Vitrix by Nutrex Research Review – Does It Really Work?

What Is Vitrix?

Vitrix is a unique testosterone boosting supplement from Nutrex Research, with the major ingredient of Tribulus Terrestris, an empowering herb often used in ancient and current Asian medicine. For the past seven years, this bodybuilding aid and energizer has gained high acclaim and many well satisfied customers worldwide. The dynamic contents of this natural exercise supplement are quickly absorbed and assimilated into your system soon after you take your two daily capsules, preparing you for your workout at the gym and any new and more strenuous exercises and routines you may perform. Within a surprisingly short period of time after you begin taking this unique exercise enhancer on a regular schedule, you will experience impressive lean muscle development along with improved energy levels, stamina and mental clarity.

This product can quickly and easily metabolize foods and their nutrients to produce energy as fuel that supports all your physical and mental functions and activities. With regular use of this supplement, your daily workouts at the gym will become easier to accomplish. You will be able to perform increasingly more strenuous routines, and your recovery time following bodybuilding training sessions will become shorter. With higher percentages of testosterone energizing you throughout each busy day, you will be prepared to handle whatever difficult tasks, problems or challenges you encounter each and every day, with stamina to spare that will sustain your work, school or family activities at night as well.



Nutrex Research was founded in 2002 by its president, Jens Ingenohl and his dedicated staff members, with a strong vision and dream—to become a leading influential force in the worldwide industry of dietary supplements. From day one, this determined group never took anything for granted, working diligently to ensure that the company would attain this goal and take its place as a major player in this extensive and growing natural exercise supplements business sector. Today, the company operates from corporate headquarters in state-of-the-art modern facilities in Oviedo, Florida.

In 2012, after moving into its swanky new Florida headquarters, Nutrex Research was awarded honors by the Seminole County, FL, Regional Chamber of Commerce for all the company’s hard work, ingenuity and continued success in creating and promoting such empowering natural products as the popular testosterone enhancer and energy booster, Vitrix. This unique product has gained an abundance of notice, publicity and praise for the manufacturer due to the rates of usage and effectiveness of this specialized supplement, especially for the unique formula of fast-acting, natural components that raise testosterone for impressive improvements in energy, stamina and lean muscular growth for greater power and enduring strength.


How Vitrix Works?

The capsules of the supplement dissolve quickly once they are ingested, absorbing rapidly and completely into your internal system. Scientists and nutritionists for Nutrex Research have carefully combined German Tribulus Terrestris in liquid form with the company’s NTS-5 complex, with high expectations fully met from this product as the resulting supplement. The joining of these two high quality ingredients was enhanced even further by the performance heightening natural steroids, saponins and protodioscin, found in Tribulus Terrestris. As a natural anabolic hormone, testosterone is strongly enhanced by the saponins present in Tribulus Terrestris, especially by protodioscin.

As a natural herbal testosterone booster, Tribulus Terrestris builds muscularity and cuts down the time needed for recovery following strenuous workouts at the gym. This versatile supplement also supports protein synthesis, which is the process with which cells create proteins from amino acids, according to genetic data present in chromosome DNA. This energy enhancing herb also enables healthy nitrogen balances in the body. All these activities initiated by Tribulus Terrestris aid in the development of powerful yet sleek muscularity and an enviable, ripped appearance.


Ingredients of Vitrix

Primary ingredients of this supplement include German Tribulus Terrestris as a liquid and NTS-5, a blend of phytonutrients from Nutrex Research containing Avena Sativa (oats), Vitex Agnus Castus, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack and epimedium. These health-enhancing phytonutrients (or phytochemicals) are natural chemical compounds found in plant life. While these essential compounds support and guard plant vitality, when consumed as foods like natural vegetables and fruits, they empower the body for exercise by providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection as well as supporting healthy functioning of the liver.

Other energizing and muscle-building ingredients of this exercise aid include the following:


This important mineral supports cellular metabolism and muscle growth.



This natural substance promotes healthy levels of nitric oxide in the body, which help relax blood vessels, keeping them open to aid blood circulation rates.


Fenugreek Seed Extract

This naturally occurring ingredient enhances growth hormone production in the body, supporting development of lean, smooth muscles.



This helpful component aids the body in absorbing essential nutrients to build and maintain a powerful physique.


Yohimbine Hcl

This ingredient supports healthy blood flow throughout the body and aids in cutting body fat.



This natural substance aids the digestion and metabolism while helping to keep joints limber and functioning well for exercise.


Microcrystalline Cellulose

This substance is used as a filler and binder in the production of supplement tablets.


Magnesium Stearate

This white powder is a natural substance used as an inactive ingredient in the manufacturing of some supplements. It contains magnesium and stearic acid, a saturated fat, and this ingredient helps move the essential ingredients of health supplements through production equipment smoothly to ensure proper distribution of these essential nutrients in each tablet.



There are multiple benefits and advantages to choosing this testosterone booster from Nutrex Research as your regular exercise and bodybuilding supplement, including the following:

1. Powerful Testosterone Enhancer

Vitrix is definitely more powerful as a testosterone booster in the body than many competing products and brands currently available to consumers on the bodybuilding supplements market today.

2. Supporting Ingredients for Stronger Effectiveness

This supplement contains supporting ingredients like NTS-5, a Nutrex Research product that is composed of additional testosterone enhancers.

3. Liquid Capsule Form

This exercise aid is sold as a liquid contained in a convenient capsule that is rapidly, thoroughly and safely absorbed by the body to produce fast-acting energy and swift testosterone boosting for impressive, healthy muscle development resulting in lean yet powerful muscularity and a fit, ripped physique.

4. Empowering Phytosterol Content

Phytosterols in this unique bodybuilding supplement support growth hormone levels in the body and help increase and sustain high testosterone counts for ultimate exercise, fitness and muscle development enhancement.

5. Formula Ingredients Increase Nitric Oxide

The unique formula increases and supports healthy nitric oxide levels in the body for improved blood vessel health and circulatory functioning for excellent blood flow rates throughout the body.



Nutrex Research issues certificates to some professional bodybuilding and exercise trainers as well as college physical education instructors who use this supplement and promote the use of this fitness supplement among their students and trainees during classes and training workouts. Frequently, inexperienced beginners and intermediate bodybuilders who learn about the outstanding benefits of this supplement as a testosterone booster for gaining increased energy levels and developing lean, powerful muscularity choose this supplement as their major exercise aid and take it on a regular schedule. Many pro bodybuilders are very proud of receiving recognition and certificates from Nutrex Research for their individual and collective promotional efforts supporting use of this empowering bodybuilding enhancer, and they often display this Nutrex certification in their gyms, offices and classrooms for students and colleagues to see.



Vitrix, the awesome bodybuilding supplement from Nutrex Research, is the best testosterone booster ever for building lean, strong muscles and a ripped physique. It’s difficult to believe what this power-packed capsule can do for your body until you try it. My advice is, don’t delay another day—order your first supply of this amazing product today. You’ll be a total Alpha Man before you know it! – Jason R.

If you really want a streamlined body with cool muscles that draw admiring looks wherever you go, get Vitrix today. This fabulous workout aid will make your bodybuilding dreams come true, and with a boost from this supplement, you won’t mind those strenuous, challenging workouts every day. In fact, you’ll look forward to them! Try this testosterone enhancer today! – Ronny K.

With main ingredients like empowering Tribulus Terrestris and super-active NTS-5, how can you possibly go wrong with this exercise aid? The truth is, you can’t, so stop shopping now and get your first supply of this product. You’ll be astounded, like everybody else, at just how fast you start seeing positive results. You’ll have a whole new muscular physique with loads of energy and stamina to spare—just from sticking to your workout routine and regular doses of Vitrix! – Brad V.

You won’t believe the powerful benefits of this exercise enhancer until you try it. This innovative formula surpasses all others in its fast-acting exercise boosting effects. Just wait till you start to see your muscles grow, giving you an enviable lean and powerful, streamlined body and clarity of mind. You will be ready to take on the biggest challenges at the gym and in your everyday life with an abundance of energy, endurance, great physical strength and prowess as well as a calm, well-focused mental state. With use of Vitrix on a regular schedule, you and your lifestyle will gain great vitality and fantastic style as you build and reveal that totally ripped look and persona! – Philip C.

This unique testosterone booster brings you terrific results in just a few short weeks—faster and better metabolism for cutting fat and absorbing all the powerful ingredients of this supplement plus lean, Alpha-Man muscles and tons of energy and endurance. Don’t wait—get your first bottle of Vitrix today for the best workout and bodybuilding results yet! – Paul B.


Awards & Media Coverage

Due to its steadily growing popularity among avid exercisers and bodybuilders today, this product is expected to win future recognition, certificates and awards from such respected fitness industry authorities as This popular muscle and energy-building supplement is a leading product today and is favorably reviewed by the well-known site, Mens Blog Vitrix also receives positive comments and reviews on many sports nutrition websites and in newsletters of major contemporary health supplement stores.


Money-back Guarantee

Nutrex Research offers this supplement for sale to customers with a money-back guarantee, especially because one of the company’s major goals is achieving complete customer satisfaction with each product they sell. If you purchase your first order of this unique formula for boosting testosterone to build muscularity and increase energy levels and find, after trying this exercise supplement, that you are not totally pleased with its effectiveness, you can return the unused part of your order for a full refund. Although Nutrex Research receives only a small volume of returns and requests for refunds, the company’s management and staff want you to be delighted with your Vitrix experience. Therefore, if your experience with this bodybuilding aid falls below your expectations, you are always entitled to receive your full product payment as a refund from Nutrex Research.



Shipping of your order will be fast and secure. Nutrex Research uses only the most reliable domestic shipping carriers, and all international orders are delivered by prompt, dependable global transport. Your order will be carefully packed, and all packaging is sturdy for safe, secure transport and delivery. Your supply of this product will arrive safely and promptly at your address ready for you to sample. For some orders, expedited shipping is also available. If, for any reason, your supplement shipment is delayed or does not arrive, just notify the company customer service staff, and they will ensure that you receive a replacement shipment just as quickly as possible.


Customer Support

The Nutrex Research customer support team is always eager to assist you with any questions, issues or problems you may encounter with your order of this formula. Whether you receive a damaged package, receive no shipment at all or are dissatisfied with your order of this exercise-enhancing supplement, the caring and well-trained staff in this department will work closely with you to find an answer or solution. Their aim is to provide you with the best purchasing and delivery service possible so that you can receive your Vitrix promptly and begin enjoying its many advantages and benefits as your primary exercise or bodybuilding aid. Until you are completely satisfied with this Nutrex Research product as well as the entire ordering, shipping and delivery process, customer service will follow up on every issue to ensure that your overall experience with Nutrex Research and with this product is excellent.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When purchasing your supply of this product on the company site, you will discover that checkout is always safe and secure. Because the payment webpage and the entire checkout platform on the website are encrypted, you never need to worry about compromising your personal data when entering your personal identification and credit or debit card numbers. Because the company takes security precautions to prevent hackers or identity thieves from obtaining your personal data while you order and purchase your supplement, your information will be in trustworthy and protective hands throughout the procedure. You can also print or save your purchase receipt at the completion of your order for your own records.


Vitrix Pricing

A bottle of 120 Vitrix capsules (a two-month supply) can be purchased for the very cost-effective price of just $34.62, although some supplement sales websites, online marketplaces and offline vitamin and supplement shops may offer this product at prices which are differnet. You will most likely find the best prices for this supplement when you shop online, and you will also enjoy the easy convenience of purchasing your supply of the empowering bodybuilding enhancer from the comfort of your home or office.






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