Test-600x by Anabolic Research Review – A Really Good Testosterone Alternative?

What Is Test-600x?

Test-600x is a unique testosterone booster that works on a number of levels to ensure that you not only feel and look your best, but also that you are able to perform better, lose fat, and build muscle.It is a legal version of Sustanon 250, Andropen, Andropen 275, Omnadren, Omnadren 250, Super Test, Sustanon, Susteron, and Test 400.

As nearly any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast knows, keeping testosterone levels up is vital if you want to look and feel your best. Testosterone is part of a cycle of strength that involves both the hormone itself and the building of muscle. When you have more muscle mass, you can more easily produce testosterone, and when you have more testosterone, it becomes much easier to build muscle.

However, Test-600x operates as more than just a testosterone booster. Any testosterone booster will help you increase levels of this vital hormone, but this supplement also includes an anti-catabolic blend, which is important if you want to avoid muscle wasting. This anti-catabolic complex becomes much more important if you want to build muscle while losing fat. In many cases, dropping fat involves some period of cutting calories. When you cut calories, it becomes easier for your body to break down its own tissues for fuel. In an ideal scenario, this means that the body breaks down fat. However, it can sometimes backfire, resulting in your body burning muscle instead. This not only destroys hard-earned muscle gains – it ends up slowing your metabolism, making muscle gaining more difficult and fat gain much easier. Whether you want it as part of a bulking cycle or as part of a cutting cycle, this supplement will help ensure you gain muscle and not fat.

This supplement also supports nitrogen retention, which is vital for those who want to build muscle and avoid muscle loss. See below for a more detailed discussion of nitrogen balance and what it means for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Another key element of this supplement is that it improves attitude, sleep, and mood. These things may not sound very related to muscle gains, but they certainly are. For instance, if you’ve ever compared your work at the gym on a slower day to your work on a good day, you know that attitude makes a world of difference. If you’re unfocused, unmotivated, or tired, it becomes a lot harder to eke out those last few reps that are so important to a good result. Focus, energy, and a positive attitude – or at least a motivated one – makes sure that those hours in the gym count as much as they possibly can.

Better sleep is important to fitness and to muscle building for a variety of reasons. As you probably know, virtually all of muscle growth occurs in your sleep. As muscle fibers break during exercise and are repaired in your sleep, getting deep, sound, restful sleep is logically vital if you want to build muscle with maximum efficiency. Sleep also goes a long way toward supporting gains in the gym because a well-rested athlete is generally a more successful one. This supplement also helps make sleep deeper and more peaceful – as anyone knows, the quality of sleep is just as important as the quantity of it. Poor sleep will disrupt both athletic performance and any muscle gains.

This is a supplement that enhances both size and strength, making it ideal as a complement to a bulking cycle, a cutting cycle, or even for both. Unlike some bulking agents that cause water retention and increase appetite, this is a supplement that promotes high-quality muscle gains with no fat gain. However, its ability to stop muscle catabolism means that the losses you’ll see while on it are really fat – not muscle.

In short, Test-600x is a truly unique supplement whose main focus is that of promoting muscle gains and fat loss, as well as increasing strength and endurance. It also supports feelings of well-being, making it an ideal all-around supplement equally suited to use alone, as part of a bulking stack, or as part of a cutting stack. As one of the most versatile supplements, Test-600x is sure to make itself at home in practically any fitness regimen imaginable.


How Test-600x Works?

As mentioned above, this is a supplement that operates much differently than many other testosterone boosters. If you’ve ever gone to a drugstore to pick up a testosterone booster and read the ingredients, you’ve probably noticed that most of these boosters only have one ingredient, and that ingredient is usually boron. Sometimes, it’s L-arginine, which is a chief ingredient in many nitric oxide boosters.

However, this supplement uses a variety of ingredients, which create a proprietary blend that has unprecedented positive effects on metabolism, testosterone levels, and athletic performance. This supplement works in a number of ways: it promotes size and strength, increases fat free mass, guards against muscle loss, and improves sleep and attitude.

The size and strength promotion of this supplement probably does not come as a surprise. However, for those who want strength and size but don’t want it to come at the expense of agility and athleticism, this is a great choice. Many of the high-power legal anabolics come with temporary water retention. This isn’t a side effect; the water retention makes the muscle contractions inherent in lifting much easier. It also lubricates muscles and prevents injury. However, the temporary water bulk we often see in this case can and will get in the way of athleticism and agility. If you only focus on strength training, a bit of temporary bloating may not matter much. But if you are a soccer player, a swimmer, or anyone who is competitive in high-intensity cardio, that temporary bloat can get in the way. It’s also uncomfortable, and many people regard it as unattractive.

Virtually everyone has some sort of issue with the temporary bloat caused by some legal anabolics, and if you want to avoid it altogether while still developing quality gains, then this is a supplement that may well be just right for you. You won’t sacrifice the gains that come with a legal anabolic, but you also will not have to deal with bloating and other uncomfortable effects.

The increase of fat free mass is another important mechanism of action of this supplement. As everyone knows, fat-free mass is the percentage of body weight that is not fat. This can refer to the weight of organs, bones, muscle, and water. Obviously, a supplement won’t generally increase the mass of bones or organs, and this one does not increase water weight, but it does increase muscle mass. It also accomplishes the increase in fat-free mass by helping you burn fat. Because it works from both directions, it is extremely efficient.

Many users may understandably be concerned that some muscle may be broken down by this supplement. However, the manufacturers have safeguarded against this by including an anti-catabolic complex. This protects muscle mass, ensuring that only fat is broken down. As mentioned above, this feature is useful for those who want to drop a good bit of fat while mass gaining. Because you need to eat enough calories to support muscle growth, it is possible that cutting calories, especially suddenly, may well lead to the loss of precious muscle tissue. However, with this complex in place, users are assured that it is only fat loss, even if calories are cut substantially. This feature means you can drop fat even more quickly than before.

This is a supplement that also improves attitude and sleep. If you know about the effects of testosterone, you know that many men, as they get older, become more tired and sometimes very grouchy. Generally, these ill effects can be attributed to the loss of testosterone. When you have enough testosterone, studies have shown that you will feel better and have increased natural vitality, making it easier to lift heavily and accomplish more than ever at the gym. As mentioned earlier, the deeper sleep promoted by this supplement also aids in muscle building. It is well known that adequate sleep also can aid in fat burning, as sleep-deprived people may hold onto fat as an energy source. Prolonged periods of time with little sleep also spike the stress hormone cortisol, which also can trigger the body to hold onto more fat.

Lastly, this supplement makes nitrogen retention easier. Because muscle growth and testosterone levels go hand in hand, it’s clear that nitrogen retention is key in the way this supplement works. Nitrogen is important to muscle building, as protein molecules, the building blocks of muscle tissue, have an extra nitrogen molecule that the other macromolecules – fats and carbohydrates – don’t have. For this reason, you can tell how much nitrogen a person has by measuring their nitrogen balance, or the ratio of excreted nitrogen to nitrogen consumed.

A positive nitrogen balance is an ideal state for a bodybuilder. This means that more nitrogen is consumed than is excreted. This leaves more nitrogen available to be turned into muscle tissue. A negative nitrogen balance is dangerous for those who want to build muscle, as this means more nitrogen is excreted than is taken in. This means that muscle is being broken down to supply the needed extra nitrogen. A neutral balance is about even. While this is not the ideal state for a bodybuilder to be in, it is not quite as bad as a negative nitrogen balance.

Essentially, this is a supplement that works to support the building of muscle and the loss of fat by keeping testosterone levels adequately high. Because it works on a number of different levels (instead of just one, like many run-of-the-mill testosterone boosters, it is extremely effective and gives you real, long-lasting results.


When to Use It?

This is a supplement that can be used alone or as part of a stack. IT’s versatile and can be used if you want a boost in mood, energy, and stamina. It also can be used when you want to boost you fat-free mass, add on high-quality lean muscle gains, or drop fat. Because of the quality of the gains it supports, you also can use it when you want a massive strength increase.

As mentioned earlier, this supplement has anabolic effects that can work well for you without you having to worry about temporary bloating, which is a popular mechanism of action for many of the high-powered anabolics, both legal and illegal. Thus, you can use it when you want all of the aforementioned effects with minimal disruption to your physique.

Also, because of its versatility, this supplement can be used alone. Thus, if you are on a budget and can’t afford an entire stack, this supplement comes close to being a bulking and a cutting agent rolled into one supplement.



Test-600x has a number of benefits that can help out casual and dedicated users alike. One such benefit is the ease with which you can take this supplement. Unlike many legal and illegal anabolics, you do not have to inject Test-600x. It comes in pill form, making it portable and inconspicuous. Plus, you avoid the injection-site irritation and the cost of needles when you choose this supplement.

As mentioned briefly earlier, another benefit of this supplement is the fact that it can be taken alone or as part of a stack. It can help build muscle and burn fat, and its anti-catabolic complex makes it an important add-on to any cutting stack. Alternatively, you can use it alone with a reduced-calorie diet as a means to drop fat while maintaining your muscle mass or adding onto it.


Test-600x Side Effects

Unlike many anabolics, Test-600x has no side effects. However, if you take the illegal version of this supplement, you may suffer from a battery of side effects. Unlike many anabolics, the illegal form of this supplement is not toxic to the liver or kidneys. However, it still can cause some serious side effects. One of these is gynecomastia, which is the development of secondary female characteristics, especially breast tissue. This happens in illegal forms of this supplement because pure injected testosterone can be converted to estrogen by the body. Gynecomastia is often very embarrassing, and you can avoid it by taking Test-600x instead of its illegal counterparts.

Another side effect of this supplement’s illegal counterparts is that of suppressed testosterone production. It sounds counterintuitive at first, but it makes sense: when you inject yourself with testosterone regularly, your body compensates for the sudden increase by decreasing its own production for a bit. The effects of low testosterone, however, can be damaging and can involve both emotional and reproductive side effects. When you opt to take Test-600x, you can avoid these effects altogether.

Another side effect of the illegal alternatives of this supplement is a decrease in good cholesterol levels. Usually, these decreases are not extreme, but this is a negative effect nonetheless.

Essentially, when you choose Test-600x, you aren;t only getting a high-quality, versatile supplement – you’re getting an effective supplement with zero side effects. That’s a rare find n the bodybuilding industry.


How to Use It?

This is a supplement that can be used in several different ways. You can stack it (see below for more details), or you can use it as a stand-alone product. The manufacturers have specified that, for best results, you need to take one tablet twice per day with eight ounces of water. In order to be sure you get the maximum benefit, you’ll need to space out the doses evenly throughout the day.


Why Choose Test-600x?

This supplement is a wise choice because it is extremely versatile, helps you drop fat and build muscle, supports focus and energy, and promotes better sleep. This is also a smart choice because its effects extend outside of fitness: anytime you can improve your general well-being, you open new opportunities for yourself. In addition, this is a supplement that is easy to take, and it has no side effects whatsoever, making it perfect for those who want the results of true anabolics with none of the dangerous and potentially life-threatening side effects.



The manufacturers of this product recommend it as part of a bulking stack. This makes sense, as it promotes gains while also guarding against muscle breakdown. However, if you want to avoid low energy on a cutting cycle, Test-600x is a good choice. Because it prevents muscle breakdown, it can be a valuable way to protect the muscle gains you have worked so hard for.



For a supplement with all of its benefits, Test-600x is very reasonably priced. One bottle – which contains 60 tablets and is meant to last 30 days – is $85. Shipping is free.






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