Geniux Review – Is This Nootropic Really Working?

What Is Geniux?

Geniux is a highly formulated supplement created to deliver the necessary ingredients to support a person’s overall mental functions. The specially chosen ingredients in this all natural supplement have been specifically chosen to deliver the boost to the brain that safely increases the memory and focus of the brain. Potent and revered in their native lands, these organic plants, vitamins, and minerals are hand selected because of their specific rolls in the healthy development of the brains functioning systems to increase the user’s energy, focus, and mental awareness. Packed into a convenient to take pill form, Geniux contains a superior mixture of time tested herbs and roots that will give you the mental edge.



This potent mental enhancer is manufactured and sold by the TryGeniux company. They are proudly based in the United States of America and their products are manufactured at an FDA-certified facility in Ohio. This factory is located at 6100 Oak Tree Blvd, Independence, OH 44131. They are available to be reached by mail at this address in Independence, or they may be contacted by email address at


How Geniux Works?

Taking one pill in the morning will immediately begin the unique interaction of the select ingredients of this mind enhancing supplement that will raise energy, awareness, and cognitive abilities of the user. This interaction of the separate organic brain enhancing materials opens up the blood vessels, relaxes stressed out areas of the brain, and allows for the use of 100% of the brain’s capacity and abilities. Other organic materials within this smart drug are responsible for delivering substances, that when extracted, will deliver more blood flow to the brain to increase energy, memory, and recalling abilities of the mind. These ingredients all work together to encourage the continued use of the brain’s most common functions to keep the mind limber and youthful.


Ingredients of Geniux

1. Acetyl L-Carnitine

This amino acid aids with such things as producing energy, lessening depression, increasing circulation, and lessening nerve pain in a safe and natural manner.
Acacia Rigidula-This shrub like tree from Mexico bears the ingredient that is beneficial for increasing dopamine levels within the cranium to promote positive thinking, increase concentration, and combat depressive thinking.

2. Theanine

This specialty ingredient is great for fighting off common illnesses and boosting the immune system to help keep the body as healthy as the mind.

3. Ginko Biloba

This natural ingredient is important to delivering the blood supply to the brain and encouraging a rejuvinization of brain cells and brain functions.

4. Phosphatidylserine Complex

It’s used by all cells of the body, this ingredient supports the mind from a cellular level by recognizing damaged cells and repairing them.

5. Alpha GPC

This is a natural choline derived from soya, which helps to improve memory and learning skills, thus increasing the intelligence potential and primary brain functions in the systems of the user.

6. Glutamine

An important amino acid that is necessary for proper brain function, Glutamine is responsible for the necessary breaking down of proteins for energy supplies and elevating good moods for better optomistic outlooks.

7. DMAE Bitartrate

The powerful components in this ingredient help to increase alertness, focus, and memory for those feeling slower and less focused.

8. Bacopin

This component is beneficial in improving the user’s overall memory and repairing and rejuvinating damaged brain cells.

9. Vinpocetine

The brain will benefit from the cellular level when introduced to the performance and endurance enhancing properties that this ingredient delivers.

10. Bacopa Monnieri

Native to wetland areas in such places as Africa, Asia, Europe, southern India, North and South America, and Australia, this white flowering plant is useful for increasing the memory capacity of the user.

11. St. Johns Wort

This mild anti-depressant helps to develop positive moods and fight off depression.

12. Bee Pollen

This ingredient is utilized in this brain enhancer to bind the powerful ingredients together; it also delivers many other health benefits to the mind and body.

13. Caffeine (Guarana)

The organic ingredient Guarana is less addictive than caffeine and does not cause an energy crash or an initial energy rush; there is also no rise in blood pressure or jitteriness sometimes associated with large amounts of caffeine.

14. Eleuthero Root Extract

Also known as Siberian Ginseng, this ingredient is beneficial for increasing the dopamine levels in the brain to elevate positive attitudes while lowering blood pressure levels and allowing more blood to flow through the brain.

15. Gelatin

Used in the manufacturing process, this ingredient is utilized as a coating on the pills.

16. Tyrosine

This element of the Geniux mixture is responsible for the production of dopamine and the creation of neurotransmitters within the brain.

17. Vitamins B6 & B12

These well known vitamins are essential to the dissolving of blood fats, which will help to ensure the proper health of the nervous system, circulatory system, and promote elevated energy levels.

18. Cognizin

Useful for increasing memory recall, sharpening focus, and lengthening the attention span of users.

19. Gluconolactone

Derived from the commonly known vegetable corn, this ingredient is used for more of a binding agent than an active memory enhancing ingredient.

20. Huperzine A

This element is essential to the increase in memory abilities and cognitive functions of the user’s brain.



There are many benefits to introducing this supplement into a daily plan beginning with the incredible amount of extra energy that the user will experience almost immediately upon the ingestion of this proprietary mixture; these effects will last all day long without any energy crashing effects. This supplement offers all day energy and mental focus to keep the user on top of their mental game at all times. Users of this cognitive enhancer will benefit from a heightened level of concentration when working on tough and tedious tasks. The all natural ingredients will not cause the user to experience any ill side effects that may occur with other intelligence enhancers.


Geniux Side Effects

The instances of side effects occur when the body is trying to reject the materials being introduced into the system. This is a normal occurrence when dealing with man made pharmaceuticals and supplements. The ingredients in this nootropic are all natural and organic, which normally pose a zero level health threat to the users of this brain enhancing supplement. There is a rare chance that a consumer may have severe allergies and may experience a reaction to the all natural ingredients in this brain boosting supplement; these instances can be avoided or managed with the introduction of an antihisthemine to control and eliminate the negative reaction.



This company certifies that their ingredients are completely natural and a totally safe and effective method of increasing mental wellness. They provide this supplement to people looking to increase their cognitive abilities, improve their memory, and expand their intelligence. The purchasing and processing of this product is certified to be safe and secure for all who are interested in purchasing this neuro enhancing supplement. There have been numerous studies concerning the ingredients in this supplement and all have certified that the ingredients in this smart drug are beneficial, safe, and natural.



I started taking Genius 3 days ago as a coffee replacement. It works for me so far but I will check all possible side effects. Just to let you know, I take only 1 pill in the morning and I honestly think it is safer, you don’t get too much caffeine this way. I am coffee addict with low blood pressure so usually I take 2-5 cups of coffee per day. One pill of Geniux eliminated that need so far. It starts working in 5 min after you take it and you suddenly realize that your brain is awake even if it is 6 AM and you went to sleep at 1 AM. Time will show more… – Michaelle I.

Helping with memory is not the only effect from Geniux, vitamin B6 and B12 are required by many functions in the body, and most of us know how important they are to our entire body. – Scott Allen

After 1 month or so I started noticing a BIG difference in my memory and in my mental clarity, I said, well after all it is working, not that convinced yet. I kept taking it – twice a day – with very good results, I must say. I am not easily impressed. A week ago I stopped taking it to see if I notice some difference, I did, a negative big one. I am not related with this product in any way, shape or form, but I have to tell my experience. – Steve D.

I am using Geniux for about five months and never got any side effects. It has become my habit to take this brain booster regularly. It is like my day will never be successful without it. I am 56 years old and feel like I am 25 mentally. – Jack S.

I tried Geniux and noticed an immediate difference. I didn’t feel as overwhelmed and pressured as I usually do. It seemed that I was more in control of my thoughts and they weren’t all over the place trying to accomplish so much and barely getting anything done successfully. I plan to continue using Geniux. – Brennan J.

I am 49 years old, I was a very skeptical at the start, but after giving it a try I couldn’t believe the difference it has made for me. I take it as soon as wake up in the morning and it’s just incredible. My memory has never been better and work just seems a hundred times simpler. Like I was 25 to 30 again. – Matt Garcia Jr.

I was getting old and symptoms were disturbing my daily routine. I used to forget things and my family also started getting irritated from me. I used Geniux Advanced Brain Formula to cure my memory loss problems and I was successful. It is a pretty good natural supplement and is good for all. – Harvy K.


Awards & Media Coverage

This all natural brain enhancing formula has been promoted on social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. It has been the topic on many television stations such as CBS, ABC, CNN health, and NBC. Notable publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, and USA Today have covered this memory and cognitive enhancing supplement. Geniux has even been under discussion on the “Larry King Live” show.


Money-back Guarantee

Customers are given a 20-day trial period and are offered a full refund if the product is not acceptable; even if the bottle is empty upon return. First time buyers desiring a refund are required to call the customer service center for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, which is valid for 30 days. This number must be clearly written on the outside of the return package; the package must be received by the company at 6100 Oak Tree Blvd., Independence, OH, 44131, with the proper RMA number on the outside. Any returned packaging and shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer, as well as a $5 re-stocking fee.



The initial shipment for new customers contains a 30 capsule supply of Geniux which is normally delivered to postal addresses within one week, with no obligation to purchase further products. The cost of shipping for a new customer ordering one bottle of this all natural memory enhancer is $4.95. Customers ordering multiple bottles of this brain booster are eligible for free shipping of their supplement. Shipping is initiated by the company as soon as the order is received and normally sent out within two days. UPS (United Postal Service) will deliver packages conveniently to consumer’s doorsteps in discreet non-distinctive packaging.


Customer Support

The live operators at the customer support center are available for assisting customers by telephone or email. To contact the customer support team, customers with questions can dial 844-823-2257 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday during Eastern Standard Time. A message may be left for them on their email which can be found on the official website and they will promptly respond with an answer to your query. All questions and concerns are handled with the utmost respect, empathy, and understanding to repair any issues or problems.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing from the website is completely safe, secure, and backed by such trusted money handling companies as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. They have multiple monitoring systems and safeguards, such as McAfee Security, that ensure that all personal information is strictly confidential and credit card numbers are never at risk from theft. Authorize.Net, VeriSign, and Trustwave are all utilized for the safe and secure transactions for all sales and returns. Credit card information only has to be entered into the account information one time to be recognized by the system; no need to re-enter the numbers on future orders.


Geniux Pricing & Free Trial

The company is so sure of the validity and performance of their product that they do not offer a free trial offer; instead they offer a 30-day money-back no-hassle guarantee. The initial cost of a single bottle of this mind expanding supplement is listed at the low savings price of $69.95, but is on sale for first time buyers for $47. There are additional savings when consumers buy this all natural supplement in multiples. They offers discounts on their product prices as well as offering extra bottles of this blend of brain nutrients when ordering two or more bottles.






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