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Ageless Male Max Review – Will It Improve Your Workouts?

What Is Ageless Male Max?

Ageless Male Max is a dietary supplement for adult males over the age of 18 that enhances the production of a biochemical in the male body called Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP. It also boosts the production of testosterone, which has been labeled by the National Institute of Health as the most important of all the male hormones. Both of these naturally-occurring chemicals help the body to improve energy levels and increase the formation of lean muscle tissue, which is then built into muscle mass. This muscle mass is responsible for giving the male physique the buff, ripped form that comes with weight training and intensive physical activity. It also increases energy, making longer and more beneficial workout sessions possible.

This supplement also helps the body to burn off excess calories, eliminating the formation of unwanted body fat. By keeping the muscle-to-fat ratio at a healthy level, the body is able to stay fit and strong. Muscle requires calories to use as fuel, therefore the more muscle mass the body possesses, the more calories it will require to function and the more excess body fat will be avoided. Excess body fat is responsible for a plethora of health problems. Ageless Male Max offers twice the fat-burning benefits of other supplements.

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Ageless Male Max is manufactured by a United States-based company called New Vitality. This manufacturer’s supplements are formulated to help improve and extend the lives of their users. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in making Ageless Male Max. The active ingredients have been clinically studied to determine their effectiveness, and these are used in the product only in safe, yet powerfully effective, amounts. Consumers report experiencing improved physical performance from use and that there are no negative side effects to deal with.

By providing a product aimed at increasing energy and strength, the makers of Ageless Male Max are working to improve the overall health of customers who use this supplement. High levels of energy and sound body strength mean a greater amount of physical activity and exercise will take place. This in turn provides a number of health benefits. The supplement does not contain harmful,or addictive ingredients. It is manufactured under stringent conditions and watchful eyes in order to ensure that it is safe for human consumption.

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How Ageless Male Max Works?

Ageless Male Max works by boosting the body’s natural testosterone-producing process and by increasing the effectiveness of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide collects and delivers nutrient-dense blood to the muscle tissue throughout the body. These nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are responsible for the health and growth of muscle.

One of the functions of testosterone is that when it is absorbed into the bloodstream it is transformed into Nitric Oxide, which assists the blood in gaining access to all areas of the body, including the muscles. This delivers fuel and food to the muscles in the form of oxygen and nutrients. These components are essential for the formation of lean muscle tissue. This tissue is then developed into muscle mass.

Nitric Oxide is also beneficial for keeping the body’s levels of lactic acid at low levels. Lactic acid is a naturally-occurring compound within the body. If levels become too great, feelings of listlessness and fatigue can become common. Muscle cramps can also become a problem. These conditions can negatively impact exercise routines and thereby slow down the development of muscle.

This supplement provides the body with greater stores of energy by increasing testosterone levels. Men can experience a decrease in natural, healthy levels of this very important hormone beginning after the age of 30. This can lead to the loss of muscle tone and definition, a significant decrease in the formation of new muscle, and it can cause energy to be at an all-time low. Lower levels of energy mean less exercise, which directly impacts muscle formation and growth. This supplement revs up stalled testosterone production in the body, making it possible to create new and healthy lean muscle tissue.

The greater the amount of muscle the body has, the more efficient it will be at burning away calories. The body uses calories for fuel. If the body does not contain a great deal of muscle, it will not utilize a large number of calories. Unused calories are converted into fat and are stored throughout the body. Excess body fat is responsible for a number of serious health issues including cardiovascular issues, diabetes, certain types of arthritis, even feelings of anxiety and depression have been linked to being overweight.

How does Ageless Male Max work?


Ingredients of Ageless Male Max

The ingredients used in the formulation of this supplement are carefully selected and blended in order to deliver maximum results while remaining safe. This product is 100% caffeine-free with no artificial stimulants or synthetic additives. These ingredients include:

KSM 66

A natural extract from the ashwagandha plant that stimulates the growth of muscle tissue and the development of lean muscle mass as well as increasing strength.


Boosts testosterone levels and helps the muscles to heal following intensive weight training workouts.

NOX Perform T

Assists in the production of Nitric Oxide for better circulation and development of healthy muscles. Oversees the delivery of healthy nutrients and oxygen- rich blood to the muscles.

Vitamin D

Aids in the production of testosterone and assists the muscles with the recovery process after workouts.

Vitamin B Complex

Considered by many bodybuilding experts to be the most important of all vitamins. Helps to metabolize carbohydrates and other nutrients to turn them into energy for longer and more frequent workout sessions and increased energy.

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Fenugreek Seed Extract

Boosts the body’s production of testosterone. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties to protect and heal muscles. Increases the body’s iron content for stronger more resilient muscles.



Ageless Male Max improves physical performance and energy levels in order to assist the body with forming and developing lean muscle tissue and muscle mass. This will give the user the strong, impressive physique he has always wanted. Sufficient stores of energy and stamina are necessary in order to participate in truly effective workouts. The active ingredients in this product work with the body’s own resources to revive vim and vigor naturally, giving the body the added incentive it needs to exercise. No artificial stimulants or synthetic ingredients are added to the supplement to achieve these results.

In order for muscles to grow and develop, they must be repeatedly damaged through intense exercise such as weight lifting. This type of activity breaks down the tissue of the muscle. This is done by means of two types of physical muscle contractions. The first of these, called a concentric muscle contraction, happens when exercise contracts the muscle and brings it closer to it’s source within the body. The other, known as eccentric muscle contraction, occurs when the muscle is stretched and extended out and away from the body. While the fiber of the muscle tissue is damaged during both types of contractions, the most damaging of the two is The eccentric muscle contraction.

Following this type of breakdown of the muscle fiber, a period of recovery must take place in order for healing to occur. During this recovery and healing period, the body will weave and form new lean muscle tissue to replace and repair that which was damaged during workout. This is the process by which bulky, sizable muscle mass is formed. The more frequently weight training workouts occur, the more damage will occur to the muscle tissue. This will be followed each time by a recovery period during which new, healthy muscle is formed and added to muscle girth.

The benefits of Ageless Male Max

This supplement helps to expedite the muscle recuperation and rebuilding phase. This means workouts can take place more frequently, building up muscle mass rapidly. It further utilizes it’s natural ingredients to reduce and inflammation or soreness of the muscles while they heal. When the body has completed the regeneration process, the energy and stamina provided by the supplement will power the next workout. This process occurs each time the body is put through a rigorous weightlifting session, increasing it’s muscle size and strength consistently.

Exercise also stimulates the creation and release of endorphins by the human brain. Endorphins are naturally occurring chemicals which are the body’s mood enhancers. They are commonly referred to as feel good chemicals. They promote good mood, reduced stress, and an overall feeling of sense and peace and well-being. This type of mindset is also beneficial in other ways to overall health. It decreases stress, lowers blood pressure, and Elevate feelings of self-esteem. All of these benefits work together to induce more restful incomplete sleep better mental faculties, and the ability to function in day-to-day life more effectively.

The body uses units of energy called calories as fuel. Calories are derived from the foods we eat. The more muscle mass the body has, the more energy it will expend. This means it will require calories to burn for energy. Calories are even burned when the body is at rest, not participating in any type of physical activity, as the body needs energy to power the various natural processes such as respiration, heartbeat, brain activity, etc. These calories will be burned off and thus will not be converted and stored away as excess fat in the body.



Certificates in relation to a product exist predominantly to represent to the public that some amount of recognition has been afforded to the product. Ageless Male Max is manufactured by United States based new vitality. The manufacturer has indicated that their main goal with regards to this supplement is to see the Improvement of their customers lives and physical form. The hundreds of customer reviews indicating their extreme satisfaction with this product is the most effective certification any product can receive. Nothing attract new customers as effectively as personal recommendations from actual users.

Certificates indicate that a product has been given some type of recognition or approval in a specific field. The reports and reviews given by the consumers bear a greater amount of trustworthiness than any certificate. Many times, certifications are given out because those bestowing them stand to gain and some way from the success of a particular product. This product is manufactured to stand on its own merits. New Vitality states that they’re happy and fit customers are reward enough.

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I have been into bodybuilding since my high school wrestling days, and once I was old enough to start adding muscle–building supplements to my routine, I found out very quickly that the majority of them are a rip–off. Nothing worked. One of my former coaches recommended Ageless Male Max. I tried it, and I was amazed at how fast I started to see results! It seemed I could never gain a significant amount of muscle before no matter how much I worked out. Once I started using this supplement I seemed to be getting more cut after every workout. I feel more energetic and stronger too. I’m very happy with this product.

– Jeff P., San Diego, CA, USA

I’ve been using this supplement for just over a month now and so far I have noticed a definite improvement in my energy flow, so I am starting to work out more often now. My arms are definitely getting bigger, and I’ve started to notice that my shirts are getting a bit tight around my chest area. My wife noticed that I have some definition to my abs just starting to be visible now. I hadn’t even noticed that myself. I like that I can take this supplement and not have to worry about any nasty side effects that come with so many of them, like headaches, stomach cramps, stuff like that. I am very satisfied with this product.

– Arthur B., Hyattsville, MD, USA

I wish I could meet the makers of this supplement and shake their hand! Finally something that does what it says it will do without making me jittery or leaving me with some kind of weird side effects. I’m very close to being in the best shape of my life. I’ve been able to lose weight and start building up some serious muscle. I’m seriously starting to look like a football player! Going to the beach now is even more fun because I’ve gotten quite a few stares. I love looking and feeling better. Thank you for a great product!

– Gary J., Tampa, FLA, USA

I wanted to write and say thank you on behalf of my husband. Ever since he started using Ageless Male Max, it’s like he has a new lease on life. He had all but given up trying to lose weight, and his days of going to the gym had ended more than 10 years ago. He was always moping around the house, depressed and bored. A neighbour friend had set up a little home gym in his garage and he got Jim to start coming over and working out a bit. That got him interested again, and when the neighbour told him about your product, he decided to give it a try. He’s been a different person ever since! He’s dropping the spare tire and he is getting a rather nice–looking shape to him as well! He’s happy all the time now, smiling more than I’ve seen him do in years! Thank you for making a great product!

– Lorrie F., Knoxville, TN, USA

I’m a natural–born skeptic through and through. My mantra is if it sounds too good to be true, don’t even give it a second look. A buddy of mine told me about your product. Over the past few months I’ve noticed a definite change in his physique, and he said this one little supplement was responsible, along with his workouts and cutting out a lot of junk food. So I gave it a try and I am amazed, that’s the only word for it. I’m finally seeing some real results after I work out. Just as good, I’m feeling them too. More energy, a better attitude, just feeling great about life nowadays. I’m going to recommend your product to a few of the guys I work with. It’s really great.

– Dennis Z., Lubbock, TX, USA

Ageless Male Max is the best supplement I have ever found. It has helped me gain muscle in places I never even dreamed I could build muscle like my back, my shoulders, even my neck! I’ve always been one of those scrawny little guys who seemed to never gain a pound no matter what I ate. It seemed like gaining any kind of muscle on my frame was not even a possibility. I saw an ad for your product online and decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did! I feel so great before, during, even after my workouts, and I’m able to workout for longer and longer periods of time too! I can’t tell you how happy I am with this supplement.

– Jerry W., Hamilton, OH, USA

Some testimonials regarding Ageless Male Max


Awards & Media Coverage

Whenever a product is seen being covered by the media these days, it is generally because there are a number of complaints or negative reviews about that product. While media coverage is necessary in order to keep the public aware and protect them from scams, there are also good things to be reported. This supplement is one of those things. It is rare to find a product that does not cause some type of negative side effects. However, users of this supplement report that there are zero unwanted side effects when using as directed.

While almost all supplements claim that they are safe for use by humans, that isn’t always the case. Many of them contain dangerous additives or addictive synthetic substances which can cause serious health issues. None of the ingredients used to create Ageless Male Max will cause any such problems. This supplement has been covered in magazine articles, newspaper reports, online blogs, etc, and in every instance receives nothing but glowing reviews from from satisfied customers. This is the most positive type of media coverage a product can possibly receive.

One of the most common issues reported on in the media concerning supplements is the fact that they do contain unsafe or addictive ingredients. This is due to the fact that many manufacturers will claim that their products are safe and contain safe ingredients in order to make money, however upon closer investigation it is discovered that the facts have been severely misrepresented. Some ingredients have been found to be unsafe for human consumption because they are included in the supplement in extremely high amounts. This is not a concern with Ageless Male Max. Users have reported consistently that there have been no ill effects from using the supplement.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Ageless Male Max comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. The initial order will cost only the $6.99 shipping fee. At the time the first order is placed, the customer becomes automatically enrolled in the auto-replenishment program, meaning that every 30 days from the date of the first order, a one month supply of supplement will be shipped out to the customer. At that time a cost of $49.95 plus $6.99 shipping will be assessed. The same shipping and delivery timelines apply to each monthly order.

Should the customer be dissatisfied for any reason and wish to receive a refund, the unused portion of the product must be returned to the company within 30 days of the original purchase date. Customer Support may be contacted for complete instructions as well as an address for returning the remainder of the product. Once the product is received by the company, a full refund, minus the $6.99 shipping fee, will be issued right away. The customer may also contact Customer Support to be removed from the auto-replenishment program enrollment. This removal will become effective immediately. The customer may still call or go online at any time to order a new supply of supplement each month as they prefer.

A guarantee for Ageless Male Max



Once an order has been placed, it is processed right away and the supplement is shipped within 5 to 7 business days. Delivery time will depend upon the customer’s location, however most deliveries are received within 2 to 3 weeks of shipping. Supplements may be ordered online or by telephone. Online orders can be placed from the supplement’s official online website. By telephone, Customer Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take orders.

Once the initial order is received, processed, and shipped, the customer becomes immediately enrolled in the auto-replenishment ordering program. He will then receive a new supply of Ageless Male Max every 30 days. At the time each monthly refill is processed and shipped, a charge of $49.95 plus $6.99 for shipping will be assessed. The same shipping and delivery schedules will apply each month.

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Customer Support

Customer Support is another aspect of the entire Ageless Male Max supplement experience that has been widely praised by customers. Live Customer Support Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to answer questions, take orders, give instructions for returns, or provide any other information the customer may be seeking. The company provides highly-trained Customer Support personnel who have extensive knowledge of the product. Customer Support can be reached by calling the telephone number listed on the official website, or by email. An email address is listed at the bottom of the official webpage under the “Contact Us” heading. Should a customer wish to be removed from the auto-replenishment ordering process, Customer Service can also assist with this. By simply calling the phone number listed on the web page and speaking to a representative, the customer will be removed from the auto-replenishment program, effective immediately. Customer Support can also provide shipping information and instructions to any customer who wishes to return the unused portion of the supplement to receive a refund.

How to take Ageless Male Max


Safe & Secure Checkout

The primary concern when making any online purchase is the security and privacy of the consumer’s personal payment information. Credit and debit card numbers, bank account information, PIN numbers and passwords, information such as home address, etc, must always be handled with the greatest amount of security possible. This information must be protected from hackers and data breaches at all times. The company stores it’s customers’ payment information within a system that is protected by multi-layer security features that are the top standards in the industry. These security programs are monitored and scanned constantly to ensure they are in optimum working order at all times.

The company’s website checkout page is protected by the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security, a 256-bit encryption program. This type of security is used buy major websites where millions of dollars in transactions are processed daily. The supplement website is guarded as well with the use of McAfee Secure, TRUSTe software programming, and Norton Secured security programming. The web checkout page displays the VeriSign logo to indicate that these programs are in operation and present to protect all financial transactions.

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Pricing & Free Trial

This product comes with a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee. Should the customer be dissatisfied for any reason with the product, the unused portion may be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date and a full refund, minus the $6.99 shipping fee, will be processed. The customer will also be removed from the auto-replenishment ordering program and will receive no further refills of the supplement, effective immediately. Should the customer be happy with the product, no further action will need to be taken. Upon initially ordering, the customer is enrolled in the auto-replenishment program and every 30 days thereafter, from the date of the original order, a new 30-day supply of supplement will be automatically sent to the customer and a charge of $49.95 plus $6.99 for shipping will be assessed. This process is for the convenience of the customer, to save time from having to call or go to the online web page when it is time to order their next supply of supplement. It also protects them from having to repeatedly enter their sensitive payment information on the web, since use of the automatic replenishment feature keeps their payment information safely stored within company’s secured database.

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