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Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack Review – Does It Work?

What Is the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack?

The term “stacking” is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders experienced in supplementing. Stacking means using two or more supplements at a time, or using multiple supplements in combination with each other. The purpose of a stack is to maximize the results produced when the compounds are combined together and in addition to your bulking diet and work out regimens. A Bulking Stack is the combination of our top four anabolic compounds: Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Testosterone and Trenbolone. Though each compound works great as a stand-alone supplement, when they are combined the results will exceed all expectations. The potency of a Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack is off the charts, which is why so many athletes and bodybuilders choose to stack with Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack.


How Does It Work?

A Bulking Stack works better than stand-alone supplements because the active ingredients in each are amplified in the presence of the other anabolic compounds. Using a stack during your bulking cycle amps up the intensity of the anabolic effects, making massive muscle gains possible whereas working out with no supplements only gets you limited results. For truly outstanding, dramatic results, you need to break through that plateau and that is done with the right supplements. In the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack, you are getting the benefits of our top four anabolic supplements and the intensified results of each:



Dianabol is a proprietary anabolic compound derived from methandrostenolone. Dianabol induces an intense anabolic (muscle generating) environment in the body and supports massive gains in lean muscle weight. This compound also assists in the retention of nitrogen within the muscle tissue itself. Nitrogen is an essential protein building block. When your muscles retain nitrogen, your cells generate more protein (protein synthesis). With additional protein synthesis, Dianabol makes your workouts significantly more explosive, intense and energetic.

D-Bal Image


Deca Duro

Deca Durobolin is derived from the hormone nandrolone decanoate, also known as 19-nortestosterone. Second only to testosterone, Deca Durabolin is a potent compound is very popular with bodybuilders and athletes because it promotes the growth of muscle mass previously thought only possible with testosterone injections. Deca Durabolin works in the same way as testosterone, but without any of the dangerous or unpleasant side effects.

Deca Duro Image



Testosterone is a specially formulated proprietary blend that boosts testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is also used as a supplement to athletes and bodybuilders who want to enhance their performance as well as their physical appearance. This proprietary formula contains 45% Saponins which have multiple health benefits, including a lower cholesterol reading and reduced risk of heart disease.

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Trenbolone is an anabolic compounded supplement used to increase lean muscle mass gains, decrease body fat and enhance performance, mood and physical conditioning. Trenbolone has the same intense bodybuilding power as trenbolone, one of the most versatile anabolic, androgenic steroids available. This anabolic supplement encourages retention of nitrogen in muscle tissue as well as the production of red blood cells and increased blood flow. With Trenebolone you can expect to see incredible muscle gains, increased power and physical strength as well as noticeable physical conditioning.

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When to Use It?

A Bulking Stack is used during bulking and building cycles. The compounds in this stack are all formulated to support massive gains in lean muscle weight with fast recovery times. During a bulking cycle, consistent and clean diet and intense workouts are par for the course. Diet and work outs when combined with a powerful stack like Crazy Bulk’s Bulking Stack provide such amazing results, you will wonder why everyone’s not using it! Diet and workouts alone only get you so far; you need the benefits of a well-designed Bulking Stack.

Using Bulking Stack



With a Bulking Stack, you gain all the benefits of each individual compound, only amplified because they are made to work together. This synergistic combination simply cannot be beat when it comes to bulking. Fast recovery times, weight gain of lean muscle mass, increased energy and enhanced endurance are only some of the benefits of using a Bulking Stack.

How to Use the Bulking Stack


How to Use It?

All of the anabolic compounds used in a Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack are administered orally, meaning the supplements are in pill form, making needles and injections unnecessary. All of the compounds are designed to be used for two month bulking cycles, with 1.5 weeks “off” after the bulking cycle and before your cutting cycle begins. It is recommended to take each of these stacked supplements two to three times daily, with meals, even on days that you don’t work out. For maximum results, take your stack 30-45 minutes before an intense workout. This will give you the energy and endurance for an amazing lifting work out.

Bulking Stack Benefits


Why Choose the Bulking Stack?

Crazy Bulk Stacks are designed for bodybuilders by bodybuilders and athletes. We know what works best as stand-alone supplements as well as which compounds together make the best stacks. Basically, the research has been done for you. Crazy Bulk Bulking Stacks were made specifically with true pro level bulking cycles in mind.

Choosing the Bulking Stack



The price of a Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack is $179.99 for a 30-day supply. That is $50.00 less than the competitor’s price. There is also a special offer, right now only of Buy 2 – Get 1 Free. See our special Stacking Offers for a greater discount and enjoy Free Shipping to US & UK locations.






8 responses to “Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack Review – Does It Work?”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    I started getting into lifting in the past few years, and I’ve definitely seen the expected results, but now I’ve been trying to get up to the next level. I was starting to plateau with my progress, so I decided to try this bulking stack option with Dianabol, Testosterone-MAX, Deca Duro, and Trenbolone. I was totally blown away by how quickly I saw an increase in my muscle mass. I’ve been able to add more weight across the board, especially on my bench reps and squats. My girlfriend has also noticed the difference in my shoulders. I am loving this stack!

  2. Michael Avatar

    I always wanted the kind of crazy gains that dudes on steroids get, but I didn’t want to do anything illegal. I don’t compete or anything – I’m just an average college dude, and I’m pretty fit, but after awhile, whey protein powder just doesn’t give me the gains that I want. I gave the bulking stack a try. I’d used testosterone boosters before, but not D-Bal, Deca Duro, or TBAL 75. I was kind of worried at first, but pretty soon I had upped my 1RM on bench by 10 pounds, and I could do reverse flys with more weight than I could before. It starts working fast.

  3. Robin Avatar

    So I’m pretty cut and in my 30s, but I wanted to bulk up a little more. I stay away from the mass gainers because some of the guys I know who use them get big and lose their definition. But I definitely needed a little help, because creatine and whey protein alone weren’t getting me anywhere.

    I checked out the bulking stack, and the price scared me away the first time. But I kept thinking about it. I really, really wanted that bulk. Best decision of my life! I’ve packed on lean muscle and look just as cut as before -maybe even more so.

  4. Brad Avatar

    There’s getting fit, and then there’s getting BUILT, my friends. I was one of those guys at the gym that you’d see breaking a mean sweat every day but who never seemed to lift off from that bench press plateau. I wanted to get ripped, but was getting nowhere. One day I found Ultimate Stack and figured, why not? For anabolic steroids, these are really legit. Fast-forward two months later and I’ve beaten all my PRs, put on ten pounds of pure muscle, and I’m still gaining even now. This is the stuff, this is the stuff!

  5. Corey Avatar

    So I kinda did a double take when I first read the description of these. Legal and steroid in the same sentence? But I thought, hell, if I can get something like steroid results out of something that’s legal, I’m going for it.

    This bulking stack works real fast. My bros and I lift together maybe twice a week, and by the end of the 30-day cycle, I could out-lift pretty much all of them. I didn’t feel any side effects, which was great. Well, I did have extra energy, but I feel like that’s a good thing. This is for sure a great buy.

  6. Edmond Linton Avatar
    Edmond Linton

    Hi, I was always having issues bulking, I really didn’t know what to do so I’ve started going to the gym this year. At the beginning I started building some mass, but after months I was loosing it again. I’ve increased my muscle definition, but I was looking skinny again with my T-shirt on. I’ve started using this stack and added a weight gainer which I changed later. I think they both contributed for my gain of quality mass. I’ve also decreased my repetitions when I do my sets and increased the weights as my gym trainer suggested. I think I am seeing positive results now and CB products are adding to that.

  7. J.C. Calhoun Avatar
    J.C. Calhoun

    Since November I started a bulking cycle using the Crazy Bulk Bulking Steroids stack and I am very pleased with the results. Massive muscle gains, performance improvement and I am feeling really strong and well-being. Great anabolics!

  8. Greg McDonald Avatar
    Greg McDonald

    Until I tried Bulking Stack, I’d been trying to bulk up for more than a year. I went to the gym; I lifted 4-5 times a week; I was an avid enthusiast of HIIT. For some reason, however, I just couldn’t gain muscle the way I wanted.

    All that changed when I started taking Bulking Stack. To be honest, I didn’t expect much at first; the manufacturers claimed it would “bulk you like a boss,” but don’t all manufacturers promise that? Bulking Stack combines four muscle-gaining products, sure, but if none of them worked, quadrupling the effect wouldn’t actually do anything.

    Imagine my surprise when I tried Bulking Stack and realized I’d hit the jackpot. I was feeling stronger and sturdier by the end of the first week! I added 10lbs to my reps without breaking a sweat, and I was able to add 25lbs when I really pushed myself. The other guys at the gym couldn’t believe it. Here I was, a skinny rock climber from Pennsylvania, and I was outperforming some of the real fitness junkies out no nowhere. It was all because of Bulking Stack.

    It’s been eight weeks now, the recommended cycle for Bulking Stack, and I can’t believe the changes my body has gone through. I’ve gained crazy amounts of muscle mass, and I’m well on my way to the Terminator look I’ve always wanted. I’m officially 50lbs over my usual lifting weight.

    I’d definitely recommend Bulking Stack to other guys who just can’t over their bodybuilding plateau. It’s safe, it’s legal and it really works.

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