ExtenZe by Biotab Nutraceuticals Review – What Is The Truth Behind The Product?

What Is ExtenZe?

ExtenZe is a supplement designed for men – its main goal is to boost testosterone, and it contains many ingredients that have been proven to do so. Some ingredients have been proven in clinical trials, others have been used in folk and traditional medicines for hundreds of years, and still others are in experimental phases but are said to be effective by many users.

ExtenZe doesn’t just boost testosterone, though – it contains a blend of ingredients that stimulate metabolism, aid in converting food and fat to energy, and help you get lean while you’re adding muscle. This combination of effects makes this supplement ideal for a pre-workout boost, a recovery aid, and an all-around supplement to help you get through the day.

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This supplement is manufactured by a company called Biotab Nutraceuticals that exclusively makes ExtenZe, including different versions of it (ExtenZe shots and ExtenZe for women are two examples). This has its advantages. First, this company is devoted to selling this blend in many forms, so chances are that it’s working for some people. Second, when you call or e-mail to ask questions, it’s very likely that you’ll get a customer representative who knows what he or she is talking about. When representatives only have to know about one product (as opposed to having to know about hundreds at larger supplement stores), you’ll get more detailed information that helps you make purchase decisions, troubleshoot issues, and more.

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How ExtenZe Works?

ExtenZe is a supplement that works on a number of different levels. First, many of its agents have been proven to increase testosterone in the body, and still others are still being studied but show promise. For instance, this supplement contains two ingredients that are precursors to steroid hormones. Since testosterone is a steroid hormone, these ingredients are providing the user with some of the necessary ingredients to make more testosterone in the body.

Others help to build more muscle, as well as boost testosterone in the process. These ingredients take a variety of forms. One is L-Arginine, an amino acid found in a large number of testosterone boosters. This ingredient has been proven in many studies,, including one research study that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. While not all muscle-building ingredients have this kind of scientific support, many herbal additions to ExtenZe have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. One was even endorsed by a champion bodybuilder.

Still other ingredients are added to help you burn fat and lean out as you simultaneously bulk up. Many of these are herbal and have been proven to boost metabolism. Others, including some B-vitamins, are well known for helping convert food efficiently to energy.

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Lastly, several included ingredients are adaptogens, which can help your body deal with stress. This stress could be that of an especially grueling workout or of an especially frustrating week at work. Keeping stress levels lower is important to leaning out and bulking up. The stress hormone cortisol can cause weight gain over time, and getting more rest will aid in the muscle growth and recovery process.

Having all of these effects in one supplement means that ExtenZe is a good choice as an all-around supplement for both days at the gym and days on the job. Although the list of ingredients may seem daunting, including them all creates a more complete – and more unique – testosterone booster.


Ingredients of ExtenZe

The Ingredients of ExtenZeExtenZe is a supplement that has a very wide ingredient profile. This offers you plenty of advantages as the user – you will be able to support healthy energy, vitality and better performance whether strength training or doing cardio. The ingredients are as follows:

Tribulus Terrestris

This may be one of the most popular herbal ingredients in testosterone boosters. It has a long history of being used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike – many bodybuilders will use it to help level out testosterone after a course of anabolic steroids. Tribulus Terrestris really got famous in the 1970s, when IFBB champion Jeffrey Petermann said that it was instrumental in his muscle-building routine.

However, while anecdotal evidence and tradition may support this unique herb, the fact is that little research substantiates those claims. While the studies that have been done thus far have not been able to corroborate its supposed ability to boost testosterone and add more muscle, it is possible that new research may validate the claims of its users.


DHEA is a precursor to your body’s hormone production system. Taking it is taking the raw materials – or at least some of them – that you need to build testosterone. In addition, DHEA reduces cortisol, a stress hormone that can cause obesity and/or weight gain in times of extended stress. It also can boost your immune system and work against auto-immune diseases.

Velvet Bean Extract

The Velvet Bean is a fuzzy bean that grows on trees. It has historically had an impressive range of healing powers. It’s an adaptogen, meaning that it helps your body adjust to and tolerate stress without causing an increase in cortisol production.

It also supports muscle growth, deepens sleep, and can elevate mood. All of these things are important if you want to cut fat and gain muscle. Obviously, muscle growth is a desired effect. But most muscle building and repair happens during sleep. When you sleep deeper, you’ll build muscle more effectively than before, and a boosted attitude can help give you the energy to power through difficult workouts.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

GABA is an amino acid. We all know that amino acids are necessary to health and that they are the precursors to proteins. However, GABA is known to promote more HGH, or human growth hormone, in the body. This is good news to those who have been wanting a bit of a boost in their muscle growth.


Niacin is an essential B vitamin. The B vitamins promote myriad processes in the body, and they also support muscle growth. In addition, Niacin is a thermogenic, meaning it can cause the body to produce more heat. This burns more calories and can help those who want to cut fat. Because Niacin assists in converting fat to energy, it can help you lose fat while making the most of your nutrition.

Tongkat Ali

This herb is also known as Longjack, and it is rumored to support and elevate testosterone levels. Conclusive studies on humans have not been conducted, but studies on rodents have confirmed that taking Tongkat Ali can in fact raise testosterone levels. However, there are plenty of people who will attest to the fact that for many, this is an essential tool for serious bodybuilders.


Yohimbine is somewhat exotically named, and for good reason – it comes from the bark of the yohimbe tree, an African plant. Yohimbine is primarily used for dropping fat and increasing energy. It’s a stimulant that many bodybuilders use when they need to get cut fast. For some, though, it can cause dizziness and an increased heart rate or raised blood pressure. It can also cause nausea, but this can be easily dealt with by taking the supplement with food.


Like GABA, this is a precursor to many of the body’s steroid hormones. When you take it along with the other extracts in ExtenZe, you will be providing your body the raw materials it needs to make more testosterone naturally. Pregnenolone is also used to treat a variety of skin disorders, fatigue, depression, and other conditions. Though it looks promising, there hasn’t been enough research to verify or disprove the efficacy of using it as a supplement.

Massive chest and shoulders

Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is believed to help boost your general energy, and including it in a testosterone booster like this one can help give you the edge you need to complete workouts. Some types of ginseng allegedly enhance athletic performance, but the few studies that have been conducted on this show contradictory results. With time, it is likely that more research will be able to illustrate how Ginseng helps the body.


This amino acid is probably one of the most common elements in testosterone boosters. It is also seen in Nitric Oxide boosters, as it is a precursor to NO. When you take L-Arginine, you are able to work out harder because the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles becomes much more efficient. When your muscles are more efficient, you can do more reps and/or more weight, which leads to faster muscle gains. If you want to drop fat, you probably know that cardio is key. L-Arginine can enhance your performance and make it easier to run/bike/swim/play tennis, etc. for longer periods of time and at higher intensities. When you add muscle, your testosterone will likely increase. Increased testosterone will lead to greater muscle gains, so you’ll be able to benefit from the cycle of both.


Every man has some estrogen, but too much can make it hard to lose fat and can otherwise get in the way of your training program. Chrysin is a supplement that can work as an estrogen suppressor. You’ll still have the small amount of estrogen you need to function properly, but when you block the excess, you’ll find it easier to maintain a lean, strong physique. Taking an estrogen blocker when you are also boosting testosterone makes sense, as you don’t want the extra testosterone converted to estrogen.

Cnidium Extract

This herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Though it has many uses, it can be used for bodybuilding. This is because it is believed to increase levels of testosterone. It can sometimes increase energy, which is another crucial facet in getting lean and cut. Cnidium is not as well known as some of the other available herbal testosterone boosters, so it may be a good alternative for those who have demonstrated sensitivity to the available others or who have found that other herbal testosterone boosters are not as effective as they would have liked them to be.

Damiana Extract

Damiana is another of the less-often used testosterone boosters. Early studies have suggested that it can block the synthesis of estrogen. However, more studies on humans, as opposed to lab studies, are needed to determine whether it will work in the body. It has been used in traditional medicine, though, so there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support its efficacy as a testosterone booster and a promoter of a lean physique.

Muira Puama Extract

This plant extract is one of the lesser-known testosterone boosters. Though tradition has suggested that it raises testosterone levels, no medical research has indicated that it does anything beneficial for testosterone levels. However,there are almost never side effects, so it’s worth it to have this herb in your testosterone booster just to see if it works for you.

Astragalus Extract

This herbal extract is said to reduce fatigue and support energy. It’s used as a general tonic as well. However, there has been no research confirming that it has any effect on the body at all. Some users have observed that it seems to act as an immune system strengthening agent. This suggests that Astragalus may be an adaptogen, or an agent that helps the body successfully adapt to new changes and challenges without suffering undue consequences.

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This supplement has several advantages. As mentioned earlier, it has ingredients that boost testosterone, build muscle, boost metabolism/help you drop fat, and reduce stress and its negative effects on the body. Many testosterone boosters have only a few of these ingredients. When you have an ingredient profile as broad as that of ExtenZe, you increase the chances that there is at least one that will work for you. In addition, ExtenZe is much cheaper than many boosters on the market, despite the fact that it contains many more ingredients than virtually every testosterone booster on the market.

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Although ExtenZe does not yet have any awards or certificates, one of its ingredients (L-Arginine) was central to a study that won a Nobel Prize. There are, however, many testimonials from users who have found success with it.



Here’s what some satisfied customers are saying:

Jake, 31, Charlottesville, VA:

When I started researching how to boost my testosterone and get ripped, I was overwhelmed by all the options! Buying them all sounds exhausting, but thankfully, I found ExtenZe. It combines them all so I don’t have to. Plus, after only haven taken it for a month, I already feel so much better and more energetic. Definitely a keeper.

Daniel, 20, Sterling Heights, MI:

I wanted to bulk up but it was hard because I’m skinny. My gym buddy has this and said that it worked. I wasn’t so sure, but I tried it just to prove him wrong and shut him up. I ended up loving it, though! When i look in the mirror, I can see more definition than I’ve ever seen. I have so much more energy – I can work out longer, too, which makes me feel kind of invincible.

Seth, 41, Phoenix, AZ:

The older you get the more your testosterone drops, or at least that’s what I’ve always heard. I was definitely feeling my age a couple years ago. I didn’t get my testosterone checked, but I had all the symptoms. I picked ExtenZe to try out because of the guarantee and because it was affordable. I got more than I paid for and worked off my beer gut, improved all my lifts, and started running half marathons. What a transformation! I’m so happy I tried it.

Randy, 54, Topeka, KS:

All the guys at the gym think I’m old. And I am old and I know it, but I want to lift like I’m younger. I sort of went through a ton of testosterone boosters before I found this one. But damn, does it work! I can finally show up those smug little frat boys – I can out-bench them all. It feels good to be 54 years young.

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Money-back Guarantee

ExtenZe does not have a free trial program, but it does offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, you may place a call to customer service and request a refund. In most cases, the $5.95 shipping and handling charge will not be refunded.



Shipping costs $5.95 for each order, and each order is a 30-day supply of ExtenZe. This shipping fee is fairly standard in the industry.


Customer Support

The makers of this supplement offer plenty of customer service options. If you need to contact customer service, you may send an e-mail or contact them by phone.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying things online can be stressful for many people, partly because they worry about information being stolen, sold, leased, or given away. When you buy this supplement, though, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Checkout is completely safe, and your information will not be shared with any other person or organization.


ExtenZe Pricing

ExtenZe costs $59.95 per 30-day supply, making it a bit less expensive than most testosterone boosters. This fee does not include shipping.

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