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Winsol (Winstrol) Review – Does It Work?

What Is Winsol (Winstrol)?

Winsol, or Winstrol is an anabolic supplement used by athletes and bodybuilders around the world to enhance their performance, their physical strength and their physiques. Winsol, unlike many androgenic steroids, is suitable for use by both women and men. This anabolic compound is used during cutting cycles to build strength and retain quality muscle gains needed to build the perfect beach-ready bodies.

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How Does It Work?

Winsol is a combination of proprietary ingredients that helps incinerate fat stores while retaining hard earned muscle mass during a cutting cycle. Cutting cycles are meant to burn off excess water weight and body fat gained during a bulking cycle. Winstrol is specially formulated to speed up the body’s metabolism in order to effectively and efficiently burn off water and fat, leaving behind hard, lean muscle mass.

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Winstrol is subject to non-medically supervised off-label use by some athletes for its anabolic properties frequently presenting with concomitant reduction of body fat. Stanozolol is a modified derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and thus not aromatized to oestrogens via the aromatase class of enzymes (see chemical structure to right). – Wikipedia


When to Use It?

For maximum results, Winsol is best used during a cutting cycle with your cutting diet and workout regimen. Cutting diets means cutting calories, which can sometimes mean losses in lean muscle if not done with the proper supplements. With Winsol, muscle is protected from being used for energy in the absence of calories; instead, with Winstrol, the stored body fat is metabolized for energy instead of the muscle. This is how pro athletes and bodybuilders shred body fat and retain rock hard, lean muscle mass. A cutting or strength cycle is the best time to use Winstrol.

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The primary benefit to using Winsol as your cutting supplement is the amount of body fat that you can trim away when using it. Subcutaneous (under the skin) fat sits between the muscle and the skin. A lot of fat can mask or hide muscles altogether. With a cutting supplement like Winstrol, that subcutaneous fat is eliminated, revealing the muscles you worked so hard to build. This is where muscle definition takes on a whole new meaning. Another issue with bulking is the excess water weight you gain when bulking. Winsol takes care of that too, helping you shed excess water gain and body fat which results in nothing left but lean, quality, dense muscle which is why we work out in the first place! You will notice when cutting with Winstrol an increase in strength, power, performance and lean muscle retention. You will feel energized and your endurance will be there when you need it for those longer, harder and more intense lifting workouts. With more muscle and less fat, you will be ready for the next competition or just ready to look great on the beach.

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Commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders alike to lose fat while retaining lean body mass. It is usually used in a “cutting or leaning out” cycle, to help preserve lean body mass while metabolizing adipose. – Wikipedia

How to Use It?

Winsol does not need to be injected to be at maximum effectiveness. Administered orally (by mouth) Winstrol comes in a 90 capsule bottle. For optimum results, take one capsule three times a day with meals, even on non-work out days. On work out days, take one capsule of Winsol 30-45 minutes prior to working out. You will definitely feel the difference the first time you work out with Winstrol, as your energy and endurance will sky rocket and you will be able to put in longer, harder workouts. This makes the most of the time you spend in the gym, making work outs efficient and so much more effective. For maximum results in your cutting cycle, take Winstrol for two months. The dosing recommendation is 2 months on, 1.5 weeks off between cycles.

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Why Choose Winsol (Winstrol)?

If you are looking for a supplement that promotes fat loss while retaining lean muscle mass during a cutting cycle, then Winsol is your go to supplement. This versatile compound can be used for weight loss associated with body fat, it gets rid of excess water stored in your body that can cause bloating, it gives you extra pump in the gym with increased energy and you can work out longer and harder with enhanced endurance. As far as cutting and strength supplements go, Winstrol is one of the best and most popular among professional bodybuilders and is gaining recognition in gyms around the world as fitness buffs discover the amazing properties of this formula.

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“Stacking” is a term used in the bodybuilding industry that refers to the use of more than one anabolic supplement at a time, or a combination of supplements used together. Experts in the bodybuilding arena will tell you if you find two or more compounds that work well by themselves, you should consider stacking them for even more potency and more dramatic and noticeable results. One benefit to using the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stacks is that all of the products are 100% safe and do not cause any negative or unwanted side effects like anabolic, androgenic injectable steroids can have. This means that your post cycle therapy and recovery compounds are a lot more simple and do not need to be a pharmaceutical grade prescription PCT as is needed with less safe AAS steroids. Winsol stacks well with Anvarol (Anavar), Trenorol (Trenbolone) and Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol). You can stack with confidence with Crazy Bulk Stacks, as the research has been done for you. We know what compounds work best together to design our stacks to be the most effective on the market. You can also save money buying stacks with the Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer.

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The price of Winsol is $58.99 for 90 capsules, a 30-day supply. That is $36.01 less than the competitor’s price. There is also a special offer, right now only of Buy 2 – Get 1 Free. See our special Stacking Offers for a greater discount and enjoy Free Shipping to US & UK locations.






10 responses to “Winsol (Winstrol) Review – Does It Work?”

  1. Richard Gilmore Avatar
    Richard Gilmore

    I decided to become serious about bodybuilding. I did my homework and found out what I had to do to start cutting and bulking. I ate the right foods and did the prescribed workout regimen. I started to see a transformation, but I still couldn’t compare to those hardcore guys in the gym. I was starving myself, but the weight still wouldn’t come off. The lean muscle wasn’t adding up the way I wanted either. I decided to try Winsol and found a legal steroid alternative that safely gave me the results I wanted.

  2. Robert Berg Avatar
    Robert Berg

    I wanted to look better than I ever had. The high school reunion was coming up. I couldn’t be soft and flabby. It was time to get ripped. I hit the gym and started hammering out those reps. I was getting closer to my goals, but needed a boost. With Winsol, I had fast results. I burned off the fat and honed my body as I built lean muscle mass in a short amount of time. I found that I could work harder at every session, I had the strength I needed to go faster, and the stamina to keep at it until I had results.

  3. Anthony Pope Avatar
    Anthony Pope

    I’m a serious runner. I enter marathons every year and love extreme runs, like tough mudder competitions. I’m no stranger to working hard to get the results I want out of my body. That doesn’t mean I can’t use some extra help. With Winsol, I have found a way to push myself to go the extra mile. It has given me such a boost in strength that I have the endurance to make it through any run. I can set the bar higher and I know that I will pass the test, thanks to hard work and Winsol.

  4. Joshua Avatar

    Winsol is a substance I have been using for several months. It’s a safe product, and there are a few benefits I have seen after using the product. It has given me a strength that I need when exercising, especially when I lift weights. One of the changes I’ve seen is leaner muscles in my legs and larger muscles in my arms as I now have the energy to do the curls and other repetitions I need to do to get the definition I want. This is a product that I use at least twice a day. It’s compatible with the food that I eat, and it settles easily during the day.

  5. Henry Avatar

    Once I turned 25, my metabolism took a serious nosedive. I’ve always been pretty lean, but developed some cushion in the middle — a lot like what you would think of if you heard the term “dad bod.” I would go to the gym regularly and eat relatively healthy, but nothing seemed to be working, and I wasn’t reaching my fitness goals. I decided to try Winsol, thinking “why not?” and I was seriously blown away by the results. That little keg in my midsection disappeared, my benching increased exponentially (20 lbs!), and now my body is defined, lean and muscular.

  6. Jerry Avatar

    I was always nervous about using anything that even resembled a “steroid,” because I had a few buddies who had used them and had horrific results and side effects. One of my friends convinced me to try Winsol and I instantly became a fan. I had zero side effects, and the energy I felt after taking Winsol really amped up my workouts. I started benching more, gained lots of muscle, and those “problem areas” (that’s what my girlfriend calls them) that were soft and cushiony disappeared. I have a big beach trip plan, and I’m feeling super confident about it.

  7. William from UK Avatar
    William from UK

    I had been training for a while and was sick of the constant plateau. I would be trying to bench more, changing my diet nonstop to something that was supposed to “add more bulk,” but nothing was working. On top of that, I would get these bouts of bloat that made it feel like I was going in the opposite direction of progress. I’ve tried a lot of different products, and Winsol is by far the best — I don’t use anything else, honestly. There’s no side effects, and I was able to build muscle, burn fat, and push my workouts to the max.

  8. Roy Avatar

    I’ll admit it: I’m one of those people that hated the summer because I despised the idea of having to take my shirt off at the beach. I tried everything to lose weight and build muscle, but finally decided my genetics were going to continue to work against me, and just give up. When I discovered Winsol, I couldn’t believe my transformation. My energy level increased, I had greater strength and was able to lose 10 lbs of fat and gain 15 lbs of muscle. I’m not afraid to take my shirt off anymore and my friends even say I’m “ripped.”

  9. M.R. Avatar

    I was looking for Stanazolol / Winstrol Depot online and I’ve found this site few weeks ago. I was very pleased to finally find a legal Stanazolol. Purchasing and delivery went very smooth, the delivery was actually free which is VERY nice – thank you for that. Now my review on the effects. I saw performance increase which helped me with my aerobic training and I’ve saw a medium strength and stamina increase. The anabolic effects from the product were a bit less than what I was expecting, however this is just the second week from the cycle. I didn’t stack the product with Anadrol or Dianabol which I guess is the reason for my moderate anabolic results. However in contrast to Dianabol, which I was using several years ago, Winstrol seems to build a more lean and quality muscle mass comparing it to D-Bol. Anyway, I am happy with the product and from the company overall. 4 stars from me!

  10. John B. Avatar
    John B.

    Shorty before my 20th birthday, I discovered a product called Winstrol. Although I was skeptic about trying this legal steroid, I took a leap of faith. I hate needles, so I figured that this pill would be a reasonable option.

    When the packaged arrived in the mail, I was super excited. The information stated that it helps to promote lean muscle retention, which is exactly what I wanted. After taking the pill with a bowl of spaghetti, I headed down to the gym. Although I had a great workout, I really did not feel any different than normal. However, I continued to use Winstrol as directed.

    About a month and a half later, I began to see a significant improvement in my overall muscle tone. After about three months, I was really starting to pack on the lean muscle. Even my friends begin to compliment me on my overall physique. In fact, my old high school coach actually referred to me as “cut”.

    This product is hands-down the best thing that I’ve ever tried. My muscles are now more explosive than ever before. Not only can I lift heavier amounts of weight, but my muscles also look ten times more defined. The best part is that I have not experienced any side effects! I plan to try out for my college’s track squad at the beginning of the year.

    If you are looking for a safe way to put on some muscle, I suggest that you give Winstrol a try.

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