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ZMA Pro by SAN Nutrition Review – How It Can Transform Your Free Testosterone?

What Is ZMA Pro?

This product is an anabolic support formula. This supplement is uniquely crafted with a specific combination of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. The consumption of this product has reportedly been proven to improve a bodybuilder’s athletic performance during a workout and even during recovery sleep periods. This product also maintains healthy sleep patterns as well as a healthy balance of hormone levels.

This supplement is backed by scientific research and deemed fairly safe. It is also considered natural as a result of the vitamins and minerals found in this product. The supplement has generated positive results since it hit the market.



The makers of this product have been doing so since 1996. Noted as “being committed to quality and innovation,” the manufacturer of ZMA Pro – SAN Nutrition, state that this and other products are backed by scientific research. Their products are said to be of the highest quality and very safe for consumption by high-profile athletes and bodybuilders.

Though distributors of this product exist worldwide, it is totally manufactured in California in a strictly National Science Foundation certified facility. SAN Nutrition states that there is a constant drive to research products that will contribute to fitness and bodybuilding goals naturally and healthily.

It is the opinion of many that the manufacturer of this product is the most trusted within the industry. The claim to this title is attributed to the positive results experienced by customers worldwide. It is also attributed to the positive ratings received from many.


How ZMA Pro Works?

This non-steroidal product naturally increases testosterone in the male body. Consumption of this product ensures that muscle mass will be maintained in between workouts. This product also has been reported to contribute to the production of new muscle tissue during rest periods. This product contributes to healthy bone density and the formation of red blood cells as well.

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying nutrients throughout the body. When taking these capsules, any nutrients found within the body will be easily transmitted throughout. This process, of course, results in proportionate hormone levels. Conditions which result from the inability to produce enough red blood cells weaken the body and would make it impossible to workout.

Excellent bone density is essential for bodybuilding. Bones, of course, are responsible for supporting the human body. Poor bone density makes it difficult to perform daily activities and any gain in muscle puts strain on the body. This strain, of course, would be unable to be supported by someone with poor bone density. This product makes it possible to gain muscle mass for males as it will stimulate the body processes necessary to support this change in weight and structure.

Normal testosterone levels in a male body are between 300 to 1,000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl) in the blood. These levels change daily, however, and require routine blood drawings to determine levels. When these levels are increased, the formation of muscle tissue becomes apparent. Elevated testosterone levels are most commonly found in bodybuilders and result in the ability to perform longer athletically. When boosted, these levels result in healthier sleep cycles and reduce stress. Those two factors are essential during recovery periods and ensure the continuous growth of muscle tissue.

Of course, the substance does not contain testosterone directly as that is technically illegal in the United States and would fail for a manufacturer like SAN Nutrition to be certified by the National Science Foundation and would fail to comply with the Current Good Manufacturing Processes necessary for the production of this supplement. The other chemicals found in this formula are responsible for stimulating the production of more testosterone in the male body. As a result of this supplement containing natural vitamins and nutrients, it is able to be classified as non-steroidal which allows it to be put on the market.


Ingredients of ZMA Pro

As previously mentioned, this product contains Vitamin B6, magnesium, folic acid, and zinc. The formula also contains magnesium stearate and gelatin. Individually, these vitamins and minerals greatly promote a gain in muscle mass.

Vitamin B6 helps the body make several neurotransmitters which, of course, are chemicals that carry signals from one nerve cell to another. Normal or elevated B6 levels result in normal brain development and function. They make the hormones essential for healthy sleep patterns such as serotonin and norepinephrine. These vitamins boost individual’s moods which, in turn, greatly aids in a bodybuilder’s self-esteem and their motivation to perform.

The most relevant contribution zinc makes in this circumstance is the production of proteins that the body greatly needs to produce muscle mass and healthy weight gain. Magnesium, on the other hand, regulates muscle and nerve function. This nutrient also regulates blood sugar levels which is essential in reducing body fat. This, of course, decreases the possibility of contracting diseases such as hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, and diabetes. Magnesium also assists in the production of protein.

Magnesium stearate is a chemical compound that resembles salt. In fact, this compound is called magnesium salt. It is a powder that becomes solid at room temperature and is essential in forming the capsules of ZMA Pro. On the other hand, magnesium gelatin is a compound which forms a gelatinous substance. This is needed to form the capsule of the substance, but some controversy exists as to whether or not this product is vegan-friendly as gelatin is an animal by-product.

This supplement also contains high levels of folic acid. Those deficient in this vitamin are susceptible to serious conditions such as thalassemia. This condition is a blood disorder that involves less than normal amounts of protein that carries oxygen throughout the body. Regularly consuming folic acid results in the ability to absorb B vitamins in the body which, of course, eliminate the risks of experiencing anemia or injuries to the nervous system. Low levels of folic acid can also contribute to gluten intolerances. All of these things naturally stimulate the production of testosterone and eliminate the risk of not being able to exercise due to illness.



The benefits of ZMA Pro are fairly vast. The nutrients found in this supplement are essential for good bodybuilding workouts as they greatly stimulate the production of muscle mass. Of course, these nutrients also regulate melatonin which is responsible for your body’s internal clock.

The nutrients found in this product are also responsible for boosting your immune system. Free radicals are unable to enter the body in those with strong immune systems. This reduces the risk of contracting diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, viruses, bacterial infections, respiratory diseases, fatty liver disease, diseases affiliated with the eye such as cataracts and macular degeneration, and even some worse diseases.

As a result of this supplement regulating sleep patterns, mental diseases such as depression are greatly decreased. A lack of sleep triggers responses from the body and increases certain hormone levels. Cortisol, for example, is a hormone that can make the body feel sluggish, tired, hungry, lonely, depressed, and even sick. Increased cortisol levels result in irregular sleep patterns which can lead to weight gain, weakened immune systems, addiction problems, lack of motivation to exercise, and can result in the inability for your body to repair itself if you do strenuous, muscle-gaining activities. This hormone is typically found in people who regularly experience panic attacks and can ultimately make a person feel incredibly stressed. High levels of stress, of course, contribute to other serious illnesses. ZMA Pro eliminates these risks.

Bodybuilders know just how important a regular routine is. They also know the stress associated with rest days and the concern of potentially losing muscle mass. ZMA Pro has reportedly shown the continuous growth of muscle mass during recovery periods as a result of the essential vitamins and nutrients found in the supplements. Of course, the supplement elevates testosterone levels naturally. Despite the ability for these levels to decline from day to day, the other nutrients in ZMA Pro ensure maintained hormone levels from workout to workout. Conclusively, the advantage of this supplement is that recovery time is producing muscle mass and maintaining already existing muscle tissue.



The production of these supplements must be prepared according to the Current Good Manufacturing Processes (CGMPs) or GMP. SAN Nutrition complies with these requirements by law. It is important to note, however, that there is no approval process for dietary supplements other than a compliance with CGMPs due to the fact that dietary supplements are not drugs or medications.

The manufacturer SAN Nutrition, however, states that their products are “solely manufactured in a NSF certified facility.” This means that all of these products underwent extensive testing throughout every step of its development by the National Science Foundation. If a product were to fail any test, the foundation would not give its certified approval for the product to hit the market. This seal of approval is essential in determining a product’s general safety.



Like any other product, some bodybuilders are in favor of this product while others are not. Most claim an appreciation for what they claim to be “deep sleeps” after taking this product, but they do complain of having a very dry mouth upon waking up. In regards to sleep, users have claimed to have very vivid dreams. This, of course, makes sense due to the increase in testosterone hormone levels, and the mixing of elevated B6, magnesium, and zinc levels. Very few complain about poor sleep patterns, but some have reported waking up every few hours before being able to fall asleep for the remainder of the night.

People reportedly wake up feeling very energized after taking the recommended servings of this supplement. However, most calculated testimonials claim that this product is better for recovery than actual physical activities. Not all bodybuilders comply with this opinion, however, and claim to have positive results in both recovery and exercise.

The success behind the recovery aspects of this supplement is scientifically proven due to the nutrients found in the product that are responsible for healthy sleep patterns. Sleep is, of course, an essential part of a recovery period as it is your body’s time to chemically balance, repair tissues, and promote the growth of new, healthy tissues. Conclusively, the testimonials found regarding ZMA Pro rate the product as being a nine out of ten generally, a ten in regards to recovery, and as being torn down the middle regarding performance. Essentially, some have successful results and some do not.


Awards & Media Coverage

While it is unclear as to whether or not this supplement has been awarded any worthy titles officially, big names have covered reviews on this product. Spotlighted in a magazine’s supplement guide, this product gets broken down scientifically in an explanation as to why this product is beneficial to bodybuilders and other athletes. The magazine also states that no negative side effects have been detected during the use of this product.


Money-back Guarantee

This product is only able to be sent back to SAN Nutrition if the receiver of the product has a valid return material authorization number(RMA). This number must be on the label of the box before returning to the manufacturer as stated by their website.

A full money-back guarantee is only possible within 30 days of receiving the merchandise. If this timeframe is not met, there will be no refund or credit granted to the buyer. In matters regarding this item being on sale or clearance, they are unable to be returned for a refund regardless of the reason. This is simply because the buyer purchased this product at a discounted price to begin with.



ZMA Pro is manufactured and distributed in the United States, Australia, and throughout Europe. In the United States, the shipping is carried out through FedEx. In most cases, this is ground shipping as there are 48 states in the country in which ground shipping suffices. For this type of shipping, there is a $6.99 fee tacked on to the overall order. Of course, FedEx does not deliver on Sundays or holidays, and SAN Nutrition is not responsible for an order arriving late as a result of stalled deliveries. A valid street address is required for this manufacturer to ensure an order arrives as well.

If an order is unable to be carried out via ground shipping, charges regarding the weight of the package are added on to the order total. This applies to both international and domestic orders. Additional fees are charged if a customer makes an error in the address that results in a package to be rerouted to the manufacturer’s warehouse location. This fee begins at a minimum of $12.50 and increases depending on location.


Customer Support

The manufacturer of this product clearly lists all contact information necessary if a customer ever needs to reach them. Additionally, they have an extensive privacy statement listed on their website. In this statement, they stress the emphasis they put on their customer’s privacy.

They also state that they respect their customer’s time and money as well as their own. Clearly stated is how SAN Nutrition will never solicit a customer via phone, email, or snail mail. They use IP addresses to discover any problems that may be experienced with their server to better improve customer satisfaction as well.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying products from SAN Nutrition is a safe process. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal. Their checkout is secure and verified by who serves the purpose of weeding out fraudulent websites. The website has a strict terms of use section which states that they have zero tolerance for fraud, but they do not assume responsibility for customer error if they should ever buy from a fake website claiming to be legitimate.


ZMA Pro Pricing

The manufacturer of this product does not give out free trials as they put an emphasis on how the product has been proven to scientifically work and that all products are of the highest quality. The price of this product is relatively cheap at $13.73 for 90 capsules and at $25.29 for 180 capsules. Of course, other distributors of this product charge different prices for both the product and for shipping and handling fees.






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