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GH Stack by Universal Nutrition Review – Is This a Great Solution for Natural Hormone Support?

What Is GH Stack?

GH Stack is a supplement that results in the increased production of the body’s natural HGH levels. Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also referred to as simply Growth Hormone (GH), is a hormone created by the pituitary gland that regulates the rate of cell production. When the level of HGH is increased, it increases how fast the body sheds old cells, decreases fatigue and raises the metabolic rate, which results in the burning of fat cells.

The product comes in powder form, but it is not available in capsule form. To consume the supplement, the customer must mix the powder into a glass of water. Once mixed, the solution is then swished in the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. The product comes standard in a grape flavor, but there are no other flavors currently available on the market.

This product is formulated to increase the body’s level of HGH by convincing the brain to release the hormone in excess amounts. The ingredients of GH Stack were chosen based on scientific papers accepted by the scientific community. However, the product hasn’t released any results from clinical trials. This means that the company hasn’t conducted any trials or they are keeping the results under wraps. Without the proof of clinical trials, followed by third-party trials and reviews, there is no way to prove the claims of the supplement.



The manufacturer of GH Stack is Universal Nutrition. The company was founded in 1977 during the early years of the bodybuilding revolution. The company has always focused on the bodybuilding natural supplement market. They produce bodybuilding supplements that typically only come in powder form, but there are some supplements available in capsules, chews and protein bars.

Universal Nutrition is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but not obtaining accreditation is usually a result of the company not requested it. Even without official paperwork, the company has been given a rating of A-. The BBB cites the rating as a result of the company not responding to a customer complaint in 2014, but the complaint has been resolved as it is currently listed as “closed”.

According to the FDA, Universal Nutrition issued a recall for 13 products in 2011. The recall was issued citing a possible Salmonella contamination, but the company performed multiple tests and never actually found any contamination within the products. It is also necessary to note that the recall was voluntary, so they were no instances reported of illness as a result of the product. GH Stack was not part of the recall.


How GH Stack Works?

The product works by naturally increasing the body’s production of HGH. The peak time of day for HGH levels is during sleeping hours. This timeframe becomes increasingly smaller with age, so there is less of the hormone to be used during awake hours. To combat this drop in HGH, GH Stack uses its ingredients to increase the level of HGH during daylight hours.

HGH is released by the pituitary gland within the brain. When a person is younger, the gland releases high amounts of HGH to increase the rate of cell turnover. The supplement combats the decrease in the hormone by releasing specific ingredients that manipulate the pituitary gland into releasing HGH at a level comparable to a person’s teenage years.

Once the levels of HGH are increased, the body starts rejuvenating at a faster rate. Dead cells are shed faster as new cells are produced quicker. This results in damaged muscle cells repairing quicker, so a person isn’t required to miss a workout because of soreness. The increase in hormone also reduces fatigue and increases a person’s endurance, so longer and more intense workouts become a possibility.


Ingredients of GH Stack

The main ingredients of GH Stack are Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract and Somatopro A Complex. Mucuna Pruriens Extract provides L-Dopa, an amino acid, while Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract is used for its 5-HTP content, another amino acid that is used to increase HGH production. Somatopro A Complex is composed of multiple amino acids, which, like 5-HTP, are used to manipulate the rate of HGH production. Here’s a breakdown of the main ingredients:

  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract – 250 mg
  • Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract – 250 mg
  • Somatopro A Complex – 7.5 g

Other ingredients are composed of extra amino acids and elements for flavor. L-Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Arginine Pyroglutamate, L-Lysine HCL, L-Glycine and L-Glutamine are the same amino acids included within the Somatopro A Complex. The extra doses of the amino acids are to increase the natural production of HGH. Citric Acid, Aspartame, Natural and Artificial Flavors as well as Grapeskin Extract are used for flavoring.

The supplement is similar to other products on the market because of amino acids being part of its main ingredients. Amino acids are the most popular way to increase HGH levels naturally, but every product uses different doses. GH Stack is one of the very few products that achieves the release of L-Dopa and 5-HTP by using the plants where they are commonly found. Most HGH boosters extract the amino acids from their plant base, which is still effective but can cause a loss of some of the positive effects.



One advantage of GH Stack is the ingredients. Although many natural HGH boosters offer amino acid based ingredients, this supplement offers three main ingredients that are not often seen in other products. Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract and Somatopro A Complex are ingredients that are not common elements to HGH supplements, and all of the ingredients are natural.

The ingredients are also chosen based on scientific studies that are accepted as fact in the scientific community. These studies have shown a positive correlation between amino acid intake and increased HGH levels within the body. All of the product’s ingredients are chosen based on their ability to raise a person’s HGH levels without requiring any synthetic forms of HGH.

The product also has the perk of being administered in liquid form. Two teaspoons of the powder are mixed with eight ounces of water which allows the customer to take the dosage as a drink. This method of administration benefits individuals who lack the ability to swallow capsules. The product is also flavored to make the process more enjoyable.



The manufacturer does not currently hold any patents for the GH Stack formulation. There are also not presently any requests for patents that have been released as public record. There are many natural HGH boosting supplements on the market, but very few of them hold patents for their formulations. Companies usually request a patent if their product has successfully shown results from clinical trials. However, not all supplements are put through clinical trials because of the cost and time associated with such procedures.

The product was designed from following suggestions from trainers, bodybuilders and scientists. Even though professionals were consulted for the formulation, the company has not released any information regarding clinical trials performed for this supplement. However, the selection of ingredients is based on studies released by the scientific community that have passed peer-reviews. Some companies also choose to wait until long-term trials can be achieved before releasing such information.



I’ve been bodybuilding for many years without much issue, but my age is finally creeping up on me. Within the last three years, I’ve found it increasingly harder to stay at my prime level which is why I finally turned to supplements to give me that extra boost. This product has restored my energy levels to those in my 20s. I’m once again the competitor that everyone tries to beat.

–  Michael G., Atlanta, GA, US

As a professional trainer and gym owner, my livelihood rests on my ability to stay in great shape. People only want to pay a trainer if the trainer looks like they know what they’re doing, so I’ve got to always bring my A-game. After giving birth to my daughter, I not only struggled to lose the twenty pounds I had gained, but I was also struggling to gain back some of the muscle that I had lost during pregnancy. Within six months of using this product, I’m in the best shape of my life and still have energy to play with my kids.

– June C., Boston, MA, US

Three years ago, I completely changed my lifestyle. I went from couch potato to fitness lover after years of feeling tired and heavy. I had tried such a drastic change many times in the last decade, but I was finally able to stick with my new fitness regime by taking this product. I finally had the energy I needed to complete a workout, and the increase of HGH allowed me to lose weight faster without losing any of my new muscle growth.

– Jonathan T., Seattle, WA, US


Awards & Media Coverage

GH Stack was featured on Muscle and Fitness’ website. The well-known fitness and bodybuilding magazine suggested the product as one of the best ways to increase HGH naturally. The article suggested that natural HGH boosting supplements are necessary to build muscles without prescriptions or injections. The digital publication cited the products amino acid-based formulation as a key ingredient for bodybuilding and fitness. The product was included in the outlet’s list of top natural HGH products on the market.

Since the product is marketed to the bodybuilding community, there are fewer publications and media outlets to cover such a small market. This does result in less media coverage, so there are not currently any other publications that have covered the product. Often times, manufacturers in niche markets rely on word of mouth as a type of marketing. This tactic includes satisfied customers suggesting it to their gym mates or customers leaving product reviews.


Money-back Guarantee

The company does not offer a money-back guarantee on GH Stack, but they do provide a credit toward any of their other products. Customers looking to return their product should first call the customer support hotline to double-check that they qualify for a refund. When shipping a return package, the customer needs to include the term “Returns” on the shipment label in order for it to be processed quicker.

Customers located within the U.S. as well as the European Union will be provided shipping labels for their returned items if the requested refund is a result of damaged packaging. This allows customers living in those areas to avoid an additional shipping charge for returning the package. For customers in these areas who are requesting a refund based on the satisfaction guarantee, they will be required to pay for the cost of return shipping.

International customers outside of the European Union do not qualify for free return shipping regardless of the issue. However, international returns are accepted as long as they meet the return policy requirements. Customers will still need to contact the customer service department before shipping the item back to the company. The refund will be processed once the package has been received.



The company does not have any package options that qualify for free shipping, but they also don’t charge any handling or processing fees. The product is available for purchase from nearly every country in the world, but there are different shipping options and prices depending on the territory. Prices for returned shipping may differ from the original cost especially for international shipments.

For customer within the continental U.S., there is a Standard option that is priced at $4.75 regardless of size or weight of the product. The basic option ships the product using the United States Postal Service and guarantees an arrival within four days. There are also two-day and one-day shipping options. Canadian customers have similar shipping options, and all options are complete with tracking numbers.

The product can also be shipped to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada. For international shipments, customers can choose between Standard, Economy and Priority shipping options. Standard delivery for international customers has a delivery time of 10 to 25 business days. Both the Economy and Priority shipping methods guarantee the shipment to under two weeks. Economy has an arrival window of five to 10 days while the Priority option allows the package to arrive within as little as two days but no longer than six days.


Customer Support

The manufacturer doesn’t offer a GH Stack specific customer service phone number, but they do offer a general hotline that covers all of their products. They also offer a special customer service number for international customers. The manufacturer can also be contacted through email, fax and through a contact portal on the website. They also allow contact through the company’s social media sites.

Customer support is offered for immediate response during the traditional work week, Monday through Friday. The team is available starting at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 5:30 p.m. EST. The representatives are available for current as well as potential customers to address any questions regarding ingredients, possible medication interactions and shipping information. For concerns or questions from U.S. residents, the number to call is 800-872-0101. International residents can reach customer support by calling 732-545-3130.


Safe & Secure Checkout

GH Stack can be purchased through a safe and secure checkout process. The checkout uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a type of web page security that encrypts all the information from being inputted. The encryption prevents anyone monitoring the web page, like a hacker, to see the customer’s personal and credit card information as they enter their information.

The checkout accepts credit cards and debit cards backed by American Express, Visa and MasterCard. They also accept PayPal accounts for customers who prefer to not input their card information directly. To make a purchase, customers are required to create an account which automatically signs them up for email promotions from the company.

The company keeps all the customer’s personal information stored on the company’s secure servers. These servers can only be assessed in person, so the probability of the information being stolen is low. Although the customer must provide personal information to make purchases, due to the privacy policy, none of the personal information can be sold to other companies, including email addresses and phone numbers.



GH Stack comes in a standard sized, 210-gram tub that is priced at $25.35. The suggested serving is two teaspoons of the product to be taken before a person’s daily workout and then again before bedtime. If taken as suggested, there are 21 days worth of servings per tub. This results in the supply costing less than two dollars per serving. The product is currently only available in grape flavor, but there should be no price differences in any future flavor differences.

Compared to many of the natural HGH boosting supplements on the market, the supplement is priced lower than its competitors. Most of the competitors offer one or two-step capsule systems that provide a month worth of product. These other products usually cost around 100 dollars. Although GH Stack only provides a three-week supply, it is still about 50 dollars less than many of the other products if the price of an additional week is figured into the overall cost.






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