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GH Balance by Dhamhil Corp Review – Is This a Good Formula for Boosting Growth Hormone Levels?

What Is GH Balance?

GH Balance, known as a male growth hormone in a pill, is supplement program designed to increase muscle mass, eliminate unwanted fat, and firm the skin. It is a natural HGH booster, made of a proprietary blend, helping users increase lean muscle mass and sculpt a more powerful physique. A unique formula called GHFactor-7 is blended with two other quality ingredients, Tribulus Terrestris and caffeine, in this daily supplement. It is formulated to help bodybuilders boost their own male growth hormones and build muscle every day with improved workouts and results.

According to reports, GH Balance, when used as instructed, gives an immediate energy boost and elevates levels of male growth hormone, which aids in strength and enhances physical performance. This formula has been designed to mimic the body’s natural hormone production and allow for more effective workouts right away. Two pills are taken daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, usually directly preceding a workout. This supplement routine is recommended for bodybuilders looking to increase muscle size while losing fat. Visible results are usually seen within a month of beginning the program.



GH Balance is manufactured by Dhamhil Corp. This business is well known throughout the bodybuilding community and has a positive reputation. Located in Panama, the Dhamhil Corp has been manufacturing nutritional supplements for years. In the past, Dhamhil Corp was known largely for its popular testosterone supplements, but now they have branched out to the male human growth hormone market. There are no reports of safety concerns or other troubles with Dhamhil Corp in the past.

Online reviews of this manufacturer are generally positive. The nutritional supplements manufactured by Dhamhil are made with natural ingredients. It is also known for its ability to ship supplements all over the world. In fact, international purchases make up the bulk of Dhamhil Corp’s supplement business.


How GH Balance Works?

Human growth hormone, an anabolic hormone produced in the pituitary gland, is responsible for cell growth and rehabilitation, and GH Balance aims to naturally replicate its production. By increasing the male growth hormones, athletes should be able to push their workouts further and see fastest results. Of course, no supplement will do all the work, but adding human growth hormone to your body has been proven to help stimulate muscle growth. This natural HGH booster works by speeding up the rate of cellular healing, which allows for greater muscle gain.

This formula combines the hormone booster with two other ingredients that make workouts easier and more effective. Extra energy from these added ingredients promotes longer, harder workouts. These powerful nutritional supplements will allow bodybuilders to work harder and heal faster, promoting lean muscle and increased strength. Taken twice daily, some ingredients in the supplement begin to work right away. Others build up in users’ bodies over time and are most effective after a few weeks.


Ingredients of GH Balance

The proprietary GH Balance formula contains three active ingredients. The first is GHFactor-7, a male growth hormone compound that is unique to this product. This male growth hormone works to increase the rate of healing and to aid in building muscle when paired with strenuous exercise. The second is Tribulus terrestris, a natural plant supplement. This rugged, Mediterranean plant is purported to increase healing and has historically been popular with the bodybuilding community, although studies have not proven a direct increase of testosterone.

The final ingredient is caffeine, which has been scientifically proven to benefit bodybuilders. This caffeine helps aids weight loss by boosting metabolism, an effect that has been shown in repeated studies. It also gives users the energy for sustained workouts, with all the added benefits therein. These three powerful ingredients come together for a general effect of increased strength and fat loss.



There are a number of advantages to using this natural growth hormone formula, including its easiness, quick results, and natural safety. Unlike some supplement routines, GH Balance users only need to take two pills each day, generally timed right before workouts to give an instant energy and stamina boost. There are no powders to mix, liquids to store, or complicated series of steps to remember, just the two pills.

Another advantage is the immediate results that many users will experience. As soon as you take the first pill, the ingredients will work to give you extra energy and stamina and begin boosting your natural HGH levels right away. More benefits will be seen with continued use, but it is satisfying to have some instant results. These quick results increase the user’s confidence and encourages them to keep exercising and building muscle.

Finally, because the ingredients are all natural, users can feel safer with healthfulness and wholesomeness of this product. Unlike dangerous chemicals, this formula uses only safe, herbal ingredients in their production, making them appropriate for all healthy, adult males, regardless of previous exercise experience or current diet.



While the GH Balance and its manufacturer Dhamhil Corp seem to be lacking certifications from the mainstream nutritional supplement organizations, they both have many proponents. This manufacturer has a long history of providing supplements, both testosterone and growth hormone, to the bodybuilding community. Unfortunately, there is a lack of production transparency, perhaps due to the proprietary nature of the blend.

However, this formula can boast the seal of approval from Dr. Jakob Hertz, a scientist who studies human growth hormones. Dr. Hertz states that multiple studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the GHFactor-7 blend to support building muscle and losing fat. He goes on to recommend this supplement program for men looking to add lean muscle and lose weight. Dr. Hertz cites a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, conducted by Dr. Daniel Rudman, of the Medical College of Wisconsin, that substantiates claims about human growth hormone and its efficacy in building muscle and losing fat. Similarly, there are many positive reviews of the program across bodybuilding forums. These testimonials speak to the popularity of the product, with bodybuilders and others looking to improve their physique.



Cody G. from Miami wrote:

GH Balance made a huge difference in my performance. I’m seeing muscle gains like crazy. When I take it right before a workout I’m able to push harder and work out longer. I started with a three-month program, and now I take just one pill a day to maintain my awesome gains.

Carlos S. from New York wrote:

I was skeptical at first, but after the first week I started to see results. Because I could work out longer, I saw my strength and stamina improve. I had more energy, and started hitting the gym every day.

Lucas C. from Los Angeles wrote:

So far I’m loving the weight loss and extra energy. It’s only been a month, but I see results every day and plan to keep up with the program. I like how simple it is and how much more I enjoy my works. I’ve made a lot of progress this past month on GH Balance and want to keep going!

Josh L. from Dallas wrote:

I just started taking these new pills but I already can feel the big results right away. It makes me want to go lift more and when I do, it feels like I am getting stronger right away. I think it makes me heal faster so I can do more and lift more and go to the gym more often.


Awards & Media Coverage

Although the propriety GH Balance formula has only been on the market a short time, the ingredients it uses have long been studied and reported in the media. Articles in Men’s Fitness, Vanity Fair, and Shape magazine all cover the power and uses of human growth hormone, like that found in the GHFactor-7 blend. Other media, including Dr. Oz and the Diet Doc have focused on the power of growth hormone in promoting weight loss. The popularity of natural HGH boosters have been covered in many professional publications. Scientists at Harvard University have also studied the effects of growth hormone on aging and athletic performance, and shared their positive results with the media.

Responses within the bodybuilding community have been supportive so far, including a favorable review in an international Men’s Health magazine report. Reviews online, from independent bodybuilders, have also been largely positive. In general, this product is better known internationally than in the English-speaking press, although it may not stay that way. There has recently been more buzz on this HGH supplement program on smaller bodybuilding forums, where people have shared their positive experiences.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of GH Balance do offer an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee. If, after trying them, you are unhappy with the results of these supplements, return any package that you have not opened yet for a full refund. No further questions will be asked before your return is accepted, so you don’t need to justify your return for any reason to anyone.

It is recommended that users try out the proprietary blend for at least one month, a course of 60 pills, before they give up, but returns will be unconditionally accepted at any time. Remember, buyers will only be reimbursed for unopened packages, so they are advised to refrain from opening a new package before determining their satisfaction with the product’s efficacy.

If you have a any questions about your returns, the website has an easy to use contact form and telephone number. At the time of return, the price of all the unopened products, returned in their original packaging, will be credited back to your account.



Once ordered, your supplement program is shipped in a discrete, solid gray, cardboard box. This allows recipients to maintain privacy, no matter where or how they receive their shipment. The cost of shipping the entire supplement program is a flat rate of $25, regardless of the quantity selected or the weight of the package. This rate is applicable for shipping destinations all over the world, and the manufacturer of is experienced with international shipping procedures and requirements.

Purchase orders are processed within two days of your secure online payment. They are then sent out immediately, using the manufacturer’s preferred shipping method, UPS. Deliveries of GH Balance can be made anywhere around the world. The length of time it takes to be delivered will vary depending on where the package is being shipped.

Customers are asked to give their delivery more time if they are an international customer or are in an unusual location. If you have concerns or questions about your shipment and delivery, use the contact information provided at their website or call the telephone number listed.


Customer Support

Because GH Balance is only sold online, there is no opportunity to face-to-face customer support. Instead, customers are directed to a contact form on the product’s website. There, they are asked to leave a name, email address, phone number, and a message to the company. Someone in the customer service department should respond to all queries with answers in a short time.

For faster results, a phone number is provided, and customers are encouraged to call it. In fact, customers who may feel uncomfortable ordering from a website are encouraged to call the number and place their order directly over the telephone instead. It is an international number, however, so be aware of any long distance charges that your phone service provider may charge. The phone lines are open from 8 am to 4 pm each day.

Customers are also encouraged to read the labels and instructions that come with each package in the program. These will help to clarify how to use the HGH boosting program most effectively and can avoid mistakes from the beginning.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The producers of GH Balance aim to protect the privacy of their customers, from their secure website and phone number to the their discreet, inconspicuous packaging. You are guaranteed a safe and secure checkout when you use the online ordering form for your nutritional supplement order. After you place the order, you will be directed to an encrypted page, which has current, up-to-date, and valid certifications. This order form boasts high quality, 256 bit SSL encryption, allowing you to feel protected sending your personal, mailing, and payment information online. This encryption level is the industry standard, giving customers confidence that the company makes online security a priority.

If you are still uncomfortable using the online option, your order can be placed over the telephone. Call the international number provided to check out this way, using a credit or debit card. Your data, personal information, and privacy will be respected by the distributor and by the institutions taking your payment. Your name, address, and email address are also protected when you use the secure checkout form.



There are three different ordering and price tiers for the GH Balance program. The first is called the “startup program,” and is only one month’s supply of the supplements, or 60 pills. This allows customers to try out the program with little risk, and it costs $43, plus shipping. Some customers may only want a short term boost to their exercise routine, and this package would be the best priced option for them.

For those who are more confident with the product, there is the “economic program.” At this level, customers get a three-month’s supply, or 180 pills, for $87, wherein they pay for two bottles at the regular price and get one for free. Finally confident, repeat customers can save even more money with the “maximum effect program,” for $129. Thanks to the savings, it is like getting three free bottles, or three months’ worth of free supplements, an ideal program for someone who wants to use the product for a very long time.

Customers should balance the savings of a larger purchase against the risk when trying out a new product. Regardless of the program chosen, shipping is a flat rate of $25, another point in favor of buying a larger amount at once.






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