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What Is Alpha Extreme Plus?

Alpha Extreme Plus is a pre-workout supplement that combines three common and well-researched bodybuilding supplements to help you gain muscle, lose fat, and achieve superior strength. This supplement can be taken in capsule form, and it’s more portable than traditional mixable pre-workouts. In addition, all ingredients have been backed by extensive research, as well as by years of use in the bodybuilding and fitness communities. It is somewhat unique in the sense that, while, it’s marketed as a pre-workout, it may be better described as an all-around or all-purpose supplement. This is because it can work as a pre-workout, but it actually supports you throughout the workout and even in the recovery stages. This is because two of the active ingredients are nitric oxide boosters, meaning that they increase blood flow to muscle tissue. In addition to giving you an excellent pump, this is an important effect because it increases the delivery of both oxygen and nutrients. The improved oxygen delivery means that you can prolong either cardio or strength training with reduced fatigue. The delivery of nutrients means you can get more out of your pre-workout, and that you also can make the most out of your post-workout supplementation. Taking protein immediately after working out can help you to gain more muscle mass, and the improved nutrient delivery means that more of that supplement goes directly to making more muscle mass. Alpha Extreme Plus also contains creatine, which is well-known as a workout supplement. This supplement replenishes cellular energy, helps protect against injury, and can result in impressive strength gains. In short, this supplement is somewhat uncommon in its ingredient profile, but it brings together some of the most proven ingredients in the fitness world in a convenient, easy-to-take form.



Alpha Extreme Plus is made by a manufacturer that only makes this supplement. For a lot of potential supplement users, this can be a cause for concern, simply because most supplement manufacturers make several supplements, and some make hundreds. Often, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders find a company they love and use all of those products. However, there are actually some advantages to choosing a one-product company. For instance, when you call a customer service center for a major manufacturer, chances are good that the person you reach won’t know a huge amount of information about each supplement without having to look it up. This is simply because it’s impossible for people to remember very specific details about hundreds of supplements. When you call a representative for this company, however, you’ll be connected to someone who only needs to remember information on one supplement, so you will probably receive better and more detailed answers to your questions. These representatives will also be able to help you deal with billing and shipping questions around this product.


How Alpha Extreme Plus Works?

This supplement is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, especially if those goals include both losing fat and gaining muscle. By combining three popular and effective ingredients, this supplement furthers those goals in a handful of ways. Alpha Extreme Plus can replenish cellular energy, protect against injury, allow you to exercise harder for longer periods of time, and increase nutrient delivery. It also can give you a quality pump.

The replenishment of cellular energy comes from creatine. Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use creatine to make strength gains and protect against injury. This ingredient is often taken alone as a powder, but including it in a pre-workout makes supplementing easier by streamlining your supplementation routine. Creatine works to replenish cellular energy in muscle tissue by replenishing the phosphate ions in adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to make ATP, which is cellular energy. Another way creatine works is by making muscle tissue hold onto water. Some may view this as a detriment, but it creates what is essentially a mild day-long pump, and it also helps to protect against injury. Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have also seen impressive strength gains on creatine.

This supplement also can help you exercise harder for longer stretches of time. This is due to the ability of the nitric oxide boosting ingredients to increase muscular delivery of oxygen. This effect is effective for both cardio and strength. In either of these pursuits, you have probably noticed a sensation of burning. In cardio, this is usually felt as a general sense of fatigue. In lifting, it’s the feeling you get as you reach muscle failure. Both of these feelings are caused by a buildup of lactic acid in muscle tissue, which happens as oxygen is gradually depleted. Although nobody can hold off fatigue and muscular failure forever, increasing the delivery of oxygen ensures that you can delay both of these things, and therefore can do more cardio or get out a few more reps until failure.

The nitric oxide boosting ingredients included also increase nutrient delivery to muscle tissue. This is important both during and after your workout. During your workout, this increased delivery means that you get more out of your intraworkout (like BCAAs) and also that your pre-workout hits the muscle tissue when it needs to. However, this effect is very effective for post-workout, too. If you’re like most recreational bodybuilders, you use protein right after your lift. This helps power the synthesis of new muscle tissue, and when the blood flow to muscle tissue is enhanced, it ensures that you get the most out of your post-workout protein. Lastly, this increased blood flow gives you a great pump that lasts hours after your workout. This pump can make you look more ripped, but it also can be extremely motivating and make you want to keep returning to the gym for more.


Ingredients of Alpha Extreme Plus

This supplement contains only three ingredients, but all ingredients have been thoroughly researched and have also been staples of the supplement world for years. Below is a list of the ingredients and a little about each one.


Creatine may well be one of the most popular supplements for building strength. It’s been used for decades, and it has several benefits, including replenishing cellular energy for explosive movements. This benefit happens when creatine becomes creatine phosphate in the body. Cellular energy is made in the mitochondria, and it’s in the form of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. As the energy is used, ATP loses a phosphate ion and is turned to adenosine diphosphate, or ADP. If you want to keep lifting explosively, your cells need more ATP, and they need it fast. The creatine phosphate adds a phosphate ion to ADP, thereby turning it quickly to ATP again. Creatine also can cause muscle tissue to retain water. This leads to the sense of a powerful pump, but it also has another valuable effect: it helps essentially “lubricate” the muscle and protect it from injury when lifting heavily.


This is the original nitric oxide booster. L-Arginine has been used for decades in the fitness community, but originally, nobody knew exactly what it did. Then a team of scientists decided to investigate claims that this compound enhanced performance. They found that L-Arginine increased production of nitric oxide, which in turn stimulated blood flow to muscle tissue. It did so by relaxing blood vessels so no increase in blood pressure occurred. This increased blood flow allowed more oxygen to be delivered to muscle tissue, and it also increased the flow of nutrients to the same tissue, whether that’s during your workout or in recovery. The study that made this discovery ultimately won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine, and it also validated the fitness community’s faith in L-Arginine as a supplement.


While L-Arginine may be the original nitric oxide booster, more recent scientific research suggests that L-Citrulline may be the more effective booster. This is because a study comparing the compounds found that L-Citrulline degraded more slowly in the body. This means that it stays intact longer and thus will allow your body to produce more nitric oxide. While it may be more effective, it’s fairly common for pre-workouts to contain both L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, as having two ingredients can increase your body’s synthesis of nitric oxide. Different people may respond differently to these ingredients, so including both increases your chances of a better outcome.



There are many advantages to choosing Alpha Extreme Plus as your pre-workout supplement. One major advantage is the simplicity of taking it. It integrates multiple proven ingredients, and it does so in a pill form. This is an advantage over many pre-workouts, as many of them are mixable and therefore require cleanup and preparation. The pills are also very portable, so you can easily take them along in a gym bag. Another advantage is the fact that the three main ingredients of this supplement have been verified by years of research and anecdotal evidence to work as bodybuilding supplements. This is an especially important advantage, as many pre-workouts and supplements sold online in general have ingredients supported by junk science. Some of these are backed by no science at all, so it is useful to have a supplement whose ingredients are listed and are also research-supported. Another advantage, as mentioned above, is the fact that this one-supplement manufacturer is well-equipped to answer your questions when to call to ask about Alpha Extreme Plus.



This supplement has not yet received any certificates. While it may be easy to think that this is something that works against this supplement, the fact that it has no certificates does not necessarily say anything bad about the supplement. This is because the number of organizations that award certificates is relatively low. On the other hand the number of available supplements has really exploded in the past several years. It is therefore likely that Alpha Extreme Plus will receive a certificate sometime in the future. While it is not a certificate in a strict sense, it is important to note that every ingredient has been backed by research. While this formulation itself hasn’t received any sort of certificate, its efficacy is supported by the fact that it is made of legitimate ingredients that have been proven both by research and years of use by casual and serious bodybuilders alike.



Buying online can be a challenge for those who would prefer to hear from those they trust about a given product. However, it can be useful for those considering a purchase to read the words of those who have tried it. Below are some of the testimonials from those who have tried Alpha Extreme Plus and loved it:

Joey, 33, Palo Alto, CA, USA:

I had never really used any sort of pre-workout, but as I started lifting more, I realized that a pre-workout would be instrumental in improving my lifts. So I did some shopping around. Then, I found this. I was excited because it had some ingredients I really loved, so I gave it a shot. I just bought one bottle at first, but I liked it so much that the next time I bought five. My lifts have improved and I most definitely look better. So glad that I finally found something to work.

Steve, 40, Flint, MI, USA:

I’ve used a fair number of supplements in my life, and most of them have been the kind you get as an autoship. I got tired of that business model, and I also felt like I was overcharged all the time. So I decided to go a different route, and thats where I got Alpha Extreme Plus. I’m so glad I found it! I haven’t felt any jitters or side effects. I also notice that I feel energized throughout the day, even after a very challenging workout, which is always nice. I do wish I knew how much of everything was in it, but whatever is in it seems to work, so no complaints here.

Nick, 35, Apex, NC, USA:

I like keeping my supplements to a minimum, especially with the industry being as insanely huge as it is. But as I’ve aged, I’ve become more comfortable with the fact that I likely need a pre-workout if I want to make gains. My gym buddy likes this stuff, and I gave it a shot. I love it! I feel so energized all the time, and my muscle definition is beginning to pop.


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement has yet to receive any awards or media coverage, but just as the number of organizations offering certificates is somewhat limited, the number of media outlets that cover supplements still pales in comparison to the number of supplements on the market. Therefore, it often takes quite a large amount of time for these organizations to cover supplements in the media or consider them for awards. Alpha Extreme Plus is still a fairly new supplement, and it is generally standard for these kinds of supplements to be featured in journals like Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness, and Maxim.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Alpha Extreme Plus stand behind their product, and they therefore have a generous return policy. If you have purchased their product and want to return it, you have 30 days from the date of purchase. To make a return, you will need to obtain a return merchant authorization, or RMA. Then, you will need to write this number prominently on the outside of the box. You are responsible for return shipping, and the company cannot process returns without an RMA. Please note that they will need to physically receive the item within 30 days of your initial purchase. Returned items must be unopened and unused, and to get a full refund, you will need to return all the items you purchased. If you do not, you will receive a partial refund based on the discounted price of each item you purchased.



The shipping of all purchased items will be via Royal Mail. This is for standard shipping. However, there also is an expedited shipping option for an additional fee. If you choose the expedited shipping option, items purchased before 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time will be shipped the same day. Items purchased after that will be shipped on the following day. Please be aware that the company does not ship on weekends or on holidays. Shipping time will vary depending on the destination of the products, and the company cannot guarantee set arrival dates.


Customer Support

As noted above, there is a distinct advantage to this company, as the customer support team only has to answer questions about one product. This company offers 24 hour customer support. There are different numbers to call depending on your country, and you may e-mail them at any time. Additionally, the company has a headquarters where you can write by traditional mail if need be. The customer support staff if made up of knowledgeable people who want to help you achieve your fitness and physique goals.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online is cause for concern for many people. However, the makers of Alpha Extreme Plus have taken great care to ensure that your information is kept very safe. When you check out, you will see that your information is kept safe by state-of-the-art encryption. The checkout process is verified by McAfee Secure and Norton, which are two of the biggest and best-known names in internet security. You may be comfortable knowing your information is kept safe from hackers, but some people become worried that company employees will be able to access their information. However, the employees can only see information if they are actively working to solve an issue, so your information is safe with them.


Pricing & Free Trial

This company offers a variety of different pricing options depending on whether you purchase one, three, or five bottles, and also depending on the country where your bottles will be delivered. If you are ordering from Australia, the pricing is $103 for 1 bottle, $177 for 3 bottles, and $234 for 5 bottles. This pricing is the same for New Zealand and Canada as well. If you are ordering from South Africa, the pricing is R845.00 for 1 bottle, R1,398.00 for 3 bottles, and R1,797.00 for 5 bottles. Lastly, if you are ordering from the UK, the prices are £51 for 1 bottle, £88.83 for 3 bottles, and £118.84 for 5 bottles.






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