Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster

Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster Review – Should You Add It to Your Workout Routine?

What Is Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster?

Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster is a new, natural bodybuilding and vasodilation supplement in capsule form that was formulated to help bodybuilders to lose fat, gain muscle mass and definition, and maximize their energy and stamina. To accomplish these results, this supplement, says the company, increases blood flow to the muscles through increasing the levels of Nitric Oxide. The blood brings oxygen, as well as nutrients and minerals to the muscles. Increased Nitric Oxide also speeds up the recovery time in between workouts.

Information on this company is a little sketchy. The company appears to be located in Germany, but no manufacturer information exists. Public opinion says that not all of the ingredients have been disclosed by this company. Fortunately, there do not appear to be adverse side effects that occur as a result of taking their supplement.

There are no security logos at the checkout area on the official company website. Some product review websites that are written in English appear to sell Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster but the order button rolls to order forms for other products. These review websites may or may not belong to this company. Many customer complaints surround Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster, and customers have trouble obtaining satisfaction from the customer service department.



There is no information about the manufacturer of this product on the company’s website or on websites that are written in English. Since the company’s website is written in German, the manufacturer is likely in Germany. This manufacturer does appear to be new and struggling financially.

Factory machines put the various amounts of the various ingredients into each capsule and bottle them by amounts of 60 capsules per bottle. The bottles are stocked, ready to be shipped to customers. Customers complain that the machines are not set to fill the capsules to capacity. Some complain that the packaging used is too flimsy to withstand shipment, even to the point of no products being left in them by the time they reach the customer’s door.


How Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster Works?

Amino acid L-Arginine converts into Nitric Oxide. Good blood flow to the muscles is facilitated by the increase in Nitric Oxide. When the body’s free-flowing blood brings nutrients, minerals, and oxygen to muscles, the performance of the muscles and all body functions is improved.

The Nitric Oxide also decreases the time that the muscles will take to repair damage from working out. Short down times allow athletes to get back into the gym quicker. Creatine Monohydrate creates energy for the athletes to stick to longer workout routines. Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate performs many functions in the body, both by itself and when taken with particular amino acids. No steroids are included in this supplement.

Not all of the ingredients that are included in this product are provided by the company, and not all of the ones that the company mentions have been proven to increase Nitric Oxide as the company states. Therefore, the likely effectiveness of Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster cannot be fully determined from the ingredient list. One must also look at what customers have said about the product, and the news isn’t all good. Some customers say that the capsules aren’t filled full enough to suit them and that the supplement doesn’t work.


Ingredients of Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster

Reviewers state this company may not be divulging all of the ingredients that they put into this bodybuilding supplement, which does not help people who have food allergies. Here are the known ingredients:

  • Creatine Monohydrate;
  • Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate (HMB);
  • L-Glutamine;
  • L-Arginin;
  • Arginine-Alpha-Ketogluterate;

Creatine Monohydrate – For every cell in our bodies, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the source of energy. Whenever a bodybuilder works out, he uses up the ATP in his body and produces a phosphate by-product called ADP. Creatine turns ADP back into ATP, which gives the bodybuilder energy and helps his muscles to recover.

Creatine is produced by the body in the kidneys and the liver. It has been widely researched over the past several decades, and it appears to be one of the most effective ingredients for muscle supplements. A bodybuilder must saturate his muscles with Creatine, though, before he will see results. Creatine supplementation increases lean body mass and work capacity, and it improves the quality of training.

Despite the bad press that Creatine has received over the past several years, controlled trials showed that the substance actually did not cause liver or kidney damage, injury, or dehydration. The reported gastric problems did occur in some study participants, but more water or a higher quality of supplement resolved the situation. Also, intra-cellular water concentration caused some weight gain as a side effect, which is a goal of its users anyway.

Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate – HMB is a chemical that the body produces when it breaks down leucine, which is an amino acid and a building block of protein. Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate is used to increase the benefits that athletes get from exercise and weight training, increasing muscle mass and reducing muscle breakdown. It is also used to treat heart disease and cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. If it is combined with amino acids Glutamine and Arginine, as this supplement is, HMB is powerful enough to combat the muscle break-down, weight loss, diarrhea, and weakness that are associated with AIDS.

L-Glutamine – This amino acid is the most common one in your body. In fact, it makes up more than 61% of your skeletal muscles. The company states that L-Glutamine consists of 19% nitrogen and that it transports most of the nitrogen to the body’s muscle cells. It has many uses within the human body, but L-Glutamine taken by mouth by itself has not been proven to improve athletic performance. Taken with HMB and L-Arginin, though, L-Glutamine has been proven to fight against muscle breakdown.

L-Arginin – L-Arginin is an amino acid that builds proteins and helps to heal wounds. It also releases growth hormones, insulin, and other useful things in the body and repairs blood vessel conditions. It is effective against muscle breakdown when taken with HMB and L-Glutamine. This ingredient is turned into Nitric Oxide by the body, and Nitric Oxide is what opens the blood vessels. Open blood vessels bring an improved supply of what the bodybuilder’s muscles need to grow, strengthen, and repair.

Arginine-Alpha-Ketogluterate (AAKG) – This is a common ingredient in bodybuilding supplements. The makers of Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster claim that one study proved that AAKG made participant muscles bigger and that they had more strength to bench press as a result of taking Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster. However, no evidence outside of the company’s claims exists that prove that this ingredient has any effect on Nitric Oxide levels in muscles that would support the proclaimed results. Supplementing with this ingredient also proved to make no improvement in blood pressure or endurance during exercise. In fact, it compromised the endurance and strength of study participants during a recent study.



Weight is said to fall off of users of this product, even while the bodybuilder sleeps. After the weight comes, off, the nutrients and minerals that are brought to the muscles by the increased blood flow bulk up and greatly strengthen the muscles and sculpt them. Overall energy is also increased as a result of the increased influx of oxygen, nutrients, and minerals to the entire body. Some online commenters say that all of the ingredients that are included in this product may not be disclosed so one could know everything the product may or may not do. Also advantageous is the fact that this product comes in capsule form instead of in a powder form.

The ingredients include some branched chain amino acids (BCAA). The Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster company emphasizes the increased blood flow to muscles that their supplement is said to strengthen. Increased Nitric Oxide relaxes blood vessels, which allows more nutrients, minerals, and oxygen to reach the muscles. Increased Nitric Oxide also facilitates faster recovery time, so there is not much down time between workouts in the gym.



No evidence of an SSL certificate with its encryptions is shown to exist on the Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster website on the first page of the order form. Any legitimate company that sells products online would normally want to obtain at least a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate and proudly inform the public that their financial and password information would be safe if they used the site’s order form. A basic level of certification can be obtained for as little as $9.00 per year, so to not offer any protection at all to customers is a bit unusual.

What an SSL certificate does is to establish a secure connection between the site’s server and the customer’s web browser, which makes it harder for hackers to impersonate the website’s company and the website. An SSL certificate verifies that a legitimate company owns the website and that the appropriate company is being accessed from the order area. More specifically, an SSL certification company verifies the website’s identity by checking that the registered owner has rights to the domain name. If this checks out, the website earns the right to display the secure padlock icon and the URL gets “https” in the front. The “s” part of that stands for secured.

A website owner can get even more serious security checks, if desired, so as to earn an Extended Valuation (EV) certificate. This certificate is earned after a passing a series of manual checks that often includes review of corporate documents and proof of received phone calls to the business number. Once the rigorous checks are passed, the website owner’s browser address bar can be lit up in green and the company’s legal name listed next to the domain name.

Several review articles written in English exist online that feature Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster. Their unmarked order areas roll to a different product’s order blank. Either Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster owns those websites and is obtaining upsell sales underhandly, or else other people are attempting to take customers away from this company. Whatever is going on, none of the sites display any information by the order area that assures customers that their financial information would be protected.



I never knew I could look so strong and fit. It only took a few weeks on the formula and in the gym to get the body of my dreams. I now see my muscles, which I’d never seen before. — Jerry C., Honolulu, USA

This stuff really brings a good blood flow to my entire body. I feel so much better now, I actually think of the muscle formation aspect as secondary. — Steve M., Sacramento, USA

My girlfriend can’t keep her hands off of my chest and arms. I’m so glad I discovered this supplement. — Juan R., Hartfod, USA

I’ve tried other supplements, but this one took me past the plateau that I’d experienced with other supplements. My friends at the gym suggested I try this supplement, and I’m so glad they did. — Larry B., Brisbane, AU

I am a trainer, and I’ve seen massive improvements in my clients who take this supplement. Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster is one of the better muscle-enhancement supplements I’ve seen so far. — Jim S., Annapolis, USA

This supplement packs in several natural ingredients, which are both safe and effective. I feel good about taking these supplements. I also feel good physically after taking them. — Tom K., Trenton, USA

I used to be out of the gym for a few days after a good workout. Now my muscles repair quickly and I don’t feel nearly as fatigued after my workouts as I did before. — Alex M., Concord, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This product is quite new, and there is no media coverage that can be found in the United States media on this product other than online reviews and forum comments. There are already plenty of negative remarks online regarding both the Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster product and the billing of customers. The company is making two money-saving offers that are likely meant to get an influx of orders and to garner positive word-of-mouth about their product.

The company’s official website is written in German, yet its URL ends in “.com” as if American. There is one website that is written in English whose URL is identical to the official German company website’s URL, but its URL ends with “.net”. This English site tricks customers into buying a related, but different, product by redirecting customers to the ordering page for another product when they go to order Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster. Other review websites that are written in English do the same thing. It is not known whether these sites belong to Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster.


Money-back Guarantee

Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster promises that their product will burn body fat, significantly build up “well-trained” and “sturdy” muscles, and give customers a lot of energy. If a customer does not receive these promised benefits or is otherwise not happy with the product, the company states that the customer can return the product to the company and that the company will refund the customer’s money. Many customers, however, post online that they either did not receive a refund for products they’d returned to the company, or else they were billed for parcels they did not order or they were double billed for.



When you purchase from this company, they put you on an auto-ship program where they mail to you one 60-capsule bottle of Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster every month and bill your credit card at the regular price of 139 euros. This arrangement can be terminated at any time. The shipping is free to customers who are on the auto-ship program.

The company delivers by courier within 24 hours. Packaging is sent anonymously, and they fit into mail boxes. Still, some customers report they receive badly damaged packaging that may or may not still have the products in them. It does not appear that this product can be purchased in the United States yet since one must purchase it in euros.


Customer Support

As seems to be the case with many of these new bodybuilding supplements that are purchased online and shipped to customers, this supplement company is upsetting many customers more for their bad customer service than for the product itself. However, this particular product does seem to draw more than its share of complaints about the product itself. Customers often assert that this product actually does not work at all. Some customers say that the capsules are not filled up with product, which may account for it not working as expected when using the dosage that the product’s instructions suggest.

Multiple websites are tricking customers into purchasing a product other than Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster. When a customer presses an “Order Now” button that clearly leads him to think he is ordering the Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster supplement, the site redirects them to an order blank for a different product. It is no wonder that customers complain that they did not order products that they received. If they had paid attention to the product that was on the page that they were redirected to, they’d see that the order blank they were ready to fill out was tied to another product.

Customers also complain that they never received their promised refund of money after they returned unused product. Other customers complain that the company double billed them for products received. Whether one calls, emails, or writes to the company, though, the customer appears to be lucky to receive a refund.


Safe & Secure Checkout

It cannot be known whether or not the checkout procedure is safe and secure without entering personal information and viewing what comes up on the next pages in the ordering process because the website does not say anything about safety and security precautions they may have taken on the first page of the ordering process. The first page of the order process just has a place where the customer enters their name and address and agrees to the terms. With no security stated on the site to exist, the company may try to deflect responsibility for billing problems, claiming that the site must have been hacked and that the customer entered their sensitive credit card information at their own risk.

Additionally, if customers stumble upon a Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster website that is written in English, they should beware of the page they enter their billing information on to be sure what product they are ordering because there are websites that are written in English that lead customers to order a different product. One of them even has a URL that is the same as the official, German website’s URL except that the English website’s URL ends in .net instead of .com.

These sites talk about Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster, shows the usual picture of the bottles, and have an “Order Now” button on that product’s picture. What comes up for purchase on the next page, however, is an entirely different bodybuilding product. There is no way to actually purchase the Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster capsules on these websites. These misleading sites may or may not be owned by the company.


Pricing & Free Trial

The pricing for the supplement is presented in euros on the official Activatrol Nitric Oxide Booster website since the German mark was replaced by the euro on January 1, 2002. There are no U.S. dollar equivalents offered, so the company may not sell to people in countries who use the U.S. dollar. Prices cited on the company’s website are 139 euros for one bottle (60 capsules), 175 euros for 3 bottles (180 capsules total), and 245 euros for six bottles (360 capsules total).

The company website presents two money-saving offers for multiple-bottle orders. This is likely being done to kick start positive word-of-mouth advertising about the company. According to the company, more than 100,000 bottles have been sold and that some of their customers are repeat customers.






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