there are measures to follow to ensure that they are compensated or have their money refunded. The trial period is the best time for customers to request the cancelation of their subscription.

The trial period is a total of 10 days, and it starts from the day that the order is placed. When the order is placed, the customer agrees to enroll in the subscription service for the product. Should they decide they don’t want the product anymore, the subscription has to be cancelled before the trial period is over or the charge is applied to the credit card provided to the company. Any bottles purchased or charged after the trial period are not refundable without the return of the unopened bottle.

There are 30 days available to request a refund once a bottle is shipped out (only on bottles after the sample). Customer Support must be contacted before the return process is started, and any bottles returned without the approval from Customer Support are not credited to the customer at all. Once the bottle is returned, the refund will be credited back to the customer minus the shipping and handling fee and a 35% restocking fee.

Should a customer need to return a bottle, the return address is available on the site that sells the product. This address is the one below:

• Fulfillment Center, C/O Alpha Xplode, P.O. Box 153201 Suite 1093, Tampa, FL 33684

Once the refund package is sent, it usually takes seven days to process a return and 3-5 days more after that for the refund to be sent back to the customer’s credit card, the same one that was provided during checkout of the free trial bottle.



The company ships their pre-workout supplement product within the United States with several different shipment companies. Their site lists FedEx, UPS and the USPS service as companies they collaborate with during the shipment process. The shipping costs are the only thing charged for the trial period and for every other, a total of $6.97. After the sample period, shipping is charged as $9.97 for each bottle of the product.

The site does not state how long it takes for the package to arrive once the order is placed. The company only ships in the United States, but this does not make clear whether the bottles of samples are coming from a warehouse in the United States or not. There is also no option for rushing the order available, as some sites have.

The company states it is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once the order is sent out, the company cannot guarantee that the package will arrive at the intended customer’s address. It is recommended that the customer’s use a type of delivery confirmation system to ensure delivery, for both the delivery of the purchase and any returns sent.


Customer Support

Customer support is available for the anyone that buys the pre-workout product, both through email and phone. The email and phone contacts are available on the official site that sells the product, at the bottom of the page. Customers are encouraged to contact customer support if they have any issues with the product or would like to request a refund.

The phone number that the site provides is an open line with representatives available from Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. The phone number is also toll free and is probably a good way to contact the company. If the phone number does not work, or no representatives are available, the email is the second best way to get in contact with the company.

Customers are encouraged to email support with their name and their reason for contacting support. An email must be sent to customer support if the customer wishes to get a refund for their product and products will only be refunded if the email is received. Any notices from customer support will also be sent through email to the customer, unless customer support is notified that the email is invalid. Should this be the case, customer support will try to contact the customer via mail, with postage paid and return receipt requested.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The site for the supplement has many secure certifications to put customers’ minds at ease whenever they are checking out. The certificate that the site employs is there for two different reasons. One is to ensure the identity of a remote computer and the second is to prove the identity of the user to a remote computer.

The security certificate is issued by RapidSSL SHA256 CA and is valid until 9/21/2018. The site also has certificated for being VeriSign Secure and McAfee Secure. The site is also validated by COMODO Authentic Secure and there are multiple signs of this verification up and down the site page.

The product site has a privacy policy in place as well to protect customer’s information. Once a customer inputs their information on the site to purchase the product, they also agree to receive multiple offers and information from the company and any others associated with the company selling Alpha Xplode. The site collects users personal information, such as name, email address, and any payment details provided. The site also collects information that doesn’t identify users directly – including IP address, ISP address, web browser, the time the site was visited, which web pages were visited, and any unique mobile device identifiers.

The information collected is used to provide customers with any new offers that the company might have and to communicate with the users of their site. The site does state in their privacy policy that they may also rent or share the information gathered with loan lending companies for the purpose of them contacting users with offers. Other third parties might also be allowed to view your information for the purpose of direct mail, email marketing, mobile marketing, and telemarketing.


Pricing & Free Trial

The free trial is offered to all first-time customers. The customer pays a onetime fee of $6.97 for shipping and handling and receives a one month supply of the product. Once the free trial expires, ten days from the day the order was placed, the customer’s card is charged a total of $139.97 for one bottle of the supplement, plus a shipping and handling fee of $9.97. Every 30 days after the first full charge, the customer is charged for the next bottle in their subscription.

The company states that the subscription price is a 30% discount compared to buying the product at onetime, without the subscription. Once the subscription is activated, the customer can cancel at any time, by contacting customer support. Along with the subscription, the company also provides a few other items for their customers.

One of those things, that is activated when the free trial is ordered, is a three-month subscription to Web Offer Access. The Web Offer Access is an exclusive members-only website that allows the customers to access third-party offers and health and wellness offers. If users are enjoying the site, once the three months are up, they will be billed a $24.99 payment per month. The payment for Web Offer Access is paid quarterly and can be canceled by contacting the customer support email at






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