Penomet Review – A Complete Guide & Discount for 2022

What Is Penomet?

Penomet is a revolutionary penile pump product. The developers of the pump have worked together with consumers, professionals and men of every background to improve the traditional penis pumping method with the revolutionary Penomet penis pump. Penomet is water assisted, making it unlike any other pump available on the market.

This product is revolutionary and unlike anything else that users could expect to find anywhere else. It works using water to help increase the pressure gradually, making it much safer than traditional penis stretching methods. The pump is designed with 2 parts and interchangeable gaiters that allow users to gradually increase the length and width while still being able to see visible results. In the past, penis enlarging methods could be uncomfortable and dangerous. Since the Penomet takes its time increasing the size, it is a much safer option and is much more comfortable for users. It can be used with different size gaiters to ensure that the user is most comfortable at all times while still achieving excellent results that are visible almost immediately.

Unlike traditional penis pumps or pills that can take a very long time to begin working, Penomet users can expect to see results within 15 minutes of using the Penomet. The Penomet creators have ensured users that they may be able to add at least 3 inches of length to their penis along with 30% growth in the girth of their penis. In past, these results were only seen after surgeries and other extreme methods that could take months to achieve. The Penomet allows users to see these results in as little as 15 minutes without the discomfort that is generally associated with traditional penis pumping and penis enlarging methods that were previously available.

The Penomet has been changing men’s sex lives and their outlook on life as a whole. It is a phenomenal product that will leave its users feeling bigger, better, stronger and more confident in their bedroom skills without leaving them swollen, oddly shaped or without any feeling as some of the other male enhancement products do.


Award Winning Product

How many penis pumps that are on the market are typical and dull to the penis pump user? How many penis pumps on the market have won “best in” awards along with various smaller award ceremonies. The Penomet is the answer to one of these questions. In the male enhancement industry, it can be hard to stand out from the pack. The Penomet has managed the nearly impossible by going above and beyond the traditional penis pumping route. It has won two separate awards for its design, functionality and customer satisfaction among consumers. Not many penis pump companies can say that they have won not one, but two awards for being the most innovative and unique penis pump on the market.

On October 18th at Goya at Nollendorfplatz in Berlin, Germany, Penomet was awarded the best male enhancement for the year 2012 from the Venus Awards. For any company in the male enhancement industry, this is a huge award and huge accomplishment to stand out from the thousands of male enhancement products that are available in the adult market. Penomet was one of the first products of its kind to take home the prestigious award and continues to hold their status as one of the best male enhancement products.

In 2013, Penomet took home the best male enhancement device award from the Sign Awards. Experts and consumers looked at many different male enhancement devices to determine which was the best for users. Aspects such as safety, ease of operation and effectiveness factored into the judging and Penomet came out on top. When the product was up many different products that functioned in the same way and produced similar results, Penomet stood out from the crowd and took home the award.


The Best Penis Pump?

As you may have guessed by now, not all penis pumps are created equal. Some pumps work better than others, some work faster than others and some are more comfortable than others. The Penomet is all of these. It works better, faster and more comfortably than all of the other penis pumps on the market. It is designed by professionals and consumers to meet all of the needs that a penis pump user could want.

If you are considering a penis pumping device, it is important to look at the best before you even consider a different device. The Penomet is the best on the market and is available for any man that wants to use a penis pump. It is a safe, easy and comfortable way to quickly enhance the length and girth of the penis without worrying about trying complicated methods that may not even work. The Penomet guarantees penis pumping success and is perfect for any man that wants to increase the size and girth of his penis.

Choosing the right penis pump is very important, and men that choose the Penomet can be sure that they have chosen the right one for them. It is perfect for every man and works with all sizes to help boost confidence, increase pleasure and even help with some problems that men may be having including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Men without problems should understand that this product is also for them. It is made for every man and can work with nearly any situation.



1) Traditional Pumps

The more traditional pumps generally take a lot longer to produce the same results as Penomet. They can be uncomfortable for the user and may not be as effective as the Penomet. Traditional pumps, when used incorrectly, can cause long term damage to the penis that may be irreversible for the user.


2) Extenders

Penis extenders work to give the user more length. They generally do not increase the girth of the penis and do not usually add any extra sensation to the part of the penis that they are being used one. The Penomet will increase the length as well as the girth and will help create more feeling in the penis.


3) Pills

Most people are generally wary about putting something into their body without knowing it actually works. Pills can cause long term internal damage and generally do not even work the way they are supposed to. Penomet users can rest assured that nothing goes in their body and that they can stop the use of the Penomet at any time.


4) Surgeries

Going under the knife can be a drastic and life threatening solution to a penis enlargement problem. Most men that are considering a penis enlargement surgery do not actually need the procedure which can cause long term damage, including loss of the penis. The Penomet can increase the length and girth of the penis to sizes that can be achieved by surgery, with less risk.


5) Jelqing

This practice, which has been used for centuries enables men to increase their penis size by simply stroking and pulling on the penis. If this method actually worked, most men would have much larger penises than they do. Men that are considering jelqing should try the Penomet because it is a product that has been proven to work and doesn’t simply involve masturbating as jelqing does.


How Penomet Works?

Penomet works by gradually increasing the length and girth of the penis using a hydrovac system that allows the process to be more safe and comfortable. It works differently than traditional penis pumps by using water to equally distribute compression in all areas of the penis and increasing its size throughout; traditional penis pumps do not distribute compression equally and will not enlarge the entire surface of the penis. The equal distribute of volume and pressure allows for better results. The water pressure system that is used in the Penomet relies on the water being a more stable compression device than the air of traditional pumps.

A traditional penis pump will compress and expand the air during each pump of the device. This air distributes throughout the chamber unevenly, causing certain areas to expand and others to remain the same. The traditional pump will only increase some areas of the penis depending on how much pressure is used and where it ends up at. It is not a controlled method and does not allow the user to increase the entire size of their penis. A Penomet, on the other hand, is designed to increase the length and girth of the penis evenly.

The Penomet has a non return valve at the end of the cylinder. When the user stops compressing the device, the air will be caught in the non return valve, sent through one of the gaiters and released throughout the mass of the penis. This non return valve, along with the gaiters, allow the compression to be equally expanded and the penis to be equally enlarged. Due to its unique design and interchangeable gaiters, the Penomet is able to work better, faster and safer than other penis pumps.


How to Use Penomet?

The Penomet is very easy to use and is completely understandable for men who have never used a penis pump before. The pump comes with specific instructions and the official company website offers directions. There are also many videos that men can watch to better understand how to use the device and how it works. The idea of the Penomet is too allow users to get the best results possible with minimal effort and time spent trying to acheive results. The best way to use the device is by following the steps listed below:


1. Choose Your Gaiter

The best way to start is by using the lowest setting gaiter. This is generally the 60 gaiter that comes in a purple color. If this one doesn’t work, simply move up to the next gaiter.


2. Attach to Cylinder

Take your chosen gaiter and attach it to the main cylinder of the Penomet. This will be the inside of the pump that does all of the compression and expansion.


3. Apply the Penomet

Fit the main cylinder of the Penomet over your penis. Be sure that it is in the whole way gently pump it to make sure that it is sealed into place. You can use the Penomet anywhere, but it should usually be used in the bath or shower.


4. Pump

Once it has been fitted on, it is time to start pumping. Pump the device every few minutes with small breaks in between to relax. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes to ensure the device works.


5. Remove

To remove the device and see your results, press the valve at the end of the cylinder and take it off.


6. Increase

To increase your results as you get more used to the pump, increase the gaiter size.



Penomet is great to use on its own, but for best results users should be utilizing the exercise plans that coordinate with the Penomet. These exercises were created to get the most use out of the Penomet and to increase penis size by up to 80%. The regimen is easy to follow and gradually increases the size of the gaiter to ensure that the size of the penis is increased gradually while lasting. Along with the main, simple exercise program the Penomet comes with a DVD that shows many different exercises that can be used in combination for specific needs. It is important to remember that the program works, but if there is any pain or discomfort felt, the user must stop using the device and decrease gaiter size or stop use of the device altogether. Men that want to increase their penis size with the use of the Penomet can use this proven 8 week exercise program:

Week One

Use the purple (60) gaiter Monday through Friday.

Week Two

Increase gaiter size to the blue (65) and use Monday through Friday.

Week Three

Decrease back to the purple (60) gaiter on Monday through Friday.

Week Four

Go back up to the blue (65) gaiter and use on Monday through Friday.

Week Five

Increase up to the black (70) gaiter on Monday through Friday.

Week Six

Continue using the black (70) gaiter Monday through Friday.

Week Seven

Increase to grey (75) gaiter and use Monday through Friday.

Week Eight

Use the grey (75) gaiter Monday, the red (80) gaiter Tuesday and continue alternating through Friday.

Since these workouts can be intense and may be hard to do in one week, users can extend the periods to ensure that they are taking their time and are ready to increase to the next gaiter size before moving on.



The creators of Penomet, who are also users of the product, have done everything possible to ensure that the product is tested and certified to meet strict guidelines set in place by certain agencies. The company continues to set rigid measures for creating the device and will ensure that the device continues to be certified as it evolves into an even better device.

The Penomet is certified by CE marketing. They are the only penis pump that has been certified by this agency. This certification shows that the device meets the requirements of the EU legislation.

SGS Certifications has certified the Penomet as a RoHS Class 1 Product in its category. This certification is compliant with silicone related guidelines set into place by the United States and EU legislation. It has also been certified through this agency as toxic free from polycarbonate in the cylinder aspect of the device.

ISO Certifications has certified the Penomet to ensure that it is reliable, safe and has been made of quality materials. This certification ensures that users are getting a reliable device that has been made of high quality materials by experts that were trained in the safety of the mechanisms of this device. It is certified under ISO 13485:2003 to show that the Penomet is manufactured under the same standards as medical equipment and tools that are used in hospitals.



There are many users that have been completely satisfied with the Penomet and the results that it helped them achieve. These users are listed below with what they had to say about the device and how it helped change the way things worked for them.

Brandon W. from the United States says:

Being one of the first to try out the Penomet during its development phase, I have truly gained a lot, not just in length, but also boosted my self confidence in the bedroom.

United States’ Jonny B. thought the device was terrific when he said:

My libido was down and my size was nothing to be proud about. After doing the Penomet Workout for the first time as written by DLD at Matters Of Size, I not only got my limbo back but I literally saw my penis grow. What an amazing invention. I highly recommend it.

John from Acworth, Georgia chooses Penomet over the top brand:

I own both the leading brand and the Penomet and I have to say that the Penomet is a much better product. The Penomet is more comfortable, it doesn’t take in air, doesn’t lose any pressure, and the release button is excellent because it doesn’t leak water out while you’re using it or while you are filling it with water. If you’re on the fence, go with the Penomet.

Even users from the United Kingdom are getting in on the Penomet craze. Charles E. from London says:

I had tried all the pills and stretching equipment I could find online and nothing seemed to work. The only result I got was making my cock sore after all the stretching. When I tried the Penomet however I was amazed to see immediate gains after the first use. I have been using it for 3 months now, and I have already added half an inch in permanent gains!



With the amount of male enhancement products available on the market, it is not often that one makes enough of a splash to take an award back to their headquarters. It is even more rare for a male enhancement product to take home two prestigious awards from separate entities in consecutive years. The Penomet has beaten many odds and has taken home awards that were given out by strict panels of judges, under rigid guidelines and up against hundreds of other male enhancement products that could have made the cut.

The Penomet took home the Venus award for best male enhancement product in the years 2012 and 2013. The device was up against other devices that were similar, male enhancement pills and various extending devices. It beat all competitors, including some that had used the same basis and principal for their product. It also beat out a large amount of other penis pumps that use the more traditional air compression method of use. The Penomet was named the best male enhancement product, making it the best penis pump that is available for any male.

The sign awards are a prestigious agency that awards various enhancement products and adult novelties their award on a yearly basis. In 2013, the Penomet took home the best male enhancement product of the year. The Penomet was up against various male enhancement devices, including the top brand penis pumps that have been around for a very long time. The Penomet, while newer on the scene than most penis pumps, was able to show its best abilities and come out victorious against other penis pumps that have been around for many years. Its unique design and proven effectiveness allowed it to triumph above hundreds of other male enhancement devices.


Money-back Guarantee

There are many male enhancement devices on the market that are not able to offer any guarantee to their customers because they do not know whether their product will work effectively or not. Penomet knows that users will love their device and offers a money back guarantee on their product to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with their Penomet device. The guarantee is simple and easy to understand for any user.

As long as the device has been purchased within 60 days, users can return it for their money back. Users that are completely unsatisfied must contact the company to let them know they are returning the product as part of the money back guarantee. Generally, users will know whether they enjoy the product and will see that it works within the first few days of using it and money back returns generally happen within the first week or two. While the money back guarantee is in place for users who are not enjoying their Penomet, most people find that they like the device so much they have no need to ever utilize the guarantee.

For users that are considering returning their Penomet device, it is important to not that the money back guarantee covers the cost of the device only. The money back guarantee does not cover the cost of the original shipment and users are responsible for providing the return shipping to ensure that the device reaches the company in order to get their money back.



Warranties are often not seen in the industry that Penomet operates in. Due to the nature of the products and how they are used, they are hard to warranty and even harder to replace. Companies often do not have anyway to tell whether the device was misused or broke on its own. These traditional penis pumping devices are not manufactured to high standards and are made with cheap quality materials that could cause them to break easily, even when being used as they’re supposed to. The companies that make these penis pumps are not able to offer their customers warranties of any type, let alone warranties that are longer than the average for this class of product.

Unlike other companies that sell male enhancement devices, Penomet offers a warranty on their product. They are sure that their device is manufactured properly and will not break. Due to the nature of the manufacturing and the strict guidelines that are set by the company, the Penomet comes with a 365 day (1 year) warranty. This warranty is much longer than all other penis pump warranties and will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your product. If something happens to your Penomet, simply access the warranty information that came with the pump and follow the instructions for completing the warranty and getting a new, unbroken Penomet device.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Many users simply do not order a product because they are concerned about safety of their ordering information. The Penomet website offers a secure location for completing orders and allowing buyers to rest assured that their credit card information is safe and secure with the website. It is verified secure by both GoDaddy and McAfee to let users know that they are a legitimate company that cares about the safety of their customers personal information. Once the order has been processed, users can expect to see Penomet on their credit card statement. This description is not revealing, but does still list the name of the company which is required by various credit card companies and state agencies. If a buyer is uncomfortable with using their credit card for the purchase of the Penomet, they also have the option of using PayPal to purchase their Penomet. This option ensures that the buyer is safe on both ends; PayPal protects the buyers information on their end and Penomet protects the information put in by the customer to ensure that everything that goes through the checkout is a safe and secure process.



The price of the Penomet is not a large one, but it can be somewhat pricey to get started with the entire process. The company has put together packages to make purchasing your Penomet and gaiters easier and more affordable. The Penomet standard is now $42 off, the Penomet extra is $91 off and the Penomet premium is over $160 off. They are put together in packages to make buying easier and more affordable. Penomet also offers discounts on various accessories that coincide with the Penomet device. These accessories are only accessible by Penomet owners and are greatly discounted from their original prices.

The Penomet company knows how to treat their customers, new and existing alike, with the various discount and buying programs that are offered through the company. New users can get excellent deals on their first Penomet and the starter kits that make buying everything a user might need much easier and more affordable. The Penomet company wants to make sure that their buyers and users are getting the most for their money, are able to successfully enhance the size of their penis and have a great lasting relationship with their Penomet device. The company also offers seasonal sales, promotional discounts and other incentives for current users to get everything they want and need at an excellent price.


How Penomet Changed My Life?

I have always enjoyed having sex and doing sexual things, but I have always had somewhat of a hard time coming to grips with the size of my penis. I felt that it was kind of short and not real thick; I was afraid that my wife wasn’t feeling satisfied with it and was going to eventually get fed up, leaving me high and dry. I tried a number of penis pumps that I found at my local sex shop, with not much in the way of results other than a sore penis and even more sore hands to show that i had attempted to make my penis bigger and better. I gave up on ever reaching my goal of having a bigger penis.

One day, as I was talking with a buddy of mine (you know how us guys do) he happened to mention the Penomet. I thought he was crazy with a name like that, but once he explained it to me I was totally intrigued. Although the conversation was a casual and joking type of conversation, I felt like my life was going to be changed forever. After doing some quick internet research and perusing the Penomet website, I knew what I needed to do. I quickly placed my order and waited patiently for it to be delivered to my home.

The Friday my Penomet arrived in its unmarked packaging, I was too excited to even think about how this would help my life. I unpacked the box that contained the cylinder, the gaiters, the DVDs and the manuals on exactly how to use it. The pump looked harmless enough and looked very easy to use, but I popped in a DVD to make sure that I was going to use it correctly. The DVD showed me different ways to do exercises and how to use the device to get the most out of it and the biggest penis possible. I went over the exercise plan and decided I would start using it the following Monday.

After beginning the 7 week exercise program, there was no stopping me and my Penomet. I used it faithfully everyday in the shower. It was so quick and easy to use, I hardly noticed it was taking up any of my time. The Penomet works much better in the shower or tub and allows me some extra time for shower thinking. I completed the program and saw results that I never could have imagined.

I continued using the exercises that were included with my DVD and continued to see results on my penis that I never would have believed were possible. The different gaiter sizes, the exercise plans for using them and the support of an excellent company helped me achieve enhancement goals that I never even knew I had. With the use of the Penomet device and the exercises that accompany it, I was able to see excellent results and gain the confidence I had always longed for.

My wife also noticed the results the Penomet produced and since I’ve been using it, our relationship has never been better. We enjoy each other like high school kids and I no longer have any issues with self confidence about my penis size. I would like to say that the Penomet has changed my life, but really it has just changed the way I feel about myself and my body. We don’t always have to live with the body we are given and the Penomet proves this by allowing us to work hard and get the penis enhancement results that we want.

Penomet has boosted my self confidence, allowed me to stop worrying about my penis size and allowed me to please my wife the way I know she wants to be pleased. I no longer worry about her leaving me due to my size and have not felt incompetent for a very long time. Penomet allows me to have confidence in myself, my penis size, my sex life and my relationship. It has changed the way I think and feel about my entire life and has improved many different aspects that I never could have even imagined.

If you are considering changing the size of your penis, don’t take extreme measures and opt for surgery. Don’t try to tug it into a longer position or take magic pills that don’t work. Don’t hurt yourself with traditional penis pumps, simply do what I did and change your life with the Penomet. It was worth every penny and I wish I could tell every man on the earth (because, face it, we’re ALL a little insecure about our penis size) about this product and how it could change your life, just like I let it change my life for the better.


Remember the Discounts

Men that are looking to increase the length and girth of their penis can benefit greatly from the Penomet. The company has made it easy and affordable to change the way your penis looks and feels with their Penomet device. It is also important to remember that you won’t find a similar device for a better price than the one that is seen here. The discounts are deep, and you will be too once you start using your brand new Penomet product.


Don’t Keep Suffering

Many men struggle with the size of their penis. If you are one of these men, it is definitely time that you do something about the length and girth of your penis. Whether you are small, average or large the Penomet can get you the results that you want. Don’t continue to suffer from low self esteem due to your penis size, do something about it. The Penomet guarantees that you will see results from using their revolutionary product and the exercises that were designed around it. It couldn’t be any easier to change the one part of your body that you never thought would get any better or bigger. Don’t rely on painful pumps, risky surgeries, pointless pills or extenders that don’t enhance your feeling. Get the Penomet today and learn what it is like to have a bigger penis and better outlook on your sex life!







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