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Master Testo Booster Review – Should You Subscribe for It?

What Is Master Testo Booster?

Master Testo Booster is a dietary supplement that aims to raise testosterone in the interest of aiding bodybuilders and promoting overall health. Lowered testosterone levels may be the cause of fatigue, low stamina, and muscle breakdown. It aims to work in concert with a proper diet and exercise routine to increase stamina, energy production, and muscle growth. There is research that suggests some of this supplement’s ingredients are effective in boosting testosterone.

This supplement does not provide actual testosterone. It is composed of a formula that aims to increase natural testosterone production through a variety of different ways. It will not treat medical conditions that are caused by very low testosterone levels. Only licensed physicians can treat those types of medical conditions.

This supplement is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who suffers from a chronic illness, especially kidney or liver disease. It is also not intended for use by women because testosterone supplementation is intended for males only. It is important to consult a physician before beginning any supplementation and exercise routine.



Master Testo Booster’s manufacturer bears the same name as the product. They are located in Huntington Beach California and their contact information is presented at the bottom of their website (telephone number and email address). There is no information to suggest that this specific company offers any other product than Master Testo Booster testosterone supplement.

The product’s website provides further information and claims that suggest the possible positive effects of the product. A list of ingredients is also available. It contains a form to order the free trial and information on the commitment implicit with accepting the trial.


How Master Testo Booster Works?

Master Testo Booster aims to increase the amount of testosterone within a person’s system. As men age testosterone levels decrease, this robs them of the energy that they need to bodybuild effectively and achieve peak results. This testosterone supplement claims that it can increase testosterone which will help shred fat and build lean, strong muscle. It tries to utilize scientific concepts to achieve these results.

Decrease Estrogen Levels
One of the methods of increasing testosterone is preventing it from turning into estrogen. Estrogen is testosterone’s equivalent in women. It is present in men as well, but in lower levels. Too much estrogen in a male can cause negative effects on muscle building and metabolism. As men age their testosterone will increasingly chemically transform into estrogen. This is one of the biggest reasons for low testosterone levels.

One of the ingredients in this supplement, wild yam root, has been observed to prevent testosterone from turning into estrogen. Wild yam root is rich in chemicals that are known as DHEAs. There is research to suggest that these chemicals prevent a man’s testosterone from turning into estrogen.

Encourage Testosterone Production

It stands to reason that one of the best ways to boost testosterone is to make more testosterone. This supplement contains several ingredients that are suggested to function toward this end. One of the ingredients, epimedium extract, is thought to have a positive effect on testosterone levels.

Epimedium extract is thought to stimulate a type of cell within men. These cells are responsible for testosterone production. It naturally encourages the human body to provide enough testosterone to give energy for bodybuilding and shred fat. This ingredient also functions to limit cortisol, a natural stress chemical that makes losing fat more difficult.

The purpose of testosterone is to maintain the energy of youth. Supplementation aims to elevate performance (increase stamina, reduce recovery time), and increase lean muscle size and strength. As muscle tissue is improved the body will naturally make more testosterone. This keeps levels high and performance constantly improving.


Ingredients of Master Testo Booster

Master Testo Booster is composed of natural ingredients that have not shown an affinity to cause serious side effects. They include;

  • Epimedium extract;
  • Wild yam root extract;
  • Eurycoma longifolia root extract;
  • Saw palmetto extract;
  • Bovine orchic substance;
  • Nettle root extract;
  • Sarsaparilla root extract;
  • Boron amino acid chelate;
  • Calcium.

* Other ingredients include: gelatin, magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose.

We will discuss these ingredients, their purpose, their efficacy in testosterone boosting, and possible side effects.

Epimedium extract

This extract comes from the epimedium plant and is more commonly known as horny goat weed. Bodybuilders use this extract to boost testosterone, increase energy, and improve athletic performance, including weight lifting. Supplementation is meant to encourage a group of specialized cells to make more testosterone.

Epimedium extract is thought to stimulate Leydig cells and increase testosterone levels. These cells are dormant until puberty when they are activated to produce the testosterone that the body will require to grow. After puberty they become less active because the body is not using testosterone as it does during the years after maturing. Testosterone boosters aim to fuel post pubescent muscle growth.

Epimedium extract also reduces cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that functions as a fight or flight chemical that ensures our body will have reserved energy to escape a dangerous situation if needed. Today’s world causes stress unlike other times in history.

Most modern stress is not immediately dangerous, this causes cortisol to stay in our system longer than it is supposed to. Cortisol causes the human body to hold on to energy in the form of fat in case it is needed to survive a dangerous situation. Since modern stress is less physically life-threatening and more mentally and emotionally threatening the body will keep the stored fat and it is difficult to lose.

Horny goat weed has little scientific evidence to support its efficacy. The only research that exists evaluates its effects on lab rats and not human studies. Additionally, this study does not show evidence of its ability to increase testosterone production in animals or humans.

There are a few side effects that are linked to epimedium. Long term use has been linked to dizziness and headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and dry mouth. Some users have also claimed that it caused rapid heart beat and erectile dysfunction.*

*It is important to note these findings are not completely reliable. There are many cheaper and less pure supplements on the market that claim to be epimedium (horny goat weed). Resulting side effects may stem from inferior products that contain impurities.

Wild Yam Root Extract

Studies suggest that this ingredient is effective in cholesterol regulation. It is thought to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, which is vital to overall health. Its role in regulating cholesterol is beneficial to the heart and promotes overall cardiovascular health. This is vital to muscle building and fat burning.

Wild yam root extract is a good source of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA has been observed to increase testosterone. It helps the body fight metabolic syndrome which is a series of factors that can lead to obesity.

In rare cases wild yam root has been observed to cause allergic reactions. Some users have had difficulty breathing, swelling of the tongue or face, or hives. If you experience any of these effects seek emergency attention immediately. There is not much research to state the efficacy or possible side effects. It has not been evaluated by any agencies for safety or quality.

Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract

This extract is thought to increase testosterone levels through the actions of its eurypeptide content. Eurypeptides are chemicals that are found in Eurycoma Longfolia. They activate the CYP17 enzymes that are present in the testes. These enzymes increase are said to increase the amount of testosterone that your body produces. There are no scientific studies that verify Eurycoma longfolia’s efficacy in increasing testosterone production in adult men.

Anecdotal evidence exists that claims use of eurycoma longifolia root extract can lead to some negative side effects. Some users remarked that a high dose can cause insomnia and lowered sex-drive. It has been said that it may increase body temperature as well. There are also unsubstantiated suggestions that it can cause jitters and nervousness. There is little evidence to suggest that any of these side effects have been caused by eurycoma longifolia root extract.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Research suggests that saw palmetto extract can aid in testosterone production. It is often included in many testosterone boosting supplements. Research suggests that it can aid in testosterone production by assisting other testosterone boosting compounds. This phenomenon suggests , but does not prove, that saw palmetto extract can discourage testosterone from turning into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). This increases the amount of testosterone within the system.

Bovine Orchic Substance

Bovine orchic substance is an extract that is derived from bovine testicles. It is a natural supplement that some claim encourage normal testicular function and testosterone production. There is little evidence to support this extract’s efficacy in increasing testosterone production.

Few, consistent, side effects have been reported regarding bovine orchic substance. It is derived from animals so contamination is possible. Additionally, if the animal was diseased it could pose a risk for human ingestion.

Nettle Root Extract

This plant extract has been observed to lower the occurrence of testosterone’s conversion to DHT. There have been several independent studies to suggest that nettle root extract can aid in raising testosterone levels. This ingredient is also thought to increase testosterone by interfering with a process in which it bonds with Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This process would increase the availability of testosterone within the system and leave it available to produce its beneficial effects.

Nettle root extract is relatively safe when consumed in reasonable doses. Mild cases of diarrhea, fluid retention, upset stomach, sweating and hives have been reported by some after ingestion. It may cause an allergic reaction through contact on the skin, in some cases.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate

This ingredient is thought to increase testosterone production in a few ways. It may increase magnesium and vitamin D levels which are known to aid in testosterone production. These two elements are thought to either increase vital nutrients in order to aid in testosterone synthesis, or supporting the mechanisms that carry out testosterone synthesis.

Like nettle root extract, it is thought to decrease sex hormone binding globulin as well. This makes testosterone more available in the blood stream. Some research suggests that Boron also eliminates testosterone ‘killing’ molecules which render testosterone inert inside the human body. The research to support Boron’s role in testosterone production is well documented and it is widely accepted as a valid scientific hypothesis.


Calcium is well known for its many functions in the human body, including; bone growth, heart function, cellular communication, muscle contraction. Calcium’s role in testosterone production is one of the little known benefits. The mechanism through which this ocurrs is not fully understood but there are scientific research that suggests calcium is active in testosterone production. A few possibilities is calcium’s role in neurotransmission and cellular functioning.

A few different research studies suggest that testosterone levels increase in the presence of calcium. This is especially true when the subjects participated in an exercise routine. The studies did not put forth a definitive reason for this but they hypothesize that calcium increases the sensitivity of certain hormones that are responsible for testosterone production.

Calcium is a natural substance but some, non-fatal, side effects have been associated with calcium supplementation. Too much calcium in your system can cause;

  • Irregular heartbeat;
  • Nausea and constipation;
  • Headache;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Muscle pain.

Master Testo Booster’s formula uses all natural ingredients. As a result of this there are very few side effects that are associated with its use. All of the side effects mentioned are rare and almost never serious or life-threatening

This supplement, or any other supplement, should not be used without council from a medical professional. It is meant for men and should not be used by anyone that is suffering from a chronic illness. It is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18.



Boosting testosterone can produce many advantages for body builders. An increased testosterone level has been observed to increase energy, burn fat, and build bigger and stronger muscles. Research suggests that testosterone boosters produce results that are difficult or impossible to achieve without taking them.

Master Testo Booster users state that it is effective in eliminating body fat, especially around the abdomen. As men age it becomes more and more difficult to eliminate the fat that clings to the belly area. A testosterone booster, along with a steady workout routine and proper diet, has been observed to decrease the belly fat and produce ripped abs.

Research suggests that testosterone increases muscle size and strength by increasing muscle protein synthesis. It allows the muscles to recover quickly after a workout. When you lift weights you destroy muscle fibers. Your body rebuilds them to be stronger. Testosterone encourages this growth and causes it to happen faster.

It also blocks fat storage and increases the ‘fat burning’ cells within the system. Testosterone supplementation helps by replacing testosterone that is lost, fat tissue contains chemicals that block the formation of testosterone supplementation can replace that and lead to better muscle growth. As muscles grow and fat is burned testosterone levels get even higher.



Master Testo Booster has not been recognized by any official board. As with most nutritional supplements it has not been evaluated by the FDA for efficacy. Supplements are not considered medicinal so they are not subject to the same rigorous FDA evaluation as medicines are. It does not claim to cure or treat any disease, just to naturally encourage testosterone production in men.

Though there are movements to establish a central authority and ‘seal’ or ‘certificate’ of approval for nutritional supplements there is nothing at present. Some supplements bear a ‘USP verified’ logo on the bottle. These seals offer a reassurance to the consumer but do not truly denote safety or efficacy.



Personal research is integral in finding the right supplement for specific needs. However, there are other effective ways to help come to a decision. One of the best indicators to the efficacy of any supplement is customer testimonials. These testimonials are not a guarantee of individual results but they are a good indicator of quality. If a product has a host of positive reviews on the internet then it is likely that it has worked for others and may work for you.

We have provided a few reviews to indicate what others think of Master Testo Booster.

Customer testimonials are not a guarantee of results. Every person’s physiology is different and some people will not be affected no matter how potent, or proven, the formula is. Even if a formula is scientifically confirmed to have produced results in a particular experiment it may not work in each individual case.

Customer testimonials are a valuable tool that consumers can use to evaluate a nutritional supplement. If a product has a dearth of positive reviews, and few negative ones, it is likely a good product to consider and sample. They can also help consumers know which side effects to look out for. If others have experienced adverse side effects then you can look out for them and deal with them before it becomes a problem.


Awards & Media Coverage

A loyal fan base and good reviews are the best rewards a product can receive. There is a dearth of online reviews that evaluate how well Master Testo Booster works. As with the customer testimonials, these reviews are not the bottom line on the product and they are not a guarantee of results. They are, however, a good criteria for evaluation.

One reviewer believes that Master Testo Booster is a quality nutritional supplement. It discusses the ingredients, side effects, and the principles behind this supplement’s claims. The reviewer states that Master Testo Booster will enhance workout intensity and produce strong, lean, muscle.

Other reviewers also have a positive review of Master Test Boost.
Some reviewers feel that it is a good way to try to naturally increase testosterone without having to see a physician and try more extreme methods, that often bring the chance for serious side effects. The one negative that the reviewer brushes on is its price tag but they also say that the free trial makes the decision to try it easier to make.

There is no way to confirm that these reviews are completely unbiased. There are reviews on the internet that are more of a commercial disguised as a review. For this reason, these reviews should not be taken as the absolute truth about the product. They are useful, however, as a way to judge efficacy and safety. They are another way to evaluate a supplement before you pay for it.


Money-back Guarantee

Buying a supplement is a commitment. No one wants to feel like they have wasted their money on something that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. Master Testo Booster offers a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your results. This can be construed as an act of confidence from the manufacturer.

The money back guarantee conveys that the manufacturer has a confidence in its product. It suggests that they are supportive of their product and that they believe it will yield results in many cases. The money back guarantee affords the customer the best method of evaluation; actually trying it. The brand’s success depends heavily upon customer satisfaction, and they are willing to bet on it.



Shipping for this supplement cost’s $4.95. After you provide the company with your shipping address they will ship a 30 day sample to your home. If you wish to cancel you must contact the manufacturer within 14 days of the purchase. If you fail to cancel, your payment method will be charged each month and a new bottle will be sent.

The time of arrival is influenced by many factors, shipping company, etc. It ships from the manufacturer’s location in California. They will be shipped the same way every 30 days until you cancel by contacting the manufacturer.

If there are any difficulties in receiving your bottle of Master Testo Booster their customer service department may be able to assist you. The website provides a contact phone number and email address. The product ships to the entire United States and other parts of the globe. For more information on shipping availability contact customer service.


Customer Support

Customer service is a huge factor in any company or product’s success. A bad customer service department can rob a product of its chance to get results; if noone can get it then no one can see if it works and how well. Customer service associates help customers to learn about the product, solve any problems, and arrange for purchase.

The dedicated customer service team’s job is to ensure that the customer is satisfied. They can be reached by the number or e mail address that can be found on the website. They are knowledgeable about the product and can provide you with information to help you make a decision or to deal with any issue that may come up.


Safe & Secure Checkout

It seems that there is news of another cyber attack every week. Customers must ensure that vendors safeguard their private, personal, payment information. A cyber criminal can take advantage of holes in security systems to gain access to this information and rob customers of money or even steal their identity. The manufacturer’s website utilizes a sophisticated, and proven security method to ensure that online transactions are as safe as they can be. The website’s transaction are protected by a secure 128-bit SSL connection.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL certificate creates a secure connection through the use of encryption techniques. This certificate establishes trust between the consumer and the vendor and its website. Encryption is a way to encode information so that only authorized parties can access it. It uses public and private keys to ensure that the information only goes to where it is necessary.

In order to get a SSL certificate a company needs to follow a specific protocol that is overseen by a trusted certificate issuer. These certificate granting companies are subject to oversight and most have a proven, trustworthy, history. Once the certificate is granted they can carry out safer, encrypted, business transactions.

The product’s website features industry standard security protocols. Buyers should know that purchasing from their website is not 100% secure, as no website is. They make efforts to protect your information and prevent its dissemination to malicious cyber criminals.


Pricing & Free Trial

Master Testo Booster’s price is comparable to other testosterone boosters of its type. The $89.87 price tag indicates that it uses relatively high quality materials unlike other supplements that tend to trade quality for price. Using superior ingredients does not guarantee individual results.

To prevent unsatisfied customers the manufacturer offers a free trial at their website. They will provide a 30 day supply of Master Testo Booster for only the price of shipping ($4.95). This free trial gives customers the opportunity to test this supplement before they make a financial commitment to it.

Even high quality supplements that produce proven results may not work for everyone. The free trial gives a valuable window of time in which to evaluate if the testosterone supplement will work for them. If the buyer does not call to cancel within 2 weeks they will automatically be sent another thirty day supply at the cost of $89.95. This will continue until the buyer cancels it.






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