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Max Antler Pro Review – Can It Stimulate Your Muscle Growth Safely?

What Is Max Antler Pro?

While some men turn to steroids and other illegal and dangerous ways to build muscle bulk and strength, many seek safer and cleaner ways to get the same results. Deer antler velvet is one of several natural supplements designed to meet this need. Deer antler velvet has been found in studies to increase fat burning, increase muscle gains, and support long term growth. This HGH booster is a supplement designed to offer the benefits of antler velvet extract in a safe and bioavailable form, along with a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals that support healthy muscle development.

Available in a spray that makes it easy to get all of the benefits of these compounds in a fast and convenient manner, Max Antler Pro has been designed by doctors and trainers to meet the high physical needs of bodybuilders. As with all bodybuilding supplements, it is important to use it only as instructed and not to take extra. The dosage is already designed for the high needs of a weightlifter. In addition, people who are on other medications and supplements should ask their doctor is this supplement is right for them. There are no known side effects or interactions with this supplement, however.



Max Antler Pro is manufactured by a company of the same name. Unlike companies that make a variety of supplements, this antler velvet extract is the only product of this corporation. The makers of this spray dedicate all of their resources to designing and promoting this formula. In addition, they use a special method of collecting deer antler velvet that does not harm the deer or cause them pain. This supplement is made in clean manufacturing facilities and carefully tested for both safety and purity to ensure a consistently high quality product.


How Max Antler Pro Works?

This bodybuilding supplement is made with deer antler velvet extract, which has been found in several major studies to increase muscle bulk and strength while reducing recovery time. This occurs because antler velvet extract is a rich source of IGF-1, a growth hormone made by humans and deer. This is the most anabolic form of growth hormone, encouraging rapid growth of muscle cells. In addition, IGF-1 accelerates cell repair so bodybuilders can work out harder, longer, and more often, increasing their gains. This also increases circulation by enhancing repair of blood vessels and their smooth muscle lining.

IGF-1 also encourages muscle cells to create more glycogen stores, which helps people to lift longer and lift higher amounts of weight before their muscles become fatigued. Increased glycogen stores also make most people feel that they have more energy in their daily lives, which is why many builders note increased energy after beginning to use this product. Because building muscle requires a variety of nutrients, this supplement contains a special blend of vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal muscle growth and recovery. Many of these vitamins and minerals are naturally present in deer antler velvet in a safe and bioavailable form.


Ingredients of Max Antler Pro

One unique feature of this product is that it contains only pure and natural ingredients, with no fillers and no toxic additives to cause unwanted side effects. Based on a popular supplement in traditional Chinese medicine, this HGH booster is designed to meet the demands of a bodybuilder’s body in a natural and healthy way. This specially designed formula includes:

Deer antler velvet extract – which has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine to increase muscle strength, improve energy levels, lower body fat, and improve general cell recovery. These effects have been confirmed in a number of modern studies.

Zinc – which is crucial for cell repair, protein synthesis, and healthy immune function. Zinc also supports healthy liver function and enhances peripheral blood flow.
Magnesium, which is commonly combined with zinc for a workout supplement due to the enhanced efficacy of these minerals when used together. Magnesium is important as a transporter of the hormones needed to sustain muscle function. In addition, it is important to both electrolyte balance, neurological function, and cardiovascular health.

Manganese – a trace metal that is used in the mitochondria of cells as a cofactor in a variety of processes that produce energy. Without enough manganese, many people find themselves feeling weak and tired, which is common because this nutrient is not present in many Western foods. Manganese is also important to good joint health, keeping your joints in good working order with fewer aches and pains.

Selenium – which supports healthy blood vessels. Getting enough selenium ensures that your muscles will have the blood flow that they need to work at their highest level and recover quickly from any challenge. Selenium also has been proven to reduce the rate of certain bad diseases, adding to your overall whole body health.
Prostaglandin, which reduces inflammation so your muscles can recover as quickly as possible. It is also believed to increase the efficiency of muscle contraction. This protein is naturally present in deer antler velvet.

Copper – is a metal that is needed for any kind of growth in the human body. It is an essential trace metal used in red blood cells that carry oxygen to tissues so they can develop and grow. It is also important for the health of connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons. A lack of copper can lead to increased sprains and strains.
Iron, an essential ingredient of hemoglobin that helps your body to get the oxygen and nutrition needed to sustain a challenging workout and a fast recovery period. Iron is also used as a cofactor in a variety of biochemical reactions and in muscle contraction.

Potassium – which reduces muscle cramps during and after a workout. This allows you to work out longer and feel better afterward. Potassium also supports healthy nerve and muscle cell function in general.

Calcium – which helps to build the solid healthy bones that are the foundation of a strong, healthy body. Calcium is also essential to good cardiac and nervous system function.

In other words, this weightlifting supplement claims to have everything your body needs to meet the challenge in a workout and recover quickly after. According to the company, this is a one stop product for people who would like to see more gains from their existing workout as well as for those who wish to push their muscles harder and faster.



There are a few advantages of taking this supplement over other workout supplements, including over other deer antler velvet supplements. Deer antler velvet is the soft outer covering of a male deer’s antler. While some supplement companies take velvet in ways that hurt or even kill the deer, this company is dedicated to maintaining healthy and human practices. Only Max Antler Pro has a special antler velvet harvesting technique that poses no harm or pain to the deer. No deer are hurt or even inconvenienced in the sourcing of making of these product.

Another key advantage of this HGH supplement is that the high levels of IGF-1 allow your muscles to withstand a much longer workout as well as more frequent workouts. Many bodybuilders would like to work out longer but hit a wall of muscle fatigue. In addition, muscles may take days to rest after an intensive workout. With this formulation of antler velvet, bodybuilders will see a sharp increase in stamina and energy along with noticeably shorter recovering lines. This is largely due to increased growth factor and decreased inflammation along with improved circulation and cell growth.

Last, it encourages fat loss. This allows bodybuilders to have more chiseled and well-defined muscles without as much time dedicated to cutting. It can be difficult to maintain or grow muscle in a cutting cycle due to taking in fewer calories. You can continue your current workout routine with less pain and injury, or add to it so you can get maximum effect. The decrease in post-muscle weakness and soreness also is a benefit that many lifting enthusiasts will enjoy. Overall, most people feel they are stronger, healthier, and have a much shorter recovery time. The company claims that these benefits appear very quickly, often within just a few days of taking the supplement as directed.



Max Antler Pro is made in facilities that have been certified as safe and clean. The highest scientific standards are used. The collection process has also been certified as safe for deer populations. In addition, it is tested by doctors and medical scientists to ensure it is 100% pure, safe, and effective. This product has been found to be completely safe with no known side effects or drug interactions. The product’s many safety certificates are a testament to the integrity of their manufacturing process and the purity of their product.



Many weight lifters who try this HGH supplement have been thrilled with the results and willing to share their feelings with others. These are just a few of their stories.

I have been lifting for more than five years but hit a plateau several months ago. I tried to push myself harder, but my muscles just seemed to peter out at the end of a workout. In addition, I was often painfully sore for days after. Max Antler Pro allowed me to push through that wall and start seeing real gains again with a much shorter recovery time.

Phalen S., San Diego, CA

Max Antler Pro has made it easier to get through a long lifting session and even easier to get back the gym tomorrow for more of the same. I am seeing more gain with less pain than ever before. Who can say no to that? I have been losing fat despite not cutting as well.

Armando T., Dallas, TX

I’ve heard that deer antler velvet would help me lose a few extra pounds of fat while continuing to gain muscle and it didn’t disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised by how much my energy increased, though. I have a lot more energy on a daily basis than I have ever had, and I’m not as sore despite lifting more weight than ever before.

Sam K., Brooklyn, NY

The number of people seeing huge gains, lower fat, and more energy just by adding this HGH booster to their supplement regimen is growing daily. Max Antler Pro delivers on their promises, unlike many supplements on the market. This is likely due to a combination of a careful manufacturing process and the well known properties of the main ingredient. The benefits of deer antler velvet, long touted in traditional Chinese medicine, are finally available to people in the west.


Awards & Media Coverage

Several studies performed by reputable sources such as the National Institutes of Health have found that deer antler velvet extract improves muscle strength and lowers fat in a healthy, safe, manner. These studies have been published in a variety of reputable peer reviewed journals. In addition, bodybuilding experts writing for sources such as have claimed to have seen real results from this supplement. The consensus seems to be that this product works.

For instance, the study “The effects of deer antler velvet extract or powder supplementation on aerobic power, erythropoiesis, and muscular strength and endurance characteristics” found that research subjects who took deer antler velvet extract had measurably higher strength with no side effects or other negative health consequences compared to people who did not take it. In addition, the study “Velvet antler polypeptides promoted proliferation of chondrocytes and osteoblast precursors and fracture healing” found that healing time and bone strength both could be improved by taking this supplement. IGF-1, the active ingredient in deer antler velvet, stimulates not just muscle cells, but bone cells as well. Few supplements have such a large body of work supporting their effects.

Max Antler Pro has recently been featured on several television shows, with positive reviews from everyone who reviewed the product. Western medicine has confirmed what the ancient Chinese knew thousands of years ago: that deer antler velvet extract has remarkable anabolic and healing properties. Weight lifters can use these properties to increase their gains, lower their fat, and lower the time that it takes for their muscles to recover.


Money-back Guarantee

It is very important that deer antler velvet extract be as fresh as possible due to the lack of preservatives and artificial ingredients, so this product is sold in small quantities that are shipped regularly through on a subscription program. People who would like to try it can order a full sized trial bottle from the company, paying only shipping and handling. This low shipping and handling cost is discounted for first time buyers so they can try the product for just under $4.

If you decide not to continue, you can cancel your subscription and keep the remainder of your trial. If you wish to continue, you will receive a new bottle every thirty days, just as your current one is about to run out, delivered to your door. This allows people who are interested in trying this supplement to try it with low risk, for only the low cost of shipping and handling. This also makes it convenient to always keep a fresh supply of Max Antler Pro so you can continue to see higher energy, more stamina, faster recovery, and a leaner, strong body.



Max Antler Pro offers safe and reliable shipping to ensure that your product always arrives at your door fresh and ready to use. If you decide to join the subscription program that delivers this potent supplement directly to your door, shipping will be automatic to ensure complete convenience and a continued supply of deer antler velvet extract. Shipping and handling are generally done by the United States Postal Service, although other carriers may be used for addresses that are not served by the USPS such as foreign addresses.

However, the recent television show coverage of this product has strained the company’s supply a bit, as they have to ramp up collection of deer antler velvet to meet a quickly increasing amount of demand. It’s important that people who wish to try this supplement order now due to an impending shortage, although the company is hoping to increase production immediately to fill all orders.


Customer Support

Customer support is a high priority for this business. They offer customer support on the company website, by email, and by telephone. People who have any concerns about the product can contact the company and receive a prompt and professional response. This company believes in their product and wants their customers to be completely satisfied. Therefore, you can stop buying this supplement for any reason and easily return product that does not produce the promised results or meet your high expectations.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This supplement company knows that information safety is a primary concern for people who buy bodybuilding products on the internet. Because of this, they offer safe and secure checkout with certification from major online security guarantors such as Trust-e Certified Security, VeriSign, and McAfee Secure. Max Antler Pro is also a verified merchant through Mastercard and Visa, ensuring that your card numbers will always be completely confidential. All purchases are made through a secure and encrypted connection to prevent cyber crime and identity theft.


Pricing & Free Trial

This product costs $87.47 for a thirty day supply. The cost is due to the extensive and patented process needed to remove deer antler velvet from bucks without hurting or disrupting them. The product is exceptionally pure, with many people seeing results in as little as two days and no side effects. Shipping and handling is an additional $7.95 per order due to the special handling that this natural product requires.

In addition, there is a free trial available for people who want to sample it for themselves. People who would like to try this product can order a trial bottle and pay only shipping and handling, which is currently discounted to less than four American dollars. As long as they notify the company within two weeks that they do not wish to continue receiving the product, this is their only cost.






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