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What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the swelling of breast tissue in men. This is usually caused by an imbalance in the estrogen and testosterone levels in the body. Gynecomastia can affect both or just one of the breasts and sometimes in uneven proportions. For an athlete or bodybuilder working to improve their physical appearance through testosterone boosting may experience gynecomastia in the event that the estrogen conversion of the supplemented testosterone is over abundant. Gynecomastia is about more than just physical appearance. This condition can sometimes cause pain in the swollen breast and for the fitness conscious may cause embarrassment.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia can be triggered by a hormonal imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. In the case of bodybuilding and testosterone supplementing, this imbalance due to estrogenic conversion is a common side effect. Gynecomastia occurs when a man’s hormonal balance is upset, and goes away when the hormonal balance is restored, either by discontinuing the testosterone supplements or by countering the imbalance with another supplement used to treat the condition.

Complications of Gynecomastia

There are few serious physical complications that arise from this condition, but it can definitely cause emotional or psychological problems due to the male’s altered physical appearance.


What Is Gynectrol?

Gynectrol is a supplement designed to counteract “man boobs” or Gynecomastia. Man boobs happen when the male breasts enlarge as a reaction to testosterone being converted into estrogen. Raised levels of testosterone naturally convert into raised levels of estrogen. This causes fat cells (adipose tissue) to be deposited over the pectoral muscles of the male. This supplement counteracts the estrogenic conversion and permanently reduces the enlarged breast area for males.

Active Ingredients in Gynectrol

Chromium – assists in the maintenance of the body’s optimum insulin function which is crucial for building muscle and staying lean

Caffeine – caffeine is proven to boost the metabolism and its unique ability to increase lipolysis (when fat is released from fat cells) which makes caffeine an effective burner of fat

Guggulsterones – the primary function of guggulsterones is to stimulate the thyroid, positively affecting metabolism and can induce a direct catabolic effect on fatty tissue, resulting in effective fat burning

Theobromine Cacao – this ingredient is an awesome source of the amino acid arginine which promotes muscle generation, and magnesium which is essential for heart health and a healthy cardiovascular system

Green Tea Extract – this extract is an excellent source of antioxidents, alkaloids and flavonoids. Green tea is the main ingredient in many fat loss treatments

Sclareolides – sclareolide has thermogenic (fat burning) properties and can also act as a testosterone stimulant, countering the effects of the estrogenic conversion

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How Does It Work?

Gynectrol is formulated with a powerful and synergistic combination of ingredients (see above) that target the subcutaneous adipose tissue in the breast, which completely eliminates all traces of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia becomes an issue when excess fatty tissue becomes stored over the pectoral muscles. You can effectively treat gynecomastia by lowering your overall body fat. This can be done by modifying your diet and ramping up to your strength training, and as a result, man boobs no longer need to be an issue. Gynectrol targets and eliminates the adipose tissue (fat cells) that have built up over the mammary glands and are hiding your pectoral muscles. Gynectrol totally eradicates the dreaded moob.

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When to Use It?

In a bodybuilding context, if you are taking steroids or supplements of any kind that boost testosterone to a higher or above normal level, you run the risk of estrogen conversion which is the primary cause of gynecomastia. You need to counter this estrogen conversion with the appropriate measures, such as stopping your testosterone boosting agent or adding a supplement like Gynectrol to your fitness and nutrition regimen. If your chest has started taking on less of a manly appearance and one more like a female, you may be suffering from gynecomastia.

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Gynectrol can quickly target and eliminate the accumulated fat cells on and around your pectoral muscles to restore a firm, muscly man chest that you can proudly show off once again. More benefits include:

  • The size reduction of enlarged male breasts
  • Fast results within weeks
  • Safe and thorough treatment of gynecomastia
  • Natural, potent formula
  • Nontoxic to kidneys and liver
  • No needles, prescriptions or injections required

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How to Use I?

Gynectrol is not need to be administered by injection to successfully treat gynecomastia. It is an oral supplement, taken by mouth. One serving size is a single tablet. It is recommended that you take one tablet two times a day with meals, even on days when you don’t work out. On work out days, take one tablet 30-45 minutes prior to working out. For optimum results, use for at least two months. A recommended cycle of Gynectrol is two months on, 1.5 weeks off.

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Why Choose Gynectrol?

Gynectrol does all of the following:

  • Returns male breast back to normal;
  • Improves appearance of chest;
  • Is fast acting – results in just weeks;
  • Safe and legal to possess;
  • Reverses the effects of Gynecomastia;

The presence of Gynecomastia can be devastating to the self-esteem of the affected man. The condition creates self-consciousness, hopelessness and anxiety in public and social settings. If you suffer from gynecomastia, there is something you can do about it rather than hide behind baggy shirts for the rest of your life. Take control of your condition with Gynectrol.

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2 responses to “Gynectrol Review”

  1. Shirley C. Byrd Avatar
    Shirley C. Byrd

    I am having Gynecomastia from years. Doctor said that I should do a surgery 🙁 Now I’ve tried Gynectrol and I’ve seen some results, but they are not enough. I will do couple more cycles again, hopefully it will help me more, because I don’t want to do a surgery. I expected a bit more for the money. My score is 3 out of 5.

  2. Robert Lawrence Avatar
    Robert Lawrence

    Hi, I didn’t see much progress while using this product. I think it may be suitable only as a supplement to a more powerful medication. I think to see my doctor so he can prescribe me something powerful. I think organic products are not enough for treating Gynecomastia.

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