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Cyto Gainer by CytoSport Review – Should You Consider Taking This Supplement?

What Is Cyto Gainer?

Many would-be weightlifters want to take it to the next level in the gym and often times in professional competition, but they struggle with growing their muscle and overall mass size. Others work out faithfully and well but have real problems with keeping that hard won size and strength levels up. For these types of individuals, Cyto Gainer supplement was created with them in mind. This formula proudly supplies big portions of carbohydrates and protein without all of the sugars and fat that typically comes along with such a sports nutrition package.

The formula is rich in whey protein, glutamine rich whey, and partially pre digested whey peptides. These lend better support for male organism protein synthesis. Every serving similarly delivers extra L-Glutamine and Creatine to assist with encouraging muscle recovery. The beauty of the product for many users lies in the fact that there are no sugars added, neither sucrose, fructose, nor simple sugars of any kind. The complex maltodextrins that are included are deliberately crafted to provide users with fast supplies of essential nutrients to aid in jump starting the all important post-workout recovery procedures. This is why the formula is billed to deliver a long enduring and sustainable fuel for muscles and the body in general which are specifically created to direct the growth vitamins and nutrients directly into the muscle cells and tissues.

The supplement does not merely help with growing muscles. It is also intended to be a bulking up product for weight gain. This means that the protein-rich nutrient supplement is not ideal for every individual bodybuilder and their particular goals, but for those who struggle to pack on mass and muscle both and who do not want a lot of empty calories derived from fats and carbohydrates as part of their bulking up process, this could be the supplement of choice for them and their specific needs.



CytoSport is the developer and manufacturer of Cyto Gainer and an impressive more than 40 other types of fitness nutrition supplements on the market today. The company and its often beloved families of brands make it their daily mission to assist athletes and weightlifters of all sizes, ages, and skill levels in achieving their ultimate potential and to this effect provide a full range and line up of the all natural products which are ideal to support these efforts. As the producer of the legendary and world famous Muscle Milk Powder, CytoSport is also one of the largest and most impressive nutritional supplement outfits both domiciled in the United States and involved internationally as well today.

The company was started by a family father and son joint venture of Michael and Greg Pickett. Their very first supplement, CytoMax, became their first of a number of commercially successful innovations in the still-fledgling sports nutrition field. It and subsequent efforts like Muscle Milk Powder helped to catapult CytoSport into the pole position for the science and industry of sports nutrition. With a host of company, leadership, and brand awards and honors, CytoSport stands proudly among the greatest sports nutrition firms in the country.

While Muscle Milk Powder was not their original product as they unveiled it in the year 2000, it quickly evolved into their flagship brand and remains so to this day. The Muscle Milk brand is the most internationally far reaching CytoSport product that is simultaneously their most popular domestically as well. This product is actually a supplement in the same tradition and family of those as Muscle Milk Powder, which makes it an interesting comparison brand.

One of the characteristics that helps to ensure the popularity of this nutritional supplement lies in the fact that the brand and supplement comes in a wide variety of appealing flavors. This is a similar strategy as CytoSport utilized to help guarantee the appeal of Muscle Milk. The formula is available in Vanilla Shake, Cookies ‘n Crème, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Malt, and Banana Crème flavors today.


How Cyto Gainer Works?

Cyto Gainer is said to be so very powerful that the label warns users against taking the product continuously for in excess of four weeks. This is because there are side effects that accompany the body’s prolonged exposure to it. These include loss of hair, acne, higher estrogen levels, and most worrisome of all possible ailments of both the kidneys and the liver. The FDA Food and Drug Administration has yet to weigh in on the concerns of some of these more serious side effects about which CytoSport is mostly silent.

Cyto Gainer is intended to be stacked up alongside a wide variety of additional pre- and post-workout supplements. They recommend a solid pre-workout supplement such as CytoSport’s PreSeries Bulk product. Any bodybuilders who are interested in improved recovery after workouts and muscle endurance should consider adding in a good Amino Acid product like Intra Blast. Those who are seeking to reduce and cut out their existing body fat can stack in a reliable Thermogenic Fat Burner such as Skald’s Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher. Finally, men over age 25 who feel that their naturally powerful testosterone levels are no longer as impressive as they used to be will do well to add in a natural testosterone booster.


Ingredients of Cyto Gainer

Cyto Gainer is one of these formulas which is chocked full of different ingredients. Naturally the proteins are among the most active of ones included in the supplement. Whey Protein Concentrate is the quick digesting version of protein that is amino acids rich and assists with supporting gains in lean body mass as well as the synthesis of muscle building proteins. Milk Protein Isolate has at least 90% minimum protein compounds which are comprised of whey proteins and casein, those commonly utilized by the makers of protein bars and powders. Hydrolyzed Whey is a type of pre-digested whey protein which increases the speed of protein digesting and absorbing by the organism.

Other important active ingredients are also useful for competition-level bodybuilders and serious all-around athletes. Creatine Monohydrate is the molecule which is ideal for encouraging the production of ATP throughout the body. It also builds up strength, stamina, power, and leaner body mass. Maltodextrin is a carb which is quick to digest that is typically employed as a supplement for rebuilding lost glycogen stores after workouts. Glutamine is a serious and beloved supplement of amino acids that is well-regarded for its inherent capabilities of improving performance in and out of the gym and speeding recovery times as well.



The formula is mainly a high-quality blend of proteins mostly comprised of whey protein concentrates, pre-digested whey peptides, and milk protein concentrate. Another advantage is that there are no added simple sugars, sucrose, or fructose included in the formula. The L-Glutamine aids in preserving muscle tissues, while Creatine Monohydrate feeds tired and sore muscles following heavy physical training. The product is also amazingly 97% fat free, which is unusual in this supplement industry. A final advantage that matters significantly to some users is that the supplement is advertised and generally reviewed to have a terrific taste.



Cyto Gainer has been recognized and certified for Sport by the NSF as being entirely free of banned substances. In fact, all of CytoSport’s supplements are tested for each and every athletic competition-banned substance per the NSF’s International Certified for Sports protocols. As a part of this rigorous process, CytoSport’s manufacturing and production facilities undergo a twice per year audit of their entire process to verify and confirm that no Annex A List banned ingredients can be found and identified anywhere in CytoSport’s production facility.



I can say that I have been using other supplements in the mass gaining category for many years. Because I had such good experiences in the past with Muscle Milk Powder, I decided to give CytoSport’s newer mass gaining product Cyto Gainer a try. When I compared this supplement with other mass gainers available today, I determined that it possessed the ideal mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids that I was seeking. The high protein and nice maintenance amount of creatine with a few carbs thrown in was ideal to help me put on lean mass. I started taking this mass gainer in place of breakfast for a pre-workout regimen.

It impressed me that this formula includes Creatine, L-Glutamine, and various amino acids. Because of all this goodness within the product, I was able to cut down on some other supplements that I had been taking and to save money in the process. I did not encounter any negative interactions or side effects when combining this formula with my other supplements which I already take. The final results were tremendous; following only six weeks of taking this formula in my daily routine, I have shaved off several percentage points of my old body fat all the while my strength has gained and my lean body mass and weight has gone up several pounds. – John Walker, Cincinnati, OH

I have always had the struggle to put on quality lean mass and bodyweight. I started taking Cyto Gainer as a single daily serving. This four scoops for the day with milk is what I take on working out days alongside my other stack of supplements. My particular workout sessions are comprised of heavier compound movements, as with bench press, dead lift, squats, and military press. After a month on this formula, I am up to more than 200 pounds with significant and noticeable gains in my leg size, arm size, shoulder and chest size, and even waist size. The waist size increase is not one that I was looking for honestly, but it is a little price to pay to see such other tremendous gains in the other areas of my body. – Jack Clancy, Phoenix, AZ

I was looking for a good reputable weight and mass gainer, and the whole point of this is as a lean bulking up formula. It did the job too, with its tremendous amounts of complex carbohydrates alongside the creatine, protein, and lower fat content. I absolutely love that CytoSport is transparent with their list of amino acids inside the product. Regarding the taste of the product, I can not complain about the taste of the formula. In fact though the mixture proved to be a bit thick, it was an excellent flavor. I would always drink the mixture down around from 15 to 20 minutes after completing my workouts. I did realize some of the advertised strength gains, thanks to the included creatine in the product. As part of this gain, my calf and squat raises increased around 20 pounds by the point that I had consumed all of the two six pound tubs I had bought. I was most impressed with the fact that I did not put on any fat as part of the muscle increase and weight gain. Really I was adding on the lean muscle mass they promised on the packaging. I am more defined in my shoulders, arms, calves, and thighs. My shoulder presses while standing rose around 10 pounds after finishing up the two tubs. The after workout recovery was pretty good, as I actually noticed it. I woke up with less soreness and stiffness each morning. I have also gained around 13 or so pounds by the time I finished the two tubs. I recommend the product in general. – Kristof Jenner, Portland, OR


Awards & Media Coverage

CytoSport has been receiving and collecting awards and positive media coverage since the middle of the 2000’s. In 2007 they achieved the difficult to obtain and much-coveted NSF certification as a demonstration of their serious commitment to create and manufacture a full lineup of products that were totally void of any substance on the banned and dangerous substances list. By 2009, CytoSport had been named the Beverage Marketing Corporation’s “Beverage Company of the Year.” 2011 witnessed their recognition by Beverage Industry Magazine as among the “Top 100 Beverage Companies.” Investment banking legends Goldman Sachs have also given their opinion of the CytoSport operation in naming original founding member Greg Pickett as among the “Top 100 United States Entrepreneurs.” This level of accolades and awards is noteworthy as it is unmatched in the sports nutrition industry.


Money-back Guarantee

In order to determine if users are able to obtain a no questions asked and full money back refund and guarantee on the Cyto Gainer product, they will have to check in with the vendor from whom they purchase the formula itself directly. As one example of vendor policies, Amazon Prime does provide a 30 days from arrival of product date return policy if the product comes in a damaged or defective condition. This does not address what happens if the user is simply unsatisfied with his results from taking the product though.



Every vendor has their own unique and proprietary policy on the shipping costs of the Cyto Gainer supplement. The only one of them that appears to offer free shipping at the time of publication of this review is Amazon’s Prime service. This is a pretty impressive offer on a six pounds weight product that is priced at under $40 for the product and the associated accompanying shipping and handling. As far as could be determined, the other vendors did not have similar no-cost shipping options on the formula shipment.


Customer Support

CytoSport itself maintains only a simple contact form page on which users and customers are able to submit relevant comments and queries. They do not offer a more extensive and exhaustive customer support level as they do not sell their own products on their website directly. Regarding e-commerce outfits that actually sell the Cyto Gainer formula, each affiliated vendor who sells the product maintains their own customer service department. Some of them put more emphasis and pride in it than do others, for whom customer service is merely a box to check off on a to-do list page.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Each of the vendors which sell the Cyto Gainer supplement has its own secure and safe checkout policies and protocols. It is always a wise idea to check directly with the vendor to make certain that they offer a minimum 128 bit SSL encryption level on all data transmissions back and forth to and from their e-commerce checkout and website. It is also worth learning what they do with the credit card payment information after they complete the secure transaction.


Cyto Gainer Pricing

There is no advertised free trial offer on Cyto Gainer at the time of review publication. Prices for this weightlifting supplement are all over the proverbial map. Some of the more reputable vendors carry it in the 3.31 pounds size portion. ESupplements offers it for $27.95. I’ll Pump You Up carries the supplement at $28.95. Amazon delivers it for $31.58 plus shipping and handling, or for $39.99 from their Prime service out the door with no shipping and handling charges. A1 Supplements offer the formula for $31.95 plus shipping and handling. are also listing this product at a reasonable price comparing it to the rest e-shops.






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