Vitali-T-Aid by Naturade Review – Does It Really Work?

What Is Vitali-T-Aid?

Vitali-T-Aid, a popular testosterone booster from Naturade, has been in news for all the right reasons. Several scientific studies have shown that this supplement can boost your testosterone levels by almost 98% and can, in turn, lead to psychological well-being, euphoria, increased self-confidence, elevated energy levels, greater work capacity, reduction in body fat, high basal metabolic rate, and more lean muscle mass.

Recent statistics reveal that close to 50% of men suffer from poor body image. This can have a detrimental impact on both their physical and psychological health. One in four men over the age of 30 also have low testosterone levels, and most experts believe that the two issues are interlinked. While exercise and diet are important, they may not always produce the desired results.

Testosterone supplements can help such men immensely. You will notice a significant improvement in your overall quality of life. There are several options in the market today. You should take time to learn more about the product and understand the pros and cons before making an informed choice. Our review is aimed at helping you determine if this supplement is right for you.



Vitali-T-Aid is made by Naturade, a California based company that has been offering high quality, innovative, natural products since 1926. The company manufactures and distributes a wide selection of pharmaceuticals ranging from vitamins and supplements to skin care, hair care, and anti-aging products. It has helped millions of men overcome their deficiencies and regain self-confidence.

Naturade boasts of effective and well-defined quality control procedures and protocols that are integrated at every stage from product development and production to packaging and distribution. The company has a strong research team that works hard to create the right supplements with optimal ingredients. Its staff closely monitors the manufacturing process and ensures that all the products are maintained at an ideal temperature to help avoid degeneration and retain potency. Naturade has invested significant amount of time, money and resources to achieve perfection.

Naturade has been in business for almost hundred years and that speaks volumes about the quality of its products in general. It also provides great customer service. The company’s representatives are available to answer questions via phone and email during regular business hours, and they always respond within 24 to 48 hours.


How Vitali-T-Aid Works?

Vitali-T-Aid works by elevating free testosterone levels in your body. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a crucial role in the development of male reproductive organs. The steroid is produced naturally in the testes and the adrenal glands, and its production is regulated by the hypothalamus in the brain and by the pituitary gland. The hormone also plays an important role in energy metabolism. Increased testosterone levels will help your burn fat faster and acquire a lean physique.

Most men experience a decrease in testosterone levels with age. An adult male produces 2.5 to 11mg of the steroid hormone per day. However, the total testosterone levels can reduce at the rate of 1 percent per year in men over the age of 30. Researchers believe that testosterone acts by increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Apart from impacting your energy levels and body fat composition, it can also lower your confidence, competitiveness and ability to be dominant without being aggressive. Testosterone levels increase after exercise. However, scientists now believe that these elevated levels do not help improve muscle mass. This is where testosterone boosters can make a difference.

Vitali-T-Aid contains Testofen that increases free testosterone levels in your body without any side effects. The key ingredient of this supplement is derived from Fenugreek, and it acts like natural testosterone by binding to the corresponding receptors to produce the same impact on the body. Testofen works by boosting energy levels, increasing muscle strength, and promoting overall well-being. These claims from Naturade have been backed by some high quality scientific studies from reputed organizations.

Fenugreek extracts have been subjected to extensive research, and several studies have shown that it acts by blocking the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and published on the manufacturer’s website reveals that the supplement helps maintain healthy testosterone levels. In other clinical studies regarding Testofen, patients have reported 98 percent increase in testosterone levels.

The free testosterone can increase your muscle mass significantly and reduce recovery times after exercise. This increased endurance will help you workout almost everyday for a longer period of time. You will also notice faster results with the same amount of exercise. Apart from scientific studies, Testofen has been endorsed by many athletes and professional bodybuilders as well.


Ingredients of Vitali-T-Aid

The quality of every testosterone booster in the market will essentially depend on its ingredients. Naturade has, therefore, done extensive research and developed a product that helps increase your free testosterone levels without unwanted side effects. The company has also worked hard to combine various nutrients in the right amounts for best results.

The key ingredient of Vitali-T-Aid is Testofen. It contains Fenuside saponins extracted from Trigonellafoenum-graecum, also known as Fenugreek. Fenugreek is a herb native to the Mediterranean region and West Asia. It contains close to 100 medicinally valuable compounds. However, only Fenuside saponins have an impact of free testosterone levels. Hence, the compound is isolated with utmost care to avoid contaminants.

The supplement also contains other ingredients that may enhance physical stamina. Tribulus fruit extract also contributes to high testosterone levels. Ginseng root powder increases energy and stamina. Astragalus root extract improves circulation. Additionally, the supplement contains L-arginine that enhances blood flow to the penis and saw palmetto that promotes prostate health.

Other secondary ingredients include Gelatin , Microcrystalline Cellulose , Magnesium Stearate , Silicon Dioxide , FD&C Blue 1 (CI 42090) , Titanium Dioxide. These compounds are used for creating the capsular covering of the supplement and for preventing it from deteriorating. The research team at Naturade has put in a lot of effort to create a product with the perfect combination of ingredients. All the components work synergestically to produce the desired results.

This unique combination of ingredients differentiates Vitali-T-Aid from its competitors. The manufacturer recommends consumers to take two pills each day on an empty stomach for maximum benefit. It may have a real impact on your muscle strength, energy levels and fitness.

Testosterone boosters can disrupt the hormonal balance in your body. Some products have to side effects such as skin irritation, acne, change in growth patterns and male breasts. Naturade, however, did not report any side effects from its supplement.



One of the biggest advantages of Vitali-T-Aid is the parent company that manufactures the supplement. Naturade has been in business for close to 100 years and is known for quality products. It is one of the most trusted names in the pharmaceutical world, and that adds to the credibility of its testosterone booster as well.

Another factor that boosts the trustworthiness of this product is that the manufacturer lists all the ingredients on the label. Unlike some of the other supplements in the market, it appears that Naturade has nothing to hide. The list of ingredients also helps the consumers to make an informed choice. Individuals who are allergic to certain ingredients found in the supplement should choose to avoid it.

As per the manufacturer’s website, the impact of Testofen, the main ingredient of Vitali-T-Aid, on free testosterone levels has proven scientifically. Most customers feel comfortable using products that come with credible evidence. This is especially true for natural supplements that do not come under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and rarely get FDA approvals.

All manufacturers claim their products are safe and have been subjected to extensive quality control testing, and Naturade is no different. However, in this case, the product has already been tried by thousands of consumers across the country. You will find many reviews and testimonials online. Once you read them, you will be confident about your purchase.

Naturade has been selling products online for years. Hence, their sale process is very streamlined and safe. You can use your credit card with ease and expect the product to arrive on time. The product is also available at several top retailers that carry testosterone boosters and other fitness products.



While you will find multiple customer reviews regarding Vitali-T-Aid, the product does not appear to have specific certifications from reliable and authoritative agencies. You should, however, remember that the FDA does not certify or approve supplements. In fact, most testosterone boosters in the market do not include a specific certification.



I love this product. I have been trying to lose some fat and gain muscle for the last six months but did not notice a significant change. My friend recommended Vitali-T-Aid. I have been taking two pills a day for the last two months and already see a difference. This is definitely worth every cent I paid for it.

– Nathan. C., Phoenix, AZ

This is the best one out there! I have tried other testosterone boosters in the past. Although some of them helped me develop muscles, I always felt uncomfortable and bloated. This one really works, and I also feel good. Great product.

– Tim L., Sacramento, CA

I have been a fitness coach for over 10 years but I never recommended a supplement to my clients. Vitali-T-Aid is the only one. I tried it and saw an immediate difference. I now have several clients who have benefited from this product. All guys looking to build some muscle should try it.

– Jerry T., Beaverton, OR

Are you looking to build some serious muscle? This is the product for you! I have tried and so has my cousin. We both love it. Our gym instructor was blown away by the results. Now he is taking it and is asking everyone else to use it too. It’s definitely worth the price. None of my clients reported side effects.

– Sam P., Utah

Taking 2 pills on an empty stomach was difficult. I took 1 pill after my breakfast. I didn’t help me much. I’m not sure if it was because I did not follow the instructions or the product just doesn’t work. Nonetheless, I don’t think it’s for me. I’m also concerned about its long-term side effects. I will stick to exercise and diet for now.

– Conner, Belmont, Virginia


Awards & Media Coverage

As per a 2011 article published on, Testofen, the main component of Vitali-T-Aid, may help maintain normal healthy testosterone levels in men.

On the negative side, the Naturade testosterone booster is part of a 2014 testosterone class action lawsuit in which three California men have filed a case in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California that testosterone boosters with Testofen “have no effect on the male hormone levels.” In 2015, a federal panel denied a motion to centralize all the testosterone lawsuits.


Money-back Guarantee

There are many types of testosterone boosters in the market. You will also find other products that help build muscle mass and increase vitality. Many manufacturers offer full money-back guarantee to its customers. You can try the product for a certain period of time and come back for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Naturade, however, does not provide a money-back guarantee. It is, therefore, prudent to try the smallest available pack and avoid loosing a lot of money, especially if the supplement does not lead to the desired results. The company will refund all unopened packages within 30 days.



Naturade offers shipping within the United States but not outside the country. Your order will ship within one business day. The company charges a flat handling fee of $4.95 on all packages. Next day delivery is available at an additional cost. The exact price will be revealed when you checkout.

Apart from the Naturade store, you can buy Vitali-T-Aid at several local retailers. The shipping charges and the checkout process will then depend on the vendor. Understand the vendor’s policies before making the purchase.


Customer Support

Naturade is known for exceptional customer care. You can talk to service representative over the phone using a toll free number. The company also has a large social media footprint, and you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular sites. You can also read about the latest changes in Naturade products and policies on these sites.

The company’s service representatives are knowledgeable and experienced. They undergo extensive training before handling customer issues. The representatives can answer questions regarding the product and guide you through the sale process as well. You may contact them via phone or email during regular business hours. If you leave a message, they will get back to you within 48 hours.

You can also call the customer service representatives if your product was damaged during shipping. They will gladly re-ship it for you. Naturade will also provide refunds for unopened and undamaged products within 30 day of purchase with the receipt. If you bought the product at local store, contact the business for their return and refund policy.


Safe & Secure Checkout

You can purchase Vitali-T-Aid with ease at the manufacturer’s online store. The website is easy to navigate and includes a detailed description of the product. They accept all the popular credit cards. The checkout process appears simple. However, there is no indication that the website is being monitored by an independent security agency that helps prevent online fraud.

You may also choose to buy the supplement from other vendors and stores that offer Naturade products.Check the vendor’s website for additional information. Most top retailers have secure websites that are easy to navigate.


Vitali-T-Aid Pricing

A 60 pill bottle of this supplement will set you back by about $34.99 at the manufacturer’s online store. The company recommends taking 2 pills each morning on an empty stomach. The bottle is, therefore, equivalent to a month’s supply. The company website has a provision to enter a coupon code at the time of checkout. The coupon may bring down your price by a few dollars.

You may also purchase the testosterone booster from independent retailers. They may offer special deals from time to time along with free shipping. Look at multiple retailers, especially if you plan to buy more than a month’s worth of supplement.

There may be other testosterone boosters that are cheaper or are more expensive than the Naturade product. Each supplement comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. You must consider your requirements and priorities before making the purchase. Talk to the company’s service representatives if you have specific questions or concerns.






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