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GH Blast by Darian Yates Nutrition Review – Helping You Develop Your Muscles

What Is GH Blast?

GH Blast, the Dorian Yates Nutrition brand supplement, is specially formulated for competing bodybuilders and weightlifters, and it is also the most effective sleep aid among natural supplements in the HGH Booster category. What sets this product apart from many other similar fitness aids is that it does not contain any growth hormones or GHB. Another very attractive feature for athletes is that users of this supplement can actually experience significant results after taking the first dose. This product is designed as a night time fitness and sleep aid, promoting deeper, more restful hours of sleep while facilitating the body’s release of multiple hormone compounds. When taken in smaller dosages during the daytime, it helps improve self-esteem and boosts moods, and when users also eat a healthy, nutritious diet and perform regular workouts, their bodies will become stronger, with more agility, speed and increased energy for bodybuilding and sports enhancement.

This product is very helpful to bodybuilders in their early training who are having difficulty building lean muscle mass. Although it may take them longer than athletes who naturally develop muscularity quickly, even these beginning muscle-builders with most likely experience new muscle growth within one to two weeks after starting regular use of this fast-action power and fitness booster. The unique proprietary blend of ingredients in GH Blast was finalized after years of study, experimentation, testing, analyzing and formulating, and it is this unusual blend of components that make this fitness aid so fast-acting, safe and effective for everyday use by athletes. Rarely does a testosterone booster and nutritional body energizer gain as many new users during one year as this supplement has over the last year. These customers are now developing streamlined, strong physiques and high levels of energy and endurance for bodybuilding and sports activities as well as investing in an improved quality of life.

This exercise aid also promotes fast, complete recovery following intense, strenuous workouts and rigorous training at your neighborhood gym. Whether you are a serious bodybuilder who engages in difficult workouts every day or a committed sports team player who takes part in regular practice sessions, GH Blast will give you the strong physical boost and mental drive you need to meet your goals. If you are an avid exerciser who takes classes and uses the gym equipment on an ongoing schedule, this product will empower you for attaining greater levels of success. For all types of sports enthusiasts, regular use of this supplement as directed will brighten your mental state and sharpen your focus while giving you the power and lasting endurance to reach your short and long-term goals and dreams much sooner than many other sports supplements.



Dorian Yates is considered a revolutionary in the world of sports training and sports performance supplements. His theory was that it is more helpful to exercise to develop your intensity capacities than to build muscles, and he won the Mr. Olympia title six times to prove it. Although he designed an “Age of Intensity Workout” during the 1990s, he encouraged all bodybuilders and sports advocates, regardless of their levels of skill and experience, to find what type and degree of intensity workouts is best for their needs rather than attempting to duplicate his path to star athletic achievement. Yates never denied that building strong muscularity is necessary for success in bodybuilding and other athletics, but he stressed the great value of intensity. He explained that intensity is the result of mental strength that enhances your understanding, focus and willpower to persevere and develop a powerful body and strong mind that will work together to bring you sports success.

Dorian Yates taught his followers that optimum power and rapid, accurate muscle response is best achieved from the abrasiveness of short, high-intensity workouts followed by slow, complete recovery. He said that good lean muscle growth can only take place after thorough recuperation from strenuous, fast-paced exercise. Because he formed his theories about bodybuilding and exercise only after serious study of the body’s skeletal and muscular structure and development and the nutritional values that support sports action, his ideas have always been given credibility and praise by the sports supplements industry and by seasoned bodybuilders and other athletes. His theories were always thoroughly tested in his gym lab just as his supplements company formulators have clinically tested each supplement formula since the company was founded in 2001, before placing a new product on the consumer market.


How GH Blast Works?

This unusual body and exercise enhancer works by enabling the body’s internal release of muscle-developing hormonal substances like testosterone and other growth hormones, which assist you in attaining a leaner, sleeker physique while shredding excess fat and building new muscle tissue. GH Blast also works to decrease the amounts of bodily hormones that will limit muscular growth like cortisol for both males and females and estrogen for males. This formula will help you remain in an anabolic body state consistently to enhance your energy and physical strength. Only while you are in the anabolic, or building-up stages, can your body reach and maintain high levels of strength, stamina and mental drive to keep achieving until you reach your muscle-building and sports goals.

Athletes always want to avoid the catabolic body state, which breaks down substances and tissues. However, the catabolic state has an important part in nurturing the body by breaking large molecules of foods down into fuel segments that are small enough for the body to oxidize, using the energy produced in the process to power anabolic action to empower the body. This prepares it mentally and physically with energy and strength for strenuous activity. In order for your body to maintain a good, productive anabolic state, you must consume healthy amounts of pure foods for a balanced, energizing diet and supplement it with natural supplements designed to enhance bodybuilding and sports action and achievements.


Ingredients of GH Blast

The unique proprietary blend of this exercise supplement contains nutritional ingredients, most of which are mood enhancers and relaxation agents. These athletic performance enhancing aids, when combined to form GH Blast, provide users with 7,000 mg. of energy-boosting, muscle-building, self-empowering and nerve-relaxing benefits. Major supplement ingredients include the following substances:

Phenibut Citrate

This ingredient, as beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid HCl, was discovered in Russia during the 1960s. This medicinal substance enhances cognition and moods, while reducing anxiety, fear and bodily tension. It can also improve sleep duration and quality.


This ingredient is a nootropic drug that can improve metabolic rates in the brain. It also enhances brain processing of glucose and the brain’s capacity to release toxic material. Blood circulation and memory activity are also improved in brain tissues by this ingredient, and physical movement as well as deep sleep patterns are significantly enhanced.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract – Standardized for 20% L-Dopa

This ingredient, also known as Velvet Bean, has an itchy surface due to its outer coating of serotonin. It is a healthy source for L-Dopa (Levodopa), a precursor of dopamine, and can raise bodily dopamine counts. As a neurotransmitter, dopamine regulates the pleasure and reward center of the brain and also controls bodily movements and emotional reactions. It also helps individuals identify goals and rewards and take action to achieve them.

Micronized L-Arginine HCL

This amino acid enables the body to produce proteins by using foods as fuel and acting as building blocks. This natural substance can also be created in the lab for use as a medicine. The body transforms this substance into nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels for greater rates of blood flow. Nitric oxide also promotes growth hormone release within the body. As an ingredient of this fitness supplement, this substance is included after it has been ground into small particles.

Micronized L-Tyrosine

This substance (4-hydroxyphenylalanine) is included in this sports supplement in ground form and is among the 22 amino acids needed by bodily cells for protein synthesis. As a nonessential amino acid, this ingredient is produced naturally by the body. Its name is derived from “tyros,” the Greek word for “cheese,” and it was identified in 1846 as part of the protein casein found in cheese.

Micronized L-Phenylalanine

This ingredient is converted by the body into tyrosine, an amino acid that facilitates the production of chemicals in the brain as well as bodily proteins, including L-Dopa, thyroid hormones and norepinephrine. Norepinephrine serves as a stimulus for better moods, mental alertness, memory and increased energy along with improved appetite.



There are valuable advantages to using GH Blast as your primary bodybuilding and fitness activity supplement, such as the following:

  • Increased lean muscular development and better energy levels;
  • Reduced body fat and increased tolerance for strenuous exercise;
  • Deep, revitalizing sleep of increased duration;
  • Enhanced moods, concentration, calmness and willpower to succeed.



The Dorian Yates Nutrition company rewards professionals of the sports training and performance industry with certificates to show the company leaders’ appreciation to those who promote the use of this empowering fitness supplement. Many of these gym trainers, bodybuilding experts, sports and exercise instructors, team coaches and sports facility owners and managers influence their trainees, students and regular gym users, both amateur and professional level athletes, to make GH Blast their daily sports enhancing supplement. The majority of these athletic activity professionals also use this fitness booster as a regular exercise aid, themselves, as well as encouraging sports enthusiasts and bodybuilders in training to use this helpful, energizing and mood-improving aid. Since these sports training professionals usually display these Dorian Yates Nutrition certificates in their training rooms and facilities, their trainees view them on a regular basis and are often favorably impressed and convinced to make this product their major athletic supplement.



This revolutionary supplement is all-powerful. You will be amazed at just how much it boosts your energy and endurance for exercise while enhancing your moods, building both muscles and self-confidence and enabling you to get deep, restful sleep between intensive daily workouts. You will make progress in leaps and bounds in your bodybuilding or team sports training, and you will have surplus energy left, even after the most demanding training workouts or competitions. Get GH Blast from Dorian Yates Nutrition today! – Reggie Willman, Kansas City, MO, USA

Want to get boundless energy boosts and get ripped in no time? Buy your first month’s supply of GH Blast right away and rejoice in your new Atlas Man physique before your 30-day supply is depleted. Try this empowering product for ultimate bodybuilding and athletic results! – Vance Fuller, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Want a mighty boost from a super sports supplement? Try GH Blast for your best muscle-building and exercise experience yet! – Leo Frontal, Hartford, CT, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

As a very well-known athletic supplements manufacturer, Dorian Yates Nutrition is highly respected in the sports performance community and industry. Due to its strong popularity and constantly increasing use as a primary sports supplement by bodybuilders and sports players of diverse degrees of skill and experience, GH Blast is predicted to become a winner of major awards from experts and authorities in the industry, such as and numerous others. Especially because this athletic performance enhancer is unique in both its composition and the range of benefits it offers to users, sports professionals of all types think this fitness aid will go on to achieve much fame and acclaim. In addition, it is expected to receive increasing rates of notice from reviewers and media leaders in the near future. This supplement is already being frequently discussed in online sports forums and website chat venues, and it is expected to receive news coverage by major media networks and sources this year.


Money-back Guarantee

The company leaders offer a money-back guarantee to any customer who expresses dissatisfaction with the ordering, receipt or usage of this innovative and unique muscle-developing and sports-improving product, GH Blast. If you encounter problems when placing your order, paying for your product, or with receiving your supplement shipment promptly and in good condition, just contact the Dorian Yates Nutrition customer support staff so they can work with you to resolve your difficulties. If your supplement arrives damaged, although this is a rare occurrence with this company’s careful shipping of products, notify a courteous, helpful support staff member to arrange a replacement shipment of your product or a complete refund of your purchase cost. If you receive your sports aid on schedule and in good shape, ready to be used, but you have trouble taking it, contact the customer support department to request reimbursement of your product order payment. The support team will refund your payment with no questions asked.



Shipping of your GH Blast supplement is handled by reliable, professional domestic shippers or global transport carriers with the aid of local truckers in your area, if needed. These shipping and delivery companies pride themselves on making prompt, safe and accurate product deliveries. With their careful, secure packaging and labeling services, each supplement order should arrive right on schedule and in excellent condition. However, if you are less than satisfied with delivery of your fitness aid, just contact the support team for customers at Dorian Yates Nutrition to have your shipping problem resolved.


Customer Support

The friendly, helpful customer support team at Dorian Yates Nutrition is always available to help you solve any problems, large or small, concerning your sports supplement order. You can contact the team by phone, email or on the company website, and a team member will work with you closely until your specific issue can be resolved to your agreement. This company has a high rate of satisfied customers, but if you have a problem that the support team is unable to solve for you, a member of the team will either schedule a replacement product order and delivery for you or arrange a total supplement purchase refund for you as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is very important to this sports supplements producer, and if you experience anything less than total delight and satisfaction with this sports achievement booster, the support personnel want to hear from you right away.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Your checkout process is always secure and safe whenever you place your GH Blast order on the company’s website. Company leaders and staff know how important it is to keep your personal identity and contact information protected as well as your charge card numbers when you buy Dorian Yates Nutrition products online. To ensure the security of your personal data, company IT technicians and website designers have used advanced encryption techniques when constructing this site so you can safely input your data without fear of it being used or stolen by online hackers or potential identity thieves surfing the Web or targeting product sales sites. You can be relaxed while ordering, knowing that your information is being safeguarded so you can thoroughly enjoy shopping and buying your primary muscle-development and sports enhancement supplement.


GH Blast Pricing

When buying your sports supplement on the Dorian Yates Nutrition site, you can expect to pay from $100.08, the retail price, to $69.99 or less, if product promotions discounts or reduced seasonal selling rates are in effect. By checking the company website on a regular basis, you can take advantage of sale pricing and purchase your choice of the flavors Banana Berry and Fruit Punch at the best reduced rates. This will allow you to purchase larger quantities at once so you will not need to replenish your exercise aid as frequently and will always have a good supply ready for use. By timing your orders carefully, according to company website sales and special discounts for returning customers, you can enjoy use of this unique, effective sports action booster at significant cost savings.






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