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ATP Extreme by ATP Nutritionals Review – Will It Boost Your Workouts?

What Is ATP Extreme?

ATP Extreme is a supplement created by ATP Nutritionals. As a nutritional supplement it is designed to be taken by athletes, bodybuilders and other strength-oriented physical fitness enthusiasts as a pre-workout booster. As a supplement, it claims to enhance the effects of your workout and reduce your recovery time when administered, and the advertised results of taking it are an increase in strength and lean muscle growth.

These impressive claims are backed up by rigid scientific trials conducted by the manufacturers of this supplement. The results of taking this supplement over a longer period of training are said to be very impressive, and despite similar supplements it does not trigger a false positive on any current drug screening procedures for major athletic or aesthetic competitions, such as an Olympic sport or bodybuilding competition.



This supplement is created by ATP Nutritionals, a company that specializes in creating workout supplements, such as protein powders and pre workout formulas.
Little is known about this company: Who runs it, how long they’ve been in business, or what other products they have manufactured. There is a support email address that points to atpnutritionals.com, but trying to go to that website results in a redirect to atpextreme.com, a website dedicated solely to advertising this product.

ATP Nutritionals is estimated to have formed in 2009 based on data from Google Trends, or at least have been around since that time. While this may seem a bit fishy, there seems to be no negative buzz surrounding this company despite an impressive web presence at the time this article is written. The conclusion derived from this is that this company, while perhaps secretive, is not nefarious or incompetent.


How ATP Extreme Works?

To maximize the effectiveness of this supplement it is recommend by ATP Extreme’s website to take it regularly alongside a strenuous exercise regimen. When taken as a supplement to a workout routine, ATP Extreme replenishes natural chemicals commonly found in the body as well as supplementary chemicals, also from natural sources. These ingredients aid your body in its regular routines and help promote muscle hypertrophy, which is what causes your muscles to grow larger. These effects have been observed in scientific trials conducted by the manufacturers, and all of the results are available for public viewing in explicit detail, right down to the statistics of each individual athlete involved in the trial, and their net gains.


Ingredients of ATP Extreme

The main active ingredient in this supplement is Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP. This is where ATP Extreme gets its namesake. Adenosine Triphosphate is commonly referred to as the “molecular unit of currency” due to its importance in the process of metabolism and generating energy in the body, and the role ATP plays in this supplement is as an energy and metabolism booster, which is what aids in your body’s generation of additional lean muscle.

There are a few more ingredients present, but their effects are less than the overall effect ATP has on your body, and are not listed as active ingredients. It can be said that these extra ingredients serve as filler, as they provide negligible effects on the body when administered in the doses present in this supplement. However, they still serve a purpose, and they seem to be effective or at the very least not harmful.

Other ingredients found in this supplement:

Ascorbic Acid – This is a water-soluble concentrate of Vitamin C, is an antioxidant that serves as a metabolism booster. In the supplement, it boosts metabolism which can promote fat loss and protein synthesis. The role this antioxidant plays in ATP Extreme is that it boosts metabolism, which is one of the ways that your body promotes fat loss and protein synthesis.

Cordyceps – This is a fungus commonly used in traditional medicine. Its function as an ingredient of ATP Extreme is unknown, but it has been commonly used to improve cardiovascular abilities, so it may provide antioxidant properties which would enhance the effectiveness of a workout when administered prior.

Quercetin – This is a plant-derived material with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing effects. The role it plays in the supplement is as a booster to endurance and overall athletic performance, making your workouts more effective.

Reishi – This chemical is used commonly in medicine. It is taken from mushrooms and contains high amounts of complex carbohydrates, which is an integral part of a balanced diet and promotes muscle hypertrophy without gaining extra fat. Additionally, the high amounts of complex carbs found within this chemical has been shown to promote muscle hypertrophy, or gaining muscle mass, without gaining extra fat, resulting in a lean bulk effect.

Green Tea Extract – It is a powerful antioxidant and fat burner. As an ingredient of this supplement, it promotes lean muscle growth and higher metabolism, as well as being a powerful fat burner. Green Tea Extract is a popular supplement for bodybuilders to use when on a post cycle, as it suppresses appetite and actively burns fat on the body: two factors integral to a successful post cycle.

Ginkgo Biloba – This is a material found on plants that have grown since prehistoric times. The role it plays in ATP Extreme is unknown, but there have been claims made by many people that it increases cognitive ability. If this is the case, the function of this material in the supplement may be to improve focus and effectiveness of your physical training.



There are impressive advantages to taking ATP Extreme, backed up by extensive studies conducted by the manufacturer and listed on their website. One of the advantages is an increase in muscle without an increase in fat, also known as lean muscle growth or muscle hypertrophy. In the previously mentioned scientific study conducted by the manufacturer, findings showed that compared to athletes who didn’t take the supplement over a three month time period, muscle growth doubled for athletes taking the drug alongside an identical diet and exercise regimen.

Additionally, the athletes taking the drug saw strength increases of at least double the control group; in one case, an athlete saw gains triple that of the control group.
The implication of these studies is staggering: Gains from taking this supplement are exponential when properly supplemented, and it is completely competition safe which makes it ideal for professionals.

Results of studies conducted by manufacturer:

  • 200% increase in body mass compared to placebo over a three month period;
  • 196% increase in muscle thickness compared to placebo over a three month period;
  • 200% increase in deadlift strength compared to placebo over a three month period;
  • 300% increase in squat strength compared to placebo over a three month period;
  • Increased endurance by 17-30% when compared to placebo over two intense workout periods;
  • More reps were done by athletes in the second period, suggesting a decrease in fatigue when taken.

It should be noted that in the scientific studies, both groups of participants were on a strict diet and workout routine that contributed greatly to their gains. Consequently, similar effects should only be expected if this product is supplemented with a similar routine and diet. To offset this caveat, the manufacturer offers a generous return policy, which is outlined in a later section of this review.



This supplement has an impressive website, with the entire ordering process constituting its own separate website,the entirety of which is protected by SSL security certificates. These can be seen at the beginning of the URL: check for “https://” and make sure there is an S before the colon. These security certificates ensure that any data you need to input to place an order is protected from hackers, phishers and/or thieves.

Additionally, this supplement has been BCSG Certified to be drug free. What this means is that if you take this supplement it will not trip a positive result on a drug screening, unlike other muscle gainers which are banned from being used when training for specific competitions due to an unfair advantage. With these safeguards, any aspiring competitive bodyguard, athlete or power lifter can take this supplement and compete, which can’t be said for steroids and other similar boosters.



Two testimonials were found regarding the effects of taking ATP Extreme. In one video review, an athlete said they saw immediate increases in endurance and noticed a drastically reduced recovery time. He went on to say that these symptoms came into effect were enhanced after taking the supplement for only a week.

On the other side of the spectrum, a supplement review article criticized ATP Extreme for having no clear focus with its structure. Instead of having components that work together to achieve a particular goal, such as fat loss or gaining muscle mass, they claimed this supplement had generic medicine that treats a variety of issues, making it unfocused and less effective.

In this article, the reviewer went on to say that after one week of taking this product they did not notice a significant change in their energy levels; at least, not a change that could be fairly credited to the supplement, in their opinion. The author then went on to say that they saw barely noticeable effects overall, and concluded that this supplement is not worth the price. These two testimonials suggest that this supplement may have varying levels of effectiveness depending on who takes it, although neither testimonial went into detail about their diets, so it’s possible that the cause for its effectiveness had more to do with that than with any sort of genetic predisposition.


Awards & Media Coverage

There are no awards for this supplement as of the time this article was written, other than the certification of drug-free status by the BCSG and the rigorous scientific trials undergone to prove its positive effects. However, ATP Extreme has received a fair amount of media attention, meaning it is potentially due for awards in the near future. Among several reviews made by websites and video bloggers, discussion has begun circulating as to its effectiveness, meaning it has a media presence while not necessarily having a general consensus about its effectiveness. It seems the most accurate way to verify the effectiveness of this drug is to take it yourself.


Money-back Guarantee

When placing an order for this supplement, the manufacturer’s website lists specific instructions in order to request your money back. You may wish to receive compensation in situations where you are not satisfied, or if the shipping process had an unexpected snag. Within a window of 45 days, you will be able to process your request and receive compensation in whatever capacity is appropriate. You can even return an empty bottle and receive your money back, meaning a full reimbursement is available if you are truly dissatisfied with the effects of the product, so long as the request is made within 45 days of placing the order.



In the case where you may wish to place an order for this supplement, within the mainland United States is the ideal place to have your product shipped to, as that is the most convenient location for the manufacturer to ship. This reduces the cost to roughly four dollars for standard shipping, and it should only take two or three business days for your products to reach you if your order is placed within that area. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal longer to receive your products if you choose to ship it internationally: up to three weeks, in some cases.

This is offset by the reduced price available for first time customers, so there is no need to be dissuaded from placing an order based on inflated shipping costs. One thing to keep in mind is that shipping costs are not covered in ATP Extreme’s return policy, so while you can receive your money back for a faulty product, you may take a hit in shipping costs, especially when ordering internationally.


Customer Support

ATP Nutritionals, the manufacturers of this supplement, have a few options listed in the case of requiring customer support, which may be necessary if an order has not been delivered correctly, or if you are unsatisfied with the results of taking the supplement. There is an email address you can send messages to as well as a phone number, but the website also features a contact form. Filling out this contact form will send an automated email to the respective party, and is most likely the fastest form of correspondence at your disposal.

However, in order to talk to a live person in real time the ideal method is to call the phone number listed on their web site during normal business hours in a Western time zone. There have been no complaints made public about the quality of customer service at the time of this article being written, which means that there seem to be no glaring problems with their support service.


Safe & Secure Checkout

In order to protect your personal information when placing an order, this supplement’s website offers a few safeguards. First, they ask for you to create a personal account with the website, requiring your entry of a shipping address and method of payment. This enables the manufacturer to verify and then encrypt your personal information, which means any information leaked, stolen, or noticed by someone standing behind you when placing the order would be indecipherable and therefore not worth the effort of stealing.

Secondly, every page of their storefront features security certificates, as previously mentioned, which prevent the possibility of your signal being hijacked or redirected to a spoof website. These security certificates update and connect to a main server every few hours, and the constant communication ensures the signal isn’t phished or exploited in any way.


ATP Extreme Pricing

This supplement is only available at the manufacturer’s website, so the prices they set are the only option you have as a customer at the time of this writing. On the bright side, discounts are available when placing orders in bulk, with the implication that the best deal and the most impressive results will come out of taking this supplement for at least three months. Additionally, there is a discount offer for customers making their first order, and a generous return policy removing essentially any financial risk when trying this product.

This should incentivize new customer and curious potential customers that are on the fence. However, the consensus from the media at the time this review was written seems to be that this supplement is overpriced, based on its effectiveness, but as the only way to obtain this highly effective supplement, this should not necessarily deter you from purchasing this product.






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