Met-Rx ZMA

Met-Rx ZMA Review – Do You Need This Post-Workout Supplement?

What Is Met-Rx ZMA?

Met-RX ZMA® is a natural mineral-enriched formula that contains high levels of magnesium and zinc, such as zinc L-Monomethionine (L-Optizinc®) in readily bioavailable forms. All ingredients of this proprietary blend help fuel your muscles and circulatory system with powerful minerals and amino acids to improve your physical strength and athletic performance. This nutritional bodybuilding aid also promotes shorter and easier recovery periods following rugged training sessions and strenuous sports games or competitions. Not only will your athletic skills and endurance increase during gym workouts with use of this exercise enhancer, but you will recover faster, free of muscular aches and pains or fatigue, ready to handle all the challenges and demands of your busy day or evening.

Because the special formula of Met-Rx ZMA raises your metabolic rates, your body processes your daily intake of foods and supplements more quickly. With more rapid metabolism, your nutritional absorption and uptake rates are also improved, enabling your internal system to process nutrients sooner after meals, converting healthy vitamins, minerals and other natural substances to energy soon after they are ingested. Because this supplement is designed for taking with meals, your daily dose will be working to fuel and energize your body well before you arrive at the gym for your daily training and workout. You will be mentally alert and focused, with your body well-tuned and feeling strong and flexible for learning and performing more difficult training sessions each day as you progress in your muscle and strength-building efforts and pursuits.

Your body’s higher metabolic rates also help you shred extra body fat more quickly and thoroughly. Once you start taking this active sports supplement every day, as directed, it will support your body in avoiding accumulation of new fat deposits, helping you develop new, lean muscularity and a well-sculpted, streamlined physique. You will look and feel like a true Atlas Man, receiving many compliments from your fellow bodybuilders at the gym and from friends, both old and new. With regular use of this unique fitness formula, you can advance from being a novice bodybuilder to intermediate levels and on to attaining your status as an accomplished pro, encouraging other young athletes in their sports and muscle-building efforts.



The Met-Rx® company focuses on the empowering qualities and scientific properties of protein and other vital nutrients for fitness and athletic performance. This enterprise is known in the natural exercise supplements industry as the “Champions for the Legit Strong,” and the company goal is to provide serious sports players and bodybuilders with the healthy fuel to enable them to attain their fitness milestones and dreams in real time, in the right way. Company leaders and staff members have produced protein-based and mineral-enriched supplements for the last 20 years, after extensive scientific and practical research and clinical tests. The company’s expert team of scientists, natural nutritionists, medical and holistic practitioners and sports training professionals continue to combine their knowledge and discoveries to create effective and unique exercise enhancers.

Especially during the last few years, many new fitness techniques and trends have been in and out of fashion, and numerous sports enhancer formulas have been proven right, and later, wrong for improving performance. For this reason, Met-Rx executives and staff have always focused on creating the most healthy, safe and effective body fuels possible for better athletic performance and bodybuilding. Each proprietary blend they continue to produce or invent today strongly supports muscle-building and body energizing for exercise as well as smooth, easy recovery afterward. These experts know that by combining natural protein, minerals, vitamins and other pure substances in carefully formulated percentages, without any unnecessary fillers, they are providing fitness aids with the best possible properties and components to promote safe, strong-acting supplements that do what they are advertised to do—build powerful bodies that are fit, agile and active.

Met-Rx formulators encourage their customers to increase their intake of protein to boost energy and strength for athletic activities. This company’s sports nutrition products like Met-Rx ZMA can be easily and healthily included in a whole foods diet, and experts emphasize that protein supplement users should not worry about consuming too much protein. Actually, the quantity of protein in each dose of this brand’s ZMA product is small compared to the protein levels your body can absorb each day. The company’s expert supplement formulators want to assure you that since all major (and many minor) functions of the human body operate better with good supplies of protein present and usable, you will do your own body a definite favor by increasing your daily consumption of natural proteins.


How Met-Rx ZMA Works?

Met-Rx ZMA is designed to work with your body, directly and strongly, since it contains no extra filler ingredients, which can sometimes act as distracting or masking substances in your system, serving as temporary blocking or delaying elements, impeding the normal action of major ingredients. Although a supplement’s primary ingredients are the most powerful and will win-out over actions of the lesser components, sports supplements without extra “fluff” ingredients work the most directly, rapidly and efficiently to fuel your muscles, prepare your body for strenuous exercise and promote good recovery. This brand’s ZMA product contains all natural, empowering ingredients in their most active forms to ensure optimal energy, stamina and strength-boosting support for your body and all your athletic and fitness programs and pursuits.


Ingredients of Met-Rx ZMA

This advanced exercise supplement is a proprietary blend, and percentages of its ingredients are all scientifically calculated to provide the best sustained energy levels and lean muscle growth for athletes as possible. Primary nutrients that compose this advanced sports performance formula include the following ingredients:

Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

This important B vitamin helps the body convert food into fuel to energize the body and assist with metabolizing fats and proteins. Vitamin B6 also enables your body to shred excess fat and develop fresh lean muscle tissue. In addition, B6 raises oxygen counts in the blood, fueling all muscles of the body for strenuous athletic activity. This versatile B vitamin also serves as the cofactor of an enzyme necessary for metabolism of aspartate.

Magnesium as Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Oxide

This major mineral is essential for increasing and sustaining good levels of protein as well as supporting bones and lean muscles throughout the body. Magnesium citrate is readily soluble in water (55 percent) and more soluble and bioavailable than magnesium oxide. Magnesium also plays an important role in maintaining healthy muscle contractions and energy generation by the body.

Zinc as Zinc L-Monomethionine L-Opti Zinc® and Zinc Aspartate

This essential mineral substance is a variation of zinc as a vital micro-mineral. It is a chelated mixture of zinc and L-methionine (antioxidant) and of zinc and the amino acid, L-aspartate. This substance safeguards the body’s tissues and organs from free radical damage, helping the body stay in good condition for vigorous workouts and fast, comfortable recovery afterward.



There are valuable advantages and benefits to taking Met-Rx ZMA as your number-one bodybuilding and exercise supplement, including the following:

  1. The rich mineral content in highly bioavailable form along with Vitamin B6 enhance your muscularity, strength, energy and endurance for improved workouts and sports achievements, boosting circulatory activity to sustain energy during strenuous exercise.
  2. The proprietary blend of ingredients composing this unique fitness aid raises metabolic rates, enabling you to more easily shred excess body fat and avoid future accumulation of new fat deposits and helping your body to build lean muscle definition and a streamlined physique.
  3. This specialized fitness aid also acts as a post-workout supplement, helping you recover much faster, without the unpleasant muscular aches and pains or fatigue that many exercise enthusiasts commonly experience.
  4. This unique sports performance supplement contains no extra filler or “fluff” ingredients that can interfere with the powerful energizing and muscle-building properties of major ingredients.



The Met-Rx company often issues certificates to professionals in the sports performance industry who advocate the use of this unique fitness product while training and encouraging young bodybuilders and sports team players in their body development and sports performance efforts. These sports supplement advocates—gym facility owners, athletic trainers and coaches along with pro and amateur athletes usually display these certificates on the walls of their gyms, training or instruction rooms and offices, where these certificates of recognition are clearly visible for the information and benefit of young aspiring bodybuilders and sports team members while training. By alerting their students and trainees to the value and benefits of this brand’s ZMA supplement, these sports industry professionals are responsible for many new users of Met-Rx ZMA.



Are you training harder every day, but having more and more trouble with fatigue and pain during recovery? If so, try Met-Rx ZMA, the unique post-workout supplement that enhances both your energy and strength for exercise and your recovery time afterward, preventing all the usual muscle aches, stress and strain. You will be amazed at just how fast your energy levels revive, leaving you feeling alert and energized for whatever the rest of your busy day may bring.” – Ronnie H.

If your search seems endless for the ideal overall fitness supplement to get you through those rugged bodybuilding workouts with your trainer, try Met-Rx ZMA today. With regular use of this versatile product, all your training sessions and sports performance will improve faster than you ever thought possible. You will have major energy supplies during training, games and competitions, and recovery will be smooth, relaxed and painless. But you have to try this great energizer to believe it, so don’t delay. Get your first month’s supply today!

– Bruce W., Chicago, USA

I was discouraged with my bodybuilding results until I discovered a truly unique formula. With this fitness aid, you simply can’t go wrong. It offers everything you need for success with your gym workouts and competitive events. Not only will you have all the energy and stamina you need to be a champ at every tough training workout, but you will compete with greater skill, energy, strength and confidence at all sports events. Your recovery will be swifter and totally smooth, without strained muscles or pain. This supplement is the best yet. Try Met-Rx ZMA today!

– Al J., Boston, USA

Tired of trying a new exercise supplement every month or two? Well, search no more, fellow bodybuilders. Get Met-Rx ZMA. This all-inclusive supplement gives you everything you need for your daily workouts and those muscle-wrenching competitions. With this awesome sports performance booster, you will never deplete your energy levels, endurance or body strength during rugged workouts as you gain greater skills and build massive muscles for that Atlas Man appearance and persona you crave. Get ripped today!

– Pete C., Los Angeles, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This unique formula is rapidly growing in popularity as a body energizer and major post-workout supplement. For this reason, it is drawing increasing amounts of attention from online sports improvement newsletters and forums, and it is predicted to receive major media coverage in future weeks and months. Another prediction is that Met-Rx ZMA will soon be a winner of awards from such bodybuilding authorities as and other major organizations and websites focused on physical fitness and muscle development. Especially because this supplement offers plenty of energy and stamina before and during workouts, post-exercise support for fast, comfortable recovery and enhanced lean muscle development, it should win high honors is multiple categories for its strong contributions to sports and fitness enthusiasts of all types.


Money-back Guarantee

Met-Rx ZMA is sold with a money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction with receipt and use of this unique formula. If you are not totally satisfied with your order, payment, delivery or use of this natural energizing supplement, just contact the company’s customer support team to report your product experience and displeasure or problem with it. The team will ask you to simply return the unused portion of your product order and then arrange a refund for you, with no detailed questions asked. This well-known and respected natural fitness supplements manufacturer and promoter is constantly concerned with customer preferences and needs, and if you are not delighted with all aspects of receiving and using this supplement, the Met-Rx company staff members want to hear from you right away.



This experienced sports supplements manufacturer uses only quality domestic shippers and global transport carriers for shipment and delivery of all sports enhancement products. These professional shippers and transport agents check product shipping addresses carefully to help ensure accurate and prompt delivery of each order, as requested by the customer. When necessary, they will coordinate shipping schedules with local ground transportation in your locale so that your supplement order will arrive right on time at your door or post office box. Only sturdy, reliable packing materials are used for shipment of your order, but if your package arrives even slightly damaged, just contact the customer support division of Met-Rx, and the staff will process a replacement order or a purchase reimbursement for you.


Customer Support

The Met-Rx customer support staff is always ready and eager to assist you if you encounter any issues or problems with your shipment of this fitness aid. If, for any reason, your supplement package does not arrive, arrives late or is damaged on arrival, be sure to contact a member of the customer support team immediately. All team members are polite, courteous, concerned and friendly, and they are also very well informed about all aspects of your supplement and the shipment you are scheduled to receive. Although orders seldom get lost or damaged during the shipping process, accidents may occur, and this professional team of support personnel are equipped to handle any and all questions, comments, requests, issues and problems relative to your product order, delivery and use. If your order of Met-Rx ZMA does arrive promptly and in good condition, but you have questions or problems with its use, just contact the support team by phone, email, company online support ticket or company website chat services to have your questions answered and issues resolved.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Product purchase and checkout procedures are always safe and secure on the company website since the payment and final sales webpages incorporate advanced encryption techniques in their design and functionality. Whenever you place your online supplement order, all your personal data will be protected from Internet hackers and identity thieves, including your name, address, phone, email and credit card data. You will never need to worry about lack of privacy when using the pages of this site for placing product orders. This company’s interest in and concern for its customers and all areas of their product ordering experience extends to its continuous efforts to ensure the absolute safety and security of any and all data entered on the company site by customers while ordering fitness supplements.


Met-Rx ZMA Pricing

This fitness aid is very reasonably priced, making it very accessible to all bodybuilders, from beginners to experienced athletes. You can order a 30-day supply for the low price of from $15.99 to $11.28, and even lower prices may be available during special promotions and product sales. After choosing this versatile and powerful supplement as your primary bodybuilding and exercise aid, be sure to check the company website frequently for any discounts or sale prices on fitness products. In this way, you will be able to save on your purchases over time by ordering larger quantities of your sports supplement during special sale periods.







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