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Super T by Performix Review – Does It Work?

What Is Super T?

Super T is a male performance booster that allows for increased strength, endurance, and intensity. Through the 10 cutting edge ingredients present in this supplement, you can expect healthier testosterone levels. This is much better than your typical steroids because the ingredients are all natural. This allows for safer usage and better long-term results.

Most supplement users are afraid of the side effects that occur due to more man-made ingredients. You’ll find that these supplements are easier on the body in this supplement. You’ll also see that you can get long-lasting effects that benefit your health overall.

Testosterone levels vary in men from the ages of 18-70. However, this is a great supplement to ensure you get enough testosterone, and it helps the intensity of your workouts. You need a surefire method to boost your strength, muscle mass, and energy levels. Super T gives you all of these necessary elements to really enhance your capabilities.

Improve your lifestyle by taking these tablets on a daily basis. These American made supplements will help to form a better and healthier living standard to put you back in your prime. Take a look below at where the products are made.



Super T is actually created in Denver, Colorado. It’s a product of the United States, but it sells nationally and internationally. This is perfect for those overseas who still want some of American bodybuilding tactics.


How Super T Works?

By taking three of these futuristic looking supplements a day with each meal, you’ll see the results in a matter of weeks. The Super T formula gets absorbed by the body and increases your testosterone levels. This is very important because low testosterone levels leaves you susceptible to everything from aging to heart disease. The all-natural supplement will help you keep you free from these radical agents and turn your body into a force to be reckoned with!

Boost your energy and your stamina to perform high intensity workouts as well as keep a fulfilling lifestyle outside of the gym. It’s not just about being ripped, but really enjoying your life as a whole. You’ll build more confidence and feel better about yourself, which is more important than the byproduct (gaining strength and endurance).

Additionally, this supplement contains a few elements such as Furosap (made with patented technology to help naturally support testosterone levels) and ZX3 (a combination of different Zinc elements that aid in the process of protein synthesis). These are just a few extracts that are available in this tablet. Here’s a list below on some of the main ingredients included in the Super T formula.


Ingredients of Super T

This supplement is comprised of quality ingredients to really give your body what it needs to prosper. Not only does it boost your testosterone levels, but it aids in a lot of things that will keep your body in tip-top shape. Here are some of the main ingredients in Super T:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Tribulus Alatus
  • Fenugreek
  • Epimedium
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Maca
  • DIM (Diindolymethane)
  • Bioperine

It’s very important to get adequate calcium amounts of Vitamin D3 in the bloodstream to help prevent osteoporosis. You need to make sure your bones have a strong structure. Why? Well, when it comes to lifting heavy objects, your body can break down a lot easier. Having the right calcium level affects the way your heart, muscles, and nerves function. Ultimately, you’ll find that your body can’t perform as strongly due to deficiency in Vitamin D. This formula helps you gain some of your daily requirement of Vitamin D. Please get additional sources from dairy foods as well as adequate sunlight.

Intense workouts put a lot of stress on your bones, so you need to make sure that you have a strong bone structure. Also, you need to absorb more calcium in your bloodstream to help make your muscles a lot richer. This is just one of the ways Super T can help you achieve your fitness goals. Vitamin B6 is absolutely vital for muscle building. Vitamin B6 helps you increase your energy production and protein metabolism. The body needs good energy reserves to get through strenuous activity. When it comes to packing on pounds and lifting weight, you need that extra support to help you breakthrough your plateaus.

Also, you need a way to metabolize protein properly in order to get the right amount distributed evenly to your muscles. A lack of protein to the muscle creates starvation to your muscle tissue. In other words, your muscles won’t get replenished and it’ll create a backwards affect as you burn through muscle instead of growing it. Super T is great for giving you some Vitamin B6 supplementation. However, it’s important to eat the right foods regularly from different meat, dairy, and vegetable sources to get adequate Vitamin B intake. This way you’ll have a well-rounded diet on top of being able to absorb more vitamins in your bloodstream.

If you are experiencing low testosterone levels, Zinc is a way to rapidly increase this in your stream. It’s very important to have good levels because you need it for your health and it brings out more in you when you’re active. Please be sure to include it into your diet because the body doesn’t necessarily store Zinc on its own. One of the main reasons why you want to use Zinc for fitness is due to adequate cell repairs. When you go to the gym, you are creating wear and tear on the muscle. We constantly produce stress on the muscular system depending on the level of activity. Zinc is very useful for creating new cells to repair the tissue.

This rapid muscle tissue repair is essentially not only for muscle growth, but creating a cycle to constantly develop lean muscle. You’ll find that you can start getting better workouts that continue to challenge your body. As a result, you’ll see muscle development at a quicker rate. Tribulus Alatus is an incredible testosterone level booster with many functions. It is an exotic kind of plant that comes from the Sahara Desert and different parts of the Middle East. It has some extraordinary properties that serve your body well.

Due to its anabolic herbal presence, it’s a great workout booster. You’ll be able to last longer with your workouts due to the increase energy level, strength, and aggression stemming from this extract. All men have a performance drive, but this enhances it to another level. This is one of the better extracts out there to increase your workout proficiency. You’ll feel the natural energy increase immediately, and really step up your entire workout regimen for long term muscle growth.

If you want to exceed your current fitness level, Fenugreek is what you need to take you to higher place. The benefits from this extract include: increased endurance, strength, and testosterone levels. These are all great elements to help you produce better muscle gaining results. Different athletes and bodybuilders noticed a considerable amount of energy released using this extract. This has helped them meet particular muscle mass and fitness goals much quicker. Fenugreek is a diamond in the rough because it’s an element that helps you cut down on body fat and keep lean muscle while you build.

Epimedium is another element that’s great for a couple of reasons: helps maintain blood flow and nitric oxide levels, which forms lean muscle mass. You’ll get a natural energy boost for your activities due to Epimedium being a great enhancer. This affects you in a few ways. First of all, maintaining blood flow is very important during your workout. If you push the body too hard, it’ll fatigue or pass out from exhaustion. You need something that will keep your body energized throughout your strenuous activity. The feeling of enervation is never a good sign while putting your muscle through a tiring session.

Bodybuilders have boasted increased stamina during workouts. Also, athletes that participate in more cardio activity have noticed they can run longer and harder. Epimedium serves a number of purposes for the fitness aficionado. You’ll be able to enhance your testosterone levels and your energy. This extract works well especially for you if you’re past you prime. Your peak age is 25, so this could be a great way to help rejuvenate your body.

As you get older, different ailments like stress come into play, which affects your lifestyle. You’ll be able to reduce this by taking this extract to put more into your fitness, increase your endurance, and overall strength. In addition, you’ll normalize your sleeping habits and begin reducing body fat. Your workouts will become more fulfilling and you’ll get back into shape like you did years back.

The main thing that makes Maca great is the staying power you get from taking this extract. You need to endure more during your workouts to really get the results you desire. Overcome your fatigue and keep pushing yourself more in your training sessions. Fatigue is prone happen no matter what the shape of the person. However, this supplement is great for keeping you ahead of the game in building your strength and energy. You’ll need this along with a great diet and exercise to maximize your goals.

DIM (Diindolymethane)is actually a good way to create hormonal balance in your system. Also, you’ll increase your metabolism and be able to break down nutrients better in the vegetables you eat. Of course, vegetables help inflammation in the body, which is usually caused from stress or intensive exercise.

If you’re a bodybuilder or athlete, you may want to stack DIM with an additional supplement to get premium results. Absorbing more nutrients in the stream will help your body become more fulfilled, and it won’t desire eating into your muscle capacity. This will create a more efficient way of building muscle, so you get everything you need at once. Bioperine is a very unique element to your bodybuilding repertoire because there are properties that helps your immune system cope with foreign substances. However, this is mainly used for absorbing nutrients like different vitamins and minerals. It’s tough on your body to get everything it needs. Eating well is how you get the bulk of your nutrients, but these things deplete when you’re a lot more active. It’s not stored, it’s used immediately to keep your body in balance. A good element like Bioperine will keep you on track for an overall healthy living standard. Also, if you stack with another supplement, the Bioperine acts as a catalyst to help absorb them better.



You’re at an advantage because Super T uses natural elements, which means better body absorption. Additionally, safety is not an issue, so you won’t have to experience any horrible side effects while taking this supplement. Another advantage is you’ll boost your testosterone due to a lot of elements in the formula. This will make everything easier from building muscle mass, increasing stamina, and enduring longer workouts.

The better your body can absorb nutrients, the more efficiently it runs. This goes outside of just building muscle and feeling great, but it’s your health at stake. The best way to use Super T is by eating a well-rounded diet. By eating the wrong things, the body becomes inflamed and it’s hard to really absorb the good things about food.

That’s why certain elements in this supplement help protect your digestive system and immune system. The immune system doesn’t just protect from sickness, but any kind of invasive force that comes about even in the foods you eat.

This is an important supplement because it helps you decrease your fatigue. The human body can only take so much without really breaking down. You need to reinforce your body by providing necessary elements to keep it active and ready for battle (your workouts). With all of these different factors helping your body, you’ll increase its strength and endurance. This type of ground work will make your workouts effective for a long time. Also, you’ll continue to repeat the process of breaking down your muscle fibers and rebuilding them again in a short recovery time.



Currently, there are no certifications for Super T. The product is still pretty under radar, and is a niche supplement used by bodybuilders and athletes for performance enhancing reasons.



There aren’t very many testimonies from an objective point of view due to the newness of the product. The testimonials that are available aren’t very lengthy or detailed. However, one reviewer says that those experiencing low testosterone levels should give Super T a crack.


Awards & Media Coverage

Super T is still fairly new to the online market, so it’s on a few sites. However, there is no real media coverage and promotion to back up claims to a mainstream audience. Bodybuilders and athletes are the main people that cater to this niche.


Money-back Guarantee

For the Super T seller, money-back only applies to unopened boxes. Otherwise, they will not accept the return. You have 7 days to return the unopened boxes of this formula. However, one seller boasts a 30-day money back guarantee supplement is repackaged in the original packaging, whereas unused/used portion of the product must be in good condition, and all the paperwork and accessories must be in order. An exception to this rule is that they won’t accept a refund if you have a membership through their site and received a price reduction.



It truly varies when shipping these products out. If you want these products shipped out in a matter of a few days like the normal cycle, it’s $5.97. However, 1 or 2 shipping costs easily double that original pricing. Military personnel also receive a little discount on shipping.

Additionally, shipping is only done on business days. If you’ve ordered an item on a weekend or a Federal holiday, it will not be sent out until the next available business day. Please be sure to order during the allotted days, so you don’t miss out on your product.


Customer Support

You can inquire through email, telephone or live chat regarding any questions or concerns you want addressed. The best thing to do for an email inquiry is to provide your name and order ID to make things a lot easier. This way the customer service rep already has an idea of what you need. Everything should be seamless from the email to the response.


Safe & Secure Checkout

You won’t need to worry about security when making any online transactions from the seller’s website. A bad hacker can really mess things up especially for your experience buying online. Luckily, you’ll have a Norton security logo with SSL to show that it’s secure.

The buying process is not very hard either, because you can choose to create an account or simply go straight to checkout. This saves you a lot of time, as you may just want a one-time deal. Rather than being pestered into a full account, you can buy the item and just submit your information for an immediate purchase.


Super T Pricing

The price of this product varies in a few factors. For example, if you wanted to purchase the product straight up, then the cost would be $149.99 for 78 capsules. Also, the price increases to $199.99 for the 120 capsule bottle.

However, you can also get a membership card for a small fee, and get a price reduction on products purchased. On top of the pricing, you’ll get emails on different products and exclusive discounts that will help you save a lot of money.






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