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XLR8 Plus Review – Does This Nootropic Really Work?

What Is XLR8 Plus?

This supplement is a specially selected blend of all natural ingredients from all over the world that are supportive of each other to enhance one’s memory and overall mental health. Age slowly steals vital elements from the body which often results in the slowing of brain functions and mental awareness; the very areas that this blend of herbs and natural elements targets. These intelligence enhancing ingredients help to activate and care for neurotransmitters within the brain to improve the communication between vital areas of the brain. This cell-to-cell interaction is essential to gaining healthier brain function and stronger brain waves as well as adding extra nutrients and vitamins to support overall physical health.



The XLR8 Plus super brain boosting supplement is proudly made in the United States of America. The company that manufactures this mental enhancing supplement is called Enzyme Labs and they have been in business since 1987 with a number one rating for providing the very best in nutritional supplements. They are located in Wellington, Florida where they process orders and handle returns. They are devoted to the quality of their product and the satisfaction of their customers as stated in their quality promise: “You can always be sure that every single formula has met stringent requirements for both potency and purity—and that we’ve gone through dozens of quality and safety checks at every point, from raw ingredients to the finished product.”


How XLR8 Plus Works?

The specialized mixture of assorted ingredients work together within the body’s system at a cellular level to increase the amount of essential amino acids. When these areas are activated, neurotransmitters are enacted to create a worry free mental state that is laser focused, clear as glass, and able to recall and retain long term as well as short term memory. This interaction and communication of these neurotransmitters are encouraged to develop at a cellular level, creating a solid base for new paths of communication to be constructed within the brain. Introducing this special mixture of organic ingredients in this supplement to a daily routine will enhance mental capacity while protecting other vital organs and strengthening the immune system in defense of common illnesses.

Ingredients of XLR8 Plus

1) Phenylalanine

This amino acid is essential to the proper synthesis of proteins for a boost in muscle growth.

2) Taurine

Athletes will benefit from this ingredient that helps to eliminate unwanted salt from the blood, regulate body water levels, enhance athletic performance levels, and guard against common illnesses such as colds and the flu.

3) Glycine

This essential element is necessary to build proteins and muscles. It is also active with the transmission of signals in the brain associated with memory retention.

4) Phosphatidyl Serine (PS)

This component is found in cell membranes of the brain and is responsible for strengthening attention, reducing stress, and elevating good moods.

5) Phosphatidyl Ethanolomine

This phospholipid is found in the cell membranes of the muscles and the brain backbone cord where it is responsible for the brain’s ability to recall information.

6) Phosphatidylinositol

This lipid is essential in the activation of enzymes that help to restore cell integrity and health.

7) L-Glutamine

This ingredient is beneficial to the digestive system and the formation of brain structures and functions.

8) St. John’s Wort

This natural plant element is helpful in minimalizing negative thinking and overall confusion.

9) Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

An amino acid that encourages healthy memory, good moods, and clearer thinking.

10) Vinpocetine

Boosting the blood flow of users, this ingredient helps to deliver the nutrients and potent organic materials to the brain and the body’s system with ease.

11) Bacopin

This organic herb is an important factor in the matrix of this supplement and is essential to the protection of brain cells as well as the repair of already damaged brain cell areas.

12) Chromium Picolinate

Normally difficult for the body to absorb, this essential mineral is utilized in the Picolinate form for easier absorption by the bodybuilder or athlete. It is an important ingredient for the enhanced functioning of memory, learning, and recall of the brain.

13) Caffeine

This ingredient not only delivers a measured amount of energy to the mind, it also helps to open the blood vessels for increased blood flow and nutrient absorption.

14) Zinc

This essential element is a natural and beneficial ingredient that affects the aging of muscles and skin by aiding in the healing of injuries and boosting the immune system.

16) Vitamins

Adding additional nutritional support is a host of daily essential vitamins: A, B1, B2, B5, B12, and E.



The ingredients in XLR8 Plus are all natural and completely safe for all ages, sizes, and levels of mental capacities. This mixture of ingredients increases the neurotransmitters to expand and excel the learning process by maintaining Acetylcholine production. This increased cell-to-cell communication results in better brain cell transmissions and overall clarity and focus. The effects of this supplement last the entire day without any crashes or burn outs.



This proprietary mixture of organic ingredients is certified to contain no harmful MSGs. This supplement is certified to contain a multitude of all natural and safe ingredients. This exclusive formula is also certified to contain no preservatives or artificial flavorings. XLR8 Plus is listed as a certified and accredited Better Business Bureau Business.



Eva Lewis, LA:

I am a scientist by profession and one of the prerequisites of research is the ability to focus. Since my accident last year wherein I got afflicted with a lot of head injuries, I was unable to concentrate on my work. My mind wandered and I couldn’t commit myself 100 percent to my job. It was the worst phase of my life and I thought I would lose on the job. But ever since I have been recommended daily use of this brain boosting supplement, my ability to focus on the job has increased. I can stay alert for hours and don’t get fatigued soon. My job performance has amazed my boss and colleagues. I am proud to confess that this brain booster supplement has proven best for me and my bright future. Its results are amazing on me. It is a must try for everyone.

Matt Johnson, TX:

Being in creative industry, you can understand it is not at all easy to come with something new and innovative every time. My boss always expected me to bombard him with the most unique content ideas but, I felt like my thinking was getting saturated day-by-day. I tried to bring something new to the table but, found that every idea had been tried and tested before. Due to constant work pressure and hard deadlines, I hated doing my job at any time. I had made up my mind to resign from the job. I was almost in the grip of depression. But, then thanks to this marvelous brain booster that resolved all my mental health issues. I have been taking daily doses of this supplement for a year now. My brain does not get exhausted soon. In fact, it functions better than before; brimming with unique ideas.

Chris Johnson, Toronto:

Writing this after almost completing the bottle. Helps with waking up early, after around 10 mins of taking the pill you will feel fully awake (probably the caffeine kicking in at this point). The effects will last up to 8 hours. I felt a definite increase in focus, but also felt a little uneasy and even angry at times. The increase in energy is hard to manage sometimes, I don’t recommend taking this before meetings as you won’t stop talking and jump from topic to topic. I play guitar, and have difficulty memorizing pieces, but after the pills I memorized a solo already so I think it boosts memory as well. As a test, I tried playing a solo every day without looking at the chart, 20 mins a day after I came from work and in 2 weeks I was able to play it along with the original record.

So all in all, I have mixed feelings about this product. It does deliver most of the things it promises but has some weird side effects as well.
Ah one other thing, I have IBD and noticed some symptoms immediately after starting to take the pills. Nothing major to worry about and it won’t probably have the same effect on everyone, but be cautious about this if you have Chron’s or colitis.

Steven Hallowell, TX:

I am amazed by this product. Not only did it help me concentrate on my work but it also raised my level of energy. I am one of those individuals who was quite frustrated with a poor memory and concentration level. I tried many different products to boost my mental edge, but they didn’t provide me any outcomes. I hurried to one of my closet friends who had a great knowledge in wellness relevant concerns. He advised me to use an organic formula, called XLR8 Plus. To be honest, at first, I was a little skeptical before trying this one, as I had a bad experience with these kind of products. But later, I finally gave a try. Fortunately, I got an unbelievable outcome. I do not know how, however, this formula was helping me gradually. The powerful blend of this formula improved my mental sharpness and focus. Really guys, this one is a 100% natural treatment that everyone should try. So, I would like to say, do give it a try before making your personal presumption.

Johanna I. Wright, Miami:

I am an avid crossword puzzle enthusiast who has spent many years enjoying this hobby. Recently I noticed that it was taking me longer than ever to complete a puzzle and I couldn’t seem to stay focused on what I was doing. I was becoming frustrated until I found this supplement. After only a few weeks, I can already notice that the puzzles are once again a breeze and I don’t feel so frustrated all of the time. I wasn’t aware of any problems, but I have also noticed a marked improvement in my memory also. I used to have to write down every detail with doctor’s appointments and meetings. Now I am able to keep my appointments straight without having to look at my cheat paper as often. I have only been taking this supplement for a short time, and I can only see my future getting better from here. It seems as if the hands of time have truly been set back. I feel younger than I have in many years!


Awards & Media Coverage

XLR8 Plus stays connected and up to date on such social media sites as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. A recent report in the British Medical Journal revealed that cognitive functions pertaining to understanding, reasoning, and memory decline with age; the exact symptoms and issues that this mental enhancer helps users to overcome. This supplement has been reviewed by such sites as the National Health Advisor.


Money-back Guarantee

This unbelievable brain boosting formula is offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. XLR8 Plus is so sure of the validity and success of their mixture of potent ingredients that they offer a 14 day free-trial period with a no questions asked 30 day return policy. Consumers wishing to cancel their order or return the product for any reason must call the company at 1-800-214-8797 during the hours of 9 am to 9 pm EST, Monday through Friday to obtain an RMA number. Bottles that are returned to the company at 13860 Wellington Trace, Suite 38-161, Wellington, FL 33414 will receive a full refund (minus shipping costs); consumers who choose not to return the bottle but cancel their order will be charged up to half the initial cost of the purchased product. All shipping and handling fees are the sole responsibility of the consumer and the remaining amount of the brain enhancing supplement will be refunded to the active account on file with the company.



XLR8 Plus is shipped to customers as soon as the orders are received by the filling department. All packages are delivered in discreet non-marked packaging for the low price of $4.95 for the first shipment with subsequent shipments free of shipping charges. They utilize such shipping methods as FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service. Staying supplied in this supplement couldn’t be easier with direct to doorstep shipping, free automatic renewal, and expedited shipping if needed.


Customer Support

Customer support for this supplemental company is top of the line with friendly and fast service at all hours of the day. XLR8 Plus believes that you deserve personal attention and they deliver smart and empathetic live operators for the convenience of their customers to be able to address any questions, complaints, or concerns. For those wishing to reach the company by telephone, the number to call is 1-800-214-8797; for those wishing to communicate through email, send correspondence to support@xlr8plus.com. Regardless of your method of communication, they are ready, willing, and able to solve your product issues 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Individuals who order XLR8 Plus online are guided through a safe and easy checkout system that is secured by VeriSign Secure Technologies. All personal information that is entered on the order forms or shared with the company is kept strictly confidential and is never shared with third parties or sold to other companies. Their security systems are backed and tested daily by Scan Alert to avert attacks from hackers, keeping personal information safe. Communications between the company and the customer are further protected from theft by the McAfee security system which continually oversees the online site.


XLR8 Plus Pricing & Free Trial

This supplement is offered at no cost to those wishing to increase their mental focus and abilities with a 30-day free trial offer. Consumers are invited to try the one month supply of this brain boosting supplement and pay only the $4.95 shipping fee. Consumers who do not cancel their order before 14 days from the order date will be sent a new monthly supply automatically at the price of $54.97. After the initial cost of shipping, all subsequent orders are delivered free of shipping charges.






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