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Formula 41 Extreme Review – Does It Work or It’s a Scam?

What Is Formula 41 Extreme?

Formula 41 Extreme is a muscle building and enhancing supplement to aid men in achieving better fitness and bodybuilding results, improve their sports performance, and build more muscles by increasing their natural testosterone levels. This supplement is a collection of organic ingredients, each with natural abilities to enhance and speed the process of building muscle, stamina, and strength. The ingredients in this supplement are specifically formulated for men, and contain a proprietary blend of the most potent performance enhancing herbs, roots, and plants from all over the world.

The Effects of Formula 41 Extreme



This organic and natural male muscle enhancement supplement company is owned by a corporation called the Shopstop LLC. The business is located in the community of Farmingdale, New York. The company was registered on July 16, 2014 by the agency The Limited Liability Company, which is also located in Farmingdale, New York.


How Formula 41 Extreme Works?

Formula 41 is a combination of a number of highly effective all natural and organic plant, root, and herb ingredients which when introduced to the male body, will expand muscle tissue, increase blood-flow, increase the testosterone level, increase the dopamine level, and encourage the growth of vital new blood vessels in the muscles. The growth of these new vessels allows additional blood flow to be delivered directly to the muscles of the body, thus increasing the amount of oxygen that is absorbed and resulting in increased muscle mass as well as a noticeable rise in strength and energy. Many of the crucial ingredients in Formula 41 Extreme have unique properties that allow for the opening and increased flow of blood vessels of the body, which encourages the creation of new blood vessels and increases healthy blood flow to developing muscles. This increased blood flow allows the working muscles to absorb more vital oxygen, thus increasing their size in mass, stamina, and strength.

Formula 41 Extreme – How It Works?


Ingredients of Formula 41 Extreme

The muscle enhancing properties of this supplement come from the unique and proprietary combination of such natural ingredients as L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, Maca Root, and Muira Puama. Each of these unique and rare all natural ingredients adds their own individual benefits which are specific to the health and muscle building properties for bodybuilders, sports athletes, weightlifters, and health enthusiasts such as:

L-Arginine – This ingredient is a naturally occurring amino acid which is essential in the production of proteins within the body to aid in the formation and building of large muscle groups. This ingredient in the Formula 41 Extreme supplement increases blood flow, improves the healing ability of the body, and improves athletic performance and endurance.

The L-Arginine & Tribulus Terrestris in Formula 41 Extreme

Tribulus Terrestris – The fruits and roots of this exclusive and rare ingredient are responsible for the increase in the blood flow of the athlete’s body, which triggers the release of a tremendous amount of free testosterone into the body and increases the strength and stamina of the athlete, while at the same time it provides protection to the function of other vital internal organs such as the kidneys.

Tongkat Ali – This natural oriental herb is grown in the center of Eastern China where it is aged to perfection before being released for use in the aid of boosting the energy levels, raising concentration and stamina levels, and increasing the performance endurance of the athlete, bodybuilder, or physical fitness enthusiast.

Maca Root – Grown and cultivated in the tropical country of Peru, this incredible plant resembles a common turnip, but it actually is a member of the broccoli family which is responsible for raising the testosterone levels of men who take this ingredient.

Tongkat Ali & Maca Root in Formula 41 Extreme

Muira Puama – This athletic and psychologically performance enhancing ingredient (also known as Potency Wood) from Brazil, is responsible for the creation of a clear mind, superior focus, and will contribute as an anti-depressant in the men who ingest this ingredient as a supplement to their physical exercise program.

The Muira Puama in Formula 41 Extreme

Wild Ginseng – Dug by hand from the soil in the mountains of Central United States, this natural root is full of all natural and organic properties which have been known to enhance memory, increase immunities, heighten athletic performance, and contribute as an anti-depressant for the men who ingest this naturally healthy ingredient, as it has for athletes for centuries.

Other equally important ingredients which make up the proprietary blend of the Formula 41 Extreme supplement such as American Wild Ginseng, Orchic Substance, Oyster Extract, Licorice, Oat Straw, and Nettle Extract also offer unmatched beneficial properties, which affect the oxygen flow, muscle mass, endurance, self-esteem, and the healing properties of the male physique. These ingredients each contain individual and specific properties which include:

American Wild Ginseng – This root is responsible for many aspects of this performance enhancing supplement such as increased focus and memory, better digestion, and an increase in physical abilities.

Orchic Substance – This ingredient has unique properties that increase the muscle mass in men by increasing tissue density.

Oyster Extract – High in zinc, Oyster Extract is effective in boosting the mood enhancing dopamine levels due to the release of free testosterone and increase in blood flow in the men who ingest this extract.

Licorice – This tasty ingredient enhances the growth of tissue due to the increase of free testosterone and male hormones in this testosterone booster.

Oat Straw – This ingredient contains key healing properties which affect the blood vessels of the body by repairing damaged areas and promoting new growth of vessels for increased oxygenation of the blood and muscles.

Nettle Extract – This potent and organic plant is native to western Asia and Africa with a flavor that is somewhat like that of spinach, and contains vital minerals and vitamins such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. This bodybuilding supplement also contains properties which aid in the digestive system and the lower urinary tract.
When combined together, all of these ingredients form a supplement that will increase mass, bulk up muscle, elevate positive attitudes, and ultimately enhance physical performance as a result of the added testosterone and increased oxygen saturation and absorption in the blood.

A buffy guy showing an exercise for the back



Formula 41 Extreme is 100% natural supplement created from some of the rarest and most beneficial bodybuilding herbs and muscle building ingredients on Earth for male muscle enhancement. Many of these ingredients cannot be found in other muscle enhancing products. With a 90-day money back guarantee, there is no risk to adding this muscle building and testosterone-boosting supplement to a daily workout regime.

The Growth by Using Formula 41 Extreme



The unique combination of this proprietary blend of herbs, roots, and plants has proven effective and notable among the health product community, winning the award for “The Best Male Enhancement Product of 2014.” This blend of ingredients in this muscle-building supplement has also earned the award for “Breakout Brand of the Year in 2015.” Proven to be effective and beneficial as a bodybuilding supplement, the Formula 41 Extreme has also been named one of “The Best New Inventions of 2015.”

The Awards of Formula 41 Extreme



A product with these potent muscle building ingredients and performance enhancing properties is sure to have a great number of positive reviews from men who have benefited from the increased muscle, stamina, and endurance. Most of the reviews of the men actively taking this supplement convey that they receive incredible results from taking Formula 41 Extreme to increase their physical performance with claims like:

Been using Formula 41 for 4 weeks now and I like it a lot. This is such a great product. Took a short time for the ingredients to kick in, but now it’s working awesome. It has not been long, but my muscles have gotten bigger faster than they ever have before. With results like this, I will be kicking my brother’s ass in our next arm wrestling match-no doubt. – Tom R.

I received my order 3 weeks ago with definite plans to buy more. The results I achieved on the field after taking this supplement were great and I want to maintain them. My mental alertness, energy level, and endurance have all hit the roof. I don’t know how I made it before I found this miracle supplement. Thank you for getting me off the bench and in the game full time. – Ryan T.

I received my order a couple of days ago and I have not noticed any results in the growth of my muscles. I am sending back the rest of the product and I am gonna just keep to no muscle builders and hope for good results. – Paul M.

I had reached a point in my lifting where I couldn’t seem to build up any more muscle. Being involved in competitive bodybuilding, I need to find ways to continue to improve and increase my muscle strength and definition. A couple of weeks ago one of the guys at the gym suggested that I try Formula 41 Extreme, so I ordered some. I began taking it immediately. After only a few days, I could already notice an increase in my energy level. Within two weeks I have begun to notice a considerable rise in the amount of time I can spend in the gym and the mirror shows off the extra muscle that is building in my arms and chest. Thanks for inventing such a great product and I will be placing my next order right away! – Ricky L.

This is the best muscle building and performance enhancing solution in a supplement form. I can’t believe how much easier it is to just take a couple of pills verses my other regimen of creating home juices and concoctions in my blender. The results I’m getting are better than any I had before and I plan to keep on using this natural supplement to keep up my performance level until I am old and gray! – Gary W.

Although there is unfortunately always someone who ends up unhappy with a product, the past and current users of the Formula 41 Extreme supplements are overwhelmingly posting positive reviews of this unique blend of natural ingredients.


Money-back Guarantee

There is a 90-day money back guarantee when men purchase this testosterone-boosting product. If for any reason the athlete does not experience an increase in muscle, stamina, performance, or endurance equivalent to their expectations, they can simply send the empty bottle or unused portion back to the company within 90 days of purchasing. The customer returning the product will receive 100% of the original purchase amount back, with the exception of the cost of shipping.



Formula 41 Extreme is available for shipping to men worldwide who are looking to increase their athletic potential, build muscle, boost stamina, and increase their self-esteem. The low cost of this product comes with an equally low cost for shipping; this wonder product is shipped at a very low $6.95. Canadian residents who order this bodybuilding and testosterone-boosting supplement will need to allow an additional two weeks for customs requirements before delivery to their address can be complete.


Customer Support

The friendly and informed customer support associates at Formula 41 Extreme are professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. Regardless of the nature of your concern causing you to use the free 800 number, there is a live operator who will address your needs quickly and with minimal hassle to you. Live operators are standing by on the free 800 line to immediately answer any and all questions or concerns customers may have concerning the order, the delivery, the ingredients, or in the rare instance of the return of the product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When purchasing the Formula 41 Extreme, the checkout process is as simple, safe, and secure as it can possibly be for the customer. All transactions are private and securely coded to ensure the highest standard of financial safety and personal information is never shared with other parties or websites. Place an order for this product simply by choosing the quantity of months of supply desired, fill out the address and shipping information, fill in the essential and required billing information, and finish by clicking on the area labeled “submit order.”


Formula 41 Extreme Pricing

Pricing for the Formula 41 Extreme supplement starts at a very low $44.95 for a one-month supply of bodybuilding supplement pills. Buyers will delight in the significant savings and bonus products which they receive when they purchase this supplement in the three ($79.95) or six month ($119.95) supplies. When men purchase the three-month supply, it comes with two free bottles of the supplement; the six month supply (increased from the previous bonus of a five month supply) comes with four free bottles of this incredible muscle and self-esteem boosting natural supplement of herbs, roots, and plants.

The Three Options Regarding Formula 41 Extreme






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