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Action Fuel Pro Review – Is The Product a Scam or Not?

What Is Action Fuel Pro?

If you’re a guy who has felt his motivation to work out decrease over the last few years, Action Fuel Pro is poised to change your course. If you’re constantly delaying your work out another day, another week, or even another month, or if you’re not already seeing progress in your current routine, then this new supplement could be the solution.

Action Fuel Pro is an example of a supplement that can be effective using just natural ingredients and none of the harmful steroids and other performance “enhancing” drugs that quickly increase muscle mass in just a short period of time. The goal of Action Fuel Pro is to answer the questions:

  • How can I bulk fast?
  • How can I get even stronger?
  • How can I cut while exercising?

Right now, as far as fat burners are concerned, most people find that a supplement can feel unusual or uncomfortable after the first few days on them. Because of this, the makers behind Action Fuel Pro seek to improve fat burning products without the uncomfortable feeling or side effects.

Chances are you’re seeking to get massive muscle. This might have led you to the Action Fuel Pro website to learn about its high claims. Is it worth it? Turns out that a former bodybuilder played a hand in developing the formula, so what does that tell you?

The Motto of Action Fuel Pro



According to the manufacturer, Action Fuel Pro came to be when the company decided it was a smart idea to produce an all natural product without harmful drugs or steroids that can help address your needs for fat loss and muscle building. Now you can also have the body you have always wanted. With Action Fuel Pro, the company promises that you’ll get the maximum muscle mass you’re capable of getting just by improving your anabolic efficiency.

The company’s goal was to come as close to a bodybuilding miracle as possible. In this case, it would be to come up with a supplement that’ll readily answer the questions “How can I bulk up faster? How can I get even stronger? How can I cut fat when I exercise?” The website notes several success stories of average men who have lost fat and gained ripped muscle in a short period of time.

Today, our testosterone levels aren’t quite as abundant as they used to be, which makes sense since we don’t currently live in a kill-or-be-killed world. As a consequence, our bodies produce less testosterone, and that’s not always good, especially when you factor in so-called male menopause. The finest of men find themselves weakened after a reduction of testosterone during their 30s and 40s, and that only continues as they age. The decline is often thought of as a lack of confidence and fierceness, feelings of faint, insomnia, becoming overweight and loss of energy.

None of those sound pleasant. That’s why Action Fuel Pro’s manufacturer sought to create a new supplement to improve testosterone levels back to when you were 25. The outcome? It claims to be quite influential.


How Action Fuel Pro Works?

Action Fuel Pro is marketed as a pre-workout supplement designed to improve the general efficiency of your every day work out routine. This is done by giving you more energy that lets you lift heavier objects at a quicker pace. Remember that it is a pre-workout supplement, so you must take it before you actually work out to ensure you get the results you desire.

The Features of Action Fuel Pro

This supplement is a testosterone booster that comes as a pill. It uses five ingredients that are all natural and will be described in further detail below. As you are likely aware, testosterone is rather important for the male physique, aimed at most physiological parts from concentration to creations. Before modern civilization, it was the hormone that helped us survive when our neighbors were barbarians and wild animals.

Naturally, Action Fuel Pro is worth a closer look if you’re interested in feeling like you’re 25 again, no matter how old you are. Judging by how many people are trying and enjoying the product, it might very well be one of the better decisions you’ll ever make for your personal fitness journey.

A Workout & Action Fuel Pro


Ingredients of Action Fuel Pro

Action Fuel Pro uses several ingredients that are known to increase energy, burn away stubborn excess belly fat and improve lean muscle mass. Here is a breakdown of some of the ingredients that are used in this testosterone boosting supplement.

The Ingredients of Action Fuel Pro

Beta Alanine

This is used in order to synthesize carnosine. This in turn helps promote increase in muscle mass as well as aerobic endurance.


Naturally, this is used to improve your energy in the body. This will result in heavier dumbbell lifting and longer periods of working out in the gym.


This is an amino acid that supports the cardiovascular system. It is meant to improve the development of your muscle power and mass.


This is a key factor in producing the amino acids that increase blood flow in the body. As a result, your muscles will get more oxygen and necessary nutrients needed for protein synthesis. It’ll also store adenosine triphosphate, which powers just about anything you do.


An inactive ingredient, gelatin makes up the actual capsule that houses the actual supplement. It is made to safely and simply enter absorb the supplement in your system.


Another inactive ingredient, this is an absorbent that lets all the ingredients stay in one capsule. It does not provide health benefits.

Magnesium Stearate

This ingredient is meant to help restore your sleep cycle and rest more deeply. This has the bonus of improving your work out energy the next day.

Stearic Acid

This ingredient is a fatty acid that has extensively been tested. It has been proven to be among the safest of ways to disperse supplement agents.

Knowing the ingredients, how many Action Fuel Pro supplements should you take in a day? What are the instructions that are given? According to the manufacturer, you should have one or two tablets of the supplement with water approximately 45 minutes before starting your workout. For best results, you can take three tablets, but you should not take more than that in any 24 hour period.

The Label of Action Fuel Pro



The first clear benefit that Action Fuel Pro can offer is a high amount of energy in your body. This is due to a moderate amount of taurine and caffeine in the supplement, both of which are known to speed up your metabolism. This will let you get through your reps faster and improve your metabolism. It also comes with ingredients for muscle recovery, so you can keep the trend up for months.

Are you often feeling muscle pain whenever you finish a heavy workout? Action Fuel Pro can also reduce how much pain you will experience post-workout thanks to the greater muscle recovery ingredients. It will also help with burning away excess fat; the caffeine and taurine improve your metabolism while also contributing to energy.

The fourth advantage is has to offer is the ability to more efficiently build muscle mass. This is done through a three-step method that increases blood flow to boost muscle oxygen, locks down protein synthesis to be more efficient, and then promotes great muscular endurance.

The Effect on Muscles & Action Fuel Pro

Action Fuel Pro is also marketed to further your strength capabilities. By giving your muscles more oxygen through a stronger blood flow, you’ll find yourself lifting heavier weights more rapidly than you were lifting the lighter weight. Not only are you going to get more muscle mass and endurance, but you’re simply going to get more respect.

A sixth benefit includes enhancing the average man’s testosterone drive. The taurine and beta alanine affect blood flow, both of which naturally have improved function throughout the body. It is not a treatment for any dysfunction. However, it does promote blood flow and hormonal changes for improved results.

Next, Action Fuel Pro purportedly will improve your overall aerobic performance due to balancing the pH levels in your muscle tissues. By balancing the pH level, your muscles will need less oxygen in order to work at their limit. One of the ingredients, beta alanine, specifically will neutralize your muscle pH level, which reduces the strain on both your heart and lungs.

The Main Graphic of Action Fuel Pro

As it is clear to see, there are quite a number of advantages by taking Action Fuel Pro. These are just some of the primary benefits that you can expect. However, there are other advantages beyond this, such as:

  • Increase in blood flow;
  • Reduced risk of blood clotting;
  • Deeper, better sleep;
  • Improved erections in healthy males;
  • Neutralizes body-attacking free radicals;
  • Normalizes thyroid hormone production;
  • Improved strength;
  • Improved cellular production;
  • Better alertness and memory;

The Testimonials for Action Fuel Pro



All Action Fuel Pro bottles are made in GMP certified facilities. There is no information regarding FDA inspection of the facility, whether it has it or lacks it.



John D.:

I’ve been working out for two years. In that time, I gained muscle but kept the fat. Thanks to Action Fuel Pro, I kept the same routine and developed a defined six-pack I’m proud of.

Oliver T.:

I spent a long time searching for the right fat burner, and then I found Action Fuel Pro. I purchased a 4-month supply and have been taking it for a few weeks. I’ve gone from going to the gym twice a week to every weekday. When I’m in the gym, I don’t burn out like I used to, and I look forward to coming back!

Peter G.:

After taking Action Fuel Pro for three and a half months, I’ve definitely gained a huge amount of muscle. I even lost all the fat I’ve been carrying for over 10 years. Now I feel much more confident going to the beach and the pool.

Nixon H.:

Before summer started, I thought to myself that I would get into shape so I could enjoy the beach and ladies. There was fat in my belly, and I had love handles. I checked online for a fat burner and gave Action Fuel Pro a shot. It ended up being the exact thing I wanted – a strong but safe supplement to get me moving.

Daryl C.:

I’m a single guy so I want to get noticed by the ladies. Two months on Action Fuel Pro, I’ve lost my belly fat and started working out for massive muscle gain. I’m really looking forward to hitting up the parties when classes start back up.

Philip L.:

Action Fuel Pro did wonders getting me from bulking to shredding. I used a different supplement before to bulk up, but then I had lots of fat to shred. Action Fuel Pro helped my body get the job done while giving me energy and a higher body temperature to sweat at the gym.

Alan D.:

I think my results speak for themselves; it’s only taken a month and a half to get to where I am. I used to do cardio, but since I’ve gotten the energy and boost from Action Fuel Pro, I hit the gym five days a week to work different muscle groups. I’m especially happy that I didn’t lose any muscle while I was cutting fat, so I would easily recommend it.

Kevin P.:

I made sure that I was on Action Fuel Pro for eight full weeks before writing this review, and I’m glad I did. I now know that it’s not just a fluke, and the results are definitely sustainable. I noticed in just a week that my energy levels were much higher, and I didn’t feel tired when I was done with my workout. In fact, I could even get more work done at the library afterwards.

Evan S.:

Action Fuel Pro really helped suppress my appetite, which was really good to stop me from snacking on my revision time. I wasn’t aware of any sorts of side effects like others have given me, such as insomnia or headaches. This is really good since I’m still at University and taking exams, and that would be devastating to my schedule.

Overall, I was able to shred 14 pounds of fat in two months on Action Fuel Pro. Besides snacking less often, I didn’t have to alter my diet or work out any harder than I was before. This product gave me much more energy and helped me feel happier in general. Anyone who needs to get rid of that last chunk of excess fat should certainly give Action Fuel Pro a chance.

Before & After Photos of Action Fuel Pro


Money-back Guarantee

The Action Fuel Pro manufacturers seem to be quite confident in their product. After going rigorous testing to become the most useful men’s product, it comes backed with 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction and a money-back guarantee. There is a risk-free trial available and assures us that all ingredients are completely 100 percent safe and natural.

The Formula of Action Fuel Pro



Shipping is the usual $4.95 for the free trial bottle. Once you sign up for a free trial, you agree that you will sign up for a monthly automatic payment system unless canceled within the appropriate amount of time.


Customer Support

The manufacturer offers the following addresses and numbers:

United States, Australia, and New Zealand:

Attn: Action Fuel Pro Returns Department
P.O. Box 61553 Savannah, GA 31420 USA


Attn: Action Fuel Pro Returns Department
P.O. Box 500 RPO Steeles West Toronto, ON M3J 0J8

USA & Canada:

New Zealand: 09 801 0519
Operators are standing by 24 hours per day.


Safe & Secure Checkout

According to the privacy policy on the official website, Action Fuel Pro’s parent company uses the appropriate managerial, electronic and physical procedures to help ensure the safety of your information. At the minimum, this very safe and secure checkout includes secure sockets layer, or SSL, protection as well as 256-bit encryption so your information is secured.

In addition to this, all personnel that would access the database would be required to undergo training to maintain the security and privacy of that information. As such, it is safe to say that any purchases made would be completely safe and secure.


Action Fuel Pro Pricing & Free Trial

Action Fuel Pro is all about making the right strategy and coming up with a plan that will help you raise your maximum load and change your experience yourself. It has quite a number of beneficial ingredients to slim down your sides, mid-section and improving your posture. Every gain that you make will help you get to the top end, along with burning away the excess fat.

Three Bottles of Action Fuel Pro

Action Fuel Pro’s terms and conditions say that you will be charged $87.47 after the free trial, and getting started with the trial is cheap and easy. If you have thin legs, love handles or too much fat in the belly, you only need to pay $4.95 for shipping a free bottle. As always, be sure to call to cancel within the 14 day period after placing your order to ensure that you will not be charged if you do not like the product.

* Update: The product free trial program is no longer available. The new price for one bottle is $101.00 and the shipping is still $4.95!






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