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1285 Muscle Review – Does It Work or It’s a Scam?

What Is 1285 Muscle?

1285 Muscle is a powerful men’s health supplement that contains potent herbal extracts and precisely-calibrated vitamins and minerals in order to allow men to improve their metabolic system, build and retain muscle tissue, and recover more quickly from strenuous workouts. By combining vitalizing herbal extracts and minerals in a precise formula, the manufacturers of the product now offer men the ability to supercharge their body’s ability to increase protein synthesis and build leaner, harder muscle mass. The manufacturers of 1285 Muscle carefully source each of the all-natural herbal ingredients found in every capsule to ensure that every customer receives a dose of 1285 at maximum potency and efficacy.

Years ago, fitness enthusiasts and sports medical practitioners in the industrialized world began documenting the many wonderful benefits of using certain plant extracts that have been used for centuries in traditional medicinal practices. After carefully analyzing and assessing the known body of research on the effects of herbal extracts and vitamin supplements, the manufacturers of this particular product developed a formula perfectly tailored to help men build and keep lean body mass while simultaneously burning fat and increasing the body’s metabolic system. Every capsule of 1285 Muscle contains a specially-blended formula of all-natural ingredients to give every man the opportunity to enjoy better energy levels, lower body fat levels, and a lean, toned physique.

The Features of 1285 Muscle



Over a decade ago, a group of leading bodybuilding professionals and sports medicine experts convened to analyze and assess the products then-currently available on the market. Unsatisfied with what was available, a group of fitness entrepreneurs in Florida decided to hire a team of experienced scientists to discover the precise optimum formula of herbal extracts and minerals necessary for men to burn fat, increase energy levels, and build lean muscle tissue. After a lengthy research and testing phase, the manufacturers of 1285 were finally satisfied that they had discovered the precise calibration of ingredients necessary to develop the most powerful men’s health fitness supplement available today.


How 1285 Muscle Works?

Each component ingredient of a capsule of 1285 Muscle is precisely measured to deliver the optimum dose. Once your body begins adapting to this nitric oxide-rich daily supplement, it will begin using the key ingredients to increase the body’s metabolism, boost energy levels, and stimulate protein synthesis and muscle tissue development. Combined with a healthy diet and fitness regime, men taking 1285 can enjoy stronger bones and teeth, reduced levels of unsightly body fat, and leaner, harder muscle mass. The unique minerals and vitamins contained in the product boost your body’s ability to repair damage and injury on the cellular level, allowing men to recover more quickly from strenuous workouts.

How Does 1285 Muscle Work?



The manufacturers of the product carefully source each one of the component ingredients in this potent daily health supplement from reliable growers around the world. Every batch is subject to random quality control tests and checks to ensure freshness, potency and efficacy. The principle ingredients contained in every capsule of 1285 Muscle are:

Vitamin C – This key ingredient unlocks the body’s ability to protect itself against viruses, infections and a wide host of attacking disease agents. Used as a men’s health fitness supplement, Vitamin C boosts greater bone health, leading to a stronger body frame and healthier teeth. Vitamin C has also been demonstrated to greatly improve cardiovascular health, allowing men to develop healthier muscles and enjoy greater personal performance.

Vitamin B12 – Commonly known as “B-12 Complex” or “cobalamin”, Vitamin B-12 is well-known by medical professionals for its ability to allow the body to quickly heal from injury, disease and stress. B-12 is also regularly used by doctors and sports medicine professionals to treat anemia or “tired blood”, fatigue and general slothfulness. As part of the proprietary formula, Vitamin B-12 helps men enjoy vigorous blood and a health circulatory system, an essential part of increasing the body’s metabolic system and performing strenuous exercise workouts.

Calcium – Everyone knows that calcium is good for your bones, and that’s even more true when men are trying to build bigger body frames and bigger muscles. As men begin to see increased overall fitness and enjoy a lean, toned physique when taking the product as a regular supplement, they will have the necessary levels of calcium to build bones strong enough to support their new developments. Calcium is also an essential ingredient for maintaining a healthy smile, an essential component to increasing a man’s overall attractiveness and appearance.

Lovage – Similar to parsley and other edible medicinal herbs, the rich green hues of lovage contain a powerful natural formula that helps the body to detoxify and remove impurities. The potent herbal extract of lovage contained in every capsule will help men ensure that all of their body’s systems are operating at optimum levels, with plenty of essential ingredients on hand to cleanse, purify and restore the blood. European traditional healers have been using lovage to help detoxify and revivify the blood, eliminating dangerous toxins safely and efficiently.

L-Taurine – Known most famously as an ingredient used in a popular brand of energy drinks, L-Taurine is a natural protein molecule that performs critical roles in the body’s ability to purify and cleanse the blood, increase energy levels, and add an overall sense of enhanced self-esteem and confidence. By using a carefully-measured concentration of pure L-Taurine in every capsule, men can enjoy greater mental clarity, focus and attention to each workout session. Scientific studies have also shown that L-Taurine can help reduce the experience of muscle soreness and fatigue after strenuous physical workouts.

L-Citrulline – The manufacturers had to look high and low to find a reliable source of quality L-Citrulline, a key natural amino acid found in citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruit. Scientific studies have shown that men who take regular supplements of L-Citrulline experience greater performance and better stamina during strenuous physical workout exercises. The body also uses L-Citrulline to raise the metabolic rate, giving men greater levels of energy, healthier skin, and more vibrant, well-nourished muscle tissue.

The Ingredients of 1285 Muscle



It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many men who are beginners to the world of fitness, exercise and healthy living cannot often find reliable and accurate information on which nutritional supplement is best for them. Many unscrupulous manufacturers around the world have learned that by adding a few low-quality vitamins and minerals with cheap filler, they can sell a capsule that promises users a wide array of fantastical benefits. The manufacturers of 1285 Muscle have worked very hard to ensure that every customer receives one of the best health supplement available on the market today.

Each capsule of the product:

  1. Contains a unique blend of minerals and herbal extracts to promote the production of nitric oxide in the body, helping men to build lean muscle tissue more easily and quickly.
  2. Is manufactured in an advanced facility in the United States, licensed and registered with the FDA.
  3. Comes with an ironclad money back satisfaction guarantee.
  4. Is carefully formulated to deliver men the precise dose of vitamins and minerals to increase the body’s metabolic system, enhance energy levels, and keep and build lean muscle tissue.
  5. Contains ingredients that were carefully sources from reliable growers around the world.
  6. Helps clean, detoxify and restore the blood’s vitality, vim and vigor.

The Steps for 1285 Muscle



1285 Muscle is a licensed and legal product certified for sale in the United States, Canada, throughout Europe, and across the globe. Currently, the special proprietary blend of it has not yet been evaluated by independent certifying authorities, but there are currently plans underway to submit the product to impartial analysis. And although it certainly holds no legal standing, the abundant public testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers that can be found on the internet today certainly stand as solid evidence for certifying that the product is one of the good men’s fitness supplement available on the market.



My grandson has been bugging me for years to start taking vitamin supplements, so when I did, I couldn’t help but laugh as they had no effect whatsoever. It was only when my friend Bud Rogers explained to me that health supplements need to be made out of high-quality ingredients in exactly the right amounts that I realized that I needed to find a quality product. After doing my research, I picked 1285 Muscle, and within two days I could already start feeling the effect! Not only are my energy levels better, but I feel far more refreshed and pain-free even after my hardest workouts. I used to compete in bodybuilding competitions on the side as a hobby, but now that I’m looking and feeling this good with using 1285 Muscle every day, I may just quit my job and go pro! – Earnest Rogers, Eagleville, Pennsylvania

My older brother got me into working out, and I quickly learned just how fun it was to see your body fat melt away, to be replaced by lean, firm muscle mass. But after a while, it seemed like I was on a permanent plateau, pushing myself as hard as I could with no new results. Then one day one of my brother’s bodybuilding coaches turned me on to 1285 Muscle, telling me he’d seen just how powerfully it could allow guys to increase their energy levels and push themselves to higher levels. I ordered myself a complete supply of 1285 Muscle, and I was friggin blown away by how well it worked. And guess what? Last week me and my brother had a contest to see who could bench press the most weight, and I almost won. – Paul Douglas, Lafayette, Louisiana

Honestly, I wasn’t even working out or doing sports at all when I first started taking the product. One of my coworkers recommended it to revitalized my blood and give me some energy. Two weeks later, I found myself jogging to the company gym, exciting and eager to start working out. – Marvin Farrior, Valley Park, Missouri

The Testimonials for 1285 Muscle



In recent years, there has been an explosion of cheap imitation products and scammy snake oil pills marketed as fitness supplements, and as a result, international competitions have been inundated with applicants to consider. Now under a considerable backlog, it will be some time before prestigious international bodybuilding and fitness bodies can consider 1285 Muscle for their awards. That being said, spontaneous independent testimonials from thousands of satisfied 1285 Muscle customers are certainly a form of the fitness people’s choice awards, and 1285 Muscle is hands-down the preferred men’s fitness supplement of athletes, bodybuilders and sports professionals around the world.

Why Bodybuilders Recommend 1285 Muscle


Media Coverage

Once the manufacturers of 1285 Muscle realized that they had finally discovered the perfect formula of nitric oxide-enhancing ingredients available for daily use in a convenient capsule form, the online and print fitness and men’s health media world went into a frenzy. As breathless reports and feedback began to pour in from the thousands of satisfied 1285 Muscle users around the world, television programs and documentaries began recording the journey of this all-natural health formula as it rose to become one of the most popular men’s supplements in the world. Today, you can flip through almost any fitness, health or men’s magazine and see glowing testimonials and rave reviews of the wonderful 1285 Muscle all-natural formula.

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Money-Back Guarantee

When the manufacturers of 1285 Muscle saw just how amazing the benefits could be when powerful herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals are blended in exactly the right amount, they knew that most people would initially be skeptical. But precisely because they’ve seen the amazing effects of using this potent men’s health supplement, the manufacturers of 1285 Muscle can proudly stand behind their product, offering every customer an iron-clad money-back guarantee on every capsule. 1285 Muscle is manufactured in carefully-controlled batches in an advanced laboratory to ensure that every client receives capsules containing ingredients at their maximum peak in freshness and efficacy.



Sold in rugged bottles made from highly-durable polycarbonate material containing 60 capsules, 1285 Muscle should arrive intact and whole, ready to help men improve their energy levels and athletic performance. Every package of 1285 Muscle is shipped in a discrete package to protect the privacy of the customer. If even a single capsule of 1285 Muscle was damaged during shipping, please contact the seller’s customer service department for a full refund.

Three Bottles of 1285 Muscle


Customer Support

Experienced customer service representatives are standing by around the clock to help men get used to the powerful benefits of regularly consuming 1285 Muscle, order new supplies, resolve problems, and answer questions. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional customer service representatives can be reached online at the seller’s website or by using more traditional offline methods. Many beginners to the world of improved men’s health and fitness often have questions or concerns, which the amiable and helpful staff at 1285 Muscle are happy to answer.


Safe & Secure Checkout

1285 Muscle is a legal product manufactured and sold in the United States, and is sold online using the latest generation of encrypted financial processing software. Your bank records, credit card number and other personal sensitive data are protected at all times. Should any discrepancy or concern about payment or billing records arise, the helpful customer service staff at 1285 Muscle should be able to quickly resolve the issue.



Considering just how amazing the benefits of using 1285 Muscle are seen within a short time after beginning to include it as part of your daily fitness regime, it’s a wonder that 1285 Muscle is not more expensive. Currently offered for a free 15-day no-risk trial, satisfied men can signing up for regular shipments of this invaluable health supplement. For approximately $99.99 a month, men can begin enjoying a healthier, leaner and more energetic physique all for only about three dollars a day. For such a small investment, men can experience tremendous benefits from taking regular doses of 1285 Muscle, including: cleaner, purer and more revitalized blood, as well as quicker and less painful recovery periods after strenuous workouts.

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