NooCube Review – One of The Good Nootropics Out There or Actually Not?

What Is NooCube?

NooCube is a nootropic capsule meant to be taken as a supplement for better brain function and overall brain health. Nootropics are substances that increase cognitive function and memory. Sometimes referred to as “smart drugs,” nootropics work by helping the brain to operate to its full potential.

Although the term “nootropic” was not coined until 1972, supplements to increase the health of the mind have been around for centuries. Records show instances of herbal and natural remedies to increase cognitive function even back into the Middle Ages and before.

The product combines multiple nootropic substances that boost various aspects of brain health including concentration, memory, and energy. The supplement, designed to be taken as two capsules every day, offers a potential long-term answer to many who feel constantly mentally sluggish, tired, or unfocused.

While the concept of nootropics is far from new, many supplements and powders meant to improve cognitive function contain chemicals or artificial substances. NooCube uses only natural ingredients, making it a unique and safe way to boost overall brain health.



The supplement manufactures under Bauer Nutrition. Bauer Nutrition is well known in the health supplement field for offering various products in the areas of sports nutrition, general health, beauty, and weight loss. All nutrition products are made of natural substances not known to cause any harm.

Although the products are not FDA approved, this is not required for this sort of supplement in the same way that it is not required of a multivitamin. Ingredients have often been through various individual tests. Bauer Nutrition has not used any ingredients that have been shown to have adverse reactions or side effects in trials.


How NooCube Works?

NooCube helps make a substance called acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter known as the “learning neurotransmitter.” The supplement helps to make more acetylcholine while also helping to process and keep its levels high. This helps primarily with cognitive function and memory.

The product also claims to use antioxidants that help to repair environmental damage to DNA caused by stress. Many people do not know that everyday stress can actually cause physical damage to nerves. Using antioxidants to combat this seems to be a relatively new concept. This makes the supplement unique. Ingredients in NooCube help repair damage to neurons and even repair some damaged nerve growth.

Taking two capsules every day helps to keep substances that are key to cognitive function, energy, focus, alertness, and attention replenished within the body. Rather than actually “curing” an illness, the supplement simply helps the brain to function to the best of its ability.

This is not a “miracle drug.” In fact, the supplement does not work without a little help from the taker. Proper sleep as well as a nutritious diet are absolutely vital to attain real and lasting effects from the product. As part of a nutritious diet, healthy brain foods like whole grains, avocado, and salmon are recommended. It is also recommended that the brain be exercised by trying challenging puzzles or brain exercises to help the mind reach full potential.

The capsules should not, however, be taken with any other stimulants. This includes Caffeine. For many who are used to their morning coffee, this can be a difficult habit to kick. However, the goal of the supplement is to give all of the benefits of good brain health without any negative side effects like anxiety or shakiness. Although giving up Caffeine may be difficult in the short-term, it will help to achieve better overall health.


Ingredients of NooCube

The capsule consists of seven key ingredients. Perhaps the most important of these is
Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine also known as Alpha GPC. This is the ingredient that increases the levels of acetylcholine in the brain. Studies of Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine have been shown to measurably increase cognitive function in many cases. In fact, in tests as recent as 2013, Alpha GPC measurably improved test scores in cognitive function in many candidates.

The second ingredient of importance is Huperzine-A which is an acetylcholinesterase (AChE)inhibitor. Basically, the function of Huperzine-A is to prevent break down of acetylcholine. This keeps the levels of acetylcholine high which is linked to various advantages including mental clarity. A double blind study of young adults showed a significant improvement in memory in candidates taking Huperzine-A.

There is also the use of Cat’s Claw (a vine from the Amazon Rainforest) and Bacopa (an Indian Herb) to heal prior damage to the brain and nervous system. Cat’s Claw contains antioxidants that help repair environmental damage to DNA caused by stress. Bacopa contains compounds known as bacosides which may help with nerve growth and help to repair neurons that are damaged. Multiple scientific studies have shown that both Cat’s Claw and Bacopa have potential healing properties on cells damaged by dress or other environmental factors.

Blood to the brain is also increased through the use of Oat Straw. Oat Straw is an interesting choice of ingredients because it has been used to help with memory loss and brain medicine for generations. In fact, writings talk of the use of Oat Straw in medicine as far back as the Middle Ages. Some studies have suggested that Oat Straw can help with stress and depression, helping the brain to operate better and happier.

The list of ingredients tops off with L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine. Both of these natural ingredients are amino acids that can also be found in green and black tea. L-Theanine is a big stress reliever that also can help to stimulate increased attention and alertness. L-Tyrosine helps the body make dopamine and noradrenaline that can help to keep the brain focused in stressful situations.

Unlike many other products that claim to boost brain function and memory, NooCube does not use Caffeine as an ingredient. The stimulant Caffeine can cause shakiness, and large amounts over time can cause addiction. The creators of NooCube did not use Caffeine because Caffeine does nothing to actually enhance brain function outside of providing increased energy.

It should also be mentioned that, in addition to containing no artificial products, the product also contains no GMO products. This is due to the belief by the creators of the product that natural ingredients are the key to better brain health. The supplement also contains no Gluten.

Only one negative aspect really comes to mind about the ingredients of the product. Although many of the ingredients have been through intensive scientific studies, no studies have been done relating to long-term effects of daily use. Because the benefits of the supplement require taking two capsules every day, this could be some concern. However, none of the ingredients have never been known to cause any complications. Since some of the ingredients have been used for many generations as natural supplements, it seems unlikely that anything seriously consequential could come from long-term use of the product.



There are various advantages to this product. Advantages include increased mental energy, improved short term and even long term memory, enhanced concentration, and better overall brain function. Better brain function alone can lead to an increased ability to multitask as well as and enhanced ability to communicate thoughts and emotions. These are key skills for success in careers and relationships. It should be mentioned that each person has a different body chemistry. Therefore, the product may offer different advantages to different individuals.

The advantages of increased energy, better clarity, and higher levels of cognitive function can open a number of doors. Better communication can lead to better relationships and more success in personal and professional lives. Better clarity and reaction time can have advantages such as safer driving or better reaction time in a crisis. In other words, operating at the highest possible level of brain health can literally change lives.

Another advantage to the supplement is how easy it is to reap the benefits of the ingredients. Taking 2 capsules before breakfast can give lasting results all day. Taking less than a minute out of the day to take a pill is as easy as it gets. There are not many activities or foods that can show results with such little time or effort.



The expert team of neuroscientists responsible for the development of NooCube certify and guarantee the product to work. Backed by years of scientific research, all ingredients have been shown to be beneficial for some aspect of overall brain health. NooCube developers and manufacturers are exceptionally confident in their product.



It goes beyond normal energy enhancements. Most products just offer Caffeine with maybe a few B Vitamins. NooCube uses a variety of different substances that not only increase energy, but they also boost concentration. I wish I would have discovered this sooner. – Jack, legal assistant

It allowed me to enjoy a huge increase of energy and focus throughout the day. Not only did it help me concentrate on tasks better, but I became a better listener as well. This has lead me to being a much more adept communicator. – Patricia, social worker

As a student, I used to come home feeling brain dead. I had trouble concentrating for long periods of time. This made studying a dreadful experience. After taking the supplement, I can now get my school work done while also enjoying learning again. – Bradley, student

I always felt energetic at work until about noon. That is when the coffee wore off. No amount of Caffeine or energy bar would work after that. Since I began taking NooCube, I have been bursting with energy and alertness all day long. It is nice to have enough physical and mental energy to give my children the time and undivided attention they deserve after a long at work. – Sarah, engineer

The increased memory and clarity gave me the boost that I needed to take on harder and more complex work assignments. I had been feeling like I had hit a mental plateau. Shortly after taking the product, I began noticing positive effects. Within 3 months, I got my first promotion in 2 years. I highly recommend this product for everyone whether a professional or a stay-at-home parent. – Shirley, market analyst

I expected the effects to be similar to that of an energy drink. I cannot believe how wrong I was. There is so much more than that. Caffeine can help with energy, but the supplement made me feel so good and healthy. I don’t get the crash that I got with Caffeine. I highly recommend this product. – Samuel, grocery manager

Brain exercises used to make my mind feel tired and muddy. Now, logic puzzles, crosswords, and Sudoku are some of my favorite activities! I have also come to love family trivia night. The product has helped me to stay sharp and focused. – Donna, editor


Money-back Guarantee

The creators and manufacturers of NooCube feel confident enough about the product to offer a 60-day money back guarantee. The guarantee covers any dissatisfaction with the product or service of the product. The customer support team has also advertised that refunds on products will include the cost of the product plus the shipping by simply sending an email to customer support. Although many similar products offer guarantees, it is uncommon for the guarantee to include shipping and be so convenient to acquire without having to go through a tedious serious of phone calls or paperwork.

The logic behind the guarantee is that the product was designed by experts and top neuroscientists. Although the supplement may work a bit differently for each person, the company is confident that it will increase brain function to a noticeable degree in each person.



All shipping is free to anywhere in the world. This is a huge advantage for customers hoping to try the product. Usually, orders are processed within 48 hours. Sometimes processing is even quicker. Most shipments will arrive by mail anywhere between 3-7 business days. The company uses high quality shipping measures to make sure that no products are damaged during the shipping process.


Customer Support

The customer support team is available at the click of a button. Customer support has promised to process questions and refunds in a timely manner. The address for the support staff is available on the website. There is also a phone number where support staff can help answer questions, address concerns, and process refund requests. NooCube is actually known for having a customer support staff that is more knowledgeable and accessible than many others.

The website alone indicates a strong desire by the company to learn user preferences and experiences with the product. There are many instances where the viewer is asked for customer or website feedback. This is a great indication as to the level of dedication of the customer support staff.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Naturally, many people fear using personal or credit card information over the internet. This is a valid concern in an age where identity theft is a huge problem, especially if you have never used the company in question in the past. Bauer Nutrition, however, has an extremely safe system of checkout. The system uses a 128 bit encryption to protect all information used within the checkout process. This makes the website one of the most secure sites on the internet.

For credit card users, online checkout is validated through Trust Wave as a safe and secure checkout. Trust Wave is a third-party organization that specializes in identifying which online checkout systems are secure and which are less safe and secure.

For the many out there that are still skeptical about using a credit card online, the company also offers the option to pay with PayPal. This is a wonderful option for anyone who just wants that extra bit of security when making their online purchase. The privacy policy also promises consumers that they will not use any personal information gained through the checkout process without the express consent of the consumer.


NooCube Pricing

The product is reasonably priced relative to most nutrition supplements. A single bottle runs in the $40-$45 range or about $1.33-$1.50 per day. Add in the free shipping, and it does not seem like a bad deal. There are also various different offers that make it much cheaper to purchase the product in larger bulk quantities. There was even a great deal floating around that offered 3 free bottled of the supplement if 3 were purchased. This would cut the price in half to well under a dollar a day.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules or enough for 2 per day for 60 days. Assuming that the product works as promised, this is less money than most people spend per day on coffee or their afternoon “pick-me-up snack.” This seems to reasonable and comparable to other health and nutrition supplements.





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