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Post Jym by JYM Supplement Science Review – A Good Solution After Your Workout Routine

What Is Post Jym?

Post Jym is, as the name implies, a post workout supplement. Created by JYM Supplement Science, this product is meant to be taken after a physically intensive workout, similar to the kinds of routines a professional bodybuilder or athlete would engage in. Post Jym comes in powder form, and the intended effects when taking this supplement are faster recovery, increased muscle growth, and extra energy. These effects are accomplished by a mixture of eight ingredients derived from natural sources, meant to enhance the body’s natural recovery processes.

As it comes in a powder, this supplement can be mixed with water, juice, or some other liquid. However, it can also be ingested by itself, and the flavoring is meant to better facilitate this process. Some athletes have recommended snorting the powder, saying the effects will kick in faster when taken this way, but this is not recommended for the most part. However, if customers choose to ingest this product nasally, it shouldn’t cause any respiratory damage or long lasting negative effects other than the possibility of initial nausea.



JYM Supplement Science is the company responsible for manufacturing the supplement. The company was founded by Dr. Jim Stoppani, which is also where it derives its namesake. The purpose of JYM Supplement Science is to provide high quality supplements for athletes and bodybuilders, with the aim of providing superior scientific expertise not commonly used in the manufacturing of said supplements by other companies. The manufacturer’s website claims that many supplement manufacturers do not have the same scientific and medical background of Dr. Stoppani, with the implication being that they provide comparatively inferior products.

With a PhD. in exercise physiology and a minor in biochemistry, Dr. Jim Stoppani is qualified to make judgements regarding nutrition in the fields of athletics and professional bodybuilding. The implication in this case is that any products with his approval have undergone rigorous testing, and should be safe for ingestion without any unintended side effects. It can be safely said that Dr. Stoppani is an expert in his field, and it stands to reason that any products he designed should be a reflection of that expertise.


How Post Jym Works?

When taken after a workout, this supplement does a number of things to the body, using eight different ingredients. First, the use of creatine and BCAAs ensure that any muscle that is worked on during a physical training session recovers and grows larger. Then, the glutamine and carnitine ensure that the body is able to recover at a faster rate than normal. Finally, the creatine HCL provides a boost to the body’s natural production of testosterone, causing an increase in energy even after a tough workout.

The addition of BioPerine in this supplement increases the bioavailability of the product, meaning that the amino acids and vitamins found in Post Jym will be absorbed into the body faster. The natural testosterone boosters such as creatine hydrochloride ensure that the body receives more testosterone, and they also block the additional production of estrogen that commonly comes with increased testosterone. This prevents gynecomastia and subcutaneous abdominal fat build up, allowing for a lean, cut physique when dosing.


Ingredients of Post Jym

Post Jym is made up of a combination of eight active ingredients. These ingredients include BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, in a ratio of 3:1:1. The amino acids in particular used in this supplement are leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and they stimulate protein synthesis as well as generate extra insulin. It also contains natural testosterone boosters like creatine HCL, a hydrochloric version of creatine that is more water soluble, and carnitine, a nitric oxide booster that gives recovering muscles more oxygen. It also contains energy boosters such as betaine, a clinically tested strength booster, and beta-alanine, which creates a powerful recovery amino acid in the body called carnosine. Finally, this supplement contains BioPerine, an extract derived from black pepper fruit, which is meant to enhance the body’s rate of absorption when processing the other ingredients of this supplement.

Roles of each ingredient:

  • BCAAs enhance muscle growth;
  • Creatine HCL increases testosterone production;
  • Glutamine enhances recovery;
  • Beta-alanine enhances strength;
  • Betaine increases power and strength;
  • BioPerine increases body’s absorption of other ingredients.



There are numerous advantages to taking this supplement after a workout. First, the body will see an increase in natural production of testosterone, which is responsible for many important functions such as creating vital proteins. This means that the recovery process will be shortened, enabling those who take the supplement to resume training after a shorter period of time. Additionally, they will see a boost in strength and energy, meaning their subsequent workouts will increase in intensity and effectiveness. Because this product is derived from natural sources, it can be taken by professional athletes and bodybuilders for competitions, as it will not trigger a drug screening.

Advantages of taking Post Jym:

  • Faster recovery allowing for more frequent workout sessions;
  • Increased strength allowing for more weight;
  • Increased energy allowing for longer workout sessions;
  • More muscle definition in a shorter time period.

To better illustrate the advantages of taking this product, consider a hypothetical scenario involving two athletes. Both athletes are identical in body composition and age, but one athlete supplements their routine with Post Jym. Over a three month period, the athlete that takes the supplement will see marked improvements in strength gains when compared to the second athlete. This is because they will recover faster, meaning they are able to work out more in a shorter time frame. Additionally, they will have more energy and strength, meaning they can push themselves harder and derive more gains.

In the case of the athlete that does not supplement their workout routine, they are more susceptible to soreness, tearing, and illness. This can cause them to spend more time recovering than working out, meaning they will not gain muscle as fast and may even lose gains in the case of a debilitating injury or sprain. For these reasons, there are numerous advantages to be gained when supplementing with this product, especially for athletes adopting new routines or working out in public, where they can catch diseases.



To insure any private information input during the checkout process is safe from the threat of identity theft, there are a few safeguards in place by the websites. One of the safeguards is the use of SSL certificates on every webpage. SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a complicated verification process that synchronizes with Google’s servers several times a day. What this does is ensures no changes are made to the webpages, so bad people are unable to inject malicious code or spoof the pages. In this way, private information may be exchanged in order to purchase it online without fear of hacking.



Post Jym has received nearly unanimous praise on popular bodybuilding websites with aggregate reviews. One customer said while taking the supplement, they never experienced soreness, even after a three hour physical training session. Another customer recommended taking it with other JYM Supplement Science supplements, saying they work astoundingly well in tandem. A few customers have remarked that dosing with this supplement provides a pleasant tingling sensation, without any particular spikes or crashes in energy levels. Additionally, several customers said the Watermelon flavor was particularly tasty, comparing the taste to pop rocks.

There were some complaints levied against this product as well. One customer noted that their pump was reduced when taking this supplement. Another remarked that it didn’t contain enough post-workout carbs for their regimen, meaning they had to seek additional supplementation. One customer stated that after dosing for several weeks, they saw no significant changes in their energy or strength levels. There were also a few comments that said the flavor was too sweet, and may necessitate diluting with water to offset this. However, the overwhelming majority of customer reviews were positive, with these negative statements being a drop in the bucket comparatively.


Awards & Media Coverage

There has been a decent amount of media coverage for this supplement online. Several websites have featured reviews and summaries of the ingredients, giving it an impressive media presence. As of the time this review was written, however, no awards have been given to this product. It is possible that this product will receive awards in the future based on its near universal acclaim, but that remains to be seen. While no awards have been given, this product does have remarkably high ratings on several aggregate review sites, so the lack of awards does not specifically imply poor quality.

On the other hand, the website used to facilitate ordering and shipping this product said they feature an award-winning customer service section. Considering they feature many avenues of getting in touch with customer service reps instantly, this makes sense. While this doesn’t necessarily attest to the quality of Post Jym or other products by the manufacturer, it should be noted that any issues customers may have during the process will be handled exceptionally well. Thus far, this is the only award that has been given in relation to this product.


Money-back Guarantee

When making an online order for this product, there are several safeguards put in place to ensure customers not satisfied with the product or its packaging can return it for financial compensation. If the packaging is damaged during transit, customers will be reimbursed the full amount they paid, and postage to return the product will be covered as well. However, if the customers are simply unsatisfied with the product, they are only entitled to in-store credit.

There are extenuating circumstances in which customers who would not normally be entitled to a full refund may be entitled to one. These are facilitated by the distributor’s customer service department, and some of the cases include the possibility of product seizure by customs when ordering internationally, or when the incorrect product is received when an order is placed. For the most part, the most a customer should expect when placing an order is to receive store credit that can be only used at the manufacturer’s website to order different products.



When shipping orders, the distributor’s costs are calculated mainly by weight and location. The supplement can be shipped internationally, but locations outside of North America and the United Kingdom will take longer to arrive. Additionally, it may cost more to ship when compared to getting the products shipped to North America or the United Kingdom, mainly due to different import taxes imposed by customs. There may be the possibility of ordering this product from a local source, such as a wholesale distributor native to the shipping location of the customer’s choice, but the official endorsed retailer by JYM Supplement Science functions thusly.

When an order is placed, customers are given a tracking number so they can see where the package is at any given time, which will give them an accurate estimate as to when they will receive their product. Additionally, customers currently in the United States Military will receive their products from any location, shipping to all APOs, DPOs, and FPOs. In the rare case that a shipment is blocked by customs, the distributor can’t offer any assistance, and features a disclaimer on their site holding them not responsible in the event of customs seizure. While they do not take responsibility for seizures, the distributors will offer a full refund if any issues are likely to arise, meaning some preventative measures may need to be taken by the customer.


Customer Support

JYM Supplement Science has a contact form linked at the bottom of every page. This can be useful for complaints about the quality of the product, but any concerns with the ordering or shipping process would be more effectively handled if levied at the distributor, which is a different website. Fortunately, the distributor of Post Jym features several options for addressing customer concerns. In addition to a contact form and business address, the site also features a 24-hour hotline and an online chatroom for talking to customer service reps in real time. The customer service options listed by the distributor have even won awards, showcasing their effectiveness.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Safeguards have been put in place to ensure that orders placed are safe. When first placing an order, the website will require customers to create an account protected with a password in order to input their private information. This ensures that no one can impersonate the customer without their explicit permission. Additionally, every page on the website features the aforementioned SSL certificates, meaning the validity of the code embedded in each page is verified every few hours by Google, prevent the injection of malicious code or spoofing. With these safeguards in place, ordering online can be as safe and secure as ordering in person at a retail location.

Methods of ensuring a safe & secure checkout process:

  • Private customer accounts to protect information;
  • Encryption on data such as payment info or shipping address;
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates prevent spoofing;
  • Robust customer service options facilitating quick resolution of issues.


Post Jym Pricing

This supplement is reasonably priced at a low rate per dose, roughly $2 a pill. The options as to where customers can place their orders are limited, so there is little wiggle room on the price set by JYM Supplement Science. However, the current distributors of this product often have discounted rates for particular products, and this product in particular has been discounted by half its normal cost at the time this review was written, to roughly $1 a pill. In this case, customers looking to get a deal on this supplement may want to wait a few weeks to see if there is a price drop, as they are fairly common.

Another way customers can save money when ordering this product is to order in bulk. A discount is available for larger orders, and if the products are all shipped at the same time the shipping costs will be reduced as well. Considering the effects of this supplement are best seen with continued dosing, this is the recommended course of action for customers looking to get the most out of Post Jym. At the time of this article’s writing, the regular price for 30 servings is $65.99, with a discounted rate at $35.57.






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